Cock-School (2)

February 7, 2015

I spare you the theoretical details of the (anatomical) workings of a males system(s). You can find/read all about it in this fabulous blog! Just this for your orientation:

The first day (of the remaining four) we just were playing around with our respective guy’s genitals to get to know them up close and to observe reactions (every guy is a bit different, hence we would stick to „our“ cock). However, no ejaculation was to be triggered yet! – As a matter of fact I fell in love with „my cock“ right that day! Please read this report on how I encountered my guy’s equipment (this is the bonus I mentioned introducing part one)! ;-)

The second day we were given a written feedback by the respective guy on how they experienced our first get-together. Every guy was revealing to his apprentice his particular preferences and how he’d respond while being on the plateau and when nearing PONR. This was very helpful, because soon we were asked to transform our theory into action.

Before we were supposed to make our stud cum into a glas, one after the other of us students got the chance to probe one blokes anus through that lowered and larger glory-hole (that´s why it was different)! We were asked to put our hand thru that opening and the chap behind the wall would direct our pointed middle-finger (covered by a rubber finger stall) into his well lubed bud-hole, so we could grope and milk his prostate for a while. A drawing of the situation refreshed our theoretical knowledge:

prostate access

This was hot and stimulating for the goal of the day: play and discover our stud’s scrotum, then stroke his cock and trigger his ejaculation, catch his milk in a glas and get a taste of his produce. I didn´t fail to fully comply! I enjoyed so much to caress first his balls and then his beautiful member. He was performing just wonderfully. He shot what I considered a big load and I was awestruck, since I had never experienced a solid ejaculation into a glas in real life (the men I had all came inside of me)! My excitement and arousal let me take a sip of his cum and I was then neither disgusted nor particularly attracted (yet).


Came day three. The agreed-upon goal of the day was to have our guys cum in our mouths and us to swallow the loads! My stud had revealed to me in his feed-back that he may shoot an immense load if I kept up with my style of masturbating him and that he is a multi-cummer if the circumstances were favourable, pleading not to change a bit at working him other than becoming even more gentle towards PONR!

I just followed his guidelines. Hence I got my first mouthful, and I swallowed!! God, this was all so hot and arousing. The load of my guy tasted really … good! I had never expected this. In retrospect I realise that I was hooked that day. I was hooked to both, man-genitals and semen, just as predicted. – Back home I needed to get off real bad!! And I made me come big time, believe me. Like I did the day before.

cockschool group

Now look at the pic above from the last day, the grand finale! You see me in the foreground, the black-haired chick licking the male-milk from the wall, holding my man’s semi-flacid, oh so sweet penis! Phil took that photo as to fixate a situation which had not occurred before! What happened?

Well, we were asked to slowly make love to our respective guy’s genitals with our hands and mouths, with the option to postpone ejaculation until short before those final three hours were up. The rewards would most likely be massive ejaculations which we were free to decide on how to deal with (mouthload (if not even deep-throat), facial or even have our bodies sprayed (hence the photo with the naked girl in the brochure)).

After what I had experienced so far, I sensed that my stud was loaded. He was oozing precum pretty early, which I eagerly licked up or used as lube. On his feedback-sheet he had noted that he wanted to be triggered slowly and that I could make him cum again soon after the first ejaculation, if I was jerking him firmly about a good minute after his pulses had subsided, no matter the firmness of his cock.

Here he was, expecting my strokes, his wand throbbing. I observed his heartbeat in his cock! Phil just had signaled us that the final 30 minutes were on and that it was fine to trigger our guys soon, when I noticed a bloating of my guys cockhead together with a tensing of his penis (him clenching his inside muscles). I let go of his impressive dick immediately when a couple of secs later my man was oozing a first big portion of his milk, running down his shaft, continuing to seep down the wall. Before I could realise that this was an emission, my guy ended it with one strong singular spurt. Soon enough I was licking his cock clean, then continued to lick his delicious juice off the wall – when Phil noticed and took the pic you see above (notice the cum-puddle in my hair!).

Not much later „my“ awesome penis regained full erection and I carefully continued with my cock-love, which after another five minutes resulted in a really explosive and still massive ejaculation! While his first couple ropes jettisoned over my head, he painted my face with the rest of his load. God, how I loved everything that happened, it was so incredibly hot. Phil noticed my moans of sweet surrender and quickly took another pic of the facial I had received:

cockschool result

A short while after his spasms had stopped I remembered that my guy was supposedly capable of more, so I grabbed his semi-flaccid cock and jerked it with a tight grip. It didn´t take long when I sensed my man „climbing up the wall“ on the other side, indicating a pending climax. I heard him yell in ecstasy when he passed PONR and not too soon I took his helmet into my mouth for receiving his third load. – Yeah, what a finale!!! I found myself having been the last one in action! Everybody applauded while I was savoring the blissful moments and the sweet milk my stud had provided me with.

Now, after we had cleaned ourselves, we participants gathered all together for a farewell by Phil. He promised to send us the pics he had taken and asked if there remained any questions and if anyone was not satisfied with what we had learned and experienced in those passed days and hours. Everyone was really happy and I asked if it was possible to get to know our beautiful glory-holers – which sure was not! :-(

At home I needed to get off once again. I still could smell my guys semen (some had landed on my black dress) which, combined with the fresh memory, had boosted my massive turn-on. – Within seven days I had become an expert of the male sex-system and I knew I was hooked really bad. So much so, as that I feared I had become a cock-and-cum-slut, not being able to love a man for what he is, but „only“ for his genitals. And wasn´t I spoiled from the first-rate endowment I had the pleasure to play with the past four days? The thought of another woman enjoying „my guy“was hard to bear. How could I experience this again? Taking another seminar? Or trying to figure out who that – „my guy“ – was. I knew that he enjoyed my way of loving his cock…!

Story cumplete.

Cock-School (1)

January 25, 2015

After a long time a hot story with a bonus in part two!

I couldn´t quite believe what I read when I first stumbled across this ad: some guy was offering a seminar over the term of a week promising that every participant will have fallen in love with the male genitals and its produce by the courses end – the latest. If not, the fee would be refunded!!

I always felt I did not know enough about the male package (yet I wouldn´t dare to reveal my lack of knowledge to any lover fearing they´d consider me sex-dumb) while I carried a strong appeal and fascination as early as I became aware of the opposite sex!

And yes, little did I know at the time I decided to join. The seminar changed my life and was worth every penny! I will never forget those 7 days of intense and joyful lecturing. During the first three days we learned the basics in theory, in the next four days we checked our gained knowledge and gathered experience with the living specimen. It was then when I fell in love with penis, scrotum and eventually with male milk!

I strongly recommend the seminar for everyone wanting to really know about the male sex and enjoy it fully. A basic love and curiosity towards a mans genital system (as with me) justifies the down payment of the significant fee in exchange for the enlightenment one gets. We have been a great „class“ and those seven days were truly fascinating.

Our teacher was a young chap (Phil), really cool and relaxed in all matters with a huge knowledge in the field, naturally. We counted seven participants, five gals and two boys! One of the guys was bi-curious and the other one gay, both very young and cute.

Each day we were „taught“ for 3 hours. The first day consisted of a basic introduction and explaining the agenda of things to come. When I saw this pic in the brochure, commented by Phil that we would virtually look at ourselves by day six or seven, I still didn´t believe him!

cockschool brosh

But when we started the practical training any doubt disappeared quickly like fog in the sun! – We were led into a (blue painted) room with eight glory holes (not yet mounted); one of them holes was positioned lower than the others and the opening was larger. We were asked to choose one of the regular holes and being promised that the guys behind the walls would all be well endowed and appearing quite comparable (which was true I must say). God this was so exciting!

I took my place at the right end of a wall and was hoping to be blessed with a lovely specimen … and fuck yes, I was! So, after a slow countdown every hole was mounted at the same time. The semi-erect cock poking through the opening in front of me was just stunning! I looked to the left and saw the girls along my wall glancing in awe at their penises in front of their noses, not daring to touch them (yet), just like I. Every guy was uncut and their scrotums shaved (as it soon enough turned out to be the case).

We were told that we will not get to know our men behind the wall. Any of the studs was said to be in excellent healthy condition with the ability to produce above average volumes of semen. As we had learned, it was literally in our hands now to get the most out of ´em. And so we were encouraged to go ahead and play with „our“ magic wands! This initial exploratory encounter left a deep impact with me. ;-)

… to be continued!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2015

…to all subscribers, regulars and passing-by visitors. I wish you all a solid and stable health, because this will ensure you first and foremost that your climaxes provide you with the sensations and volumes of jizz you deserve to experience. Happy cumming in all its hot variety (oozing, flowing, gushing, pulsing, spurting, roping, spraying and sprinkling) throughout the year and beyond!



Artwork by Christian Zanier

What is it with Precum?

December 24, 2014

Everything about the substance and producing it is rather fabulous. Unless you belong to the minority of guys whose Cowper´s glands secrete little volumes, or release it not before ejaculation. I must admit that I have no data on such low functioning, sorry, as this must be an issue for juice-conscious guys.

I am fortunate (or just an average guy), for I precum in fair amounts. So my pondering here is based on that fact and all the experiences coming with it. – I guess, that because precumming is so straightforward and sublime, there is not much to tell concerning the physical facts. I did so early in this blog, look here and here. And the first entry of these two used to be the most requested post for quite some time (it still ranks No. 2 these days!!).

Male precumming is truly an amazing feat. It is as biologically straightforward as it is mysterious in all its appearance.


The substance is alike in every man, as it is pure stuff from one kind of gland (two glands of it in every guy). While semen can take different fluidities, color, odor, taste, as it represents a mix of secretions, precum is pretty much always the same juice all around, appearing crystal clear and mostly tasting salty.

It leaks whenever a man is sexually aroused (at least when his arousal lasts for a little while and reason for it has caught the guys full attention). It seems that with a more intense arousal the production of his precum slightly increases as well.

A mans cock must not gain erection for precum to occur! Arousal by itself is the trigger for the Cowper´s glands to get started. And precum-production will last either as long as the guy is in (deeper) arousal or until he has ejaculated. The former rule adds to the beauty of edging! As long as you edge you may be precumming! How great is that!

frosty glans slit pre

The functioning of the tiny glands, also referred to as Bulbourethral glands, is just astounding. The glands may be only the size of peas or beans, and yet they manage to secrete fair amounts of precum as long as arousal is kicking, and that can be looong (pro-edgers please comment to my claim here since I have no experience in extreme edging, i.d edging for many hours or days on end).

Lately I often notice the search term „milking Cowper´s glands“ (WordPress supplies this info to admins). This thought may be exciting, however, I am convinced that you can not really milk (or massage) those tiny glands, nor do so with much of an effect. Here´s why:

The glands are (comparatively) small and their location is somewhat difficult to access. A targeted touch may not be possible or at least not perceptible (dear reader, report to us via the comment function if you hold different experiences).

The glands don´t seem to be sensitive to pressure, nor do they seem to issue any „sensations“ when they are active (or not). Has anybody ever felt them?

cowpers gland

The glands don´t store any precum, they produce-and-leak their nectar (check the drawing of the inner structure of a Cowper´s gland above) as like in a singular process („straightforward“!). Hence there is nothing to milk from them. You can milk your cock-shaft (especially the underside made of the Corpus spongiosum) to get out the precum filling your urethra, yet the Cowper´s glands are not suitable for milking in a classical understanding. If you want to milk your small glands, pressing on the perineum would be the appropriate procedure! This is quite different from the high impact milking of the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Cowpers location

These observations reminded me of the secretion of saliva when we are about to ingest something delicious: glands again produce this sap, but we don´t feel that (glands activity) and we wouldn´t know how to access them, neither of how to milk them.

Precumming truly is exquisite. Just enjoy watching yourself (or a partner) slowly oozing this clear honey-of-bliss.


The previous post offers an example of precum oozing from an upright cock just prior to the guys climax (in pics and a clip) and try to download this clip showing a guy playing with his nectar!


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