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Got Milk? – Capacity Check (4)

June 1, 2014

In the preceding post of this series I posed the question: „What would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume?“ Well, I plan to answer this question eventually with this entry! 🙂

So far in this series I shed some light on the parameters which determine gland-secretion and ejaculation-performance explaining the broad range of the many different volumes and ejection-styles we witness in ejaculation (with ourselves and with other guys).


The volume-data we find nowadays is obviously old and outdated, and represents average levels anyway. There seems no current or recent scientific research out there (that I know of), which was trying to answer my question with definite figures in a milli- or centiliter scale unit. – By the way I did propose such a research-setting in the story I posted just before (see part one and part two).

Hence we rely on what we experience with our own reproductive systems and what we see with other guys. Yet we must bear in mind that the most correct answer to my question implies, that we need to obtain all the produced/stored semen from the glands under ideal circumstances (and at one occasion of collecting), which is only possible via multiple, successive ejaculations (as I also mention in my story). This whole setting reminds us pretty much of cum-harvesting or milking situations, both of them hot topics being covered in the blog like here, here or here.

A possible way to find an answer is to honestly document a performance trial and share it. This is exactly what a guy named Tom did, and I posted his findings quite early in my blogs life here and here. Tom tried to figure out how much milk his glands were able to produce at a given masturbatory session. Tom was 28 at the time of his personal research he described so vividly. If he only had set up a forum encouraging other men to execute the same trial and post their honest results… 😉 Now judged from my humble experience, I tend to say that Toms data mirror average results. It is a certain benchmark though to positively consider!


So, the most simple and reliable method to evaluate a mans glands capacity for semen-production is to multiple cum into a measure-cup until the glands are depleted – just as illustrated in my recent story (yes it´s hot). Problem is: not every guy can multiple-shoot and we still lack such results from many different men to evaluate and determine the upper range of the glands capacity.

volume multpl

Leaves me this way to find an answer: When we take a look at our main-producing glands, the prostate and the seminal vesicles:

prostate   seminal vesicles

and when we compare a great number of results of ejaculated semen by pics and clips from different guys, we can make a projection on the max capacity the human male is able to produce. There is so much material out there, that we can dare to estimate from quantity (both from the publicised material and the spurted cum we observe). We must assume that guys taped themselves for to show us what they´ve got (considering volume and pulses), but we never know how well they prepared themselves to achieve an extended volume and how saturated their glands were before PONR hit (unless indicated).


The pic above shows a volume from a single ejaculation (taken from a clip at xHamster) which depicts one of the most impressive catches I´ve seen.

As with multiples the problems seems to be, that those loads are rarely collected in a glas (and all being captured on film). When I look at my own tapings with multiples spurted into a glas (many of which are displayed throughout this place) I must say that what we see is rather average concerning volume and the number of successive ejaculations (recorded). I am able to cum more often than 3 times in a row, however, I notice I pretty much run dry after the 3rd ejaculation, – at least these days. This is an effect I believe holds true with most other guys under the same circumstances.

emission sequence

So here goes now: My conclusion for the maximum capacity of semen a healthy males glands can provide (under favourable circumstances in a set of ejaculations until depletion) may not much exceed a volume of 2.5 centiliters (= 25 millilitres) – again with exceptions to the rule as we will see. Such a volume features more content than you might think from the figure. Pour it (any substance) on a surface and you shall be impressed (compare the amount with that in scenes of ejected cum).

Before I close please check out this clip of a guy cumming 5 times in row, shooting 18 gushes of his milk all together (I mentioned before that I consider about 16 shots the maximum number within a single ejaculatory reflex). I assume that the volume this guy produces may surpass the mentioned capacity-limit! However, he shows an interesting pattern in his climaxes which defies the signature of the common ejaculatory reflex. He features 5 ejaculatory sets showing 3 to 4 ejections each with about equal volume in each shot. That is quite unusual. Still it seems his glands are fairly depleted after his multi-ejaculatory experience.

In my next post I plan to offer you some further examples of huge loads (in clips)!

Orgasm Aint Orgasm Aint Orgasm

November 25, 2012

…or in other words: no climax is exactly like another (in the same guy)! Too many parameters play a part in such a complex physical reaction we label sexual climax.

More general parameters are such like your mood, your excitement and arousal-stage before you cum or your privacy while at it. More specific parameters, which will characterize your climax and will make it even more distinct – even if the general parameters remain unchanged – are the (chosen) kind and moment of triggering (foremost so), the (chosen) psycho-sexual setting (i.e. fetish/fantasy-environment, see this map) and if you are doing it solo or with one or more partners.

As I explained in length here it is commonly known, obvious and accepted, that orgasm and ejaculation are different body-reactions, though tightly related to each other. When you look at my poll #29 some time ago you see this notion reflected in the result, as well as that a significant number of participants agree upon the statement, that many different forms of climaxes are possible.

When we consider ejaculation and orgasm being the two main classifications for sexual climaxes, taking into account the above said, we realize that men find a broad range of different sensational qualities in sexual peak experiences, which we can specify as follows:

Emission – is a peak experience, yet neither an ejaculation (rather part of it) nor an orgasm. Guys who can do this have their milk leave their systems (in a flow) while avoiding the triggering of the ejaculatory reflex at all. They have learned to play their PONR.


Edging light is closely related, when men manage to keep themselves very close to PONR and trigger multiple emissions (harvesting cum) in an attempt to stretch the sensations of the ejaculatory reaction (the reflex itself is impossible to be slowed down).

The so-called ruined orgasm is the dark side of edging light, so to speak. Here a partner basically tries to keep a guy away from his climax (ejaculation) while playing with that guys PONR as well. The climactic results are supposed to be frustrating, which may have their own quality of arousal (at least the scenario is, for those men who engage in this).

The ejaculatory reaction can be experienced in a stand-alone fashion. That works because triggering it is a neural affair. Once you pass PONR your system automatically runs its program. You can aim for that and enjoy your reproductive system perform the reflex while you lean back not touching your genitals, just watching your cock spilling your milk.

With a mentally triggered ejaculation some guys are able to reach PONR (and climax) without touching themselves at all the whole 10 yards!

In-sleep climaxes (wet dreams) with or without dreams are another kind of mentally triggered ejaculations, as are neurally pushed and triggered climaxes when we not yet want them to occur, – premature ejaculations are among these.

Since climaxes and its triggers are processed neurally, it is possible to initiate PONR thru manipulating just and solely parts of a guy genitals or even secondary sexual tissue. These are the cockhead, foreskin, frenum, lower shaft, balls, and for the latter: prostate, seminal vesicles, anus and nipples for the most obvious. Different trigger-points will result in a different taste of climax.

Dry climaxes are peak experiences without cum being expelled while still going thru a climactic reflex. Guys experience this because they either have the (internal) control on their system (clenching sphincters) to keep their milk inside while cumming, or because they physically press shut their urethras at the right spot from the outside, or because their glands are depleted when they cum (again).

A more orgasmic approach to climaxes is one that involves a higher and more holistic level of sexual energy built up in your body and circulating there until release. Emotional and spiritual states of mind play a crucial part here while producing milk is of less importance.

Deep edging is a state of maintained high arousal that offer guys an altered state of mind. These men are in control of PONR and ride the edge for extended periods of time finding bliss in their physical condition of almost sparking off a climactic reflex. And this condition is their (perpetual) sexual peak experience!

MMO may be the opposite way of climaxing to deep edging, because it means a repetitive release of sexual energy thru climactic reflexes (with or without spilling semen). Some guys have mastered MO the dry way, with full control over emission and ejaculation (tantric and taoistic approach may be the keywords). Other guys (and I consider myself belonging to this group) are able to cum multiple times in a row performing a mixed series of ejaculation and orgasm.


Again, the other side of this coin may be forced ejaculations where a partner is able to trigger climaxes in his/her «victim» when the climaxing guy has no control and feels he is not capable to repeatedly cum. Also this psycho-sexual scenario can offer a very arousing appeal and distinct sensations of climaxes, and it should be performed under agreement and a set of rules.

The world of fetishes (see this map again) adds yet more spice to any given climax within a respective environment. – What I wanted to show is, that a males basic two sexual bodyreactions for releasing sexual energy, ejaculation and orgasm that are, can be altered in many ways to create quite different sensations and overall experiences. And you can read all about it in my blog! Just follow the links.  🙂

Wet Dreams 2

November 13, 2012

The so-called wet dreamsnocturnal emissions») appear to be a phenomenon, a mystery! You can´t predict them, you can´t force them to occur. In-sleep climaxes, as I would like to call them, may be accompanied and triggered by dreams with sexual content, yet not necessarily so. But when your brain generates them those visions shall be truly hot and realistic! Many times I vividly dreamt of performing (self-) fellatio although I never did in reality.

Years ago I started to take notes whenever my brain and reproductive system had treated me with an in-sleep climax. I never really took a closer look at that log until now. I want to share with you my experiences over the span of 2×12 months and so I randomly picked two from the recent years. Lets get down to the statistics of the years of 2008 and 2011:

  • the overall number of in-sleep climaxes, in 2008: 10, in 2011: 11
  • those climaxes were not evenly distributed throughout the year! Months without wet dreams in 2008: January, May, June and August; in 2011: January, June, July, November and December
  • dreams occurred in 2008: 5 out of 10, in 2011: 6 out of 11
  • rarely I (just) dream a climax, yet do not experience one physically along with the dream, such happened once in 2008 and twice in 2011
  • at times I could hold back an ejaculation at PONR (something I can not perform when awake), hence a dry climax occurred: twice in 2011, not at all in 2008
  • I woke up from PONR or ejaculation in 2008: 9 out of 10, in 2011: 11 out of 11
  • when waking up from climax I realised that I was breathing deeply, my heart was pounding and I had been moaning (in those cases I just heard myself while gaining consciousness) in 2008: 2 out of 10, in 2011: 3 out of 11
  • as for the closest time-spans since a regular, wake ejaculation (climax) I observed 2 days and 4 days in 2008, and 1 day and 6 days in 2011, which obviously invalidates the full-gland thesis. This year I experienced a dry in-sleep climax the night after I had made myself cum 4 times with a voluminous seminal output! I woke up from that peak-experience without being able to recall a dream.

Other notable in-sleep-treats of recent years have been:

  • in 2005 I experienced a double-climax twice (in February and March), once w/o and once with sexual dreams
  • in January 2006 I treated myself with two separate in-sleep climaxes (in the same night) while sexually dreaming along, the second climax was more intensely felt with a clearer (better remembered?) dream
  • in December 2006 I treated myself again with two separate in-sleep climaxes (in the same night), this time without sexual dreams, however very intensely felt sexual climaxes!

This all sounds too good to be true, at least in this statistical summary, I know. And I wouldn´t believe it myself if I had not note it all down! Viewed over a long time-span (of several years) those of us who are blessed with in-sleep climaxes can indeed look back and clearly see an additional aspect of their sexuality, revealing itself as a valuable and hot bonus to their wake sexual actualization.

I won´t let you go without disclosing the content of my sexual dreams in both of the screened years!

In 2008:

  1. I remembered that I was sexually dreaming, but was not able to recall the content of it (just that it was not about self-sucking)
  2. I was masturbating in a bathtub
  3. I was in the presence (and body-touching) of one or more naked women (saw boobs!)
  4. while attempting to take pics of my erect cock I came and shot over the keyboard of my PC, – I didn´t wake up from that climax (!)
  5. I was deep-throated without seeing the identity of the fellator (no gender, no face).

In 2011:

  1. I was looking at many beautiful pics of gorgeous cocks
  2. I saw myself ejaculating very thick cum
  3. I experienced a remarkable selfsuck-dream featuring both aspects: giving and receiving head at the same time (!)
  4. I was teasing and stroking my foreskin
  5. again I was slowly teasing my foreskin, I consumed my precum, I felt my PONR and saw myself cumming (in an emission)
  6. I saw myself ejaculating thick, gel-like cum twice, then eating my produce!

Wet dreams, nocturnal emissions, in-sleep climaxes are a mysterious sexual treat which are generated by our brains without any manipulation from the outside (for myself I do rule out that I unconsciously touch myself or rub my cock while asleep)! It´s all in the brain. Our grey matter provides hot visions and orders our reproductive systems to work accordingly. That´s miraculously awesome! And it does not belong exclusively to the adolescent phase, it just starts there. As young males then begin to discover all the treasures their sexuality has in store for them.

Mental Climax 1-B

September 24, 2012

Rogers account (part two) of a technique he´s developed for achieving orgasms solely through mental processes:

Now I let my dick take total charge. Actually, I have mentally programmed my mind to control what goes on with my dick and to do what is necessary to make me have orgasms without further conscious effort on my part. I let Nature take it’s course. I remain passive by simply lying on my back (or side) and savoring every moment of the show that my dick is starting to put on for ‘our’ enjoyment.

Within a few minutes my bewitched dick will begin to swell somewhat, but it is not necessary at this early stage for it to get hard, even though the sensations felt inside my dick and the surrounding areas can be unbelievably intense at this time. In the next phase, I begin to feel that certain parts of my dick want attention and are receiving it, as if these parts were being licked or sucked at exactly the most sensitive spots, exactly as I would do it if I could get my mouth down there on it myself, or to tell another guy how to do it for me. These sensations become stronger and stronger in a rhythmic way with each breath.

I continue to lie still and cannot keep myself from sighing with the pleasure this is giving me. It’s like being in another world, another universe, and I want it to go on forever. The sensations will later become even more intense and soon become orgasmic, wave after wave of orgasms of the most unbelievable intensity, in slow-motion, without ejaculation, lasting for many minutes. The orgasms are dry, as I do not ejaculate at this point, but the ecstasy is almost unbearable because they last so long and occur repeatedly many times.

Even if I never shot another load of cum again without jacking off or getting sucked, it would be wonderful just as it is. But I knew from having had the spontaneous orgasms that eventually I should be able to cum this way if I found the right mental stimulus, so I have persisted toward this goal, enjoying every failure along the way because the dry orgasms of the magnitude I have been having are indescribably satisfying in and of themselves. (Many people into tantric sex, whether it be solo or with a partner, are seeking what I am already able to achieve.)

This morning (Sunday, July 13, 1997), for the first time, I had an orgasm with the strongest and longest-lasting gushes of cum ever, and of the most mind-blowing dimensions, purely through mental concentration — true hands-off ejaculation. — Anytime I’m in the mood, I can have the multiple, whole-body orgasms described earlier — and I can have them over and over during a session, or several sessions — but I have not been able to actually ejaculate again the way I did that first time. By this I mean, no-hands ejaculation. Sometimes after I have more than an hour of multiple, mind-blowing dry orgasms I will finish myself off with just a few strokes, which causes a much more intense ejaculation than normal.

One major thing that helps me get into the “act” really quick is to wear a cockring. I can go into my trance almost immediately if I have a cockring on.

It so happens, however, that the practice I’ve developed for my own purposes coincides, to a certain extent, with some of the basic concepts of tantric sex, but that doesn’t mean, again for my own purposes, that I shouldn’t be able to take myself one step beyond by actually ejaculating whenever I wish. — However, my long-range goal, in contrast to that of traditional tantricists, is to consistently go beyond the “dry” ecstatic state into the “wet” one.