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Reel Fiction (10)

April 23, 2017

The other day I returned home early from a seminar, and yes – you guessed it – I caught my sweetheart in the act of masturbating with his tablet. I mean he was in bed with his tablet screening porn while edging, apparently. I know he loves to do that, he even likes to spray his gadget, doesn´t matter, easy to clean.

So, I arrived around noon without giving notice. After all those days doing nothing but theoretical brain work, I had been looking forward to be around my dearest and get laid in the evening as a matter of urgency.

Now, I was not surprised finding him masturbating, and I don´t mind, he´s free to keep his lovely gear in shape whenever he pleases. He knows that, but he also knows that I need to be served and he better cope with that.

So, after I sneaked into our apartment and found him working his cock slow and savoring I immediately intercepted:

Whoo…, hold it, hold it, don´t cum now! Off with you hands!

Geee…. fuck, what are you doin´ here?

Hello to you too, by the way! …As for your question: we were thru and they released us early. And all I need is a good fuck tonight! But when you get off now, you will be tired later! And that´s no option, not tonight, not with me!

You got to be kidding, I need to cum! I am loaded, what do you think?! And I can manage you anyway.

I doubt that. I want you loaded as you are, that´s how I like it! I want you to fuck me big time tonight. Man, after these shitty days all I can think of is being filled.

Why not now then? C´me on, get naked and let´s do it right here and now!

That´s so typical. – Switch on your brains! I need to get settled first, I´m worn, I want to fix my stuff first, …laundry, eat something, rest, then get into the mood – with your help – and then we take off. Do I really have to explain that to you?

You´re so cute when you get angry… But you need to also understand, I was edging for quite a while now and I really have to release some of the pressure – aka cumming! …Here´s what we can do: you lend me a hand real quick!?!

I could tell that he was loaded. Despite being „caught“ -and over the course of the argument- his cock was still fully erect and throbbing. I fancied his suggestion the longer I thought about it. Not least because a certain trick came to my mind:

Well, that might be a true option.

Good girl, I knew you´d love to make me cum.

Sure do, but I will just trigger you… for the pumping you´re on your own.

What!? You want to ruin my orgasm?

No, I neither want to ruin your orgasm, nor will your spurting be ruined. You will just cum no-hands!

But I want to be worked all the way thru!!

I know. I know it´s much nicer that way. But my method assures me that you regain a pressing urge in no time. At least until tonight. – This or nothing…

Ok, ok – you won. Go ahead whenever you are ready. I guess it´s a fair deal after all.

I placed myself next to him on the spot and began masturbating his beloved cock and balls. He must have had shaved his pubes and sack right before his session, really nice, so smooth!

I used some oil that he had taken with him, while his tablet was not needed no more, put that aside.

It didn´t take long until he suddenly exhaled and said: Oh yeah! in an upsurge of internal sensations – his PONR apparently. I let go of his sweet package, just in time to witness him living thru his intense climax which lasted quite a while and beyond the cum-producing spurts.

Wasn´t that nice!? I commented and began to utilize his load as lotion for further gentle cock and ball stroking while he still was answering this with convulsions in his ejaculatory aftermath.

[download “reel” here]

Later that night he had regained his sexual prowess and he fucked me hard, just like I had hoped he would. That no-hand spurting might have done the trick. I believe it did!


Neglected Post (8) – General Sexual Response

March 22, 2017

Original post: General Sexual Response

Less than 285 views since December 27, 2012

The post in question very well could have been the initial regular entry of this blog following Introduction and Remarks (with which I prompt my readers to be sure of some basic anatomical knowledge for fully enjoying facts and prose in my blog). However, I published it a good two and a half years on!

It probably should have been the kick-off, because the post tells you physical basics on your way from sexual arousal to climax in a compact manner. A Male Sexual Response by the Books, as I called it.

Everyone knows the described parameters more or less. The emphasis lies on „more or less“, because since everyone differs and reacts differently from the other, the listing of particulars is an interesting read nonetheless! It demonstrates a potentiality of basic physiological changes on our way from erection to ejaculation/orgasm.

Therefore it can be quite exciting to observe yourself or a partner en route to bliss. And reading that register will refresh your knowledge and may give you ideas about some experimentation or alteration in your masturbatory routine, possibly leading you to try out some more extreme manipulations. Just like I explained at the end of the neglected post.

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

The Struggling Cock

February 7, 2016
Bonus-file (a masturbation-technique) further down!

I headlined this post The Struggling Cock because it seems as if the penis we observe in the clip (I´m gonna review) is much more than “just” throbbing. The penis appears to be pretty agile within himself and this impression is not deceiving. However, it certainly is the man himself who is struggling!

I still consider the featured clip one of the hottest amateur masturbation scenes around. It is pure and straightforward and demonstrates well – by it´s set-up and method – the essence of partner-applied masturbation: the power a masturbator/-trix naturally achieves and the effect of his/her stimulations applied.

In particular: here is a man anticipating his climax while his female partner jerks his dick´s upper shaft in a fairly steady pace. The guy, surrendering totally to the action of his masturbatrix, answers the concentrated tactile stimulus with (involuntary) movement of his body at times while the muscles connected to his reproductive system apparently contract all the time. The latter in combination with the stroking impact lets the penis appear to be moving lively, a penile performance rarely seen in any given clip with a similar set-up.

I fixed an animated gif for which I connected clips-stills with the partners stroking fingers being always mid-shaft to give you an idea what I am talking about:


The constant shifting of the shaft´s shape is truly amazing! His testicles are struggling as well. Notice his nuts churning inside his ball-sack!

And not to forget, being highly aroused the guy is oozing precum:


The described observations appear even a bit more extreme while the guy is ejaculating! Scroll down to watch a gif covering that phase. But let me sum up why I love this clip (so much so, that I was using it for creating a hot reel-fiction story (please read here) earlier).

What am I enjoying?

  • We see an athletic man (naked) being masturbated by a (clothed) woman (faces out of frame)
  • the guy´s circumsized penis is nicely shaped/curved and bears a very appealing length and girth
  • together with his matching glans and his swollen balls we savor a beautiful, well proportioned set of male genitals
  • his partner is masturbating his cock in a very distinct way: she just uses her thumb and pointer for stroking the upper half of the shaft, the pointer rubbing the underside, the thumb the upper side of the penis
  • her pointer stimulates the magic triangle, her thumb flips over the helmet´s coronal ridge
  • she uses a steady stroking rhythm, she just speeds up towards his PONR and works him through his ejaculatory reflex
  • the guy is not interfering with her stroking, he keeps his hands away, he leaves her doing her handjob, or better fingerjob, he is completely surrendering to her teasing act
  • he is only able to cope with the sensations she is applying upon the upper part of his penis thru unvoluntary body movement and contracting of the different internal muscles of his reproductive system – this is the struggling of him and his penis towards his pending climax
  • he knows that at some point she will trigger his ejaculation by her way of stroking, but he can not know when this moment arrives
  • as observers of this situation we are in the same position as the masturbated man, which makes this clip so hot and exciting
  • eventually she triggers his ejaculation and the guy shoots his load, beginning with an explosive first spurt followed by heavy pumping of his accumulated volume of semen
  • we witness his milk wetting his shaft and balls
  • she jerks his (still erect) penis for some time after his ejaculation has ceased, indicating that she has enjoyed the whole session.


The presentation of this masturbatory act is exemplary and demonstrates a teasing hand-/finger-job delivering a high level of sexual pleasure to the masturbated. Yet as experts we know that we can reach even beyond.

The next stage would be a similar masturbatory technique that has the potential to drive the receiver crazy and lead to a very intense ejaculatory climax (please read here = bonus file)!

Beyond that stage we reach the realm of edging and/or cum denial, where the masturbator/-trix will try to keep the masturbated permanently on the verge of PONR, –read more about it.

I am sure you are desperate now to watch the clip I am referring to all the time. Well, get it via this link or read the mentioned reel-fiction story, where you find the link as well – enjoy!

The Ultimate Oral – Solo

December 13, 2015

From the preceding post you know that I consider deepthroating the „ultimate oral“, when two people unite in oral sex. Then how could this apply to solosexual fellatio? Isn´t such solo- superlative rather impossible? And if it wasn´t, what would be the „ultimate solo oral“?

The situation is a very different one indeed, when it comes to solosucking or selfsucking. If you wanted to deepthroat yourself, you certainly needed a long enough penis to be able to perform such feat, or your body better be extremely flexible.

I am sure that almost every human male dreams and fantasizes (at least at some point in their sexual lives) about being able to mouth-caress the very own cock. Quite a lot of guys actually do manage to reach their helmet with their mouth or tongue, and some are even able to deepthroat themselves being equipped with an average sized penis! Yet only few men are endowed in such a way that they are able to rather effortlessly fill their own throat.

Us men may envy dogs forever, each time we see one licking their own with ease. Yet at least we can exercise to become flexible enough to reach our wand and possibly swallow some of the most cherished limb.


But deepthroating!? You may ask yourself – and I do too – if those few men with really long cocks practise self-deepthroating? I would assume that they at least try, sooner than later.

In the preceding post I pointed out, that deepthroating is a skill not to be mastered without practising, for several reasons. Hence, even if you were endowed with a long penis you needed to master the throating skill, if less so for being super flexible with your body, for fully enjoying it to take yourself deep down your gullet.

I guess this specimen would suffice:


Yeah, such a long (and thick) cock would do. However, such a size is truly rare! And please have a closer look at this beautiful model of a penis – it´s fake!

The 4 arrows on each side don´t celebrate the enormous length, but point to recurring patterns on each side of the shaft that indicate a photoshopped elongation of the original picture – well done, at a first glance and viewed from a distance.

Back to square one: us average guys need to keep up with gymnastics to come a bit closer to our fantasies, only then we may achieve some average auto-fellatio:


Although this is hot in a way, it is far from the experience that the described „ultimate oral for a couple“ means for the receiver in that situation. For as an average selfsucker you have to deal with the arduous body position that may just reduce sexual impulse and enjoyment of the act.

In addition, the psycho-spiritual quality is another one with the selfsucking experience. Here you are provider and receiver at the same time. Your enjoyment as provider may be diminished by the permanent struggle of your lips and tongue to reach and stay connected with your cock until ejaculation is triggered. – There may be just very few exceptions to this rule (concerning both the physical ability and the mental scope).

As a receiver you will be proud to manage at all, and you will be much satisfied to release your milk into your mouth or on your face eventually (I must point out that I can not reach myself!). The finesse of caressing your helmet, frenulum and shaft may be humble given the situation. Last not least your body has the natural urge to „open up towards the world“ (headwords: arching your back) at the moment of climax – that´s the counterposition to what you are performing…

I know, I haven´t answered the question yet. Well, here goes: I believe the „ultimate solo oral“ happens entirely in our brain, in our dreams to be exact. And here I can speak from experience!


In many dream-scenarios I was effortlessly selfsucking my dick. While masturbating, so my dreams, I suddenly remember that I also can take my cock into my mouth easily (it just works without struggling gymnastics) and suck my head to trigger ejaculation. However, mostly PONR is occurring the moment I welcome my penis (deeper) into my mouth. Extended deepthroating remains to be an elusive scene, probably because I never have done so in the real word.

Those (wet) dreams can be totally real, and often enough trigger real ejaculation. I consider the dreaming of selfsucking the „ultimate solo oral“ (in case you do dream auto-fellatio). If you just don´t have wet dreams of this kind (compare poll #31 here), you may want to consider to learn more about how to achieve auto-fellatio (please check with this link).

Feel free to comment, especially if you have managed real-live self-deepthroating!! 😉