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Witnessing Ejaculation – Choices!

November 25, 2017

Did it ever occur to you, that a man´s ejaculation offers numerous ways to be encountered, given you love both the man and his cumming?!

There are more ways of enjoying the ejaculating man for a partner than for the pulsing man himself. The releasing man can trigger his climax in different ways: he can choose from different „positions“, he can watch himself while pumping or not, he can wet himself or not, yet he will always experience the sensations of this kind of climax, more intense or less, out of the same point-of-view!

A partner faces many options to savor the sweet reflex of her or his beloved, so much so, that she/he must be spoilt for choice!

Each time s/he must decide on how to experience a given such climax with confidence, for it may take a while until a next session is providing the same opportunity. So, here´s a list to choose from:

  • do you want to feel him cumming inside of you (and in which orifice)
  • do you want to trigger him or have him trigger his ejaculation
  • in which position
  • do you want to be wetted or not (if yes, where)
  • do you want to watch him and/or touch him while he is pumping
  • do you want (him) to use toys???

Now think of the combinations possible among these options!

Even when we are observing-only-witnesses of an ejaculating man we need to decide on where to put our focus at!

We are always observing-only-witnesses when we watch clips showing a man cum. Thanks to the internet we have access to a plethora of ejaculation-scenes!

Not surprisingly we do find a lot of different cumming-situations and point-of-views in clips. And we consume what we encounter, don´t we. Good thing about clips and videos is that we can halt and rerun the scenes (even frame by frame!) so as we please. This may be the only advantage compared to the real thing

Almost naturally we are most curious about the ejection performance of the featured man, because – no news here – witnessing a man shooting his load shall always be a huge turn-on for everyone finding enjoyment in watching such clips.

However, as well-taught connoisseurs of the male ejaculatory reaction we may want to observe this process from an angle that reveals other hot features marking a pulsing climax!

I found a clip presenting a guy showing us his balls and perineum while he triggers his reflex. Such a „set-up“ is almost as popular as capturing full frontal milk-releasing. Why? Because we may be treated with what we are lucky to find in this particular clip: a hot study of the movement of his balls (before, during and after his reflex) and the pulsing of his BC and his Corpus spongiosum while he is pumping his milk, wetting himself plentiful! – I love this scene.

What makes this „study“ so very arousing are certain parameters this guy displays:

  • he is endowed with a beautiful large penis and nice pair of (swollen) testicles
  • his scrotum and pubes are shaved (personal taste though)
  • the skin of his scrotum does not become thick and tight, so that we can clearly observe the movement of his balls, – as mentioned above
  • furthermore we have a good view at his BC-muscle and his Corpus spongiosum, both nicely pulsing when he pumps his milk
  • we still notice him creaming his chest with about 10 spurts and realize the volume of his load!

This is the link to the clip!


Mastering Emisjaculation

December 12, 2014

In this post I try to analyse a clip which illustrates what I call emisjaculation. That term is not established, I coined it. It stands for a stretched ejaculatory climax: when a guy triggers his system into emission, making him spill his cum without the ejaculatory reflex in effect, soon to be followed by just that, i.e. the triggering of his reflex which pumps the remainder of his milk still available in his glands.

It takes expertise and exercise to achieve such a climatic reaction. This climax is very rewarding, not only for the prolonged sensations of cumming and the (often) increased volume of semen produced, but the method to obtain this awesome poly peaking. There is probably no other way to get there, than to super-carefully approach PONR, as you need to avoid falling over the edge, yet to still make your glands open their valves for the release of your juices. It is edging that lies before emisjaculation.

Let´s take a look then. The guy showing us this extended cumming is a true expert with a beautiful cock and balls.


His cock-shaft is crowned with a high helmet A and he is uncut B. He must have edged for a while, his muscles shall be relaxed, soon he will be ready to cum. Notice his precum oozing C, while his testicles are swollen and kept in place in his tight scrotum D with the aid of a fixed strap E.


He slowly is masturbating his shaft in an up-and-down movement, watch his foreskin B be stretched fully at the downward moves H. Notice his frenulum F being tensed, pulling at his helmet. Follow the progress of the oozing of his precum G. The guy jerks his shaft by grabbing it with just his index finger and (invisible) thumb, while his cock fills the gap of both.


His movements slow down as he nears PONR. He is very carefull not to reach this point. At 1:07 into the clip his BC is spasming involuntarily a few times, as his system is very close to react to the sensory input of his skin-gliding/-stretching. His foreskin never touches his rim (Coronal ridge) J, the manipulation of his shaft-skin is all he needs for a trigger.

The photo above shows his cock instants before his cum is released (at about 1:20). His precum has formed a free dangling thread K. Closely watch the cock-tip L for his cum to appear.


At 1:21 first milk M runs out of his cock-slit following the thread of precum O, immediately followed by a first gush of milk N, set free thru a relaxation of his BC. Part of his milk flows down his precum-string O, extending it (from P), but never making it tear!


What follows is the release of his saved-up juices in a heavy emission! He spectacularly pisses his milk in two ejections Q while some still takes the way of the thread R. Irregular (inner) pumping makes his jizz fly in further spurts. While emission occurs he does not let go of his penis, but he doesn´t move his hand.


From 1:30 he ejaculates the remaining cum from his glands when his reflex pumps it out in smaller squirts S. He had triggered his reflex by continuing his slight shaft-jerking at 1:28. Watch his BC run the program U (in 22 spasms of which 8 deliver cum) while most of his milk seeps down that still dangling thread of precum!

The clip holds a re-run of his emisjaculation in slow-mo and carries an audio track (with breathing sounds). His climax will have lasted about 30 seconds, not counting those sweet moments of the slow approach!

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3)

April 9, 2014

Lets take a look at the physical aspects of the ejaculatory performance which must meet limitation, even under the most favourable circumstances, due to anatomical construction and biological as well as biochemical processes. There are:

  1. The pattern of the cum-producing pulses.
  2. The force of the cum-spurts ejected.
  3. The number of cum-producing pulses.
  4. The volume of semen ejected.

As for 1.: Ejaculation has a beginning and an end. It´s bound to the common nature of reflexes: they neither last nor are they subject to willful manipulation (you can´t do much alteration when you sneeze, can you!). As I wrote early in my blog, the ejaculatory reflex follows a common pattern, as the muscles involved contract rhythmically, initially at 0.8-second intervals. The intervals between contractions extend in time (slightly) and the intensity of the contractions tapers off until the involuntarity of the reflex dissolves (see the BC-muscle beautifully work in this small clip!). The muscle contractions make your cum gush or squirt. Some guys have a quicker, and some a slightly slower pulsing frequency (0.8-second intervals are rule-of-thumb). The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. Yet eventually the contractions become weaker, will not be strong enough to eject more of your milk and finally dissolve/stop, marking the completion of your climactic reflex.

As for 2.: We observe a broad variety in the force with which semen is ejected from the mouth of a penis. Forceful cum-shots are truly spectacular and awesome to witness. Several factors contribute to a powershot, such as an ideal chain-reaction of events within your system (ideal flow of seminal fluids), a respectable volume of fluids supplied, an ideal (inviscid) mixture of secretions, a supportively designed urethra and urethral opening (cock-slit) and after all a powerful muscular system with a very strong BC-muscle (which you can exercise!). All these factors need to complement each other to achieve (a set of) powershots. The top-speed at which semen can leave a mans cock-slit was measured at about 28 miles/hr! However, and as I explained before, such powershots will naturally abate during the course of a given ejaculation (and the span of a lifetime). Forceful cum-jets remain to describe the exception to the rule, I´m afraid.

curved rope

As for 3.: Again, ejaculation has a beginning and an end. We like to count the spurts a guy is producing rather than clocking the time of the duration of the reflex. The more spurts and gushes a guy is able to deliver, the more arousing and awe-inspiring the ejaculatory performance becomes while watching it (at least with me). Naturally there is a limit to that number of pulses! It is rather simple to specify this upper limit, given the abundance of cum-shot clips available on the net. After many years of counting, so to speak, I find the upper limit reached with about 14 to 16 cum-producing pulses in a single ejaculatory reflex. The last third or quarter of a whole set of pulses is mostly producing very small spills of semen. Nevertheless, 14 to 16 pulses (+ the aftermath) do mean a lasting climax and – generally – a big overall volume of milk spilled!

As for 4.: Like with the number of spurts, an extended volume of jizz ejected is a truly hot visual. Both attributes are tightly related, as with more accumulated seminal fluids in the glands, more cum-producing pulses are likely to occur for us to enjoy: either watching the flood emerge or better yet catching it live!


Alas our glands, which generate and store our juices, also do meet their capacity limits. When our glands are drained (which may be the case only after follow-up ejaculation(s)), it takes a while for them to replenish. A further (forced) reflex would result in a dry ejaculation (an oxymoron, because you don´t ejaculate no fluid no more) which lets you experience muscular contractions in the described pattern without any cum left to appear at your cock-slit (but a drip maybe 😉 ).

The question is: how much is much? Or what would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume? Don´t ask the books, because they operate with bottom-line volumes, such as: As a general rule, the volume of ejaculate averages around 2.75 – 3.4 ml after three days’ abstinence. The volume varies considerably both within and between individuals. I guess even those figures will be outdated (at least for the sexual active male) and they seem like a joke compared to the volumes you can find on average in web-supplied footage (though I admit that most guys who do post their clips certainly do shoot extraordinary volumes – clips mean showing-off after all).

In my next post of this series I shall take a close look at volume(s).

For a Closer Look (21) – BC Spasming

January 18, 2014

In the preceding post I was referring to the BC – among other important muscles – and its role while you are on your way to climax.

Now, the BC (Bulbocavernosus muscle) is directly attached to the bulb of the penis (that´s the internal base of the Corpus spongiosum, this being one of two erectile bodies of your cock).


It almost fully surrounds your erectile bodies:

BC at base

Because this muscle (aka Bulbospongiosus muscle) automatically contracts repeatedly when your ejaculatory reflex is triggered, it is thus mainly responsible for your milk shooting out of your penis and the force with which your cum leaves your cock as ropes, spray or spill. Also read this intro on Kegel exercises (about muscle strengthening).

I found a clip* in which a guy shows us his bottom while he makes himself pass his PONR. You will observe his BC-muscle spasming throughout the reflexive phase of his ejaculation (watch the area between his anus and scrotum!).

The following pic (showing the muscles I address here) is upside down from the original (shown recently), but that doesn´t matter, because this way it matches exactly the posture of the guy in the clip, you´ll see!

BC male turn

What´s more, you will find yourself running this short clip over and over! That´s because there are quite some POIs in the frame that deserve your detailed attention:

  • Watch his anus and the movement there as the guy clenches his sphincter-muscles!
  • Watch the involuntary clenching of his BC – the main ejector muscle – while the guy spurts his seminal fluids.
  • Realise the length of his great cock (extending inside of his body and well visible with the given point of view)!
  • Notice the tightness of his nut-bag!
  • Watch his milk being ejected in 10 spurts! The guy shoots a solid volume of his juice. You can make out a drip of precum at his cock-tip until he releases his load!
  • Last not least enjoy the audio-track!

This little clip is truly revealing. Since we tend to focus at the cum-shooting itself, we often miss the muscle-pulsing that makes the milk fly. Well, we could shift attention when our guy climaxes a second time, or when he eventually cums dry (after the depletion of his reservoirs).

But we always can sense his BC pulse when we touch him at his base during his pumping. This is as simple as it is hot to experience!

*Tech. specs: .avi, 3.2 MB, 22 sec., sound