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My Favorite Cum Fluidity

December 29, 2016

Yes, we know it, semen comes in different fluidities! Read all about it in this post (and enjoy the many comments as well)!

I already did poll about the prevalent texture of your cum and also which fluidity of semen you „just love“.

poll 41

The majority´s verdict in this poll was bold! As for me, I noticed that my preferred choice is subjected to change! It´s almost like our systems do: fluidity may change depending on circumstances, especially during build-up. And I always notice a certain undecidedness on the subject when I develop cum-drenched stories, of which you will find quite some in this blog.

Then, which texture is it for me? Well (I revealed it in the above mentioned post), I am truly fascinated by a fluidity both rarely produced and barely loved: mucous, slimy-gelatinous, cohesive semen! This kind of semen resembles precum in that it does not easily rip apart!


Forcefully ejaculated semen will always rip apart mid air, and this fact is a great parameter to gauge its fluidity!

While thin cum tends to spray right from the cock´s mouth:

compspray 1

the ropes of creamy, viscid semen will eventually rip into driblets:

rope-tear1 rope-tear4

but my favourite -though the strand will most likely rip as well- shall split up only into shorter strings:

cum-string1 cum-string3


It is as if we could grasp the strings of this kind of produce, as if we could hold it in our fingers while such texture of cum does not deliquesce (for a while, I assume). This is what fascinates me. Men who feature this fluidity truly rope out their jizz.


Read more about this particular beautiful „roper“ here!

Cummon Fluidities

August 24, 2014

Semen is a unique and very special substance! A lot of my posts are dedicated to this kind of juice. Today I want you to take a closer look at the different basic fluidities it can escape you.

When male milk cums in abundance we can determine its specific fluidity for sure (a small volume supposedly almost always features thick mucous or gelatinous semen) and thus a variety can be experienced (due to different factors for secretion in the glands).

We know that semen-fluidity of a given guy is subject to change depending on circumstances during build-up, and it may even vary within one and the same ejaculation!

We basically find three distinct fluidities featured in (big) volumes of semen ejaculated:

  1. runny (thin)
  2. creamy (thick), and
  3. mucous (cohesive).

In an early poll I was asking: What is the texture of your milk? This is what you answered:

poll 04

The majority of the participants produces creamy semen followed by runny milk.

In a recent poll (ongoing while this post is published) I ask: Which texture of male milk do you just love? It is interesting how the results mirror the data in the poll shown above, yet notice the bold lead of the majority´s preference for creamy jizz!

poll 41

Let´s take a closer look at the three different textures/fluidities men commonly ejaculate in the order of their popularity!

This animated gif illustrates creamy, viscid semen:


It´s one of the final cum-pulses of the guy´s huge ejaculation (complete here). I consider this (and a slightly thinner fluidity) silky cream.

The next sample shows thin, runny semen:


The guy is shooting thin cum throughout his ejaculation (complete here). The gif presents one of his final jets as well. Notice the trickling of his juice from his wrist! I consider this „milk“, and rightfully so. The fluidity of his produce almost perfectly matches that of dairy milk.

The third sample represents slimy, cohesive semen:


Once again we observe one of the last spurts of the guy´s ejaculation and we clearly see the strong cohesiveness of his produce! His cum´s texture is closely related to that of precum. Note the puddles of jizz on his abs/chest from earlier ropes, it´s stuck there far from running (oozing) down. This kind of semen is so “solid“, you´d rather eat it instead of drinking it. – Personally I find this kind of fluidity (texture) intriguing to say the least!

But I love all of the displayed cum-fluidities in this post. And it is just great that most guys (their glands respectively) feature the ability to generate different cum-textures at times!

As for a clip of the complete ejaculation of the cohesive semen: I will present this truly awesome climax in a separate post soon. 🙂

P.S.: Excuse the artifacts in the gif-displays, I lack technical knowledge for avoiding these…

Poll No. 40 Results

July 29, 2014

While I was publishing my big series on „Got Milk?“, I had poll #40 up asking you in a basic notion what it is that makes you love semen? Up to three answers were allowed, giving you a choice to pick from nine suggested answers and/or fill in your personal reason.

I received 336 votes during the time the poll was open! Let´s have a look at the interesting results:

poll 40

We find two clear leads and surprisingly those two reasons are not related to a physical attribute of cum. They reach beyond and signify that a majority of voters seem to value a holistic view concerning the male produce.

You love semen for the process necessary to obtain it means that you love what it takes to trigger ejaculation, which is masturbation or other forms of sex. I am sure you understood that the term “process” is supposed to mean a slow, a lasting act if not even edging!

You love semen for it being the physical manifestation of a mans climax means that when you see cum leaving a mans body you know that this guy is experiencing blissful sensations within his system! You love male milk, because it indicates just that and it is a joy to know. Semen spilled means climax (ejaculation, orgasm). This answer certainly didn´t aim for practices such as gland milking.

You love semen for its taste! This physical attribute garnered the majority of votes. It means that many of you voters consume male milk and love its taste (which is variable as we know).


You love semen for its texture (quality). Oh yes, cum is such a great fluid and it appears in a broad range of textures. No surprise that the next ranking answer is the following:

You love semen for the variability of its quality and volume. It sure is wonderful to enjoy the many different textures and capacities a male reproductive system is able to produce (even in one and the same guy)! This fact does not cease to amaze us, does it.

white milk torrent

You love semen for its scent. Cum sure has its distinct smell, which also may vary among individuals and occasions. It reminds many people to the odor of bleach. And I think some plants (its blossoms) develop a similar scent.

You love semen for its appearance (color and/or temperature). The warm temperature of fresh milk may be pretty much the same always anywhere 😉 yet the color once again is subject to change. The appearance of semen is tightly related to the questions about its texture (see before).

You love semen for its relative scarcity. – There is a significant drop in the number of votes from here. Interestingly enough this option was chosen by 8 voters. And yes, male milk is in fact a rare fluid, unlike all the main others, like saliva, tears, blood or sweat. And it is harder to get a hold of.

You love semen for its content, meaning nourishing properties. Semen does contain very valuable substances. It is supposed to benefit your body besides being the medium for impregnation. If we considered this we became aware of the fact that shooting around cum is truly wasteful.


Read the personal answers:

You love semen because you have earned it. This is a very confident answer alright.

You love semen for making babies. This answer is related to the neglected fact of the main property of cum and why we (males) are made to and do produce the stuff at all. Good point!

You love sucking cock and if a man cums in your mouth it is rude not to swallow his semen. Now this is a very particular answer. It could mean true love for a male, his cock and his produce!

Thanks to every participant!

To Swallow And Being Swallowed (2)

November 15, 2011

(If you did not, please also read my previous post on fellatio.) The post’s headline mirrors the two aspects of the act for both the fellatrice and the receiver: to swallow cock and a mans produce. In addition it expresses the psychological disposition of the physical act. What could a loving fellatrice want other than to devour her (or his) lovers genitals as well as his love juices; and in return, what could a receiver of fellatio want other than to place his penis as close as possible to the conscious senses of his fellatrice with the aim to reward her (or him) with a voluminous load of his very essence?

There may be a slight difference concerning the fellatrice being male or female when it comes to the attitude of giving head. For a woman, especially when she is in love, it may be much more exciting (and arousing) to orally love her mans genitals (rather than to fuck). Just because she doesn´t own a cock and balls by herself, making them somewhat scarce (hence pushing her given passion and urge to suck cock). Men on the other hand have access to a cock and balls all the timetheir own. It´s just that a minority (unfortunately 😉 ) is able to perform autofellatio.

There are three levels of orally pleasuring:

  1. Soft Oral Teasing
  2. Regular Oral Massage
  3. Oral Copulation

Soft Oral Teasing means the lightest caress, the softest embrace, the slightest touch. Usually used at the beginning of a blowjob, a little soft sucking goes a long way to getting your man aroused. You may not actually suck on the penis, yet rather letting it roll around gently on your tongue and lips. – The receiver experiences a really light sensation at his cock. To watch the action at this point serves as a major turn-on for the receiver.

Regular Oral Massage means a lengthy, gentle and casual cock-teasing to provide pleasure and an increase of arousal. You may apply actually sucking on the penis while you have it move in and out of your mouth. Use a light but steady suction, emphasized on downward strokes. Suck the penis as though you were actually trying to get something really tasty out of the tip (which may be precum at this stage). – The receiver may surrender to the soft and warm sensations his cock (and balls) garners at this level. It feels something like regular fucking with a twist.

Oral Copulation resulting in deepthroating is serious business, so to speak. Best results are achieved when the fellatrice and the receiver know each other very well, love and devotion are sure enhancers. Oral copulation then may be considered the high art of giving head or oral sex. You will merge in it as a means of edging the receiver and certainly to eventually trigger his ejaculation. You alternate between the swallowing of the whole of his cock and a hard sucking on it. Do suck hard, especially near the tip, as though you are trying to actually suck the mushroom off of the shaft (or his milk out of its reservoirs). – The receiver experiences still soft yet intense sensations at his penis very similar to fucking a tight (or contracted) vagina, though much more sophisticated while making him feel much more consumed (not to mention the psychological dimension). If he is not actually balancing at the very edge from oral copulation (when the slightest touch would send him) he will experience his PONR thru hard sucking or deep throating.

The fellatrice has basically three options to deal with the ejaculation of her (his) receiver:

  1. you get a distance in time and watch him shoot his load (spraying your body, maybe face) while observing his reaction to the climax you triggered in him
  2. you direct his cock in a way to let him fill your open mouth and/or cover your face with his load for you want to taste, play and/or swallow his fresh and warm milk
  3. you allow him shoot his load directly into your gullet while you keep his cock totally devoured as long as you can hold your breath.

A last word. For the receiver fellatio bears the advantage to turn this kind of lovemaking into an experience of total care. While using your mouth to pleasure his cock you ought to use your hands to massage his scrotum and tease/enter his anus (possibly to massage his prostate directly with a finger (fisting would be another option, but that is a different story)). There is nothing like the sensations generated thru such a complete parallel stimulation of accessible parts of a mans reproductive system at the same time*. Besides the outstanding experience of being stimulated all over, consider the psychological, even emotional impact, when your man is realising that literally the core of his sexual self is being adored and loved to the max!

* A cross-mode of fellatio and (hand-) masturbation is, imho, generally the most favourable love-making you can apply to a mans genitals.