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Quoting a Cumqueen

July 30, 2010

No doubt, if a man relishes his semen he will definitely try to generate a lot of it for many good reasons. Harvesting a big cum-volume is a tremendous incentive within solosexual activity. Now when we milk-lovers get involved with a partner, she/he ought to be cum-loving as well, for it is incomparable to make love to a soul mate in this respect.

When a jizz-craving partner is part of your sex-play, then most probably she or he will be the receiver of your produce and you´d be – naturally – the donor. All my stories, of which you will read one in the next posting, circle around this scenario. It´s always about a male-loving and milk-loving woman who is a perfect match for a guy into edging and cumming.

Before the fiction I offer you some quotes from a larger account by a so-called cumqueen, a woman who just tremendously enjoys male juices. I found this testimony many years ago and believe it reflects the attitude of gals savoring cum pretty well. Unfortunately there may be not too many real cumqueens out there, – I have not been blessed with one so far!? But then I am pretty choosy.  😉

Now read what Linda likes in particular:

My name is Linda… I am about 5 foot 7 inches tall… My measurements are 36C, 24, 35. I have dark black hair, and I guess you could say I’m pretty good-looking, as I’ve never had any trouble attracting men.

You might say that I have a particular fetish. I love semen. Sperm. Jizz. Cum. Jizzum. Whatever you care to call it, I love it. I love the feeling of cum on my body, almost anywhere I can feel it. I love the warm, wet, sticky feeling it leaves me with. I love the smell, the starchy, kind of acrid odor it has (although that varies from guy to guy). I love the feeling of it. I just love the thought of semen, and the fact that it’s my attractiveness that makes a guy come. I love watching guys jerk off for me, and the more the merrier! Most of my early sexual experiences were jerking a guy off, or better yet, watching him do it himself, and the sight of that cock pulsing and then the little eye-opening up and the semen spurting out just turns me on no end. And I think I’m different from most women in that regard. Most of my girlfriends seem to get all goofy at the thought of a guy’s cum. They think it’s messy or icky or something, and usually, in some manner, remove it from their bodies as soon as they can, either by rushing to the bathroom and holding their pussy lips open and dripping it all into the toilet, or wiping it off with a sheet or towel or something. NOT ME! I love the feeling of cum.

… I’d rather see it [spurt] than feel it [inside]. So I don’t complain if the guy wants to pull out and come on my pubes or belly or wherever. When he does, I love to rub it around with my finger and feel it spreading over my skin. I shave my pussy lips and most of the hair around there, and just leave a little patch up top of my mound. I guess over the years I’ve rubbed gallons of semen into my skin, and I hope to be doing it for many years to come.

I like watching ‘face-cums’, which I guess is odd for a woman. I understand they’re popular with many guys. The only thing I like better than watching face-cums is DOING THEM! I think I’d rather have cum on my face than anywhere else on or in my body. For one thing, it turns the guy’s on tremendously, and me too.

… Nothing tops a good round of lovemaking like having your partner show his appreciation by pumping a wad or two or three of hot, salty cum on your face. When that happens, I can feel my pussy walls contract and sometimes, but not always, I even have another orgasm. I rub the semen into my skin and lick it from my fingers if there’s enough. I love to lay there for a few moments afterwards and feel it drying and cooling on my skin.

Some of us know how neat it is to watch a guy come close up. It’s really a marvel of engineering. The little hole opens up and this white stuff comes shooting out, and sometimes he can get it to fly several feet! The amount he has depends on how long its been since he last came, of course, but usually a one or two-day load is about right. Next time you want to see something really fascinating, tell your man to jerk off, and you watch him real close up from the side. The head of his cock will leak a bit of pre-cum and his balls will sway back and forth, and then just before he ejaculates, they’ll pull up close to his crotch and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the vein [urethra/corpus spongiosum] along the bottom of his cock pulse with the semen flowing through it.

After the guy (or guys!) has stopped cumming, you’ll want to rub the semen around and into your skin. It feels really sexy and good, and is better than if you let it dry on your skin, when it can get all crackly and dry out. Close your eyes and just revel in the feel and aroma of it, and remember that it’s a precious gift from your man. If he’s any good at all, your guy will probably be very appreciative of your performance, and who knows, may be ready for another go-round!