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March 27, 2016

…even by yourself and especially at this recurring holiday!

scrotum naked

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Nandisa on Dickgirls And Shemales (2)

March 5, 2016

Our societies think binary, when it comes to gender. Life teaches us beyond doubt how a woman and a man are supposed to look like. And yes, this knowledge is true for the majority of humans. I am speaking of adults and mean their general appearance. With toddlers (and also very old people!) we sometimes are not sure about a gender at first looks. A check with genitalia would clear the question, or would it?!

A small minority of the global population (research found 0.05% to 1.7%) are born with intersex traits – biological sex characteristics that don’t conform to typical notions of male or female. On „detection“ (i.e. birth) such individuals are often destined for meeting medical interventions (in countries with sufficient healthcare) to make their young bodies match the male/female duality, with damaging results for their later lives!

Being intersex relates to biological sex characteristics, and is distinct from a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. There are at least 40 intersex variations, ranging from genetic, chromosomal, anatomic and hormonal. An intersex person may be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or asexual, and may identify as female, male, both or neither. I think this drawing by Roberto Baldazzini perfectly illustrates intersex:

Roberto Baldazzini costume

So, we could encounter a lot of different biological sex characteristics in humans in real life. What attracts me is the combination of a female body displaying a penis (that´s what this mini-series is about). Hence I will focus now on the anatomical possibilities, in an idealized manner and in the realm of imagination. I leave the seriousness of the real world behind in favour of the much appealing concept of a „chick with a dick“ (I quote follower Tom here).

My first example of a dickgirl isn´t really one at all. It is a woman with a giant clitoris. A clit that huge, that it passes for a penis. Examined anatomically, a clitoris is the tip/end of the structure that builds part of a male penis, the corpus cavernosum:


This erectile tissue can be protruded with women and when erect it may appear as a small penis. Yet it misses a glans and a urethral opening. A woman endowed this way is a woman with a large clitoris, nothing more, nothing less. What is shown in the following manga-style drawing is an exaggeration of size and design of her clitoris. We clearly discern a penis here, with both erectile bodies and a helmet, and even a hint of a cockmouth:

Kozo Yohei 1

This tomboyish manga-girl´s vagina (artwork by Kozo Yohei) is penetrated by a massive cock. At the location of her clit (notice the hood!) the artist placed a „penis“ (picture taken from the comic series Spunky Knight in which her clitoris is acknowledged as such and referred to as giant clit).

Now, a „true“ dickgirl would be a (young) woman with female genitals while being additionally endowed with a penis (but rather without scrotum)! This is as much a hot thought as it is merely fantasy. The latter I assume, for anatomical capabilities would collide.

Study the following double-pic from a comic. The dickgirl here features what I´ve just described. A second woman with a big strap-on dildo fucks her anus. The artist (no reference, just „in dg dotcom“) combined a shaved pussy (complete with clitoris) with a huge erect penis:

in_dg dotcom

Such a stimulating fantasy – yet probably a rare one!? Because we may soon begin to wonder if this dickgirl could shoot loads or even produce precum… Without balls she wouldn´t be able to generate sperm, so much for sure.

In my next post I shall turn to the concept of a shemale and her image prevailing in pornography. Until then you may want to read a story of mine in which I explored being shemale (from a female point of view) albeit with a reverse motive: the girl in my sex fiction tells us her (sudden) experiences with male genitals and her consideration to keep cock and balls.

There may be a clue here for the fascination of (straight) men towards shemale: although appearing alike, it is a huge difference if a woman wants to feature male genitals while keeping her female body, or a man wants to transition to become a woman, yet (unwillingly) keeps male genitals (due to different reasons, please check the comments for the preceding post!). Needless to say which of both nourishes my shemale sex fantasies!😉

Nandisa on Dickgirls And Shemales (1)

February 24, 2016

This blog promotes male solo-sexualism. The emphasis lies on solo-sexual. The focus on the male aspects here is owed to the fact that I am a man. And I know my tools best. But my blog was not around if I wasn´t advocating LGBTI!

LGBT or GLBT is an initialism that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender – plus a Q, which stands for Queer and/or an I for Intersex.

My content features a lot of partner-sexual issues as well, and when it comes to that I just don´t care who is the partner, as long as the sex-act is beneficial for the receivers. This is different in real life (I care about the who) and as such it naturally reflects within my posts.

The LGBTI-realm is vast and a complex universe. It is rather serious business for its greater part, as the subject matter touches politics and religion. At this point I need to stress that I by no means am someone with the slightest expertise in this realm!

Roberto Baldazzini 5

It is remarkable, the coquetting social dealing (of straight people) with the queer world is both an old and established affair. We encounter it with movies, shows, fashion and celebrities (at least in the industrialised countries) and on the street any given day. Not long ago the Kinsey-Institute compiled an exhibition with works from their archives documenting the history of transgender in America. And yet, the LGBTI-community is still struggling for their rights, acceptance and peace throughout the world – we all know that!

Progress is gained in small steps. Concerning the serious business, transgenderism and intersexuality are positively addressed in the media recently. People´s attitudes change for the better. Now, what always has been around (rather in the hidden I guess) is the huge fascination of the „image“ of a person bearing the attributes of the two main sexes – namely a shemale – with the body of a woman while being endowed with male genitalia. This fascination not only works as a major turn-on unleashing unbounded sexual fantasies, better yet, a shemale can actually be encountered and experienced in the real world!

Roberto Baldazzini 6

Concerning my blog only one aspect of the LGBTI-realm is of further interest. It is that of transgender in general and shemales in particular. Many questions are worthwhile to be discussed: What do we mean, when we speak of shemale? What then is a dickgirl? Does this describe the same person anatomically? What is fact and where does imagination begin? – I repeat, I am no expert at all. But I have an attitude, an opinion, and I want to let you know.

Before I close I need to recommend a stunning clip you ought to watch (download here, 27.75 MB): the camera enters a classroom with young japanese highschool girls. It is a very smart advertisement (only music to the visuals) which demonstrates that looks can be deceiving.

HS girls

I take it as a statement: we are all human and what counts is the individual and what that person means to me, no matter what biological sex characteristics, sexual orientation or gender identity the person displays. We are all very similar despite gender differences. And yet we can be so different. And that is why the concept of the shemale (or dickgirl) is immensely appealing to many men. – Don´t miss my next post!

People share a common nature but are trained in gender roles. -Lillie Devereux Blake, novelist, essayist, and reformer (12 Aug 1833-1913)
Artwork in this post by Roberto Baldazzini

The Struggling Cock

February 7, 2016
Bonus-file (a masturbation-technique) further down!

I headlined this post The Struggling Cock because it seems as if the penis we observe in the clip (I´m gonna review) is much more than “just” throbbing. The penis appears to be pretty agile within himself and this impression is not deceiving. However, it certainly is the man himself who is struggling!

I still consider the featured clip one of the hottest amateur masturbation scenes around. It is pure and straightforward and demonstrates well – by it´s set-up and method – the essence of partner-applied masturbation: the power a masturbator/-trix naturally achieves and the effect of his/her stimulations applied.

In particular: here is a man anticipating his climax while his female partner jerks his dick´s upper shaft in a fairly steady pace. The guy, surrendering totally to the action of his masturbatrix, answers the concentrated tactile stimulus with (involuntary) movement of his body at times while the muscles connected to his reproductive system apparently contract all the time. The latter in combination with the stroking impact lets the penis appear to be moving lively, a penile performance rarely seen in any given clip with a similar set-up.

I fixed an animated gif for which I connected clips-stills with the partners stroking fingers being always mid-shaft to give you an idea what I am talking about:


The constant shifting of the shaft´s shape is truly amazing! His testicles are struggling as well. Notice his nuts churning inside his ball-sack!

And not to forget, being highly aroused the guy is oozing precum:


The described observations appear even a bit more extreme while the guy is ejaculating! Scroll down to watch a gif covering that phase. But let me sum up why I love this clip (so much so, that I was using it for creating a hot reel-fiction story (please read here) earlier).

What am I enjoying?

  • We see an athletic man (naked) being masturbated by a (clothed) woman (faces out of frame)
  • the guy´s circumsized penis is nicely shaped/curved and bears a very appealing length and girth
  • together with his matching glans and his swollen balls we savor a beautiful, well proportioned set of male genitals
  • his partner is masturbating his cock in a very distinct way: she just uses her thumb and pointer for stroking the upper half of the shaft, the pointer rubbing the underside, the thumb the upper side of the penis
  • her pointer stimulates the magic triangle, her thumb flips over the helmet´s coronal ridge
  • she uses a steady stroking rhythm, she just speeds up towards his PONR and works him through his ejaculatory reflex
  • the guy is not interfering with her stroking, he keeps his hands away, he leaves her doing her handjob, or better fingerjob, he is completely surrendering to her teasing act
  • he is only able to cope with the sensations she is applying upon the upper part of his penis thru unvoluntary body movement and contracting of the different internal muscles of his reproductive system – this is the struggling of him and his penis towards his pending climax
  • he knows that at some point she will trigger his ejaculation by her way of stroking, but he can not know when this moment arrives
  • as observers of this situation we are in the same position as the masturbated man, which makes this clip so hot and exciting
  • eventually she triggers his ejaculation and the guy shoots his load, beginning with an explosive first spurt followed by heavy pumping of his accumulated volume of semen
  • we witness his milk wetting his shaft and balls
  • she jerks his (still erect) penis for some time after his ejaculation has ceased, indicating that she has enjoyed the whole session.


The presentation of this masturbatory act is exemplary and demonstrates a teasing hand-/finger-job delivering a high level of sexual pleasure to the masturbated. Yet as experts we know that we can reach even beyond.

The next stage would be a similar masturbatory technique that has the potential to drive the receiver crazy and lead to a very intense ejaculatory climax (please read here = bonus file)!

Beyond that stage we reach the realm of edging and/or cum denial, where the masturbator/-trix will try to keep the masturbated permanently on the verge of PONR, –read more about it.

I am sure you are desperate now to watch the clip I am referring to all the time. Well, get it via this link or read the mentioned reel-fiction story, where you find the link as well – enjoy!