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Your Tube

February 24, 2015

This is a brief anatomical post concerning the males urethra! This duct is a bit different from what you may think it is. It is not a solid flexible tube to just lead one and another fluid out of your body, but rather a segmented duct into which several smaller vessels disembogue to spill secretions from different glands of your reproductive system.

For pissing away your urine (and this special case), the urethra does in fact work as a hose: your watery stuff runs straight thru that pipe from your bladder to your cock-slit. When it comes to it´s sexual properties the story is a different one. Lets have a look.

Your tube is more a structure that is made of different holed genital organs grown in the order we know, beginning inside your body from the bladder onward:

upper tube

We find the prostate, the urogenital diaphragm (where the Cowper´s glands are located) and the penis thru which the hollows form the tube, the urethra. Thus the different parts (of the urethra) were named: prostatic, membranous and penile urethra. I marked these segments with a green sun in the drawing shown above.

I also marked the represented glands with a blue sun. The openings, thru which the fluids enter your tube, are marked with yellow suns. This important location is encircled with a green ellipse! When your juices collect in this area, there is no way back – neither for the onward flowing of your produce, nor for you to avoid at least an emission or rather an ejaculation. This area inside your prostate somehow marks your physical edge (compare with this post). Edging is the art to make your produce flow, yet to avoid having the tissues (genital organs) react by running their pre-installed program (ejaculatory reflex).

upper tube side

This drawing shows the same array around your tube from the side. The labeling with the colored suns is corresponding with that of the first pic. Now you see a part of the seminal vesicles and how a small duct runs from that gland thru the tissue of the prostate to disembogue into the prostatic urethra. Note as well one of the Cowper´s glands, where it is located and where its duct enters the penile urethra, right inside the bulb of your penis (compare (all) with the first pic!).

This is the core of your reproductive system, a system most sophisticated and awesome. Its main purpose is to enable you to ejaculate your seminal fluid. It´s up to you to indulge in the sensations that your system provides when you consciously test its capacity.


If you are further interested in the (unmarked) labels of tissue in the drawings just check with Wikipedia where you shall find answers, e.g. „Prostatic utricle“.

What is it with Precum?

December 24, 2014

Everything about the substance and producing it is rather fabulous. Unless you belong to the minority of guys whose Cowper´s glands secrete little volumes, or release it not before ejaculation. I must admit that I have no data on such low functioning, sorry, as this must be an issue for juice-conscious guys.

I am fortunate (or just an average guy), for I precum in fair amounts. So my pondering here is based on that fact and all the experiences coming with it. – I guess, that because precumming is so straightforward and sublime, there is not much to tell concerning the physical facts. I did so early in this blog, look here and here. And the first entry of these two used to be the most requested post for quite some time (it still ranks No. 2 these days!!).

Male precumming is truly an amazing feat. It is as biologically straightforward as it is mysterious in all its appearance.


The substance is alike in every man, as it is pure stuff from one kind of gland (two glands of it in every guy). While semen can take different fluidities, color, odor, taste, as it represents a mix of secretions, precum is pretty much always the same juice all around, appearing crystal clear and mostly tasting salty.

It leaks whenever a man is sexually aroused (at least when his arousal lasts for a little while and reason for it has caught the guys full attention). It seems that with a more intense arousal the production of his precum slightly increases as well.

A mans cock must not gain erection for precum to occur! Arousal by itself is the trigger for the Cowper´s glands to get started. And precum-production will last either as long as the guy is in (deeper) arousal or until he has ejaculated. The former rule adds to the beauty of edging! As long as you edge you may be precumming! How great is that!

frosty glans slit pre

The functioning of the tiny glands, also referred to as Bulbourethral glands, is just astounding. The glands may be only the size of peas or beans, and yet they manage to secrete fair amounts of precum as long as arousal is kicking, and that can be looong (pro-edgers please comment to my claim here since I have no experience in extreme edging, i.d edging for many hours or days on end).

Lately I often notice the search term „milking Cowper´s glands“ (WordPress supplies this info to admins). This thought may be exciting, however, I am convinced that you can not really milk (or massage) those tiny glands, nor do so with much of an effect. Here´s why:

The glands are (comparatively) small and their location is somewhat difficult to access. A targeted touch may not be possible or at least not perceptible (dear reader, report to us via the comment function if you hold different experiences).

The glands don´t seem to be sensitive to pressure, nor do they seem to issue any „sensations“ when they are active (or not). Has anybody ever felt them?

cowpers gland

The glands don´t store any precum, they produce-and-leak their nectar (check the drawing of the inner structure of a Cowper´s gland above) as like in a singular process („straightforward“!). Hence there is nothing to milk from them. You can milk your cock-shaft (especially the underside made of the Corpus spongiosum) to get out the precum filling your urethra, yet the Cowper´s glands are not suitable for milking in a classical understanding. If you want to milk your small glands, pressing on the perineum would be the appropriate procedure! This is quite different from the high impact milking of the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Cowpers location

These observations reminded me of the secretion of saliva when we are about to ingest something delicious: glands again produce this sap, but we don´t feel that (glands activity) and we wouldn´t know how to access them, neither of how to milk them.

Precumming truly is exquisite. Just enjoy watching yourself (or a partner) slowly oozing this clear honey-of-bliss.


The previous post offers an example of precum oozing from an upright cock just prior to the guys climax (in pics and a clip) and try to download this clip showing a guy playing with his nectar!

aka Milk / Taste

June 13, 2010

In my previous post I stated that quality, taste and volume of the milk a man produces are key-factors to get hooked on it. I want to share some random recommendations on altering cum-taste. These are statements I found at a how-to sub-page few years ago:

– One of the biggest complaints I hear is from the salinity of cum (i.e. it’s very salty). One way to change that is to super hydrate the body. Drinking plenty of water will reduce the amount of salt in the body and in the cum. Another way to reduce the amount of salt (or conversely increase it) is to stop (start) taking diuretics. These are substances which bind with the water molecules and prevent their relatively easy absorption from the large intestines. These substances include anything with caffeine in it. Coffee, soda, and tea will all increase the amount of salt in the cum by binding with the water molecules.
Another noticeable taste is from the Cowper’s glands, which secretes a sort of cleaner/lubricant. This has a very bitter taste. The Cowper’s glands are very sensitive to changes in pH levels. So, any food with a high level of pH will decrease the acidity. If you want to reduce the bitterness, try ginger extract.
Another thing to try is increasing the glucose levels in the blood. This simple sugar can flow across the blood barrier and into the semen. This will make the cum “sweeter” (though not by much). If the cum actually gets to be sweet, the boy has diabetes and after sex you should take him to the hospital to have his kidneys checked out.
The last thing you can do is change the level of testosterone in the body. This hormone, actually produced in the testes, gives cum that “dry-chalkish drying out” flavor and contributes much to the “after-taste” that many people find distasteful. By controlling the level of hormones through bio-feedback you can tailor the taste to your partner’s fancy.
There are other ways to change the flavor, but these are the main ones, so try it and enjoy. Please remember that the processes take a couple of days and that the food concentrations or the chemical concentrations have many interactions so plan ahead.
–The woman who sent this would like to remain anonymous

– Lots of orange juice and lemonade. Actually – if your man eats lots of fruit and drinks a lot of water, his cum will taste much better. However, if your man is into philly cheesestakes, cheetos and cherry coke, his cum will be kinda – well…not as pleasant tasting. An apple a day… Definitely have him try various vitamin supplements which purge the body of impurities. –anonymous

In the past I have used pineapple juice which my ex-wife has claimed to have sweetened the taste. however, I believe that as much as a person would like to improve their tastes, that there is no quick means of improving the taste of sperm in a few minutes or even prior to ejaculation. what i have been able to find out especially through the eastern philosophies are that diet is important. if you know you are going to have a good weekend then it should be three or four days before the weekend you begin to cleanse your system. i normally will clean mine through by fasting the first day then start my diet with large quantities of apple juice, then i stay on a fruit diet until the day of the event of which i will consume large amounts of pineapple juice. anything i might eat after that should not affect the acidity or changes in the sperm.
What i strongly believe is the preparation process for this activity if you are going to have an erotic evening and can plan ahead. there are many recipes that claim to change the taste, however, it still takes time for our system to metabolize the intake, then convert or absorb into the system of sperm or fluids. sometimes there is more to sex than carnalism, however i wouldn’t complain about that, but the way i have enjoyed it the most deals with again the preparation process and cleansing the body’s system. –syin

– Eat LOTS of celeryavoid asparagus. –Jim C.

– It has been my experience that non-smoking vegetarian or vegan men have the least nasty tasting ejaculate. Diet DOES matter! –Thanks, Huckster

– Try this:

  • Three good-sized sticks celery diced,
  • two capsicums, chopped finely,
  • two bananas chopped,
  • half a cup orange juice,
  • half a cup sweet sherry.

Mix all ingredients and have the guy eat it for breakfast (it’s really very tasty as well) on the day you want to taste his juice and tell him to avoid all dairy products, onions, garlic and fish for the day.
My partner and I came up with this a couple of years ago and he can’t get enough of mine and I can’t get enough of his!!!


– I’ve found that having my boyfriend eat mostly fruits and veggies for the day before I suck his penis really improves the taste of his cum. Strawberries and other berries work the best, and citrus fruits help as well. He reports that my semen tastes best when I drink lots of water and fruit juice. –David

– You’re never going to believe this but I swear I’m not lying. One night my boyfriend had been chewing spearmint gum ALL night (I mean, like 2 packs) and I swear that his cum tasted minty!!! Weird but true. Maybe it works – hey it’s worth a try, tasty breath and tasty cum all at once!!!

– Diet can make a difference – enhancers (reducing that bitter taste, and giving a slightly sweet essence) include kiwi fruit and celery. Yes, really. –an anonymous woman

– I have heard that if the guy drinks mango juice, over a period of time, his cum will taste sweeter. I was also told that a Jolly Rancher helps out during oral sex. –Cris.

– Things that sweeten cum are eating parsley and eating celery …that’s the guy eating them. Ciggies and coffee make it more bitter. –A.S.

– I’ve found that my boyfriend’s cum tastes best when he is on a vegetarian diet and avoids garlic. –D.W.

Sweets such as pastries, brownies, and anything with cinnamon or nutmeg will greatly improve the taste. My all-time favorite is French toast with extra syrup.
I have tried these culinary delights with my own semen first (recycling is good anywhere) and later with my boyfriend. The results are spectacular. Smooth, thick, warm, and creamy, and ooh sooo gooood!! –Trevor

Precum – Pure Nectar (2)

May 25, 2010

In this post I want to share a text and a clip dealing with precum (finds of the web). Both illustrate that precuming has the potential of being a powerful/creative part of sexual activity as well as being a feature of your reproductive system providing you (and your partner) with an extraordinary sexual produce.

I found a suggestion on the JackinForum on how to play with your precum when you are highly aroused (i.e. edging). It is a stage just before savoring the practise of repeated emission-climax (which I already elaborated in this blog) and it naturally may consist of the Stop & Go method:

Start after you are aroused enough to produce some pre-ejaculate. The aim is to deliberately elicit pre-ejaculate without having an orgasm, thereby cultivating and controlling near-orgasmic sensations. When you first emit a small droplet of pre-ejaculate, do not wipe or smear it around. Instead, keep it balanced on the head of your penis and concentrate on growing it into a big pearly bead.

glans with precum


Stare at it and use gentle motions to avoid disturbing it, rather than heavy stroking. Learn to recognize the sensation of pre-ejaculate welling up from deep inside. As you become successful, pre-ejaculate will dribble down the side of your penis. Again, do not disturb it; rather, continue and concentrate on producing more pre-ejaculate. If you are especially aroused, you may even get an actual spurt. The sensation of emitting each droplet is like a mini-orgasm of pre-ejaculate [well, I won´t agree here!]. If you feel an impending orgasm, back off for a few moments. When you finally climax, the pleasure will be indescribable. This technique is especially good when you give yourself the “green light” to climax after a few very close near-orgasm experiences, or after hovering continuously on the brink for as many seconds as you can stand. It’s very liberating to explore the delicious near-orgasm sensations and then letting go.


As for the clip, I like to share with you a document that proves that Cowper’s glands are capable to produce huge amounts of precum at a time. This guy must be one of the top producers existing. His glands must be larger than pea-size to achieve such volume and I guess that will be derived from a genetic disposition. Notice that when the guy just presses the base of his cock – just were the glands are located – the result is a tremendous spill of his clear viscid nectar. The clip is edited consisting added scenes of him precuming big, closing with a heavy ejaculation – unfortunately the clip ends before his ejaculation does. Just incredible!