The Struggling Cock

February 7, 2016
Bonus-file (a masturbation-technique) further down!

I headlined this post The Struggling Cock because it seems as if the penis we observe in the clip (I´m gonna review) is much more than “just” throbbing. The penis appears to be pretty agile within himself and this impression is not deceiving. However, it certainly is the man himself who is struggling!

I still consider the featured clip one of the hottest amateur masturbation scenes around. It is pure and straightforward and demonstrates well – by it´s set-up and method – the essence of partner-applied masturbation: the power a masturbator/-trix naturally achieves and the effect of his/her stimulations applied.

In particular: here is a man anticipating his climax while his female partner jerks his dick´s upper shaft in a fairly steady pace. The guy, surrendering totally to the action of his masturbatrix, answers the concentrated tactile stimulus with (involuntary) movement of his body at times while the muscles connected to his reproductive system apparently contract all the time. The latter in combination with the stroking impact lets the penis appear to be moving lively, a penile performance rarely seen in any given clip with a similar set-up.

I fixed an animated gif for which I connected clips-stills with the partners stroking fingers being always mid-shaft to give you an idea what I am talking about:


The constant shifting of the shaft´s shape is truly amazing! His testicles are struggling as well. Notice his nuts churning inside his ball-sack!

And not to forget, being highly aroused the guy is oozing precum:


The described observations appear even a bit more extreme while the guy is ejaculating! Scroll down to watch a gif covering that phase. But let me sum up why I love this clip (so much so, that I was using it for creating a hot reel-fiction story (please read here) earlier).

What am I enjoying?

  • We see an athletic man (naked) being masturbated by a (clothed) woman (faces out of frame)
  • the guy´s circumsized penis is nicely shaped/curved and bears a very appealing length and girth
  • together with his matching glans and his swollen balls we savor a beautiful, well proportioned set of male genitals
  • his partner is masturbating his cock in a very distinct way: she just uses her thumb and pointer for stroking the upper half of the shaft, the pointer rubbing the underside, the thumb the upper side of the penis
  • her pointer stimulates the magic triangle, her thumb flips over the helmet´s coronal ridge
  • she uses a steady stroking rhythm, she just speeds up towards his PONR and works him through his ejaculatory reflex
  • the guy is not interfering with her stroking, he keeps his hands away, he leaves her doing her handjob, or better fingerjob, he is completely surrendering to her teasing act
  • he is only able to cope with the sensations she is applying upon the upper part of his penis thru unvoluntary body movement and contracting of the different internal muscles of his reproductive system – this is the struggling of him and his penis towards his pending climax
  • he knows that at some point she will trigger his ejaculation by her way of stroking, but he can not know when this moment arrives
  • as observers of this situation we are in the same position as the masturbated man, which makes this clip so hot and exciting
  • eventually she triggers his ejaculation and the guy shoots his load, beginning with an explosive first spurt followed by heavy pumping of his accumulated volume of semen
  • we witness his milk wetting his shaft and balls
  • she jerks his (still erect) penis for some time after his ejaculation has ceased, indicating that she has enjoyed the whole session.


The presentation of this masturbatory act is exemplary and demonstrates a teasing hand-/finger-job delivering a high level of sexual pleasure to the masturbated. Yet as experts we know that we can reach even beyond.

The next stage would be a similar masturbatory technique that has the potential to drive the receiver crazy and lead to a very intense ejaculatory climax (please read here = bonus file)!

Beyond that stage we reach the realm of edging and/or cum denial, where the masturbator/-trix will try to keep the masturbated permanently on the verge of PONR, –read more about it.

I am sure you are desperate now to watch the clip I am referring to all the time. Well, get it via this link or read the mentioned reel-fiction story, where you find the link as well – enjoy!

Just to let you know…

January 11, 2016

…that today in the early morning hours we passed the one-million-threshold for unique views!:-)

This almost took six years, but I sure am proud and grateful about reaching this magical figure. Let´s check a few stat-details:


I started in March 2010, and with the growth of my blog the number of views were climbing, but in 2013!?


There are a handful of very popular posts, look what themes they cover:


With currently 256 posts, there is a lot to discover. Just take your time and explore. And if you read this, you are already part of this blogs humble success. I thank you for that!:-)

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016

…to all followers, faithful readers, avid commenters and visitors from all over the globe!

org as firework

Stay healthy and treat yourself with uninhibited solo-sexual practices and respectful partner-sexual encounters. I wish you the climaxes you aim for, may every single one of them be most fulfilling and satisfying throughout this year and beyond!


For a Closer Look (24) – Spraying Cum

December 26, 2015

Almost exactly two years ago I posted a defining text about spraying and/or roping semen, which turned out to become a much sought-after article. So much so, that it climbed to rank # 2 in the all time view stats!

I was running a poll (at the time of the posts publication) for checking with my readers to which of the two performer groups they belonged:

poll 32

Turned out that sprayers seem to account for the smaller group. However, it may be tough for oneself sometimes to discern between the two spectacular ways of ejecting the own milk. Not only because some guys are featuring both possibilities (6% in the poll), but because semen-ropes will eventually break up into droplets before hitting the ground (given enough distance between cock and floor), unless your produce is extremely cohesive.

While I explained the mechanics behind the two clearly different semen-in-flight performances in the mentioned post Do you rope or do you spray?, this entry offers you two clips that both perfectly display the characteristics of spraying cum. Let me also briefly point out how the spraying of your juices affects your sex-act.

First though I´d like to clearly demonstrate – once again – the different looks of a spray-ejaculation contrary to a rope-ejaculation, based on these easy to compare photos (the spraying samples are screens from one of the clips I present!):

compspray 1 compspray 2

comprope 1 comprope 2

Now, the first clip shows a guy spray-ejaculating (first set of sample-photos above). I´d consider him a perfect model of a thorough sprayer. Not only is his system pumping a big volume of milk (in 13 pulses!), he does so with apparently forceful contractions and in a quick pace. His milk most of the time disintegrates right (or very soon) after it leaves his meatus (cock-mouth). He must have splattered quite an area after this powerful ejaculation.

Full frontal nudity delights our eyes with the second clip. We see a young guy jerking himself beyond PONR into spraying his milk onto himself (mainly his chest). Enjoy his nice cock, notice the movement of his balls during his climax, savor his moaning and finally regard the result of his ejaculation!

Cum-sprayers certainly know this: spraying jizz freely will result in a „mess“. While as a roper you are able to target a hitting spot for your semen, you just can not control well the splattering distribution of your produce when you do spray.

There will be (spraying) guys who dislike this fact. They could (e.g.) use a condom to catch their load or hold a hand in front of their cock-mouth at PONR to prevent their volume from gaining range.

Yet I do wish for all the sprayers out there, that most of them will be cum-lovers! Both aspects are a fortunate match, because only spraying guys are able to cover a larger area with their produce, either upon themselves or onto a partner. Being showered with fresh ´n warm semen is a blissful experience for anyone who loves man-milk!

Clip one: See a guy forcefully spray his milk in 13 pulses (.mov, 16 secs, w/sound, 1.5 MB).

Clip two: See a guy spraying himself (.mov, 35 secs, w/sound, 2.6 MB).


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