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Sharing His Sanctum (2)

September 10, 2015

Guest post: This is a story by Tom (loyal reader) to pay homage to this blog!

So you go to work. You take your pooled precum and spread it over your cock and balls. They glisten in the bedroom light. You are incredibly hard, your mushroom head red and engorged even though the stimulation to this point has been brief.

You then place the back of your hand in front of your rigid member and push it out for my display and admiration.  The mirror also gives me a complimentary view which increases the heat I feel.


Down the underside like a thick tube is the swollen area surrounding your urethra, incredibly prominent in its engorgement. Your flared head is softly triangular from this angle, like an inverted heart, with a deep redness that contrasts to the lighter color of your shaft. I can see the curtain of your frenulum arising from your retracted foreskin and drawn up in a symmetric pleat to your ridged band. There is a subtle pulsing, and your balls are drawn up slightly on either side.

You then encircle your shaft and start a slow and steady stroke. Your cock is slippery from all the precum and so it moves through the tunnel with slick ease. When you reach your glans you bring your palm over the top of it and circle around it, which makes you writhe just a little bit. Then comes the downstroke to the base and onto your scrotum where you squeeze it and tug. Back up your shaft to your head. Circle. Back down to your balls. You repeat this steady all-encompassing stroke about 15 times.

At points I see you tense and then consciously take a deep breath as if to center yourself. “I must stay relaxed. I can feel subtle contractions in my prostate, especially when my hand passes my retracted foreskin.  There is building pressure. My balls have a subtle ache that is simply ravishing.”

Your slickness increases as your nectar continues to leak and gets spread with each pass. You start to moan again and your breath becomes shallower. “My mind…is screaming at me…to go faster. It’s like…uuhh…an almost primal urge…mmm…to spill my seed…I must…recruit my intention to stay…ahhh…slow and easy.”

You now move to your upper and middle shaft, over your retracted foreskin, and with several fingers lightly touch them in light, random taps and short strokes as if you are playing a clarinet. The music you make is more deep, sexy moans.

As if that isn’t enough you move up to the area just under your flared head, clearly incredibly sensitive, and your fingers dance using more of your leaking precum, which continues to well up and spill down your glans. “Fuck….I’m getting so close.”  Your balls are now drawn up into two smooth bumps at the base of your cock and your other hand starts to gently caress them.


“Tell me what you are experiencing inside,” I ask, knowing that keeping you talking will help prolong the ecstasy by bringing your focus away from your twitching cock.

Your response comes in a staccato of breathing and moans. “So warm and full…Intermittent contractions of my prostate…Twitching…So sweet…and intense…My sperm is mixed…and growing in volume…My tube is distended…So fucking full of cum…My piss muscles want to contract…Mustn’t…Mustn’t…Easy…Easy…Stay relaxed…Don’t want to lose this edge…Must…stop…now!”

You remove your hand, moving it to your lower shaft to push your cock upward. Time seems to suspend. Your eyes widen as you try to control your breath. Your cock, engorged, red, and glistening stands straight up, unmoving, which defies expectation.

You start to moan as clear fluid quickly turning white and milky starts to flow from your cock slit as if the tap to the fountain of life had been turned on. It spills in a cascade over your head and down your shaft, painting it in this creamy silky liquid. Several streams of it spread over your retracted scrotum and down over your perineum, while others pool at the base wetting your brown pubic hair. As your emission continues it flows at a steady rate and volume spilling over your glans. Nothing is ejected; there is nothing close to a spurt, just this peaceful flow of cum. As your accumulated fluid empties, it finally reaches an endpoint and abruptly stops, leaving one final pearl of white cream at the tip.


Your cock, balls, perineum, groin and pubic region are soaked in your milk. I can smell the tangy saltiness of it.

“What was that like?” I ask.

As you return to me from that bliss state you say “I could feel my milk start to move as my swollen glands secreted and pushed it forward. As my prostatic urethra distended with it, that was the point where I had to use every ounce of my being to prevent contraction of my BC muscle. That is the edge, and I was lost there for a moment. The room disappeared. All there was, was pressure and fullness and subtle contraction and then movement. That was when I stopped and it was like standing on a precipice of bliss. On one side calling me was my instinctual desire to complete. On the other was the choice of stopping and allowing my fluid to flow. Even though I have skill in exploring this place, you can never underestimate the incredible primal pull for completion. It’s a siren call that takes every ounce of willpower to resist. However, once I pulled back from it, and without the muscle contractions, I lost myself in that incredible flow that was full of steady, irresistible pleasure. It is like riding a wave that is silky smooth, warm, and wet.  And now, covered in my cum, my horniness and desire is still ripe and ready.”

“Taste,” I say. You tell me that eating your milk is not part of your normal practice; however, your current state of horniness overrides whatever reticence you have, and you scoop up a puddle on the flat of your belly and bring it to your mouth. Unlike your viscous precum, your semen is looser and wetter and quickly falls from your fingers to your open mouth.

“Mmmm, incredible,” you say, “It has that distinctive tart smell of cum. It’s thick and creamy. It has this amazing balance of salty and sweet.”  Unable to help yourself you scoop up another finger full of cream and rub it on your lips and suck it off your finger.

I say “Your technique is masterful. Your pleasure a gift to witness. I am having a hard time just watching, but if you can hold yourself off that primal urge to ejaculate, I can hold off my desire to get up out of this chair and clean you off with my mouth and tongue.”

With some significant pressure now relieved you take the remainder of your emission and spread it over your glistening cock, still hard and with that subtle pulsing now returned.

You also take the cum flowing over your balls and taint and, lifting your legs while shifting your buttocks forward, you rub it into your now exposed anus. You know from our conversations that this is a favorite place of mine to visit, one that as an active participant gets much attention from my fingers, mouth and tongue.

You play with your opening, lubing it with your fluid and gently enter yourself with your forefinger. That move gets a quick inhale of breath from you followed by a low moan. I know how much you enjoy rubbing your prostate from inside; we have talked about it and I have read your musings in your blog. As you move your finger in deeper you signal contact with your little walnut by taking a quick sip of breath while nodding.

You now tell me what you are doing, and I can only wish it was my finger doing what you describe: “My ass opening is very sensitive, especially right now. The stretching from my finger entering is causing involuntary muscle contractions as they pulse against this insertion. Knowing that my ass and finger are lubed up with my milk is incredibly exciting. Ahhhh…I find my prostate. It is walnut shaped and easily reached with my fingertip. I rest my finger on it and I can feel the pulsing of my heart. I start to tap it. Mmmm that’s good. Now I start a stroke over the surface, far to near, starting on the right and advancing in an arc over to the left. Then back I go, finally returning to that sweet tapping. My ass continues contracting around my finger. It’s involuntary. With my other hand I take up my shaft once again, so wet from all of this cum, making slow upward strokes from base to glans. I love an upward stroke like this. I love feeling my glands from the inside. I love knowing that this stimulation is signaling their return to work once again, making more milk.”

Prostate Exam

You stop talking and become lost in the sensations. What a sight! Your body glistens with a sheen of sweat. Your eyes are closed and your face twists in grimaces of clear pleasure. Your nipples are erect and pointed. You are finger-fucking yourself with your own cum while at the same time masturbating your cock in a slow steady upward stroke that simply looks amazing.

I marvel at the sight, using the mirror to gain a different perspective. It takes every ounce of willpower to stop from touching myself. I so want to join you, to undress and match you, but doing so will distract me from focusing on you. I want to bare witness to your masterful self-love and that means I must satisfy my own desires by witnessing your own.

Your eyes open to meet mine. We share a look of incredible heat. I can tell you are on a rise, that you must be filling up once again. You remove your finger and circle the puckered opening, scooping up a little more cum before diving back in. You now move your finger completely inside where you say you stroke and tap your nut a few times, then you withdraw completely, returning to circling your outer rim. You repeat this while trying to maintain control of your breathing.

“I love this because it is different from what I was doing before. Now I can let some of my muscles contract, and experience the waves of pleasure it brings. I can also feel a returning fullness as my glands do their work. My cock remains so sensitive, I think it’s time to refocus on it, although carefully still. From this position you can’t see it well. I know you love ass, but I know you love cock even more.”

You withdraw your finger one last time, and placing it on your opening, gently tap it repeatedly over your pucker while looking into my eyes intently. Using a towel to wipe up, you now shift yourself back into a more upright position where your prick returns into clear view.


I sigh at the sight, so delicious it looks in its turgid state, slick with creamy cum. You take your two fingers, and starting at the base, slowly squeeze your way from the bottom to the top of your shaft, milking your urethra of the accumulated precum that your Cowper’s has continued to release.

As you near the top you point your glans toward me so I see a maximal view of this clear liquid welling up and out of the opening. It’s an incredible amount, and you quickly stand up and walk over to me holding your glans upright to prevent spillage. I hold my breath in surprise and excitement as you slowly point your cock directly at me and repeat your previous milking motion.

This large bead of precum starts to extend itself off your pointed tip, taking flight. I move my finger about 4 inches below to its anticipated landing-place and watch it stretch, extend and slowly fall, fall toward me. When it finally lands I see a second drop emerge and follow the still tethered strand toward my finger. A third drop emerges, following the same path to join the other two in an expanding pool.

They are my gift, and I take my finger into my mouth as I look into your eyes. We both smile at the incredible closeness we both feel in this most exquisite of moments. You have just given me a part of yourself, this most precious of nectars, and I have tasted you.


“Do you want some more?”

Clearly you meant that as a rhetorical question.

“I’m very full again. I can feel the pressure. It feels incredible. All of that ass and prostate stimulation has made for an ache that only some release of pressure will relieve. You saw what I did earlier. I want to do that for you now. I want to spill some of my milk for you. I want it to flow into your outstretched hand while I keep myself at that point without crossing over. I want us both to consume it, tasting it together. I want to watch you as you savor and swallow it, which means that I then will be a part of you.”

“God, yes,” is what I can muster. I have never wanted anything or anyone more than I want you right now.

…to be continued!

Anal Pleasure

February 1, 2014

The anal opening may occupy roughly three roles in our sex-routines:

  1. it is taboo laden and will be neglected
  2. it is fully incorporated in our sexual activities (such prostate-milking or anal intercourse) without a second thought spent
  3. it is in the erotic focus on its own right for the pleasures it provides.

The anus can be a big issue – or none at all. I rather take its sexual integration for granted, not only because it is the gateway for reaching the prostate and seminal vesicles, but also because the anus is in fact a source of erotic sensations.**

The anus may be such a big issue for some people (and by the way: this is not gender-dependent), because it has the potential to touch a wide range of rather negatively charged aspects, spanning from biological to cultural issues. The anal taboo may still be widespread to great effect, as it is a „form of psycho-social control more potent than the most rigid moral code or threatening law.“*

This is a real shame, because – as I believe – the anus is just a natural part of „the system“ that defines our sexual center, which contains internal and external structures alike. After all our whole body is „sexual“ when we practise sexual activities.

The only up-side of the anal taboo may be what Jack Morin* named the „Naughtiness Factor“, a „process through which prohibitions are transformed into erotic fuel […] for those who grew up steeped in anti-sexual messages and warnings“ when „the thrill of breaking the rules and flaunting taboos becomes a major aphrodisiac.“

anus draw

**When sexually excited: „The anal sphincters start to twitch and contract in response to direct stimulation or in sympathy with other pelvic muscles. […] Voluntary contractions of the anal sphincters can also heighten pleasure. Many people enjoy the unique sensation of the anus contracting against something such as a finger, dildo, or penis.“

Sensitivity to anal touch appears to increase during excitation, at least for those who like it. Within the anal muscles and nearby perineal muscles (between the genitals and the anus) are a great many nerve endings that can be stimulated not only by contractions but also by external touch.“

All the quotes in this post are taken from the book: *Anal Pleasure & Health by Jack Morin, Ph.D., ISBN 0-940208-20-2. Yes, Morin wrote a whole book about the subject, of which Betty Dodson said it „is a classic that belongs in everyone´s library.“ – the book that is. And as for the subject I say: it may be well worth a further exploration!

For a Closer Look (20) – Intensity

December 26, 2013

Again I want to demonstrate with a clip what I was writing about in the preceding posts – they focus on climactic intensity.

This clip*, which I stumbled upon on the web, is remarkable for several aspects:

  • the intensity the guy is experiencing is not solely tied to his ejaculation, but to the sensory impact of the whole situation
  • the guy expresses his intense sensations vocally and almost not thru body movement
  • the guy is very much tensed up anticipating his climax soon to happen
  • the guys positioning is quite unusual:

we see him rather balancing himself while grounded on just his buttocks on top of a narrow table, his legs stretched out, his forearms stabilizing his position. He is not leaning against the wall behind him, barely touching it, until his climax sets in.

The guy is fucked in his anus by a woman supposedly using a strap-on dildo. At the same time she is jerking his cock with her right hand (she does not use her left hand at all). The guy is obviously wearing a ring around his penis and sack.

Since the woman fucks and jerks the guy in a steady and speedy pace he will experience an intense pounding of his prostate combined with full sensory input on his cock.

We enter the scene when the guy is keeping himself in a tensed up state – he is even holding his breath – while the woman does him. This approach towards climax is by the way the opposite of what I favor and promote: staying relaxed and breathing deeply. Nonetheless, tensing is what many men do to support and lock sensations.

Now, large portions of his body-musculature are tense: his legs, his abs, his buttocks, chest-muscles, arms and neck. He probably also contracts the muscles in his pelvis (those in his reproductive system as well) while he anticipates the onset of his PONR.


At the beginning (of the scene) the guy periodically gasps for air. From sec. 17 the sensations seem to increase, he presses some words, groans. This continues until sec. 55 when he closes in on his PONR.

He can not hold his breath any longer, he begins to loudly moan as a reaction of rapidly intensifying sensations due to the pounding of his prostate and the masturbation of his cock. He bends his legs, the exquisite feelings of approaching PONR are now emanating from his system.

I assume that PONR is reached at sec. 59 when the guy begins to scream in reaction of the onset of his ejaculation (which we unfortunately can not make out in this clip).

The woman fucks and jerks him thru his climax, a little slower, which is the right thing to do for stretching his sensations and keeping their level of intensity.

The aftermath begins at about 1:23 min and the sweet sensations are lasting long moments even after the guy pulls her hand away from his now sensitive cock, while she keeps on fucking him. This suggests that the stimulation of his anus, prostate and possibly his seminal vesicles supply him with highly enjoyable sensations in their own right.

The clip is far from HD, but here sound is essential as well as the overall situation. This is a hot example of lasting, very intense sensations before, while and after the ejaculation of a guy who vocally expresses his climactic feelings without restraint.

*Tech. specs: .mov, 6.8 MB, 01:59 min.


To all faithful followers and newbies of my blog, I want to thank you for reading what I had and have to tell about male sexuality. I wish you all a sexually very intense and happy New Year 2014! Stay healthy and thoroughly enjoy your preferred sexual activity! 🙂

Intensity Story (1)

November 23, 2013

It´s been a perfect session and has not been matched ever since. How could it, as my love did pass out from the intensity of his orgasm! Actually what occurred was like a triple climax within few minutes. Hence his body and system were challenged to the max. It took us both by surprise, we had never accomplished such an intensity before, and just couldn´t repeat this so far.

My man and I are perfectly tuned into each others sexual demands. We know each other so well that we can supply the other with such quality climaxes we on our own would not be able to generate. We are lucky to have developed this skill, likewise. There are 4 quality-levels for climaxes in sexplay:

  1. basic: having sex with a partner like fucking or a usual handjob or blowjob, like when the couple doesn´t know each other well, but any couple can do that with basic knowledge; the climax can be intense but remains unrefined
  2. advanced couple sex: when the couple knows each others preferences and acts to please each other; the climax will be rewarding
  3. solosexual or masturbatory climaxes: can be very special and intense, because you know yourself best
  4. top-level partner induced climaxes, when you know your partners needs inside out and learned to generate climaxes which the partner could not apply to himself. That is because when it comes to climaxes everyone tends to lose control, which in the masturbatory act can make you do things (to yourself) you did not want to in the first place. For instance when you trigger your climax, but not yet wanted to do so. – Guess what, we reached this level!

Now, the highest level of intensity in a climax would be so overwhelming, that the one experiencing it would obviously lose any control over his behaviour, he would be swept away by otherwise unknown sensations possessing his body. As for the male these shall be concentrated in his reproductive system, penis and anal canal before spreading throughout his entire body once his accumulated sexual energy (his built-up arousal) is unleashed for release.

In men the production of seminal fluids wonderfully mirrors the accumulation of excitement and arousal! The best aspect of a males climax is the independency of his peak reactions: his orgasm and his ejaculation. This fact was (also) highly contributing to my mans exceptional response.

As usual he had brought himself into the mood with is favorite porn all day long. He was vasocongested already when we got down to the session together. He is a good precummer and was drooling all the time, a perfect indicator of his level of arousal.


So I took over masturbating him. We had found out that slow caressings worked best after he reached a certain plateau, which he already had reached when we commenced this hot phase of our act. Quickly he was in the zone, because when I took over it meant for him he just needed to lean back and relax and concentrate on the sensations in his genitals and deeper inside of him.

With lots of lube I caressed his cock, massaged his balls and even probed his anus to tease his prostate. He mentioned to me that he felt full, very congested. After about one hour of edging he was not sure if he was needing to urinate or if the sensations of fullness were generated by his cum-filled glandular reservoirs. This was not new to us and for such I have a jar at hand in which he could urinate. So he tried to relax a bit and piss what of urine he might have gathered in his bladder. He released some precum first, then some piss and he finished with some more precum. This meant that his sensations were in fact emanating from his filled reproductive glands.


It is not always easy to find the perfect moment for triggering the release. At some point my man sure longed for that. When I sense that he developes impatience I have good ways to continue to make sure he will lose his mind eventually. Little did I know what was going to happen to him this time!

We arrived at a point where he was pretty lost in his heat and state of arousal. He was breathing deeply, he was trembling all over and I needed to watch out for the ideal way to touch him – carefully and softly. He was continuously precumming, a wonderful sight. His cock was throbbing being rock hard. He really was so damn close to PONR for a long time now. He barely could take it anymore, I knew.

The key to make his climax intense was for him to stay relaxed in his pelvic muscles. I mean all the muscles down in his system that take part when his reaction runs its course. We had talked about this, he had found this confirmed after finding notes on the net speaking of „reverse kegels“. So, on the one side he was tense in his deep arousal, on the other side he tried to stay relaxed, to relax all his muscles in his pelvic region, not an easy feat, but he had gained some great results (i.e. intense reactions) with that technique.

The longer I edged him, the more difficult it became for him to stay relaxed, I knew this. I needed to be very careful touching him, only not touching him at all helped him best to maintain general relaxation. But eventually I wanted to experience him cum, maybe not much less as he wanted it himself.

… to be continued!