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Anal Pleasure

February 1, 2014

The anal opening may occupy roughly three roles in our sex-routines:

  1. it is taboo laden and will be neglected
  2. it is fully incorporated in our sexual activities (such prostate-milking or anal intercourse) without a second thought spent
  3. it is in the erotic focus on its own right for the pleasures it provides.

The anus can be a big issue – or none at all. I rather take its sexual integration for granted, not only because it is the gateway for reaching the prostate and seminal vesicles, but also because the anus is in fact a source of erotic sensations.**

The anus may be such a big issue for some people (and by the way: this is not gender-dependent), because it has the potential to touch a wide range of rather negatively charged aspects, spanning from biological to cultural issues. The anal taboo may still be widespread to great effect, as it is a „form of psycho-social control more potent than the most rigid moral code or threatening law.“*

This is a real shame, because – as I believe – the anus is just a natural part of „the system“ that defines our sexual center, which contains internal and external structures alike. After all our whole body is „sexual“ when we practise sexual activities.

The only up-side of the anal taboo may be what Jack Morin* named the „Naughtiness Factor“, a „process through which prohibitions are transformed into erotic fuel […] for those who grew up steeped in anti-sexual messages and warnings“ when „the thrill of breaking the rules and flaunting taboos becomes a major aphrodisiac.“

anus draw

**When sexually excited: „The anal sphincters start to twitch and contract in response to direct stimulation or in sympathy with other pelvic muscles. […] Voluntary contractions of the anal sphincters can also heighten pleasure. Many people enjoy the unique sensation of the anus contracting against something such as a finger, dildo, or penis.“

Sensitivity to anal touch appears to increase during excitation, at least for those who like it. Within the anal muscles and nearby perineal muscles (between the genitals and the anus) are a great many nerve endings that can be stimulated not only by contractions but also by external touch.“

All the quotes in this post are taken from the book: *Anal Pleasure & Health by Jack Morin, Ph.D., ISBN 0-940208-20-2. Yes, Morin wrote a whole book about the subject, of which Betty Dodson said it „is a classic that belongs in everyone´s library.“ – the book that is. And as for the subject I say: it may be well worth a further exploration!

Emission – Secrets of the Orient (2)

April 7, 2010

he’s kept at heat for a generously long period and brought to dozens of very-near orgasm peaks while streaming his pre-cum as the tensing exercises are performed. he’s slowly trained without cumming until his scrotal and ass-muscles have both become ‘tired’ and utterly utterly relaxed.

eventually when his handmaiden provides him his well deserved and very much needed release then during his climaxing his body will not be able to contract the main group of climaxing muscles that ordinarilly control the movement and the normal spew of his cum. instead only the micro-muscles in his cock-gland and the muscles that wrap the tiny tubular vesicles ( which normally contribute just a bit to a sperm pumping release ) will be the only sets of muscles that cum into play.

these tiny muscles control his vesicles and his gland and they are micro-contractional, they move male cum from the prostate on up and into the climax-glans by fast and steady micro-contractions. they almost hum while contracting, they tighent dozens of time each second. they move sperm the way one swallows, a ring of muscles causes micro-contractions along the length of the tiny tubes or viscles that move male cum from prostate up through his shaft and into the glans where it is eventually pumped from there. these micro contractions are not the major contractions that cum into play during the alternate and major climax-contractions that a male typically feels in his ass and scrotum. so there are not those major dilationals and contractionings with a cock tensing, expanding, contracting and flexing during this kind of an orgasming. instead while the male cums there’s just a long steady stream of sperm that gushes in an unbroken and continously flowing river which exits from the tip of a males cock. the cum just geysers out in a long, soft stream of milky male-cream while the males ass and scrotum try to contract but fail to as a result of the muscular fatigue from the very pleasurable training excercises which they were subjected to during the extended sensuous hand-jobbing.

there are variations that are divine, like adjustable cock-rings which are loosened and tightened during his handjob, the infamous hot and cold scrotal-pacs that are wrapped in luxuriant silks which are applied at points beneath a males balls and up against his scrotum which thicken his cum and help bring more to his eventual climaxing, there are long sensuous face-sittings for the male which keep him occupied useful and busy while his cock, scrotum and ass are flex-trained and hand-pulled, there are the very adult ‘managements’ of the males balls during his milking and slow, almost agonizing intermittent-fuckings that the male is slowly flex-trained during. in some sessions, at orgasm the handmaidens fingers or a soft round ass plug are kept just-inside the male keeping him open while he climaxes and direct prostate stimulation is sometimes applied at the males climaxing but that is optional. basically the male is hand-pleasured and kept very very aroused until he can no longer flex his ass, scrotum or cock. then and only then is he ‘encouraged’ to cum, to experience this radical climaxing as his handmaiden cradles and massages his balls and very-lightly up-and-down rotates her closed, well-lubed palm around the ringed area of his glans head and over the top-length of his shaft while his balls are involuntarilly-emptied in a full and soaked completion.

the rest just naturally follows, a slow white geysering of pent up male cum that’s pumped and guided by no apparent contractional spurtings with the male experiencing the pleasure-shock and disorienting climax-frenzie of both feeling and wittnessing the physiologically-abnormal and addictively-erotic balls-emptying flow while involuntarilly-gushing his cum, uninterupted by any normal ebbings or pulsings from the vent of his cock.

the practice does take some work and it’s not for everyone but ….. 🙂 you know the old say, ”good things cum to those who wait, but better things cum to those who wait longer ….”

This brilliant explanation again shows that emission as a stand-alone milk producing experience is closely tied to the relaxation of the big muscles in the pelvis (BC, PC, anal sphincter and associated). And it shows that there is more than one possibility of achieving it.

Soon I will take a look at multiple emissions.

Slow and Easy

March 27, 2010

Among all these explanatory writings I wanted you to read this guys experiences which he posted at a forums site years ago. It is a very hot and detailed account on how he does it to himself. It suits my discussion about a slowly induced and very conscious ejaculation. He explains his way of edging without really naming it that way.

Unfortunately he never reveals his way of keeping his PONR at bay other than being strictly self-disciplined, but his description suggests that he is all relaxed and focused. One more thing: The thought that his balls keep all his accumulated spunk is quite arousing, but we know the male anatomy tells a different tale.

I have just found your site by accident, its great, now I can tell you how I do it to myself!

I am a true dedicated fan of self help sex, and found out in my early 20s that no fuck, or blow-job could give me the mind bending climax that slow, prolonged solo sex could.

Here is a typical session, I hope its not to long, but I will try and describe it accurately for your readers. I start off by having a cool shower, where I squat down and direct the jet of almost cold water on to my ball bag, making it go all tight while I wash it, and my prick and anus. I like to be clean. I keep the base of my prick and the whole of my nut sack shaved smooth, the cold water makes this easy by bunching up my balls, and it feels great when you´re worked up, squeezing and tugging at your smooth tight sack.

I then place a towel on the floor at the end of my bed, two pillows against the bed to rest my back against, I prop up a large mirror in front and just of to the left of me. Its a big turn on for me to see what I’m doing to myself. I get about five or six of my latest or favourite girlie magazines (they are a must for me!) then I get my anal probe, which is a foot long flexible plastic stick made up of round balls each one being about 1.5 ins across and separated by about 0.25 ins between them, a vibrator and my baby oil. Now I’m ready to get to work on myself.

Sitting on the towel, leaning back against the pillows, my legs open and bent at the knees so the soles of my feet are almost touching (a little like a yoga position) I place the first girlie mag on and against my feet so it is tilted up towards me. I then proceed to stroke my prick slowly, lightly and teasingly as I gaze at the mag, while teasing my right nipple with the middle finger of my left hand, I found out in my teens, for some reason, my right nipple is very sensitive and enhances the sensations. Now the fun begins, because the object of the exercise is to prolong my session for at least an hour! I have done hours but that is the exception, and one and a half is the norm. After about 15-20 mins of this slow teasing I may already have had to stop several times feeling the sap threatening to rise, and by now my sack is bunched up with excitement as I look at it in the mirror, and I have to squeeze and tug at it, as I turn the page to the next girl that is showing her open slit and gorgeous puckered anus. I’m stroking my prick by holding it steady with my thumb and teasing my fingers up and down it, not jerking the foreskin!

After about 30 mins the clear fluid is constantly dripping out of the eye, and I am now having to fight the urge to give in and spunk. So now for the next stage, holding my prick steady I pour baby oil over the bloated purple head and carefully and gently stroke it into and all over my length, now it starts getting really difficult, but with self-discipline and determination, unbelievable sensations will follow. I now slide my hand up and down the full length of my raging prick, slowly, and varying the speed and grip enables me to experience, almost constantly, those ball wrenching sensations associated with being right on the edge of climax, which of course I am! By this time I am now moaning and groaning out loud and my anus is starting to twitch in sympathy with my prick, and I am constantly having to keep a check on the pent up spunk in my, by now, tight as a drum sack, and I continue to view the sexy girls in the mags, making my task of holding on to my sap even more wonderfully difficult, and stopping even more so, but I do it!

So now for the next stage! I’m now 45-50 mins into my session and desperate to empty my sack, when I up the stakes again. Taking the flexible stick of balls that was smeared with oil before I started, I pop the first ball into my anus, then slowly pushing more, the second and third ball are plugging it! The rest of the plastic stick is sticking out of my anus on the towel, I now turn on the vibrator to a nice low buzz and lay it on the anal stick. WOW! I can feel it buzzing against my prostate and making my anus pucker and clutch at the balls in delight. Taking hold of my quivering prick I carefully and expertly stroke myself to distraction, the sensations are so intense, that I am now cursing, whinging and moaning at the screaming urge in my balls. Now I change technique a little, and forming an “O” with my index finger and thumb, I place it round the ridge where the shaft joins the bloated head and alternate between tiny rapid jerks and tiny slow massaging strokes back and forth over the ridge. I can only stand a few seconds of this at a time before having to whip my hand away to stop the seething sap rising. I now alternate between the three methods, slow stroking the entire length, and the two ridge techniques. Each time I stop I have to pull, squeeze and tug at my bunched up balls and take the opportunity to pour more oil over my straining prick if needed, and change magazines if I want to. I love to look in the mirror to see how stiff and swollen my prick is and how tight and scrunched up my sack has become, and to watch my anus clutching at the flexy stick of anal balls buzzing away in it.

I now find myself at decision time, do I continue, and when I feel I can stand it no longer, empty my sack? Or do I now stop completely and start all the above the following day, or the day after that, or when ever is convenient. I have at times, gone a whole week doing the above every other day, before emptying my balls! But that is unusual. But when I have made the decision to go for climax I continue to struggle for as long as I can stand it. The pressure in my balls is now becoming unbearable, and the sensations indescribable. Now I have another decision to make! How do I want to climax? I have four favourite methods, the”O” method, tiny quick jerks or tiny slow massaging strokes, long slow strokes up and down the shaft, or at the first signal from my balls that its imminent I stop stroking and grip my prick with thumb and the second and third fingers and with my index finger I tease the head with the tip. All my methods have the desired effect, and that is to prolong my orgasm by either being administered very slowly in quite sensitive spots, quickly in less sensitive spots or a mixture of the lot. But whatever I do, it is done to coax and tease the spunk from my balls. Believe me if you can master the art of prolonged, extended self pleasuring like me you will never have another “quick one of the wrist”.

As I coax myself to climax after an hour and a half of intense pleasure and having taken myself to the brink countless times during the session, the sensation of coming to the brink again and then to the point of no return is bloody amazing, and because I am coaxing and teasing, almost daring the spunk to leave my balls, my climax seems to happen in slow motion, and I steel and prepare myself for the mind bending sensations I can feel building, so I keep coaxing, and as my balls signal their intention to give up their contents, I feel my already scrunched up sack start to tie its self up in knots, my anus squeezes tightly round the invading buzzing balls, and I can feel my prostate harden. I am already squealing out loud at this, when I then feel the sap leaving my balls, slowly at first, and then it turns into a mad surge, and I let go a long wail of anguish as I feel it flooding into my swelling prick, filling it. My prick jerks a few times in protest at the invading liquid, then jolts, and I am rewarded for all my efforts with the most excruciatingly intense climax, coupled with the most visually spectacular ejaculation, I watch in the mirror as the sap bursts out of my twitching prick spraying up my chest, sometimes over my face, even right up through the air flying over my shoulder to land on top or the bed behind me! Having being stopped so many times at the brink, and then finally being coaxed up, it spurts out repeatedly with stunning ferocity and I watch it squirting all over my upper body, high into the air, and splashing down everywhere as my anus clutches at the balls in sympathy with the rhythmic spurting. I can get up to 10 spurts out of my tormented prick, 6-7 of them expelled with extreme ferocity, then the rest less so.

I would say this is not for everyone. Some people would find the extreme sensations too much to cope with and the urge to climax too strong, as I did in the early days. But I persevered and kept at it saying “how good would it feel if I stopped again, and then again”, and so on. If you can stick with it, the rewards are worth it!