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Being Edged – What it Feels Like (2)

April 21, 2011

Continued from Part One

Her say in this color and His say in this color!

Oh yeah, you are in me now, holy fuck! – Be careful now, it feels as if I´m closing in.

I stopped any motion while he spilled more cream onto his belly.

Wow, you sure are full!

Yeah, better move out. Slowly please.

I did as he requested. I cleaned my finger and scooped up the puddle of cum while he lingered in the aftermath of my internal visit. From here on the true edging began.

Well, tell me how you want me to touch you now, and don´t forget to describe what you feel.

OK, just touch my ridged band here below my helmet. Just touch me there.

He showed me again, but I certainly knew. And so I began with a very light stroking.

You know this is the fucking hottest sensation you generate in my cock. This will definitely trigger my reflex sooner or later. It feels so immensely great. A sharp sensation in that skin directly connecting to my glands. Fuck yes, this is it!

He kept on breathing and moaning long uurrghhhs.

How is that?

Uuhhh, fucking crazy. This touch will make my inside turn upside down. It will make me cum. Stop it!

I let go.

I need to calm down a bit. – Gee, I feel so filled up, wanting to release so bad. I want to cover you with my milk, bathe you in my milk. The thought is so hot and right now I feel totally capable of doing this.

He was right, the thought was hot. Even more so as he was in fact just totally drenching me in his milk few times. Indescribable! Made me cum myself right away.

Baby I can´t wait to shoot, what do you think we do? Make me cum now or still edge on?

Let me try to coax out an emission. I want to drink you before you possibly shoot all over the place.

What ever you wish. I am yours.

I was beginning to lightly rub his skin again. Immediately he started to moan.

Oh yeah. Go on like this. Just keep on going. Ohh yeah, I´m there soon, slowly now, uuhhhh, wait…

I was almost not moving, just kept my fingers on his throbbing cock.

Uuuhhh. I think… yessss, I feel it… uuurrhhhhhh…!

And I knew that milk was on it´s way right now. I let go of his cock, grabbed a small glas and was right in place to catch a solid spill of his now thin cum, this portion cumming right from his prostate. When the gush was collected I drank his warm milk right away. It was tasting sweet, I love to drink his produce just as much as being soaked in it.

You really taste sweet today honey. Makes me want more of you. Are you ready for the great release?

Sure am. But go slowly, try to make it last.

Sure will, you know me. And you try to describe as long as you can.

Yeah, I try.

This being said I turned to his rock hard boner and continued to work his sensitive inner skin.

Feels good. Ohhh yeah, feels goood! Something is rising.

Quickly he was there.

Easy now, very easy…!!

I barely moved. I had formed an O with my thumb and pointer and encircled his shaft right there below the rim of his helmet. His cock was throbbing in my lose grip.

Yes, I am close to the point, easy…

I was moving again, very slow and careful, up and down on the oily tender skin. And then he was on his way.

Oh yeah, I´m melting! God I´m melting, I´m flowing uuhhhh, yessss I´m cumming, it started … uuuhhhhhhh, yeahhhh urrghhh myy Gaawwd….

He needed to take another deep breath after which he was loudly howling. Suddenly his milk was spilling in what seemed as if he was pissing his milk in a steady stream; I had never seen such and it took me unprepared. I was holding his cock now and sensed him beginning to pulse in his reflex while he was bucking and tossing around. He had taken another deep breath and screamed like wild parallel to his system spurting out what was left of his milk in seven or eight powerful yet short jets. This time he covered himself in his warm juices, I was sitting on the wrong side unfortunately, but scooped up his sweet produce while he was calming down, totally spent eventually.

When he regained some consciousness I asked him:

What was that?

I don´t know. Some fucking intense point of no return and climax, that’s for sure! Maybe like never before.

Did you notice that you were pissing half of your load?

Really? Not sure, maybe, I just… it was just so intense, fuck, a long moment of no return into a violent explosion! I tried to stay relaxed in my pelvic muscles as long as possible when you triggered me. That made me feel like somewhat dissolving, must have been the milkflow, while at the same time the intense energy of lust was rising, really awesome. And I sure couldn´t avoid pumping eventually. – You really can do me! Wonder if I could do such on my very own. At least I wouldn ´t be able to observe me, that´s for sure! – So it looked like I pissed cum, huh?

Yes, sure did. Too bad we didn´t tape that. I´ve never seen that before. You must have been so loaded that your valves opened up when you relaxed trying to resist the reflex. And because the pressure was so immense you were pissing milk and then shooting it in some jets. This was really, really spectacular. You are my man, always.

And you are my baby, you know that. I owe you.


Deep Edging (2)

March 3, 2011

I consider Richard an experienced master of edging. He runs a great homepage and his excursions into the realms of (edging-) bliss are based on tantric knowledge. Read about his findings while ascending „The Hill of Pleasure“ via three stages:

Excitement Stage
Yes, excitement is the first stage of edging. When I first approach cumming, I automatically breathe much more deeply and audibly, my butthole clenches up, my prostate moves a bit forward, the canal from my anus to my prostate arches and stiffens and my cock hardens up. I must be very mindful to avoid cumming at this stage – often nigh impossible – in fact, this is when the danger of my prostate dumping its overfull load w/o any contractions [emission] or feeling is great, esp. if I have approached the edge too quickly. I have to work hard to get through the excitement stage successfully w/o cumming so I can then reach the higher states of more intense feelings and then altered consciousness.

Enjoyment Stage
After the excitement state has begun, say about 5 minutes, I calm down and my stroking is of course very slow to avoid cumming – often only with the slightest vibration by my index finger or slightest touch with the vibrator and I just cruise like this for a long time; often the charge dissipates a bit, though I do not realize it until I stroke a bit more and find I am not in danger of cumming. Then I oscillate between approaching inevitability [PONR] with slightly more intense stroking and backing off with a lighter touch, sort of going on both sides of the precipice of inevitability. It often also seems that it gets used to being so ready to cum and that my prostate can then hold more or tolerate more stimulation than in that first very hot stage of excitement. I especially love it if I get to inevitability [PONR], but am barely able to pull my finger out of my butt and stop stimulating my frenum and clench hard to avoid cumming. I love the tingle of almost cumming. I like to never completely stop stimulating my cock, but at this point I must. Then it is dicey to see how quickly I can resume stimulating. At first, I can do it after a few seconds, but later, after having been on the edge for 30+ minutes, the least touch even several minutes later starts this deep rumbling/vibration deep behind my prostate which is a precursor to cumming.

Trance Stage
Sometimes, if I am very lucky, there is a third stage where I can no longer keep my finger up my butt, because that greatly increases the danger of spontaneous cumming, so I just stroke ever so gently and very, very slowly go higher appreciating every separate tingle in my whole genital plumbing. Then I get to where there is a slight rumble deep down, not the vibration behind the prostate that signals I have started to cum (though, if I am quick enough, I can still avoid cumming), but everything is quivering with a new resonance and I ever so gently push it right to the precipice and as I get on the sharp edge of cumming, I stop stroking but keep my hand on my glans and frenum so this slight pressure stimulates me and then it happens: slight convulsions exactly like when cumming but less intense. This is delicious beyond words and after doing it for several minutes with a continuous feeling of fluid flowing (rather than the dam building up about to burst) I guess I let it down a bit. I take it this is what others refer to as “dry orgasm”. It is definitely other worldly, totally absorbing and very empowering, though after doing this several times in an hour and a half, I feel a bit tired in my genitals, but eager to return as soon as possible. My eyes go up inside my head, eyelids not tightly closed – even slightly ajar – and energy pouring up to my highest chakra.

These three stages are only a rough conceptualization putting arbitrary edges on feelings and states having no sharp edges. I recycle around from 1. to 2. to 3. and back to 1. again and the cycle repeats several times before I take a piss break or stop for a longer time feeling totally fulfilled. Letting myself relax into stages 2. and, perhaps, 3. (if I’m lucky) seems crucial to avoiding the excessively “edgy,” that is, the “on edge, brittle” feeling after raising so much energy and juice in our genitals. This seems to affect us all a bit differently, but I find I do not get so-called “blue balls” and I do not get this nervous edginess if (and only if) I let myself thoroughly relax into the deliciousness of riding the edge and let it go until my cock tells me I am bored and it is time to give it a rest. In this case, I lie back and savor how good it has been and consciously let the chi, the erotic energy, flow from my genitals to all the rest of my body, esp. my head (“crown chakra”). I sometimes do this physically by tracing the good vibes away from my crotch with my fingers, but I always do it mentally by feeling/imagining the good energy being distributed to the rest of my body.

In my next post I will take a look at three preferred ways to finish the act of edging. Because, unfortunately, even the best things in life require a break to be enjoyed over and over again.

Towards The Edge (1)

January 19, 2011

Before becoming specific about how to edge, I´d like to remind you once again of the connected branches deriving from the practice of prolonged masturbation:

  • staying relaxed while masturbating and while triggering climax(es)
  • consciousness about sexual energy and working with it (tantric approach)
  • emissions and multiple ejaculations (cum-harvesting)
  • semen containing and climax denial
  • worshipping Penis and spiritual self-fulfillment.

Edging is closely related to, respectively does contain, the above mentioned facets of reaching out for bliss.

Riding the edge seems to be an easy accomplishment (say easier than achieving MO), but it may not! After all – once again – everything depends on your individual attitude and disposition. For some it will be easier to edge than for others. Personally I am not much of an edger myself. I love the thought, it turns me on big time, I wish I had the patience to find bliss wandering the edge. However, I lack the discipline to stay away from triggering PONR. As I wrote before, for me MO is the alternative and I am happy with that.

The most difficult aspect of edging may in fact be that of avoiding ejaculation! To stay (securely) away from PONR while feeling damn close. Trying this for an extended period of time is a tough game, at least for an apprentice edger. But you can exercise to neglect PONR, you can learn and overcome the urge.

Still, edging holds „more“ than it seems at first glance. Because our bodies work with (electrical) energy, prolonged states of intense arousal provide us with certain effects that only occur when in such a state. Add the chemical body reactions to it (e.g. release of endorphin) and you find yourself in a sphere that can be truly otherworldly (the proverbial 7th heaven, or bliss, as I like to call it).

Read about one likely method to stay away from PONR and about what you might expect to observe within your system while balancing the edge, here from a guy named Massamuda:

I get myself hard by standard play… Once I get hard, I will lubricate my hand with an oil-based lube. Water based lubes are great for sex but when it comes to prolonged solo play, oil is much preferred.

I start to stroke myself and get excited. As I approach heightened feelings (well shy of orgasm) I start to change my stroke. I slow down, I rub my head, I take long strokes up and down my shaft. When I get really excited, I slow down even more. I will stop using my whole hand and form an OK sign and use just my thumb and index finger to stroke my cock. I will then progress to just stroking my head. As I do so, I am starting to get closer and closer to orgasm.

Anytime I feel it is getting too close, I back off my stimulation. I will stop and catch my breath. I will let the feeling subside, much like the stop and go. I then build up again. Sometime, I can find a point where I can stroke more quickly and really let the feeling build. I play with the approach to orgasm so that as I get closer, I back off, relax a bit and then approach again. The more often I do that the more leeway I have with getting to the point of edging.

I have reached the edging state by two different methods and it depends on the session:
In one, where I am having more difficulty in keeping my orgasm at bay, I will begin to stroke just the back of my head. I avoid that wonderful spot on my cock on the underside where the head makes a „V“ [frenulum]… When I just stroke my head in this fashion, I can increase the level of stimulation without risking going over the edge.

I have used this technique to get to an unbelievable point where I though my cock was vibrating. I felt I could maintain this intense and pre-orgasmic level for ever. I remember the first time I did this, when I came, I shot over my head. It was incredible. The basic idea, though, is to not cum. It is to keep relaxing into your stimulation. You only stop stroking yourself when you feel you will cum.

precum dangling


Try to continue to stroke and keep relaxing into the feeling. [Try to keep the BC- and the PC-muscles relaxed.] That is what will keep you from orgasming. What I do love is, as I get into it, my precum flows and flows. You will ultimately reach a point where you are relaxed and stroking a pre-orgasmic cock and you can do this for as long as you wish. It is the best feeling in the whole fucking world!!!

The other approach is when I start relaxing into the feeling sooner and can continue to the OK stroke and slowly bring myself to near orgasm. I will stroke, stop, stroke, stop and do that until I attain another pre-orgasmic level. Again, the key is keep relaxing into the feeling but learning to ease up on the pisser muscle [BC].

Coming up: an example of how-to exercises, the tantric way.

For a Closer Look (10) – MMO

December 28, 2010

Just before I turn to edging I want to share one more fine demonstration of the ability to trigger consecutive climaxes in a short period of time.

You see:
– the top part of the guys cock with his helmet reaching into a flute glas in which he will release his cum. After 4 secs into the clip the guy is experiencing emission! His milk is pouring out in a solid and steady flow which lasts 13 secs! He finishes emission with couple voluntary clenches of his BC resulting in a minor spill and 2 distinct swaps of semen emptying his urethra. He continues with stroking his cock just below his helmet. It doesn´t take long until he becomes vocal indicating that his first ejaculation is about to set in. He begins to shoot at sec 43 of the clip. He expels 6 small pulses of his milk, adding to the cum at the bottom of the glas. After few moments the guy is (apparently) jacking his cock off frame, you just see the glas with his milk, waiting to serve as cum-container for the next load. Soon enough the guy inserts his cock into the glas again only to spill a bit more of his milk while vocally expressing his feelings. This he repeats one more time.

This clip also illustrates that if you spill a high volume of milk with your emission, little will be left for shooting when you continue to trigger ejaculation(s) without pause. However, you can be sure of your climactic sensations!


And from here it´s all about edging!

It’s an uncut scene in good quality with sound. It is 27.7 MB in size and running 2:47 minutes. The format of the clip is avi.


Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (captioned: For a Closer Look) the way I do.