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The Blissed Triangle

May 16, 2015

I realized that I never posted anything about the frenulum or its location on the underside of a cockhead. I did however write about the foreskin in two posts (here + here). And both cover a lot of ground.

Still, the tissue delta I address in this post describes a very special penile area. Not only are we treated with a highly appealing visual of never-ceasing fascination (check glans-charts #4, #5, #6), even more this blissed triangle provides us with a spot that easily triggers ejaculation when (solely) stimulated!


This area, also known as frenular delta, is considered by many as most sensitive of a given penis, as expressed in a scientific article by Ken McGrath:

The frenular delta is noted by men as the most sensitive area of their penis, especially in the mid-line nearest the frenulum, and the frenulum itself.

Also wikipedia agrees, following several sources:

The frenulum and the associated tissue delta on the underside of the penis below the corona has been described in sexuality textbooks as “very reactive” and “particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft“. The “underside of the shaft of the penis, meaning the body below the corona” is a “source of distinct pleasure“.

It may be less the skin (if you are intact, the frenulum) that does the magic. When we look at the sensitivity graph we realize that highest skin-sensitivity does not lie within the triangle (compare here).

triangle sensitivity


Fact is that this triangle of bliss is one kind of a lustful spot, probably due to the intertwining of tissues (skin and erectile). In my experience sufficient pressure here will accelerate the approach of PONR. But you will know what works best for you.

I found a text on a masturbation-method focussing at the frenular delta:

The circling technique: using the pad of your index or middle finger, make circles on the underside of the head right at or beneath where the ridge meets. This area is extremely sensitive, so be careful; lighter touching is more stimulating than heavy. Vary the pressure, direction and speed. Try to just relax and feel the sensation in your cock.

Take your time. The longer you take -especially if you are edging– the more intense the orgasm and the bigger your load.

When you feel like you can’t go on, speed up the circles; you’ll start cumming, and for maximum effect, continue the circles until the last bit comes out or even after.

While everyone is different, my experience and what I’ve heard confirms that you’ll cum differently using this technique than from stroking. With stroking, you are more likely to shoot or spray your cum out. With circling, you are most likely to have your cum pump, flow, or even gush out; I’ve had all three happen.

Recently avid follower and commenter Tom supplied a link to a clip (duration 5:07) showing a guy triggering his ejaculation thru teasing his frenulum. Actually he is triggering his reflex while (also) stroking the sensitive lower frenular tissue depicted in the drawing above! He is not really impacting his sweet spot, the delta (or triangle), to make his runny milk shoot. Study the slow-mo replay at the end of the clip.

By the way, I realized I have this guy featured in my blog here!

At last take a look at this animated gif for a variation of the circling technique (for guys with a frenulum):

frenu shake

Do you sense it tingling at your blissed triangle?! 😉

Repeated Emission

April 15, 2010

This post is highlighting the possibility of multiple emissions! This is basically possible because only the (neurological driven, involuntary) reflex for pumping out semen (i.e. ejaculation proper) may bear the price of the refractory period. After all that´s why every man tries to avoid or postpone ejaculation (and orgasm) in the first place! Emission though means a glandular discharge of fluids making up your milk and its free flow out of your penis. And the refractory period is not tied to that.

Read two accounts by two guys who are pros in their field – edging. The accounts illustrate their ability, their feelings and impressions – and they tell how they do it! These statements also show that edging is the (probably only) method to achieve emission-climax and repeatedly so. Whatever you name such a climax, I still call it emission.

I’m a chronic edger, meaning that for hours on end I’ll bring myself to the brink of cumming and back off, over and over again. Sometimes I’ll do this for several days, stopping of course to work, eat and sleep. All that edging builds up a lot of sperm. Also, all that edging teaches you how to control your orgasms. Anyway, after edging for hours and/or days, I can more easily release partial cumloads without having a full orgasm. What I do is bring my dick to the brink of cumming, and then once to the edge, using lots of lube, I very slowly stroke just the top side of my glans ridge, NOT TOUCHING THE SENSITIVE FRENULUM (Sweet Spot) AT ALL, using the web of my thumb and forefinger, just slowly letting my dick slip back and forth within that web. I don’t squeeze either. I concentrate on trying to relax until I feel the sperm working its way up my dick shaft. Once I feel it working its way up and out of my piss slit, I let go of my dick and just let the cum pour out.


Then, if I wait about 1 minute, I can bring my dick back to the edge again, using the same extremely slow stroking technique, and again release my dick and let another load of sperm pour out. Usually if I try to let out another partial cum load for a 3rd time, my dick is so hard and excited, that the 3rd time ends up being the full orgasm. So I usually just go back to edging without releasing any cum for about an hour, then I can ooze out more partial cumloads. And, because I don’t lose that horny feeling when I release partial cumloads, I like to eat them or play with them. All of this takes a little practice, but all that practice sure is fun!

Here´s another approach:

As far as entering emission & yet avoiding ejaculation goes, here’s what I experience. I can get into a state of continuous orgasmic pleasure usually after bringing myself to the edge of the emission stage 5 or 6 times first. This is all a rather delicate balancing act, but it feels so good, it’s worth repeated efforts, right? Anyway, as I suggested before, you might focus on consciously locating & exercising that “pee-stopper” muscle that controls urination. For some guys it’s also associated with pressing down on the urogenital diaphragm, which happens often when you take a deep belly breath & push your abdominal diaphragm down.

Because the internal plumbing’s designed to prevent urination & ejaculation from happening at the same time, by relaxing the “pee-control” as if you want to urinate, this gently nudges ejaculation away by forestalling the expulsion stage. Once you enter emission, you have at most 2 or 3 seconds to relax that bulbospongiosus muscle & maybe spend an indefinite time coasting in the orgasmic pleasure of emission. Emission involves an almost burning intensity & pressure in the head of your penis (which you’re not touching, or at least only holding) & also a sensation of fullness or gathering of the seminal fluids in the urethral bulb.


You’ll feel ongoing waves of pleasure far more intense than pre-emission edging sensations, but not the cataclysmic & brief hurricane of ejaculatory orgasm. If you spend several consecutive periods in emission orgasm, each time you back out, your penis will be more & more sensitive. You’ll get so aroused you barely need to touch it, the most delicate subtle stimulus will produce overwhelmingly exquisite pleasure.


Be sure to relax & enjoy WHATEVER you’re doing. It’s not a competition, not even against yourself. This is FOR yourself!

The last three sentences make a nice closing statement. I also like to point out that, though biology and anatomical workings are the same, every man will develope a very individual experience with his system. It’s all a process, it’s a flow – just like your precum does when you become aroused 😉 .