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For a Closer Look (26) – Geysering

November 11, 2018

I used this term recently in a story. It is describing the forceful discharge of semen, however, not ejected by ejaculatory pulsing (which is driven by a reflex), yet in a free and somewhat lasting outflow (lasting in comparison with a cum-shot). For its swelling jet and soon attenuation we are reminded of a natural geyser´s cycle. The term is already mentioned in this text.

Geysering is an extreme variant of emission when semen is released from the reproductive system with a certain force due to internal pressure by accumulated secretions. This may look as if a man is pissing his sexual produce in a brief stream.

While in a regular emission the cum is rather oozing out of a cock-mouth:

geysering definitely addresses the forceful discharge of male milk:

It´s best to gage when the penis stands upright while this forceful release takes place, this is a very hot visual indeed:

Geysering may be achieved as A) being part of an emisjaculation or as B) a stand-alone feature.

While with A the geysering is directly preceding the ejaculatory reflex and most likely marks PONR or will trigger the reflex:

option B can´t be achieved without a high level of control over your internal muscles and trigger mechanism:

Now, there are two prerequisites needed to be met for performing geysering (pissing semen):

  • a man needs to have accumulated a truly substantial amount of secretions in his glands
  • the pressure of his congested glands must have built to a level which allows the relaxed release of his secretions develop into a forceful stream from his meatus (both is mutually dependent).

Mind you that this can not be established easily and just like that/on short notice. In other words, it needs preparation to make geysering a reality. It may take days of following certain rules known for enhancing cum-production like (e.g.) keeping a special diet and abstaining from emission and/or ejaculation.

The order of the day would certainly mean to apply edging for an extended period of time. And it certainly helps when you are young and your genes are in favor of a significant production capacity of your sexual glands.

Geysering is supposedly a rare thing although the examples displayed in this post seem to suggest otherwise. Geysering is a truly wonderful way of discharging male milk, on par with ejaculating ones produce in a high number of pulses. The best about it: emission is always followed by ejaculation if we want to (and often enough if we don´t want to, yet). Plus we can and will repeat! 🙂


September 12, 2018

I love the sensations of cum-saturated glands. The feeling of fullness within my secreting structures (i.e. seminal vesicles and prostate) and the heaviness of my balls to a level of aching is a condition that I and my lover seek to establish on a regular basis.

We always liked to experiment with the possibilities our anatomy offers us, especially in connection with sexual climax. When I first experienced such a state of being filled to overflowing after continued edging, I noticed something extraordinary. I could clearly feel my glands reacting when my juices commenced to flow! I don´t know why, probably because the reactions of emission and ejaculation were slowed down significantly?

Edging is the keyword here. But there are two levels coming into play. Edging is the external action posed/employed upon my genitals by my lover. Then there is this very important mental aspect. That what describes the sensations from changes inside of me.

Throughout the process I will stay relaxed and try to observe what happens with my glands and tubular connections when being slowly masturbated. It´s as if I monitor my body from a separated position. This way I sense the slightest changes in my reproductive system, I can feel the flow of secretions and the contractions of tissue!

Our goal is to extremely charge my glands over an extended period of edging-time and eventually achieve what we call „geysering“. This term stands for plainly pissing semen, aka emission (yet in a way „forceful“ and extended). To top it off we will try to mentally(!) induce my power-emission by avoiding any touch during this process, because touch would instantly trigger ejaculation. So, the mere pressure of my cum-filled glands is supposed to have me like piss a huge volume of my load at a certain threshold. This spectacular geysering shall be followed (sooner or later) by the triggering of my ejaculatory reflex, naturally. Needless to say that I prepare for this by a supporting diet and refraining from cumming for many days.

When we get down to edging I will constantly report back to my lover what I sense inside of me. Later my talking will rather be reduced to mumbling, groans and moans, but my partner knows perfectly well how to interpret these vocal bits and pieces.

It all begins with greater loin vasocongestion and sexual organ fluid fullness and readiness. My testicles begin to swell and I feel the tiny contractions of my spermatic cords to propel sperm towards my ampullae.

Parallel to that the secretion of fluid in my seminal vesicles has begun. This fluid will deliver at least 70% of the total volume of what I will expel as semen when I am geysering and ejaculating. The process of extreme charging will have me spill an outlandish huge amount of male milk. My lover will try to catch all of it so that we can measure the volume. Since we began practising this technique my glands even increased their production from session to session.

It is quite wonderful to sense how my ampullae are filling, how my seminal vesicles swell by the fluid it produces, same accounts for my prostate. There is a wonderful feedback-loop: the swell up of my internal system enhances the sensations of the caressings provided to my cock and scrotum by my lover and this in return grants the secretion of my glands.

At a certain level of congestion a particular penile stimulation will trigger the contraction of my seminal vesicles. The teasing is not sufficient enough (and not desired yet) to trigger the ejaculatory reflex. This vesicle contraction will push part of its contents down into the ejaculatory ducts reaching the prostate and make it feel bloat all of a sudden. The valve at the end of the ejaculatory duct, where it joins the urethra, shuts tight still, but a second contraction of the vesicles would result in emission. Yet this time emission is supposed to be triggered mentally only.

My seminal vesicles continue to produce fluid steadily. My prostate feels full already, but naturally continues to produce its juice. Penile stimulation is applied rarely and carefully. Eventually I reach a point where my whole internal system feels primed to overflow. I feel filled up to maximum capacity, I feel heavy, my glands ache. I badly need to discharge or else I burst!

My lover now whispers encouraging and arousing paroles into my ear, like: I love your throbbing cock, I love your swollen balls, I love your white juice, just let go of it, I know you are ready to discharge.

I begin to moan while deeply breathing. My body shivers due to the high level of arousal and in anticipation of violently overflowing with my warm semen. – The pressure still builds, my glands and my tubes are filled up with my produce, I sense that fluid is pushed back into the spermatic cords, – this is a first and it hurts.

I have my legs spread eagle and believe that if I would close them it would badly hurt because I am so tensely pressured, so I don´t dare to move, rather try to open even more, but I can´t.

We agreed on no touch at all, so my lover keeps on whispering encouragement. By all means we want to avoid triggering ejaculation at such a crucial point.

I am panting, I can´t bear it anymore! Then I hear the following and it does the trick:

I love your cock, you still leak precum, but do not release your sweet milk yet!

I feel the valves open and the internal pressure has my semen rush into my urethra and right out of my cockmouth constituting a significant lasting flow. I am eventually geysering!!

After the big cum-piss a smaller flow keeps up for a short while. I feel quite relieved, my glands shall be emptied by 30% to 50%, but I notice a strong urge for discharging my sexual energy and the remaining volume of my juices thru ejaculation. So I ask my lover to trigger my reflex!

I didn´t expect the rushed and yet so very intense build-up towards reaching PONR. My lover realized this and slowed his penile stimulation, it was a perfect timing because this way he was prolonging and even further intensifying my path over the edge. I was bearing down, tried to keep my BC relaxed, a well exercised behavior to stretch the time until the spasms set in.

The sensations in my system became ultra strong and caught my whole body. I was screaming inevitably expressing the intensity, I gasped for air, the pumping of my semen was overruled by encompassing sensations of my orgasm, I thought I was going to pass out. This climax lasted what felt like minutes not seconds. Fortunately my partner was able to catch virtually all of my milk, and he managed to count my pulses. Despite my geysering I was pumping 19 spurts! Altogether my glands had produced a stunning 0.1 liters of semen! However, it felt like there was still some more inside of my system.

His Peakshow That I Will Never Forget

August 27, 2018

Hi, my name is Katyusha and I´m 22. I wanted to tell you about my boyfriend, who is a good 20 years my senior, but you don´t know how much I love him.

He demonstrated to me the potential of a man´s sex-system. That is when a man knows his wiring. Before this revelation I had no clue at all and I think many people, women and men, don´t know what sexual climaxing really can mean for a man. His performance was a true eye-opener, it changed my life!

After we fell in love, actually even before that, we were having lots of sex (I was still in my late teens then). I had a couple of boyfriends before, but I must say I immediately felt so much better and always happy in his presence. He was so attentive and respectful, the sex with him meant mainly fucking, but so sensual, so mature, so enduring, all but impatiently and briefly, like I had experienced until then with guys about my age.

It took only a good week and we fell for each other. After two more weeks of almost daily sex, which always ended with a most sensual fuck, he mentioned that there are many more ways to design (strange expression I thought) our sexual encounters. Especially if we cared for each others orgasms, like to get the most out of it (literally concerning him, as I was about to learn), in ways of multiplying and intensifying it.

I agreed and said I´m open to learn, after all am I the one being quite young and he is bringing the experience into the relationship. I couldn´t figure what exactly he was referring to, because our sexual encounters were intense as were our orgasms – or so I thought.

In preparation of his performance we had no sex for 2 days! He was following a special diet and drank a lot of lemonade during the day, that day.

We arranged ourselves at our love-nest, he bringing a staple of towels which irritated me a bit, but I didn´t ask. Being ready to go he said that all I needed to do was to masturbate his penis and balls. He explained edging to me (I had never before done that to a guy) and I was more than willing to try. Meaning that he eventually shall instruct me on how much impact I was supposed to apply when he was approaching his point of no return, until at a certain point he would take over and demonstrate to me different kinds of climaxes I might not know existed in a man.

I had no clue what he meant. Maybe showing me multiples which I had noticed at our regular sessions. Yeah, that would be fun to observe, -so a new towel for each orgasm…?

He warned me that it might get boring for me, especially when reaching the phase of actually edging him. Because my fondling of his genitals then required to be executed patiently slow and light. But I was looking forward to examine his penis and balls and his reactions in the close proximity – and so it happened.

He was just laying there, his legs spread, and I was masturbating him with all the skill I had garnered in my young life.

I really enjoyed stroking his beautiful cock and big sack. Before, I had only briefly handled his penis and not with particular attention, because we always aimed for fucking. Yet here I could study his wand while making love to it with my hands, fingers and yes, lips and tongue. And for the first time I saw him precumming. He was continuously oozing his clear lust-juice and I loved it!

glans with precum

He was breathing deeply, but we talked along. I was telling him what I noticed about him and he let me know about the sensations I generated at his genitals. Then came the moment when edging started! It was hot seeing how his arousal increased. He just only gave instructions when to slow down or let go of his cock.

This was so exciting, also because I was looking forward to witness him cum and revealing to me what he meant about the different climaxes he was supposed to go thru.

Eventually he took over from me, now he was edging himself carefully. He was highly, highly aroused, his throbbing penis was so rigid and his sack was tight, all so different from the sex we usually shared.

And then the show began! He got up on his knees, reached for a towel placing it below his cock.

„This is for you!“ he whispered. He briefly touched the magic triangle below his swollen helmet, halted… nothing yet, came back for quick further touches, let go again. I certainly was aware of the fact about how fucking close to firing he must be. This situation was so hot!

Suddenly a first milky pearl appeared at his cock-slit, and then his cum was not shooting but pouring out of his wand, he was briefly pissing his milk without touching himself. Fuck, what was that!?

I had never seen such before! And what a load of semen! So this is the different kind of climax he was talking about. And now what?

Next he was stroking his penis slowly a couple of times, stopped, kept holding his lower shaft and poured another, smaller load of his cream! Was this his ejaculation? I was confused, ejaculation means pulsing, right? But he was not, while his loads were impressive; he must be rather empty, I thought.

Until now he had not moaned, just breathed heavily. He was jerking his still erect cock now, slowly, sensual. Sure he was not done yet – I was so captured. While he placed himself at the edge of the bed I collected the wetted towel. He asked me to place another one in front of him.

„Count“ he said and I immediately knew what he was referring to. He opened his legs wide and kept stroking. Then he began to moan and I knew he would blow a load right away – how could he!? Count he repeated, well, let´s see…

OMG! He started to shoot thinner semen now, as I noticed, and I counted… He was pumping six strong spurts until his ejections reduced into another four very small gushes. Now he was spent and empty, I thought. What a soaky show! How could he produce so much cum? When we were fucking he had not spilled that much! Good idea to have brought the towels.

He was placing himself back on the bed and I wanted to cuddle him when he said „Wait, there is more! Spread the other towels before me please and watch!“ I did what he asked for, but WTF was going to happen next?

He was grabbing his now less rigid penis and stroked his helmet with the palm of the other hand for a short while. And then he came:

He was pissing in a lasting sprinkle, just like a little water fountain! Yikes, what was this? He into water-sports, was this sexual at all? Maybe for him, but I wasn´t so sure about that. – Only later he explained that this type of climax was very well very sexual, as it was not urinating, but the kind of ejaculation that women can experience (we wanted to explore this with me in the future). And yes, the expelled stuff was quite different from urine (no smell, different texture). He should have warned me though! I was a bit shocked when he sprinkled and I told him so.

He still wasn´t finished!! He completed his show with an orgasm (yep, I learned to distinguish)! As a matter of fact, all he did until now was spilling his juices with more or less intense sensations which were mirrored in his vocal expressions.

Now, a short while after he had sprinkled, he masturbated his semi-erect penis yet again with a tight grip in a fast jerking mode until his action culminated in a seemingly intense and practically dry orgasm: he was almost screaming when his whole body was shaking and bucking in spasmodic convulsions which lasted about ten to fifteen seconds! Mere drops of his cream were showing at his cockmouth. Finally, after this (kind of) climax he was spent for good.

I was in shock and awe, I just didn´t know, I had no clue a man could cum in such ways. I was overwhelmed and had so many questions for him. He later explained in detail about all of what I had witnessed in his show and you can be sure that it changed our love-making routines. Well, it changed my life!

The Queen of Cum Control (3)

June 24, 2018

Having his climax controlled in this way and being unable to prevent it from being done to him again and again as well as being unable to give himself that slight touch needed to cross over the edge, is the incredible fiendish yet wonderful aspect about using a man’s own natural need to ejaculate (and orgasm) as tool to let a man experience a state of being unlike anything else.

I have had clients lose the ability to speak (so as if being intoxicated, which is in fact the case), I had them sobbing and crying, their bodies winding and bucking, craving discharge so badly.

Reaching this state of body and mind, where another (strange) person is controlling your stimulation, body, penis and orgasm is one of the MOST intense stages of sexual expression and abandon any man can experience. Eventually this ultimate combination of extraordinary pleasure and extraordinary frustration is topped by the rather unexpected triggering of the so desperately „needed“ ejaculation! Once you truly experience this at the hands of another person, you will be forever changed, forever wanting to experience this agonizing bliss again, for no other experience even comes close to it in intensity.

As mentioned, the gooning state can be stretched, especially when I am able to read my client well enough for triggering emissions in him. This takes the fluid-pressure off his glands temporarily, only to confuse the tormented mind of the man even more. I´ve seen spectacular emissions due to the high pressure in the glands of the men. A few have been forcefully „pissing“ a lasting stream of semen drenching themselves with their produce.

This certainly is a dildo and a fake power-emission, only displayed for illustrative purposes!

Yet emission is not ejaculation, the associated muscles and structures await the trigger to run their spasmodic contractions – and they will be strong! So, finally, and this is intuition, I trigger the client´s ejaculation! He will naturally think that I will, ever so slowly, tease him right before PONR and stop, yet now I continue to caress his penis. In disbelief most men deceleratedly realise that they are carried over the edge. Men who have had emissions will begin to release their semen just this way, in a steady stream at first. However, the ejaculatory reflex is eventually initiated.

Not only the mind is fooled, the body is as well. The reproductive systems is also caught by surprise. Now that the muscles and attached structures of his system are allowed to execute their function, the ejaculatory reaction becomes an extremely intense process (every client reports this and I can tell)! Due to the accumulated volume of seminal fluids and the enhanced energetic charge, the ejaculatory reflex runs longer than the client is used to (or has ever experienced before) and it produces quite powerful ejections of semen either roped or sprayed.

I have counted up to 25 ejections, had many clients screaming while ejaculating from the intense sensations they were living through. Some clients were passing out when their ejaculations coincided with (or were preceded by) orgasm (that´s when their bodies were spasmodically bucking). These power-ejaculations are such wonderful and spectacular sights to behold! I am ever again amazed how much semen a man is able to store and expel in one go.

These climaxes most always feature very fluid man-juice wetting the client from navel to forehead and parts of me as well in the cases of ungovernable bucking and/or spraying individuals.

I (try to) tenderly stroke my client´s penis all the way through his ejaculation, this naturally enhances his ejaculatory sensations. After his pulses have ceased I often enough start to jerk his penis again in a firm grip to trigger a second ejaculation. In case I sense the client still carries sexual energy, I make him cum a third time for releasing the rest of what he had accumulated in the long hours of caged arousal.

While my client is coming down from his experience I quickly untie him and usually take him in my arms. Almost all men are totally spent and need time for recovery, some begin to cry, other men fall briefly asleep. All men seem very humble when they gain their senses, and there is not one client being not impressed and asking for a second booking. As mentioned I have to deny such requests and recommend to try it on their own or with their partners. At least they have learned how it can work and what potential they carry within themselves.

Story cumplete!