For a Closer Look (24) – Spraying Cum

December 26, 2015

Almost exactly two years ago I posted a defining text about spraying and/or roping semen, which turned out to become a much sought-after article. So much so, that it climbed to rank # 2 in the all time view stats!

I was running a poll (at the time of the posts publication) for checking with my readers to which of the two performer groups they belonged:

poll 32

Turned out that sprayers seem to account for the smaller group. However, it may be tough for oneself sometimes to discern between the two spectacular ways of ejecting the own milk. Not only because some guys are featuring both possibilities (6% in the poll), but because semen-ropes will eventually break up into droplets before hitting the ground (given enough distance between cock and floor), unless your produce is extremely cohesive.

While I explained the mechanics behind the two clearly different semen-in-flight performances in the mentioned post Do you rope or do you spray?, this entry offers you two clips that both perfectly display the characteristics of spraying cum. Let me also briefly point out how the spraying of your juices affects your sex-act.

First though I´d like to clearly demonstrate – once again – the different looks of a spray-ejaculation contrary to a rope-ejaculation, based on these easy to compare photos (the spraying samples are screens from one of the clips I present!):

compspray 1 compspray 2

comprope 1 comprope 2

Now, the first clip shows a guy spray-ejaculating (first set of sample-photos above). I´d consider him a perfect model of a thorough sprayer. Not only is his system pumping a big volume of milk (in 13 pulses!), he does so with apparently forceful contractions and in a quick pace. His milk most of the time disintegrates right (or very soon) after it leaves his meatus (cock-mouth). He must have splattered quite an area after this powerful ejaculation.

Full frontal nudity delights our eyes with the second clip. We see a young guy jerking himself beyond PONR into spraying his milk onto himself (mainly his chest). Enjoy his nice cock, notice the movement of his balls during his climax, savor his moaning and finally regard the result of his ejaculation!

Cum-sprayers certainly know this: spraying jizz freely will result in a „mess“. While as a roper you are able to target a hitting spot for your semen, you just can not control well the splattering distribution of your produce when you do spray.

There will be (spraying) guys who dislike this fact. They could (e.g.) use a condom to catch their load or hold a hand in front of their cock-mouth at PONR to prevent their volume from gaining range.

Yet I do wish for all the sprayers out there, that most of them will be cum-lovers! Both aspects are a fortunate match, because only spraying guys are able to cover a larger area with their produce, either upon themselves or onto a partner. Being showered with fresh ´n warm semen is a blissful experience for anyone who loves man-milk!

Clip one: See a guy forcefully spray his milk in 13 pulses (.mov, 16 secs, w/sound, 1.5 MB).

Clip two: See a guy spraying himself (.mov, 35 secs, w/sound, 2.6 MB).

The Ultimate Oral – Solo

December 13, 2015

From the preceding post you know that I consider deepthroating the „ultimate oral“, when two people unite in oral sex. Then how could this apply to solosexual fellatio? Isn´t such solo- superlative rather impossible? And if it wasn´t, what would be the „ultimate solo oral“?

The situation is a very different one indeed, when it comes to solosucking or selfsucking. If you wanted to deepthroat yourself, you certainly needed a long enough penis to be able to perform such feat, or your body better be extremely flexible.

I am sure that almost every human male dreams and fantasizes (at least at some point in their sexual lives) about being able to mouth-caress the very own cock. Quite a lot of guys actually do manage to reach their helmet with their mouth or tongue, and some are even able to deepthroat themselves being equipped with an average sized penis! Yet only few men are endowed in such a way that they are able to rather effortlessly fill their own throat.

Us men may envy dogs forever, each time we see one licking their own with ease. Yet at least we can exercise to become flexible enough to reach our wand and possibly swallow some of the most cherished limb.


But deepthroating!? You may ask yourself – and I do too – if those few men with really long cocks practise self-deepthroating? I would assume that they at least try, sooner than later.

In the preceding post I pointed out, that deepthroating is a skill not to be mastered without practising, for several reasons. Hence, even if you were endowed with a long penis you needed to master the throating skill, if less so for being super flexible with your body, for fully enjoying it to take yourself deep down your gullet.

I guess this specimen would suffice:


Yeah, such a long (and thick) cock would do. However, such a size is truly rare! And please have a closer look at this beautiful model of a penis – it´s fake!

The 4 arrows on each side don´t celebrate the enormous length, but point to recurring patterns on each side of the shaft that indicate a photoshopped elongation of the original picture – well done, at a first glance and viewed from a distance.

Back to square one: us average guys need to keep up with gymnastics to come a bit closer to our fantasies, only then we may achieve some average auto-fellatio:


Although this is hot in a way, it is far from the experience that the described „ultimate oral for a couple“ means for the receiver in that situation. For as an average selfsucker you have to deal with the arduous body position that may just reduce sexual impulse and enjoyment of the act.

In addition, the psycho-spiritual quality is another one with the selfsucking experience. Here you are provider and receiver at the same time. Your enjoyment as provider may be diminished by the permanent struggle of your lips and tongue to reach and stay connected with your cock until ejaculation is triggered. – There may be just very few exceptions to this rule (concerning both the physical ability and the mental scope).

As a receiver you will be proud to manage at all, and you will be much satisfied to release your milk into your mouth or on your face eventually (I must point out that I can not reach myself!). The finesse of caressing your helmet, frenulum and shaft may be humble given the situation. Last not least your body has the natural urge to „open up towards the world“ (headwords: arching your back) at the moment of climax – that´s the counterposition to what you are performing…

I know, I haven´t answered the question yet. Well, here goes: I believe the „ultimate solo oral“ happens entirely in our brain, in our dreams to be exact. And here I can speak from experience!


In many dream-scenarios I was effortlessly selfsucking my dick. While masturbating, so my dreams, I suddenly remember that I also can take my cock into my mouth easily (it just works without struggling gymnastics) and suck my head to trigger ejaculation. However, mostly PONR is occurring the moment I welcome my penis (deeper) into my mouth. Extended deepthroating remains to be an elusive scene, probably because I never have done so in the real word.

Those (wet) dreams can be totally real, and often enough trigger real ejaculation. I consider the dreaming of selfsucking the „ultimate solo oral“ (in case you do dream auto-fellatio). If you just don´t have wet dreams of this kind (compare poll #31 here), you may want to consider to learn more about how to achieve auto-fellatio (please check with this link).

Feel free to comment, especially if you have managed real-live self-deepthroating!!😉

The Ultimate Oral – Couple

November 30, 2015

Fellatio is a most intimate sexual act. The fellator/fellatrix (provider hereafter) is taking care of the genitalia of the one he/she pleases (receiver hereafter) in a most sophisticated way (assumingly), because the provider is loving his receiver with possibly all his senses and natural capacity (toys even not considered). But that is not what I mean when I speak of the „ultimate“ (from this posts title)…

We all can easily visualise a basic fellatio scene: the provider is in close proximity to the cock and balls of the receiver. Fellatio may evolve from a handjob that may contain jerking, milking, stroking, squeezing, pumping, nut cupping, kneading and scratching, as well as anal teasing and probing.

In a next phase the provider will use his/her mouth, tongue and teeth for licking, lapping, teething to work the glans with its opening (the meatus), the frenulum, the shaft (sideways), the scrotum and the anal opening (compare here).


As provider you have a wide range of natural „tools“ – which I was addressing as natural capacity above – at your disposal: hands, fingers, fingernails, lips, teeth, tongue, palate, saliva, breath. Use them one by one or in any combination and you can imagine the potential for deep sexual joy for the benefit of your receiver. But again, this is not what I mean.

Instead, I believe that deepthroating stands for the highest level in oral sex. For the provider it is the most intimate sexual encounter, for he/she permits the cock of the loved one into the own body right were his/her personality and consciousness is located (the head).

For the receiver being deep-throated means nothing other than being eaten alive with what is his sexual core. And given that his semen will be consumed by the provider, the quest for a most intimate and complete sexual union is fulfilled – it´s the ultimate oral sex encounter!

taking him

For bothprovider and receiver, the psycho-spiritual aspects of deepthroating are of high value and importance, the physical sensations though differ a great deal among the two!

To the receiver, being orally copulated is a spiritual pleasure as well as a physical one. In full trust he offers his genitals (and produce!) into the care of his provider as the utmost gift he sexually can give. In return he may experience sensations as unique as they are intense.

Men reported that they feel an incredible tightness around the circumference of the penis just below the head with the most pleasurable sensation focused on the underside of the penis, where the head joins the shaft. The grip of a throat is beyond compare except perhaps the penetration of a tight anal opening and rectum.

The psychological excitement and spiritual quality for the provider is on a high level as well, given that he/she is in deep love with penis, with semen, with men to begin with. The fact that the provider will get to experience the closest possible encounter, or rather intake, with what he/she loves most, charges this sexual practise with a profound value.

However, the execution of totally swallowing a cock is only possible (and enjoyable for the provider) after a great deal of practice, because the provider must learn to control the gag- or choking-reflex as well as mastering breath control. Once the penis is fully occupying the throat, air is blocked completely. The provider must sync the depth of penetration and the pace of withdrawal to allow the taking of air through the nostrils.

deep-throat x-ray

Although we may find a lot of clips showing deepthroating situations, not too many providers are true masters of uninhibited cock swallowing (to the max). It is not an easy task, – just try to „play deepthroat“ with yourself using an ordinary carrot and you will realize the effort of taking-in a penis, of which the head may fill your oral cavity already!

If you have not learned to (easily) swallow an average sized penis by defying the choking response and controlling your breathing while mouth-fucking your receiver, your sexual appetite and satisfaction will quickly vanish. You want to sensuously love cock and not endure torture by fear of suffocation or choking attacks.

There sure are expert-providers who mastered this oral discipline, making it look effortless. I am thinking of two women in particular who are well presented on the net: Heather Brooke and Fellucia. Both devour the cocks and the produce of their respective receiver with passion and verve.

Heather max-intake

Here you see Heather taking-in the penis of her well-endowed lover, up to the stop! The screens of a clip are shown upside down, because this is the true situation in a bathroom (their camera was upside down actually).

And please watch a beautiful clip of Fellucia loving the wand of her man deepthroat-style, finishing him off by jerking his dick until he cums in her open mouth, after which she swallows his seed without hesitation (the clip runs 183 very stimulating secs)!

If you made it a pro (provider) and know your receiver, you will always be free and at ease to decide when and how you want your man to climax and unload his produce. Have it the way Fellucia does in the clip or as Heather sometimes enjoys it, letting him shoot down her gullet.


One last remark: you will have noticed that my description above is based on the assumption that deepthroating is carried out in mutual love for each other. That leaves the receiver in a passive, receiving role and puts the provider into the active part (such as introduced in the Fellucia-video).

The throatfucking so often seen in porn clips is downright rape (the assumed approval by the providers to be treated that way shall be mostly questionable) and that is something I never could endorse. – Be a true receiver for making the ultimate oral a light-hearted, playful, devoted and consuming sexual experience for you and your provider alike!

Edging/Gooning – Displayed

November 8, 2015

It´s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that just won´t work, when we deal with feelings – and don´t show a face. Now, sex is about feelings/sensations. And sophisticated sexual acts, like edging, are about intense internal sensations in particular! Sensations which a picture – without showing a face – can not reflect!

So, moving pictures have an advantage here, especially, when they go with sound. However, you got to hear sounds that could be interpreted as reactions to sensations! – Ever wondered why there is so much moaning and screaming heard in the porn flicks? Now we know.

Two sexual practises, that cross my mind at this point, are very difficult to visualize – again when we don´t see a face. It won´t work with photos at all! And even moving pictures (film) may not reveal too much about the intense sensations and pleasures the „masturbated“ is subject to, while no or little „action“ is taking place: e-stimulation and edging (both are closely related to one another).

When we browse e-stim clips we often encounter wired yet untouched, flaccid or semi-erect, maybe precum-oozing cocks; sometimes presented in a time-lapse to enhance shape-shifting changes of the genitals, the penises eventually ejaculating more or less cum. We just can assume what the guy on display must have felt and experienced in his session.

estim1 estim2

With edging clips it could be a bit more thrilling. We may see a guy slowly teasing his throbbing cock… and pausing. On and off, no ejaculation guaranteed (rather not wanted). While words are able to arousingly describe such situations (just search this blog with the tagedging“), the decoding of the accompanying visuals require knowledge and experience to have their hidden power unfold. Otherwise, and to profane eyes, it just may be boring what there is to be observed.

Time to introduce to you a brilliant, first-rate video from a guy going by the nick of Funky Jerker. He is an expert edger and he managed to edit a very hot clip on the topic – with no face in the frame, but a little help of explaining text!

The clip is titled Understanding Edging and Gooning. It runs an exciting 23 minutes and 18 secs and is a how-to and explaining-video on the basics of edging and the difference between edging and gooning (find more here and here).

Funky Jerker produced a superb video-lecture in good quality and with sound that vividly lets you witness his way of edging and gooning at the crest to the PONR. It is a must have for everyone interested in edging as well as adept performers. You can obtain it here from my video-library or watch right away here at XTube.:-)


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