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What if… (2)

June 26, 2013

… a young woman was to experience the glorious joys of owning a cock & nut-sack? Well, just keep on reading! – (A story in 4 parts.)

I woke up, just like that. Through barely open eyes I took a glance at the alarm – it was so damn early still, much too early. Then I felt my heavy head, but I didn´t drink that much, did I? Yeah, the lounge … and that strange woman! Holy shit!!!

I was instantly awake, my heart was pounding. I was lying on my back, legs spread apart. I felt petrified. With my mind I carefully focused on my crotch, but I couldn´t sense any difference at first. But yes, there was something different. I was missing the feeling of „emptyness“ down there. My heartbeat increased. Slowly I slipped down with my right hand, felt my pubes, and then… a rush of adrenalin! I had briefly touched „the spot“ before I pulled back the sheet in a haste. Fucking Jesus!!! I could not believe my eyes! Where my pussy used to be I now saw a soft penis attached to my body, and below it a soft skin bag apparently containing two testicles! I stared at myself in disbelief and confusion. Forgotten was my heavy head and the early hour.


With a fingertip I carefully pressed on my new organ – yeah, soft it was. Carefully I grabbed my balls, lifted my sack, soft and heavy that felt at my fingers. I overcame my shyness saying to myself how ridiculous it was to act as if I never had touched a cock and balls before. And yet, this was different! I felt touching me, a penis with a sack, and being touched at the same time!!

I grabbed my cock now, it was soft, relaxed. I pressed it, I pulled it. I cupped my sack, it filled my hand like a tennis-ball. This all felt really good and – bingo – I sensed a swelling! Something like when my pussy reacted, however, much clearer to my mind and much faster! In no time my cock was almost fully erect! A beautiful specimen. My foreskin automatically retracted slightly and I pulled all the way back. Good lord, what a wonderful sensation of growing and freeing the head! And how pretty my cock was to look at, throbbing in his hardness with his bloated helmet – I instantly fell in love with him! I saw him and I felt his rigidity inside of me and I realised how addictive this was.


Then I noticed some movement in my nut-sack. Its tender skin became thick and my balls were slightly moving inside! Now I grabbed my dick and my nuts and I began to automatically jack myself. Oh, how smoothly my foreskin supported my jacking movements. I was in love and in awe. I was amazed how quickly I was ready and with such excitement! I felt so fucking great!!

I jumped out of the bed, got rid of my sleeping shirt and went in front of the big mirror. Yep, that was me definitely, all in its place, my face, my boobs, my curves, my legs, and between them a stiff penis pointing upwards, what a beautiful sight. And strange as well. I stepped towards the mirror and took a close look, wow! Indeed, I was a shemale now, a natural one.

Suddenly a thought creeped up my mind: How would this erection disappear? Not that I wanted it to disappear now, but, I didn´t think of becoming erect and yet it happened! Would I stay erect until I came? And by the way, what was I supposed to do now? I never was planning with such a situation. At this moment of confusion and distraction I noticed my penis becoming softer. Which made me refocus at him, which in turn let him stiffen up. Wow, how fast that worked! However, this mechanism seemed out of control, or at least not being linked to my will.

I needed to make plans. In a way that would let me get most out of this awesome yet crazy situation. I needed to avoid orgasm as long as I could, yet I needed to try out as much hot sex only possible while owning a cock! But first things first…

… to be continued!

Love, Sex And Climax

August 4, 2012

It´s time again for a bit of fiction!

The following story is as much about intensity as it is about emotion. And I believe there is a link between both aspects. Read this womans point of view:

Love definitely is the strongest motive for a satisfying sex-life! Being in love, when it comes to sex, will let you experience sex much deeper and much more intense than when you are not. Especially when you and your lover find out to be a perfect match, which happened to be the case with us. We round-up each others needs perfectly! It took a while to find out, but once discovered, our sexual encounters became heavenly voyages.

Once the fires of lust are ignited they burn hot and long. We become all inhibited and swept away by our passions. We never know which path we take, but enjoy the journey sometimes for hours on end. Basically my man is devoting himself to me and the act of lovemaking itself. He is rather smooth, less „agressive“, thus providing, as I find myself becoming lost in my passion for him! There you see the match. I can´t get enough of him and he is willing to give himself to me, in every aspect!

After our first perfectly matched-up love encounter I was kind of baffled about myself in retrospect. Love and passion had made me inhibited in my sexual needs, much like a fleshly addict! And my hubby was (is) my drug! When passion is up I just can´t get enough of him. Every time we are immersed in the act I have the urge to eat him up! Or more precisely: devour his balls and penis. Luckily enough I kind of can do just that! 😉

I like to be fucked by him in every orifice of my body. But what I crave and enjoy most is to edge him into an explosive cum-orgasm with loads of his milk shooting to nurture me! This is the ultimate win-win situation for both of us. He is in complete surrender to experience a mind shattering climax that leaves him at the brink of passing out from lust. And I enjoy his parts and his juices to the fullest possible extend!

I must tell you about our unsurpassed love-journey to date. Everything was really perfect from head on. We had been in a great mood. We were lusty about each other all day long. We´ve had a fine dinner and drank above average amounts of water and light fruit juices prior to our encounter. We were undisturbed in any way. Not too long into the evening we merged from affectionate flirting into passion. As usual we took our time starting to caress each other.

Soon I felt the strong urge to get close to his lovely penis and balls. I wanted to be near his package. He was leaking precum heavily which aroused me tremendously. Soon I was mouthbathing his swollen balls before I deep-throated his throbbing cock very sensually. What a wonderful act of love! My man was moaning loud and I knew he was in bliss right then. Eventually I let go because I needed to observe him living thru his orgasm of which I was sure it would be mind-blowing, literally.

I began to edge him. I concentrated my caresses at the rim of his dickhead and the sensitive skin right below his engorged helmet. What a sight! What a situation! I believe I caressed him for another couple of hours before I could not hold back anymore – let alone he himself – and made him explode his hot charge.

God, how I love his cock and balls! When passion fills me I can not hold back or limit me. Hence was I lost in time and admiration for his genitals while caressing him mindfully to keep him on the edge, for him dissolving into his cocklust. I just watched his throbbing dick which was producing an almost constant little stream of precum. His swollen sack was tight for a long time, indicating that he was more than ready to shoot his accumulated milk.

This all made me so hot that I just left him three times, giving him a break while I myself surrendered into orgasm! I just needed to touch my clit lightly to get off.

Eventually I though it was time to coax his milk out of him. He was in total bliss then already. He was all cock (from what he was telling me afterwords) with no concept of time nor place anymore. He just received my touch enjoying every move I applied. From the noises, the moans and grunts, the whining and breathing I was exactly sensing how he felt.

Then came the moment I decided to harvest his milk. His wonderful hard and rock hard rod before me, I began to massage his foreskin just below the rim of his bloated helmet. Hubby soon began to moan loud and intensely. I mindfully continued my feather light touch. His moaning turned into an impatient whining. I let go and was instantly awarded with a powerful river of thin cum.

It´s been an extended emission of his saved up juice. When the pulse was over I returned to his ever so sensitive frenular spot and continued with my caressing. He immediately was moaning again, being overwhelmed by pure cock-bliss.

He did wander the edge instantly. His moans became louder than before. I just did not stop touching him. He kept his body still in anticipation. I wanted to see him explode now. I kept caressing his dick below the rim. His moans were changing to a higher pitch. The whining signalled an emission to occur and so it came. Thin cum was running out of his piss-slit yet again, over my fingertips down his cockshaft wetting both sides of his tight sack. I kept touching, rather holding his cock by the corona when suddenly his whining turned into the most heavy screaming I ever had heard from him! His hands were cramping into the sheets of the bed, his back arched forcefully while he gasped for air! Then, while screaming like a stabbed pig, his body bucked and spasmed in uncontrollable movements. I hardly managed to keep my hand in touch with his wet cock. Then I noticed him spraying his hot milk in uncounted shots covering the bed, him and me everywhere from his waistline upwards.

His eruption did not seem to come to an end when suddenly he collapsed. While laying generally motionless he breathed heavily though soundless. His reproductive system still pumped out some pulses of cum. Hubby apparently passed out from orgasmic bliss! I was overwhelmed with emotion and excitement and made myself come once more and was swept away by intense bliss as well.

After this wonderful experience we couldn´t repeat such an intense love voyage to date. The situation had just been perfect then. We came close to that few times though. However, love is all about the moments in bliss in all their variety, not any measurements nor benchmarks!

Cumplete Surrender (2)

October 22, 2011

Read part one of this story here!

I begin to lightly massage his beautiful cockhead and just that. I do this slowly and for a very long time. His moaning had become less after the prostate massage. When it picks up together with an intensified breathing I know we are on our way. He continuously spills precum, -what a lovely sight! Slowly I massage his soft glans and watch his balls move in his sack. Sometimes I touch his sack-hair or slowly pull back his foreskin at the cock-base.

When his breathing is deep and the sound of his moaning is in low tone I carefully integrate his foreskin into my caresses. In this phase we enter the plateau of his excitement. The objective now changes. From pure enjoyment of his genitals we will now follow the build-up of his orgasmic potential thru intensifying his lust. Since we are a team and since I know him so well (including an optimal communication) I masturbate him ever closer to the edge of cumming without letting him merge over the edge.

I never count how many times we come close. I assume it must be at least 50 times, more likely up to a hundred. During this steady stop and go he will become increasingly insane from the pressure building up inside of him. There are two kinds of pressure. One is the pressure of his ongoing secretial build-up in his glands. I know that he feels filled with semen wanting so badly to explode and release his man-juices. The other kind of pressure is the one from the psychological side of it. He is in my hands and does not know when I will let him cum which ever increases his lust. His excitement and fluid pressure are just driving him mad.

After some time, probably around the 20th Stop&Go he will find himself in a state of mind where he just is riding the edge of cum-explosion. He is constantly moaning loud and breathing heavily. Whenever I bring him closer to the edge he begins to whine showing me that I have to back off again and allow him a short break. I try to really keep him on the edge and produce mini-orgasms or rather mini-ejaculations, which will make him ooze some of his milk. I love this so much and I love his cum and precum and lick my fingers clean when he oozes over my fingertips.

After I´ve kept him in this ecstatic state of constant oozing just at the brink of ejaculation for a long time, maybe after about a hundred Stop&Goes, I will decide to caress him into a most powerful orgasmic ejaculation. This time I will not stop my foreskin stroking when he nears the threshold to ejaculation. Via his moaning and whining I exactly know in which phase of excitement he is in. When his moaning turns into whining he is very close to emission. His glands are on high-alert for letting go of his accumulated volume of milk. At that point I will apply the lightest touch to his foreskin and to the rim of his glans and may additionally touch his drawn up balls in his tight sack equally lightly. He then will become louder in his whining and his breathing will become deeper just out of pure unbearable excitement. I know that his floodgates will open up if I continue with my featherly light caresses. And this is exactly what I eventually do, naturally.

He is whining in an intense state of lustful bliss, his body-musculature is spasming, he is gasping for air. I ever so slightly touch his foreskin and/or sack. Often he screams out loud just before a second later a steady stream of his thin and clear first cum is flowing out of his cock. However, this does not mean that he is experiencing ejaculation yet. His internal plumbings just have released a first bigger portion of his milk. It is essential that I keep on caressing him in the described way. He still is gasping for air between his moanings. While I keep slightly touching his skins he finally begins to scream like wild in a full and deep tone. It is obvious that he can´t take it anymore. This is a sure sign that now the mechanics of his ejaculatory reflex have set in. For a brief moment a small amount of hot and almost clear cum shows in his cockeye before he finally begins to shoot his white lava with a violent first full spurt flying all the way behind his head. Ejaculation has inevitably set in and I still continue to lightly stroke his foreskin yet slowly increasing my grip.

He screams like wild while shooting spurt after spurt of his delicious hot creamy milk. The pressure in his reservoir of juices declines with each cycle of orgasmic spasm, but he extendedly is pumping cum, though in decreasing amounts. His screaming returns to moaning and then fades into just heavy breathing, until he eventually calms down into a silent and peaceful relaxation. It takes some time before his breathing is back to normal as well, but I know my man has been in the high heavens of lust.


Cumplete Surrender (1)

October 19, 2011

My previous post is about a woman deeply in love with the reproductive system of her man (after all she is in love with the man himself). Now what could possibly mean an increase of this rather ideal combination, which I was literally illustrating there? Well, probably only a man masturbating another man, because the masturbator would project everything he wanted for himself onto his lover, hence knowing perfectly well what and how to tease another man´s plumbing. Or – as a close follow-up – a woman who wished she was born male (yet not in a transgender meaning)! This was the reason then why she became a female expert on the male reproductive system craving for cock, balls and cum in addition to being driven by passionate ambition to pleasure her lover slowly into the most intense sexual reaction possible.

Read about such a lady and how she works her masturbatee:

When I was old enough to know the difference between male and female genitalia I became envious of boys for their penises. It was not until a little later when I learned that I as a woman in fact do have access to the best of both worlds.

However, I developed into a woman who became extremely fond of male genitalia and its produce. Still early I found myself to be a girl deeply in love with penises, testicles, precum and semen and eventually a males internal main gland, the prostate.

Naturally I was engaging sexually with a lot of men, especially in my late teens, learning a lot about how men work and especially how the plumbings of a man work. Most of my partners were astound of my knowledge and my focus of their genitals. Some have even been shied away, but quite some learned about themselves thru me and most of them enjoyed my special treatment. But for many years I could not find the perfect match or, when I thought a guy was the one, the relationship did not last to establish what I had in mind for a perfect sexual love and partnership. Until now! Let me tell you about my man.

To begin with he devotes himself to me totally when it comes to my sexual needs. My primary need, besides the one to being fucked once in a while and eaten out regularly, is the complete freedom to play with his genitals and to generate for him the possibly most intense orgasmic experiences thru manipulation of his parts alone. This became only reality because what I want is what he wants in addition to the fine-tuning of both our minds over a long period of time, so that we always are absolutely in sync when it cums to our favorite sex act!

As I said, the main objective is to give him the most intense and long-lasting sexual experience possible, which will result in most extended and voluminous ejaculations. My aim is to make him pass out from the intensity of his lust while he ejaculates and I know we have been very close to it a few times.

We perform such an act like this: he will be lying down on his back in our queen-size bed, his legs spread wide apart. His pelvis is lifted by a large pillow, which we put under his buttock, allowing me full and easy access to his man-meat. I sit between his legs and will slowly begin with my routine. All he needs to do is to relax and let go, devote himself to my loving care and his steady increasing arousal and lust.

Slowly and very tender will I begin with my caresses. At the very beginning this goes without lubrication, but soon enough I will apply lots of olive oil. Mostly his penis is flaccid when I start unless he is in heat already. Because we know each other so well we may start out with a soft penis but this will change often immediately after I begin to touch him.

In this phase I just enjoy his genitals and the beauty of it. I think of them and treat them in a way as if they were my own. I start with the testicles. My man owns big balls, which grow in size with time during my caress. I love his balls. I slightly touch his sack with my fingertips. I watch the balls move within his pouch once his excitement is on the rise. My man is not shaved and he is uncut, hence I have lots of ways to tease him.

When his cock is erect I softly grab his wand and pull down his foreskin. His penis is of average length and solid circumference, a real strong tool. What I love most about his cock is his cockhead, the glans. I just love his helmet! The rim of it is very prominent making it almost a separate sex organ. I just love its form, I favor his above all the cockheads I have had, and I have had many. In addition: it is here where the precum and cum is surfacing!

My man is a great precummer! Whenever I notice drops of his gel I lick it off or play with it and certainly I lube his glans with it. All my caresses are basically very light and will remain so, because this is the way to drive him crazy from pure lust later on. There are just 2 exceptions concerning the firmness of my grips, namely the massage of his sack and the massage of his prostate.

Soon I will apply a good portion of olive oil onto his balls. Slowly and still tender I will begin to massage them. This is relaxing and exciting alike. I know he enjoys this very much, just as I do. I love to feel his balls. I like to imagine that they store all his juices, but certainly know better. But I pretend they would and it is fun to massage the balls with this idea in mind. I continue for quite some time until I think that his balls did swell from congestion.

Next will be his prostate. I will tenderly probe his anus with lots of oil penetrating him deeper and deeper with my middle finger. Before I continue to massage his gland with a thin anal dildo I want to touch and feel his cum factory directly with my finger. My man meanwhile is quite excited and does moan commenting my movements and caresses. We live in a single house, which is essential, because it will get loud soon enough.

When I probe him with the dildo he begins to moan louder and more frequently. I noticed that his excitement developing from prostate stimulation is subject to change. I never know if he will be aroused more or less at a particular session. It always comes as a surprise. If it does not excite him, I leave his back door sooner – if he is hot about it, I just take my time and keep on teasing his gland. Many times I combine prostate massage with ball massage. How I love to see him enjoying what I do. And yes, I sure love what I do.

Until then I have spared his penis. That is because it is his magic wand, his tool for lust. He is most sensitive at the tip of his wonderful cock. In particular his glans and the shaft just below of his cock-head. He told me that his foreskin is containing most sensitive nerve-endings, I know this for a long time now. Thru caresses at his foreskin I use to send him into agony and over the edge eventually.

to be continued…