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Got Milk? – Volume Repertory

June 22, 2014

In this post I present to you some clip-samples (via my usual download-option) showing guys with above-average cum production. Watch authentic superior ejaculation-abilities as well as too-good-to-be-true pumpings which leave us rather puzzled.

Before I begin to introduce my samples, take a look at this nice drawing:

glands + corpora

You see all the glands involved supplying fluids that leave you thru your penis (which is represented here by its two erectile bodies). The proportions in this pic shall match anatomical reality, giving you a clear idea about the storage-capacity of the individual glands. It is obvious that the bladder can hold the biggest amount of fluid and we sure all know that from experience. I mention this because it shall be of importance further down in this post.

A. Watch this guy shooting his load into a glas. No doubt this is real and a first-rate ejaculation. The guy cums in 15 spurts in what could be a double-ejaculation, but I consider this as one climax. Watch the volume he catches, it probably emptied his glands rather cumpletely!?

B. In this example we witness a very beautiful power-ejaculation. Although it´s just the cock-head in the frame, we clearly can observe the full-course of a forceful ejaculatory reflex, from the initial power-ooze, immediately followed by (8!) ropy jets of cum to the final (5-6) gushes of his cream. I have no doubt this is absolutely authentic.

C. Be amazed while observing this guy producing a huge volume of cum unloading on a desktop! This is obviously authentic, not only is he cumming towards the cam, but watch the slightly changing texture of his milk. This power-shooter is triggering (what I believe are) two consecutive climaxes.

Now, there seems to be a (natural) threshold in our perception of whether we believe a certain volume ejaculated is for real or if we judge it being a fake.


D. Check out this humorous take on ejaculation with a brief and clearly fake scene of „shooting cum“ (it´s rather cum-pissing)!

Which brings me to those examples showing ejaculations appearing authentic and yet something is too-good-to-be-true!

More than 10 years ago I discovered clips showing a guy shooting truly unreal volumes of what appears to be cum. This guy is in fact expelling the fluid thru his urethra (i.e. penis), however, we just do not watch a man ejaculating. But how?

E. Witness this guy with a very bloated scrotum mimicking ejaculation in 15 torrent-ejections of „milk“. The clip is a net-wide classic and you may know it.


The secret about this technique (and all similar appearances) is what reader „A“ recently revealed in a comment to the preceding post:

He inserts a catheter into his bladder and fills it with fluid resembling cum, he then pees it out. Aside from the sheer volume, the giveaway sign is being flaccid.

It’s also pretty hard to fake the twitches and spasms of an actual orgasm, although of course guys can leak a lot of cum without any spasms. In the videos I’ve seen, guys normally clench and release their PC muscle to make it look like spurts. Compare videos closely and you can see the difference.

In the so-called Retrograde ejaculation your system detours your cum right into your bladder! Responsible for this is a „misfunction“ of one of your sphincters (the one of your bladder, the internal one), check with this drawing:


Now if you sounded your cocks urethra and pressed artificial cum into your bladder via a catheter it´d be just the reverse way your urine is leaving your body.

Back to the clip showing the massive „cum“ ejection and its explanation. As a matter of fact I did write a message to a forum in 2004 where some guys where discussing the how-to and I came to the same conclusion reader „A“ left in the comments. Please read my message here if you care.

The bladder is the largest container for fluid (regularly urine) in your system, as you can check in the above drawing or other anatomical pics in this blog. Pissing urine or fake cum can be part of your sexual experience, but it has nothing much to do with the ejaculatory reflex. There is but one exception and that is the ability of some guys to sprinkle a fluid (in high volumes) being apparently neither urine nor semen! I covered this somewhat mysterious or at least elusive climactic ejection in these posts here, here and here.

F. Download a clip showing a guy sprinkling, as well as ejaculating after that. You definitely see the difference.

Finally we encounter clips in which men share their baffling ejaculatory abilities leaving us without any explanation.

Now while the next clip – G.may present us the pre-filled bladder variant (because the guy cums in 14 almost evenly spurts (pace-wise and volume-wise) of evenly textured thin white milk (all in all a very hot visual though!))), there may be few very lucky men around who just produce huge amounts of semen naturally and climax repetitively without much of a pause!? I was hinted to a clip by reader Addicted Penis Masturbator showing a man ejaculating unbelievable 37 (!!!) shots in one set – and I admit I have no clue about how this is at all possible (it looks authentic!). I think I make out 3 climaxes (assumed by two brief spurting-intermissions along his jerking).

H. Witness this mega-ejaculation and be happy for the guy cumming that long (96 secs!!) and exuberant!

Male Sprinkling (3)

October 15, 2013

After my introduction to male sprinkling and a basic how-to in the preceding posts, I like to share some thoughts on the mysteries connected to this phenomenon.

Until recently I didn´t know this kind of climax existed in the male. I knew it did in the female, but wasted no second thoughts to consider it for us guys to be possible, not least because we sure ejaculate like all the time (cum that is). In retrospect though it becomes clear that it might have been worthwhile to investigate if males were able to sprinkle like the gals can! Thanks to anyone going public with this discovery and to those who share with us the technique for triggering the sprinkling ejaculation in the male.

Concerning the technique we notice, that all the testimonies at hand concur in one very specific trigger-method: the intense teasing of the glans and/or the urethral opening (piss-slit/cock-mouth). It´d be interesting to know if the trigger-technique works the same in the female (that would mean intense teasing of the clit and/or urethral opening – I couldn´t tell from own experience).


Urination (the mechanism of) follows it´s own physiological rules. The bladder is filling up constantly with urine, the fluid is trickling down from the kidneys thru the Ureters (the two connecting tubes). At a certain filling-level of your bladder you develop the urge to pee. Two sphincters (one internal, one external) control that act. You could read it all up, presumably at Wikipedia, if you wanted to.

Apparently the pissing mechanics can be transformed into a sexual climactic experience, where the cock-head teasing not only does the trick, but the sensations from that are more intense than the sprinkling-ejaculation itself. This makes sense, because the sprinkling is not due to passing a threshold for reflexive muscle-spasming, but rather quite the same as pushing out for pissing in (semi-involuntary) pulses. Let me quote from the mentioned sources:

The expulsions were not like the brief squirts of a seminal ejaculation: rather they were of about 5 seconds duration each, leading to a steady stream of fluid about 5 cm upwards from the erect penis. The expulsion would then cease, and was repeated about three times on subsequent pleasure waves.

I must remark that there are other accounts which call the sprinkling-climax more intense than the regular ejaculation!

We can trigger our regular (cum-) ejaculation thru all kinds of teasing of different zones and parts of our genitals and reproductive system, it´s all noted in this blog. But just one way of teasing triggers the sprinkling. Why? It´s probably less important that the cock-head is not the most sensitive part of the cock:



Yet the penile helmet is the upper part of the Corpus Spongiosum, the erectile tissue that contains the urethra. And the urethra is the direct connection to the bladder. So, any massive teasing here tends to have an effect (as we now know) on the mechanics of the fluid-release of the bladder. The urge to pee is transformed into a sexual sensation, and piss-mechanics (can) become a climax!

Here we encounter the puzzling part of the sprinkling: the substance ejaculated must originate from the bladder! The ejaculated volume(s) are so high, there is just no other way to collect and store it than in the bladder itself.


But why then is it not urine? Let me quote an observation which is confirmed by numerous similar accounts:

I did NOT piss on myself, it was not cum, and thinner than pre-cum, but clear, a bit slick, and it didn’t smell of piss.

And how can there be lots of this stuff (is it produced while being aroused just like seminal fluid is in the respective glands of the seminal vesicles and the prostate?) given statements like this one:

I always urinate before, sometimes during (the feel is different, you get to know these things) and after, but I can still squirt [sprinkle] large amounts of fluid.

The sprinkling substance – its secretion, volume and quality – remains to be the true mystery of this kind of ejaculatory climax. I don´t know of any scientific investigation (so far). I believe it was done concerning female ejaculation; since this phenomenon is gender independent (most obviously), the results would pretty much apply to the male sprinkling as well! Yet it would be worthwhile to investigate specifically, – the whole process in the male that is.

In my next post I will present a clip showing a guy with a gorgeous cock teasing himself first into sprinkling, followed by triggering a regular ejaculation. You clearly see the difference!

Stay tuned.

Ejaculation – glorious / trivial

April 26, 2010

You are curious about what to expect with this headline? Well, read on!

There is a flip-side to every coin. Call it treason when I say that ejaculation can be experienced as quite a dull biological reaction! But this in fact is possible indeed. And we may be thankful for it after all. For it shows us that we ought not take the possibly mind bending greatness of ejaculation for granted. This greatness of the sensation (we are generally used to) can´t be achieved „just like that“ nor traded for money. Biological functions are depending on many parameters to render them precious. Especially when it comes to sexual climaxes.

It´s like with the eviction from Eden. As long as we considered orgasm to be ONE oh-so-sweet bodily reaction we were roaming in paradise. With the knowledge that emission, ejaculation and orgasm are separate we became enlightened, and burdened alike. For now we are responsible for our own sexual fulfillment. But we gained immense capabilities with this enlightenment.

It is true, unlike emission or orgasm, ejaculation can be – lets say – disappointing. Or, expressed more positively, it can feature a wide array of different qualities. Ejaculation is the one kind of climax whose quality is dependent to the circumstances in which it is triggered. And it requires just very little for a triggering to begin with. All you need is either the goal to achieve that muscular reflex or a spark of sexual excitement (in your system). That´s it. You don´t need semen for that and it works without erection. Just grab your cock and jack it hard and sooner than later the reflex is initiated (the younger you are, the faster you reach PONR).


I believe every man knows this. And knows as well that bare ejaculation thru – let me call it – self-rape is no real fun. The reflex is just happening like that, such as sneezing or vomiting. The little fun there might be derives from the associated reactions connected to emission and PONR, even if no volume of fluids worth mentioning are secreted (there is always some in the prostate) and expelled.

Not convinced about the non-fun-aspect? Then consider this: Would it be lustful when

  • your ejaculation is triggered thru external electrical stimulation in your brain (yes that works),
  • your ejaculation is retrograde, meaning the semen spurts backward into the bladder, because the bladder’s sphincter does not close off properly (possible with men who have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or after some types of prostate surgery),
  • involuntary release of semen during sleep, formally known as nocturnal emission or informal as a wet dream (this kind of ejaculation can be intensely lustful if accompanied and triggered by vivid sexual dreams and even more so when joined by orgasm), or
  • you are forced to cum (within a variant of a milking-scenario) when you are in submission to a mistress or master? (In such a circumstance the scenario may be more arousing for the submissive than his actual (subsequent) ejaculation.)

The ejaculatory reflex, the given contractive program of the BC among associated muscles, is always pretty much of the same intensity. That is because the muscles contract rhythmically, initially at 0.8-second intervals. The intervals between contractions extend and the intensity of the contractions tapers off until the involuntarity of the reflex dissolves. There is just not enough time for the muscles to contract harder, more intense, or longer within the reflective sequence. Spurting is a quick business, as we all know. But it can be stretched (with added contractions) – with more seminal fluids stored up in the glands.

The shiny side of the coin stands for what we all want and what I write about in this blog. Sexual climax is a phenomenon dependent on energy (arousal) and fluids (from glands and bloodstream). Needless to say now: the more energy and fluids involved, the better (intense and fulfilling) the climaxes. This especially accounts for ejaculation! However, orgasm and also edging (with or without emission) are much more overwhelming than pumping cum. Because as for orgasm, more energy and more muscles are involved, and with edging, all the accumulated arousal is concentrated in the penis and the reproductive system, a method providing the male with unimagined intense sensations right at his sexual core.

So now we know the reason why we don´t hear the majority of guys moaning and howling when they shoot their loads, – I mean guys at least whose cumshot- and facial-clips can be viewed on the net. They are presumably all adepts of expert masturbation and ejaculation. They are apparently very much in control and don´t get lost in their reaction, which is perfectly fine. Ejaculation permits us to be in control if we chose to. We can immerse ourselves in the art of cumming and I love that. And we still are able to go beyond. We can surrender to sexual bliss when we allow ourselves to extended build-ups of sexual energy and cum-production and let it blend into ONE awesome discharge of it all. Maybe even repeatedly so. And then we are back in Eden!

Muscles for Joy

March 27, 2010

It´s time to take a look at the muscles which provide us with bliss, and the outside-world with our milk when we cum. And with it comes a revelation not short to uncover one of the biggest misunderstandings still prevailing today!

The muscles responsible for bringing up the male juices are organized in a quite complex system of muscular structures in the pelvis. However, only one muscle out of this many is mostly being referenced: the PC. Yet it is just one structure out of three making up of the Levator ani group. Nonetheless it is quite important, hence the famosity.

But it is the BC which is mainly responsible for shooting cum. Read the whole story:

… Indeed the pubococcygeal muscle (for concision often called the PC muscle) plays an important role in all these realms of self-pleasuring & erotic enjoyment. The PC as such is basically the band of muscle within the perineum, running from around the anus to the front & rooted around the genitals in from, anchored at both inner thighs. The famous “Kegel” exercises were first created to help women recovering from surgery or childbirth to regain better bladder control. It was soon discovered that both sexes could benefit from reguilarly exercising the PC. Sexual function can be enhanced tremendously by regularly exercising the PC.


However the PC is only one muscle involved in controlling urination: more crucial is a small inner muscle close to the bladder that controls both the flow of urine into the urethra & the release of semen. I understand that this is called the “bulbospongiosus” (correct me anyone, if you know a more proper term) commonly called the “pee stopper.” It’s what you contract or release when you’re unriating & you deliberately stop & start the flow of urine. Deliberately exercising this function can also enhance the ever finer-tuning of your erotic capabilities. This makes possible a more “advanced” form of ongoing orgasm that I won’t get into now…
– from a Yahoo Masturbation Group –

And this text (I found some time ago) eventually ends any guess-work concerning the muscles adressed here:

I guess it doesn’t really matter what you call the muscle you contract when doing Dr. Kegel’s exercise, as long as you do it correctly and consistently. However, being a stickler for accuracy, I have to point out that men contract a different muscle than women when doing Kegels and it isn’t the PC (pubococcygeus). It’s actually the BC (bulbocavernosus)[note: the bulbospongiosus is also referred to as bulbocavernosus]. This is probably the only place on the Internet where you’ll find this distinction [not anymore I guess]. Most will probably find it easier to “go with the flow” and conform to years of misconception by just calling it the PC.

Why isn’t it the same muscle? Men and women are different. Females have essentially internal sex organs, males essentially external. The PC muscle is located in such a way that it is above and behind the penis and it contracts up into the pelvis. While its action on the rectum may add a little to the pull on the penis, it isn’t the main muscle being exercised when men do Kegels. Of course men can contract their PC muscle. They do it every time they have a bowel movement. Some probably contract it while doing the Kegel exercise (by involving the anal area), but it isn’t necessary to do so for a stronger penis.


In the male, the two halves of the BC are joined in a “herringbone” pattern surrounding the bulb of the penis (the internal base of the corpus spongiosum). The BC muscle has two main purposes. One is to force liquid (urine or semen) out of the urethra. It does this by way of the herringbone interlacing of muscle fibers which, as they contract, milk the urethra toward the meatus (opening at the tip of the glans). It also happens to cause the penis to be pulled into the body (the LOT tug-back). This happens every time a man urinates. It also happens with much greater force, and with rhythmic contractions, when he ejaculates. The BC muscle is the main ejector of semen. This is why ejaculation improves by exercising it.

The other function of the BC is to squeeze blood into the corpus spongiosum and the glans. The bulb of the penis is a reservoir of blood. At the time of greatest arousal voluntary or reflex contractions of the BC and Ischiocavernosus muscles force blood into the corpora. The Ischiocavernosus muscles surround the crura of the penis (legs of the corpora cavernosa). With both sets of muscles contracting on the base and legs of the penis, a maximum erection is achieved.

Locating the BC: The adage about stopping the flow of urine is valid in locating the BC muscle in men. Even though the urethra does have a sphincter (just below the prostate) to stop urine flow, contraction of the BC will “milk” the urethra and let the man know which muscle to use for Kegel’s exercise. The BC muscle can also be felt with the fingers by placing them between the scrotum and the anus. Contractions felt through the skin at this point (in the midline) are from the BC muscle.


Searching the Internet for instructions on how men should do Kegels will bring a wide variety of exercise plans. Some say start with 20 at a sitting, twice a day, and work up to 100 doing them daily for six weeks. Another site suggests working up to 300 per day, holding each contraction for a few seconds, and doing that many every day “for the rest of your life.” There’s no set answer. Each man must evaluate his situation and exercise accordingly. The plan that starts out gradually, with a few quick squeezes, and work up to a hundred holding each one for a few seconds, sounds like a good one to start with. A few days a week should be enough to evaluate your situation. If you don’t notice a change in the force of your ejaculations or the strength of your erections, then more exercise of the BC, not PC, might be in order.