What is it with Precum?

December 24, 2014

Everything about the substance and producing it is rather fabulous. Unless you belong to the minority of guys whose Cowper´s glands secrete little volumes, or release it not before ejaculation. I must admit that I have no data on such low functioning, sorry, as this must be an issue for juice-conscious guys.

I am fortunate (or just an average guy), for I precum in fair amounts. So my pondering here is based on that fact and all the experiences coming with it. – I guess, that because precumming is so straightforward and sublime, there is not much to tell concerning the physical facts. I did so early in this blog, look here and here. And the first entry of these two used to be the most requested post for quite some time (it still ranks No. 2 these days!!).

Male precumming is truly an amazing feat. It is as biologically straightforward as it is mysterious in all its appearance.


The substance is alike in every man, as it is pure stuff from one kind of gland (two glands of it in every guy). While semen can take different fluidities, color, odor, taste, as it represents a mix of secretions, precum is pretty much always the same juice all around, appearing crystal clear and mostly tasting salty.

It leaks whenever a man is sexually aroused (at least when his arousal lasts for a little while and reason for it has caught the guys full attention). It seems that with a more intense arousal the production of his precum slightly increases as well.

A mans cock must not gain erection for precum to occur! Arousal by itself is the trigger for the Cowper´s glands to get started. And precum-production will last either as long as the guy is in (deeper) arousal or until he has ejaculated. The former rule adds to the beauty of edging! As long as you edge you may be precumming! How great is that!

frosty glans slit pre

The functioning of the tiny glands, also referred to as Bulbourethral glands, is just astounding. The glands may be only the size of peas or beans, and yet they manage to secrete fair amounts of precum as long as arousal is kicking, and that can be looong (pro-edgers please comment to my claim here since I have no experience in extreme edging, i.d edging for many hours or days on end).

Lately I often notice the search term „milking Cowper´s glands“ (WordPress supplies this info to admins). This thought may be exciting, however, I am convinced that you can not really milk (or massage) those tiny glands, nor do so with much of an effect. Here´s why:

The glands are (comparatively) small and their location is somewhat difficult to access. A targeted touch may not be possible or at least not perceptible (dear reader, report to us via the comment function if you hold different experiences).

The glands don´t seem to be sensitive to pressure, nor do they seem to issue any „sensations“ when they are active (or not). Has anybody ever felt them?

cowpers gland

The glands don´t store any precum, they produce-and-leak their nectar (check the drawing of the inner structure of a Cowper´s gland above) as like in a singular process („straightforward“!). Hence there is nothing to milk from them. You can milk your cock-shaft (especially the underside made of the Corpus spongiosum) to get out the precum filling your urethra, yet the Cowper´s glands are not suitable for milking in a classical understanding. If you want to milk your small glands, pressing on the perineum would be the appropriate procedure! This is quite different from the high impact milking of the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Cowpers location

These observations reminded me of the secretion of saliva when we are about to ingest something delicious: glands again produce this sap, but we don´t feel that (glands activity) and we wouldn´t know how to access them, neither of how to milk them.

Precumming truly is exquisite. Just enjoy watching yourself (or a partner) slowly oozing this clear honey-of-bliss.


The previous post offers an example of precum oozing from an upright cock just prior to the guys climax (in pics and a clip) and try to download this clip showing a guy playing with his nectar!

Mastering Emisjaculation

December 12, 2014

In this post I try to analyse a clip which illustrates what I call emisjaculation. That term is not established, I coined it. It stands for a stretched ejaculatory climax: when a guy triggers his system into emission, making him spill his cum without the ejaculatory reflex in effect, soon to be followed by just that, i.e. the triggering of his reflex which pumps the remainder of his milk still available in his glands.

It takes expertise and exercise to achieve such a climatic reaction. This climax is very rewarding, not only for the prolonged sensations of cumming and the (often) increased volume of semen produced, but the method to obtain this awesome poly peaking. There is probably no other way to get there, than to super-carefully approach PONR, as you need to avoid falling over the edge, yet to still make your glands open their valves for the release of your juices. It is edging that lies before emisjaculation.

Let´s take a look then. The guy showing us this extended cumming is a true expert with a beautiful cock and balls.


His cock-shaft is crowned with a high helmet A and he is uncut B. He must have edged for a while, his muscles shall be relaxed, soon he will be ready to cum. Notice his precum oozing C, while his testicles are swollen and kept in place in his tight scrotum D with the aid of a fixed strap E.


He slowly is masturbating his shaft in an up-and-down movement, watch his foreskin B be stretched fully at the downward moves H. Notice his frenulum F being tensed, pulling at his helmet. Follow the progress of the oozing of his precum G. The guy jerks his shaft by grabbing it with just his index finger and (invisible) thumb, while his cock fills the gap of both.


His movements slow down as he nears PONR. He is very carefull not to reach this point. At 1:07 into the clip his BC is spasming involuntarily a few times, as his system is very close to react to the sensory input of his skin-gliding/-stretching. His foreskin never touches his rim (Coronal ridge) J, the manipulation of his shaft-skin is all he needs for a trigger.

The photo above shows his cock instants before his cum is released (at about 1:20). His precum has formed a free dangling thread K. Closely watch the cock-tip L for his cum to appear.


At 1:21 first milk M runs out of his cock-slit following the thread of precum O, immediately followed by a first gush of milk N, set free thru a relaxation of his BC. Part of his milk flows down his precum-string O, extending it (from P), but never making it tear!


What follows is the release of his saved-up juices in a heavy emission! He spectacularly pisses his milk in two ejections Q while some still takes the way of the thread R. Irregular (inner) pumping makes his jizz fly in further spurts. While emission occurs he does not let go of his penis, but he doesn´t move his hand.


From 1:30 he ejaculates the remaining cum from his glands when his reflex pumps it out in smaller squirts S. He had triggered his reflex by continuing his slight shaft-jerking at 1:28. Watch his BC run the program U (in 22 spasms of which 8 deliver cum) while most of his milk seeps down that still dangling thread of precum!

The clip holds a re-run of his emisjaculation in slow-mo and carries an audio track (with breathing sounds). His climax will have lasted about 30 seconds, not counting those sweet moments of the slow approach!

For a Closer Look (22) – PONR

November 29, 2014


Watch PONR unfold.

Yeah, I know, we can´t really watch PONR, „only“ the result of it. And that is ejaculation. The reflex that makes a guy rhythmically shoot his load follows inevitably a short while after he has passed his Point Of No Return.

Or in other words, PONR marks the moment (lasting about 1 to 3 seconds) in which a man knows that his system will perform ejaculation, in other words still: his system will run thru the sequence of muscular spasms that pumps out his stored cum from his glands (though there are guys who run the reflex but won´t spill semen).

PONR itself is not a physical movement, it is a neural happening, a threshold that is crossed, which triggers the ejaculatory reflex. So you can not watch it (PONR) happen, but you can feel it. And PONR (and the seconds before and after) offers you the sweetest and most delicious sensations your reproductive system can generate (i.e. your ejaculatory climax). You can sense and feel PONR, because the nerves in the many tissues of your system run thru a status-change making your plumbing react.

ejac graph

You could pretty exactly speak out at the moment PONR happens (however, I believe many of us misjudge that moment), typically murmured by many in this phrase: I´m cumming! A change in the moaning and/or breathing pattern also indicates that PONR is reached.

So, can´t we monitor it? Kind of. When we observe men who decide to approach PONR carefully for truly savoring this exquisite moment. And I found two clips which let us empathise with the ejaculators, thanks to our climactic experiences. We can clearly comprehend what the respective guy in the clip is sensing and going thru, just by how he triggers his release.

Before I introduce you to the clips I need to put PONR into a broader perspective.

It is just wonderful that this threshold exists! We can take advantage of this and follow the path of enhanced sexual fulfillment (in contrast to straight forwardly beating-off or fucking for orgasm, activities which bear their own values).

Edging – it´s in the name! – is the masturbatory mastering of avoiding the triggering of the reflex and – for most men – avoiding spilling semen at all.

Many edgers may enter an orgasmic state where PONR seems imminent, yet is (just) not reached, – quite a skill, pure bliss.

Other guys want to spill their milk, but not (only) by ejaculating. They play with approaching PONR to coax emissions, which is another skill that requires learning and experience. For an emission to occur, the internal valves open making your milk rinse from the glands and out of your cock without the ejaculatory reflex being triggered. This reaction is also referred to as Ruined Orgasm (or Ruined Ejaculation), but that´s in another psycho-sexual setting. Solosexual guys who are able to deliberately coax emissions are in high control of their edge (PONR) and want to cum this way.

Some men seek to extend their sensations of climaxing. They cultivate to consciously „edge-for-ejaculation“ in a stop-and-go fashion. This secures a big volume of semen and intense sensations while passing thru PONR and into ejaculation. These guys slow down their reactions. After edging for some time they carefully close in on PONR. First they try to consciously coax emission. If successful, the (out)flow of cum immediately triggers the reflex. I call this emisjaculation.

The first clip shows a young man experiencing such an extended climax. He stands before of a mirror (perfect view for us observers) with PONR looming, attempting to consciously pass over his edge. He is in good control of that by keeping his hand off his beautiful cock, applying just another hesitating, but decisively pull of his cock-skin at 17/18 secs into the clip.

ponr mirror

The sensations of this skin-pulling coax an emission with initial milk appearing at his cock-slit at second 21, spilling down for 2 seconds followed by the spasms of his reflex (all off-hands). You can count 12 spasms by the throbbing of his penis. His ejaculation produces three distinct spurts of his thick cream. The clip offers sound, but the guy remains silent unfortunately.

This is different in clip No. 2. You hear the guy moaning and breathing (although these allow no clues for when exactly he passes his edge(s)).

He as well applies a stop-and-go technique on his stunning, oiled cock (on/off hands), but is jerking his wand in full grip to push himself further towards release.

ponr emiss

He will have edged for some time and is close to his threshold, so that he needs to interrupt his jerking for an enhanced climaxing. Off-frame he may play with his nipples!

He continuously applies lighter stroking/touching of his cock, he works with his BC (voluntarily I assume) making his penis bounce and throb.

At about 1:43 min into the clip his valves open resulting in a solid cum-piss 2 seconds later. He deliberately contracts his muscles to pump out all the milk released from his glands (off-hands, and this is clearly not part of an ejaculatory reflex).

After the spill he continues to jerk his rod with a light grip until he passes PONR at about 1:57 min into the clip (listen to his sigh), when he enforces his jerking to experience his pumping on full penile impact. Despite his emission he produces 6 spurts and milks all of his juices out of his urethra.

These guys are in control of their PONRs and decide to climax in full awareness of the unique sensations close by the edge. Sensations that we can address as climax, which lasts from provoking and passing PONR via emission and on throughout ejaculation.

Clip one: See a guy experiencing emisjaculation in front of a mirror (mp4, 37 secs).

Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).

And The Awards Go To

November 16, 2014

Think of cumshot-clips and imagine an “Academy” to honor the best with special Clip-Awards (in categories too)! You may assume now that, with all the beautiful ejaculation-shorts out there, it must be tough to decide for a clear lead. Yet I believe it´s easier than a first thought suggests. You just get down to it systematically. Thus it´s my pleasure to present to you a winner! At least for me that is (like I´m the “Academy”), and for convincing – if subjective – reasons.

Yes, we find loads of cumshot-clips on the web in an ever-increasing number, and one can not know them all. However, many submissions are of a minor quality, even if the ejaculation shown may be stunning – too dark a picture, out of focus, not complete, bad framing etc. Yet there are still enough clips around meeting a basic standard, letting us apply a bunch of categories and begin with the survey for our rating.

We need to be conscious about the two main aspects of the clip we want to rate. The first is the technical aspect, which concerns the setting of the taped situation, notably the lighting, the framing, everything we can see thru the lens and hear: the presentation of the scene!

The second aspect concerns the performance, notably the penis/guy who ejaculates, like how he triggers his climax, how he shoots his load, how he is endowed, the beauty of his appearance: the presentation of the star!

You may well have come across the particular clip I´m going to present here – and dismissed it. Because it is not perfect on the technical side: its main flaw is that it is tilted*! This is confusing (at first) and distracting, and it makes you wanna move on in case you search-browse clips. But what an ejaculation it shows!! And besides, most anything else meets high standards! Despite the few flaws, this clip garnered a lot of recognition and I awarded it in most categories. Here goes!

The winner of the genre Single Anonymous Male Jerk-Thru-Ejaculation is awarded in the following categories:


Set-up and scene – We see a neutral environment. The masturbating guy placed himself in a relaxed, leaned back sitting position, before a blank wall and neutrally covered back of a sofa. We see the bright corner of a day-lit window. There is nothing in this setting to distract us from witnessing his jerking and ejaculation. Quite optimal!

Lighting and Brightness – The scene is well-lit! The source of light is a window, of which we see a small part, little enough to not distract, yet giving us orientation and additional information (we are in a room and the source of light is (apparently) bright natural daylight). We can observe all necessary details (although the resolution may not be shot in HD), the contrast is perfectly balanced. The back-lighting is ideal to illuminate his airborne cum-ropes!

Framing and Display Detail – The framing is near perfect for this category. The guy remains anonymous, yet we are able to observe his cock and balls, his style of jerking, his chest (supposed landing area of his ejected cum) and there is enough headroom in the frame to follow his cum flying (as a matter of fact there is not enough headroom!). The latter is a reason why the clip is tilted (camera pivoted: widescreen turned vertical)!

Coloring and Replay – The clip comes in a natural, live-like coloring. No shrill colors to distract from the act! Cock and balls are naturally a bit darker than the guys caucasian complexion. The clip runs in slow motion, which absolutely adds to his performance! Thus there is no sound (although you find an audio track). Proportionate moaning would have resulted in a further award for sound, I´m sure!

award scene


The Man – As the frame reveals the masturbator´s chest (with right breast) and belly we do see that he is apparently younger than older and in a fit athletic condition, which is aesthetic and highly appealing! Chest and belly are not hairy (probably shaved). Hence the guy matches kind of role model criteria, again perfect for what we expect from a top ejaculation clip!

Penis and Scrotum – His genitals appear above average in size but not to a degree that would – again – distract us from observing him masturbate and shoot his milk. Cock and balls show an ideal proportion to each other! Notice that his cock is uncut and bends slightly downward. He wears a rubber cockring at the base of his boner (shaved pubes!). His balls are big and seem to be swollen (which they are supposed to be in this situation!). His clean shaved scrotum is thin-skinedly tight, but soft enough to have his testicles slightly bounce with each stroke of his shaft! A highly arousing sight!

Masturbation Style – The right-handed guy fist-jerks his cock in a mid-shaft grip applying a steady, unaltered pace throughout the whole of his act. He loosens his grip after about two-thirds into the clip while his cock begins to slightly soften (his penis never seems to show a throbbing-hard erection to begin with). His masturbation appears to be relaxed and laid back, even bored (remember it´s slow-mo!), at least very much standard, which contrasts totally with his powerful ejaculation!

Ejaculatory Performance – His ejaculation developes unexpectedly into an outstanding power-shooting! The slow motion makes this performance all the way more enjoyable. His system provides him with 12 cum-producing pulses of which we count 5 true powershots! After an initial mini-squirt he literally fires his first power-rope followed by more. The first ejections are so forceful, that his cum flies out of frame landing presumably beyond his head. Whereas following ejections cover his chest, giving us a very good impression on the quality of his milk. – This is one example of a voluminous power-ejaculation, which I am sure are rare, even if many clips of similar ejaculations suggest otherwise.


Quality of Semen – His semen is of equally rare quality as is his systems ejaculatory performance! The source of light (bright window) and the slow-mo make it perfect to observe the fluidity of his milk. It is neither runny nor creamy but mucous throughout! The guy shoots solid ropes which hardly rip into many droplets while airborne. His cum is highly cohesive, like thick precum (or egg white) and does not change its fluidity! This is unusual and stunning. Watch the puddles of his jizz on his chest and belly! We witness deliciously rare cock-slime.


This is a stunning clip of an outstanding ejaculation of mouth-watering semen. The athletic performer owns a beautiful penis and healthy big balls. Unfortunately we don´t know if and for how long the guy did edge before he decided to cum. He pumps a huge volume with unleashed force in a basic jerk-off act. The clip deserves to be awarded for most of the categories in its genre segment Single Anonymous Male Jerk-Thru-Ejaculation. And was it not for the tilted submission, I´d suggest to label it a benchmark presentation for its genre. – Bend your head, its worth the watch!


*The pic and anim-GIFs you see in this post are turned into the correct position by me. I couldn´t do that with the clip (unfortunately), I apparently lack the software to easily have done so.


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