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Why Do You Love Blowjobs?

March 8, 2019

How could I not!?

But I need to tell you what exactly I do love about it, because „blowjob“ is too general a tag.

Well, I surely refer to fellatio. A situation where a man lets another adult (and I don´t have any kind of animal in mind, seriously) make love to his penis (well, and scrotum) with her/his mouth. This sexual activity is quite multifaceted! Hence mouth-to-cock-sex appears in many versions.

Now, I rather don´t mean this:

and I neither mean this:

I am talking about a set-up in which the fellated remains rather passive and the fellatrix/fellator actively (and with skill at best) executes the lovemaking. Why? I believe that the optimal „blowjob“-situation is the one where the receiver (the fellated) offers his genitals (and seminal juices!) to the provider (fellatrix/fellator), where the receiver will totally savor the oral caress performed by the provider.

By the way, we also could regard the fellated as “provider” by offering his endowment, whereas the fellatrix/fellator is then the “receiver” (of cock, scrotum, juices). With delight we realize that this exchangeability is a basic rule with consensual sexual engagement!

While oral lovemaking in its “light” form (like shown in the gif before) is a very intimate way of lovemaking, I want to emphasize that the act of deepthroating (including the consumption of semen) shall be the pinnacle of a most intimate sexual encounter possible between two lovers!

Mind you that deepthroating usually is not an easily acquired achievement, it takes a lot of practice to master. Thus, it is stunning to watch some fellatrixes going the whole many inches with seemingly ease:

Use the crosslinking to find more and detailed information! I also posted couple stories for a prose-take on the subject (like here and here).

Yes, I love “blowjobs”, but the term really doesn´t do justice to the many varieties the act incorporates. This recapitulation reflects the very special sexual interaction that fellatio represents.

You can read the intro to this series here!

The PONR-Climax

January 30, 2019

I am a convinced solosexual. I believe that while you can have sex with another human being to a level of solid satisfaction, also due to things you can not have when doing it solo, it is you alone who can create unsurpassed sexual peak experiences. Because your pleasure actions, with immediate sensed internal responses, describes a feedback loop that no one else can have such precise control upon. That´s why you alone can push yourself to the true boundaries of sexually rooted intensity and total satisfaction. However, this requires knowledge, technique and discipline.

I became an expert in (male) sexual climax. I experimented all my life (in the midlife currently) and am familiar with many kinds of a sexual peak experience.

There are two sides of the medal: the techniques and knowledge of the different kinds of climax vs the actual (and ever-changing) responding of the own body, particularly your anatomy, to your self-stimulation. Your wellbeing, your health, your physical constitution play a very important part on how you will experience a given climax.

I have been able to provide myself with such intense sexual reactions that I thought I´d pass out, I totally lost control, my body was nothing but climaxing. But these extremes remain to be exceptional. And again I strongly doubt that someone else could trigger such within my system.

I wanted to tell you about a form of climax that I to this day never heard about anywhere else, it seems to not be particularly described (dry orgasm is similar, but follows a different technique). I experience it under certain conditions (see further down) and generate it when the circumstances are calling for it. I labeled it PONR-climax or dancing-the-crest-climax. I really love it!

You know what PONR is. The moment you become aware of the inevitability of the occurrence of your ejaculatory climax. When you are untrained, like at a very young age, ejaculation is experienced as ONE body-reaction. But ejaculation can be separated in different stages: first you reach PONR, then emission occurs, which will lead to the ejection of semen. With time and experience (after lots of experimentation) I had managed to separate emission from ejaculation and orgasm and am well able experiencing them independently of each other at will.

I always longed to stretch PONR, before the ejaculatory reflex was inevitably setting in. Or even better, to separate PONR from the reflex of ejaculatory pumping. The latter would mean to experience a dry, pure PONR-climax (not merging into the reflex). The pure sensation of „going-to-cum“. My goal was to achieve this somehow. I wasn´t sure if it was possible at all, because in my expert knowledge PONR always meant like the first stage of the ejac-reflex.

To my delight and surprise it turned out that while PONR is in fact a general turning point for a climactic reaction, it is not tied to the ejaculatory reflex in particular.

After a long time pursuing my quest I managed to establish separation! What you need is this:

  • a strong craving for an intense sexual reaction with a basically raised level of lecherousness
  • the discipline to edge yourself as long as it takes (length of edging depends on your level of arousal) while being secure with trigger-control
  • the attitude that cumming-denial is your climactic objective, all you want is a dry climax.

I guess it is important to develop an attitude, otherwise you wouldn´t get to the pure PONR-climax: ejaculation must not be your top priority anymore, at least not at such occasions. If you´re spilling milk at the end of the road, that´s fine. But you must prefer cum-retention along with favouring the lasting bliss-option: repeatedly dancing-the-crest reactions.

Edging is indispensable to charge your system with the sexual energy you later need for releasing thru this kind of climax. All sexual climaxes are a discharge of energy. The more you are charged, the more intense and lasting will a climax be (true for any kind of climax).

What you want along with the physical readiness for discharge is a mental/emotional state where you feel so deeply in love with your genitals and system to a level, that you believe that all of you is your sexual center and nothing else.

Right before it happened to me, I had reached this state. I was hovering close to PONR and wanted to find out if I could avoid falling into the pumping reflex.

My cock, balls and glands were brimming with energy (and yes, seminal fluids). In my timeless agonising condition of being so close before my turning point, the edge, I yet again reached for my cockshaft, briefly, but with enough „impact“, when I clearly sensed that I arrived at the point of no return, believing that I put myself on the path of inevitability. I definitely expected the reflex to set off within few seconds although I managed to keep my muscles remain absolutely relaxed. However, the reflex did not commence, the big initial clench just did not happen!

Instead I found myself being locked in anticipation for the pumping contraction(s) to begin while bearing down (as if wanting to pee). I thought I had managed to stretch PONR! What was happening with me? My heart was beating fast and strong when suddenly my pelvis and thighs began to involuntarily shudder and tremble increasingly! My sexual energy was finding it´s way to discharge otherwise than through pumping contractions. It´s an immensely blissful state of sensing those sweet melting sensations, while still expecting these to be taken over by the spasms of ejaculation any moment, then the next, and the next… but no!

The trembling lasted about 20+ seconds. Imagine, you expect your pulsing to take off from second to second, but you are just shivering from pure and deep sexual excitement, dancing-the-crest, not being able to return (i.e. stop this reaction) but yet without ejaculation being executed by your system. This was incredibly intense, totally mind-blowing and very confusing when it happened to me the first time. I even became scared that this strange climax would not end and I´d be damaged from it in some way…

But the trembling slowly subsided and after a short while I dared an attempt to repeat, for the sensations had been so gloriously outlandish. However, while I managed to stretch PONR resulting in some trembling again, I also triggered the reflex.

Only some time later I was able to repeat when the circumstances and situation were much like the initial road to this extraordinary sexual reaction. My body had learned yet another truly wonderful way to release accumulated sexual energy.

Note: This is a piece of fiction! Rather something like a thesis. I guess this kind of climax may not be possible as described. However, the central gif (in this case showing a dry climax, -even repeatedly, as the original clip revealed) demonstrates that something like the particularized account is achievable!

The Queen of Cum Control (3)

June 24, 2018

Having his climax controlled in this way and being unable to prevent it from being done to him again and again as well as being unable to give himself that slight touch needed to cross over the edge, is the incredible fiendish yet wonderful aspect about using a man’s own natural need to ejaculate (and orgasm) as tool to let a man experience a state of being unlike anything else.

I have had clients lose the ability to speak (so as if being intoxicated, which is in fact the case), I had them sobbing and crying, their bodies winding and bucking, craving discharge so badly.

Reaching this state of body and mind, where another (strange) person is controlling your stimulation, body, penis and orgasm is one of the MOST intense stages of sexual expression and abandon any man can experience. Eventually this ultimate combination of extraordinary pleasure and extraordinary frustration is topped by the rather unexpected triggering of the so desperately „needed“ ejaculation! Once you truly experience this at the hands of another person, you will be forever changed, forever wanting to experience this agonizing bliss again, for no other experience even comes close to it in intensity.

As mentioned, the gooning state can be stretched, especially when I am able to read my client well enough for triggering emissions in him. This takes the fluid-pressure off his glands temporarily, only to confuse the tormented mind of the man even more. I´ve seen spectacular emissions due to the high pressure in the glands of the men. A few have been forcefully „pissing“ a lasting stream of semen drenching themselves with their produce.

This certainly is a dildo and a fake power-emission, only displayed for illustrative purposes!

Yet emission is not ejaculation, the associated muscles and structures await the trigger to run their spasmodic contractions – and they will be strong! So, finally, and this is intuition, I trigger the client´s ejaculation! He will naturally think that I will, ever so slowly, tease him right before PONR and stop, yet now I continue to caress his penis. In disbelief most men deceleratedly realise that they are carried over the edge. Men who have had emissions will begin to release their semen just this way, in a steady stream at first. However, the ejaculatory reflex is eventually initiated.

Not only the mind is fooled, the body is as well. The reproductive systems is also caught by surprise. Now that the muscles and attached structures of his system are allowed to execute their function, the ejaculatory reaction becomes an extremely intense process (every client reports this and I can tell)! Due to the accumulated volume of seminal fluids and the enhanced energetic charge, the ejaculatory reflex runs longer than the client is used to (or has ever experienced before) and it produces quite powerful ejections of semen either roped or sprayed.

I have counted up to 25 ejections, had many clients screaming while ejaculating from the intense sensations they were living through. Some clients were passing out when their ejaculations coincided with (or were preceded by) orgasm (that´s when their bodies were spasmodically bucking). These power-ejaculations are such wonderful and spectacular sights to behold! I am ever again amazed how much semen a man is able to store and expel in one go.

These climaxes most always feature very fluid man-juice wetting the client from navel to forehead and parts of me as well in the cases of ungovernable bucking and/or spraying individuals.

I (try to) tenderly stroke my client´s penis all the way through his ejaculation, this naturally enhances his ejaculatory sensations. After his pulses have ceased I often enough start to jerk his penis again in a firm grip to trigger a second ejaculation. In case I sense the client still carries sexual energy, I make him cum a third time for releasing the rest of what he had accumulated in the long hours of caged arousal.

While my client is coming down from his experience I quickly untie him and usually take him in my arms. Almost all men are totally spent and need time for recovery, some begin to cry, other men fall briefly asleep. All men seem very humble when they gain their senses, and there is not one client being not impressed and asking for a second booking. As mentioned I have to deny such requests and recommend to try it on their own or with their partners. At least they have learned how it can work and what potential they carry within themselves.

Story cumplete!

ArtVantage (2) – Mandala

December 17, 2017

One definite advantage in pictorial and decorative arts is the option to create visual compositions which follow a pattern or grid, – keyword mandala.

Wikipedia is defining a mandala this way: A mandala (literally „circle“) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.

With this post I want to hint you to some beautifully composed images, which could be seen as mandalas for the sexual realm. Nothing more appropriate than creating this kind of artwork as illustration for a contemporary edition of the famous Kama Sutra (sex) manual.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text written by Vatsyayana. It is widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature. (quote Wikipedia)

It is quite obvious that any illustration for this groundbreaking seven-part work, which originally was issued without any images (!), could ideally be a composition representing symmetry and/or following a pattern. For both artistic achievements (mandala & text in this case) not only share the same cultural background, they also perfectly complement each other content-wise.

Even the fun and comic approach of Benito Jacovitti (whose collection of hilarious sketches were published in an artbook titled Kamasutra) can be regarded as a mandala, a circular symbol representing the universe. The universe of sexual union in this case.

Now, enjoy the very beautiful drawings by Georges Pichard. He „seriously“ illustrated but one edition of the Kama Sutra and generated these sort of mandalas, of which each also represents a microcosm (of an aspect) in the universe of human sexuality (click to enlarge):





Featured artists in chronological order: Benito Jacovitti, Georges Pichard.