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For a Closer Look (10) – MMO

December 28, 2010

Just before I turn to edging I want to share one more fine demonstration of the ability to trigger consecutive climaxes in a short period of time.

You see:
– the top part of the guys cock with his helmet reaching into a flute glas in which he will release his cum. After 4 secs into the clip the guy is experiencing emission! His milk is pouring out in a solid and steady flow which lasts 13 secs! He finishes emission with couple voluntary clenches of his BC resulting in a minor spill and 2 distinct swaps of semen emptying his urethra. He continues with stroking his cock just below his helmet. It doesn´t take long until he becomes vocal indicating that his first ejaculation is about to set in. He begins to shoot at sec 43 of the clip. He expels 6 small pulses of his milk, adding to the cum at the bottom of the glas. After few moments the guy is (apparently) jacking his cock off frame, you just see the glas with his milk, waiting to serve as cum-container for the next load. Soon enough the guy inserts his cock into the glas again only to spill a bit more of his milk while vocally expressing his feelings. This he repeats one more time.

This clip also illustrates that if you spill a high volume of milk with your emission, little will be left for shooting when you continue to trigger ejaculation(s) without pause. However, you can be sure of your climactic sensations!


And from here it´s all about edging!

It’s an uncut scene in good quality with sound. It is 27.7 MB in size and running 2:47 minutes. The format of the clip is avi.


Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (captioned: For a Closer Look) the way I do.


Multiples-R-Us (2)

December 4, 2010

Read the sequel of my story beginning in the previous post:

This is how I start my caresses. I will lube his anal opening and slowly probe his anus with my middle-finger of which I had clipped my nail short when we got ready in the bathroom. Slowly I progress deeper inside. My goal is to palpate his prostate. When reached I will massage it lightly. It is fun to touch his prostate and to gently press on it. Oliver will moan in enjoyment. He loves to be touched here carefully though after a brief time the excitement from stroking the gland fades away. He is not wired to get off from prostate milking alone. I knew a guy once who violently did. My man is penis centered instead, and I prefer this myself.

When I sense that excitement fades I slowly retreat from his prostate and anus. However before, while I was massaging him, I paid close attention to his cock-eye. My massage most always provides me with a little gush of his cream. I let it ooze out, leaving his cock untouched for now. Next I will be paying close attention to his ball-sac. With lots of oil I will start with my gentle ball-massage. Oliver will moan in full enjoyment. He loves having his balls massaged as much as I love to feel his sac in my hands. His balls will swell now if they did not already at this point. It is just wonderful to knead his soft package with my oily hands. Sometimes I fondle his anus along. He moans in comfortable relaxation.

Next aim will be his cock. With a very soft grip I will begin to stroke his wonderful rod. Slowly I wander his shaft up and down and up and down. This is intermitted with special caresses to his beautiful helmet. On and off I will integrate his sac. Oliver’s excitement starts to build here, even though slowly. Eventually, when his moaning picks up and when he begins to move his pelvis and utters „Oh my God“, I then know that he is nearing his zone. This is where we want to be, where it begins to get exciting for me too and where my skills are needed most. I want to keep him in his zone and bring him ever closer to emission, with which he may release respectable volumes of his milk. I will try to edge him, keeping him close to the point of no return.

He now is fully enjoying my caressing and I remind him to relax. I will reduce my grip and impact on his cock. I will focus at his head and his foreskin in particular. I will initiate his emissions or his emissjaculation thru tender touching of his retracted foreskin, this is his magic area. – Now I tease the upper third of his cock with light and careful stroking. Oliver is breathing deeply but calmly. When he begins to moan in a high pitch I know I got to be careful. Many times I will be backing off to get him away from the edge. I will try to establish this Stop-and-Go game in a faster sequence. Eventually I am seeking his crucial point. He is moaning melodically long „aahhhs“ indicating that he is very, very close to it. His cock may be throbbing at times, his legs may be trembling.

Honey oozes in an almost steady stream. Oliver will be loaded with cum ready to let go at this stage. When he believes that his milk is on the rise he will signal that with a „now“. Most of the times, as I found out, there will be some time to avoid an emission when I immediately cease touch at signaling. It still happens that emission sets in, which is always truly wonderful to witness. After I let go of his cock at his „nows“, I grab a bowl to catch his seed and pay close attention to his cock-eye. When he does cum, his skim-milk – thin cum in the beginning – will spill from his cock-slit in a tiny runlet, or , at times when he is really loaded, he will „piss“ a streak of his pure milk for a second, followed by one or two more swaps under a deep sigh of relief. I try to catch his produce and I will drink it right away, this is incredible exciting for me.


Eventually I need to observe an emissjaculation! I will caress him slowly in the same fashion as before. It will not take long and he starts whining again. He is definitely building up. I ever so lightly massage his foreskin forming a ring with my thumb and pointer or applying the crown grip. His moaning intensifies until he suddenly utters „now, now“! I almost let go of his cock immediately, at least don´t caress him any longer, and wait for his milk to pour out. Which it soon does, because his internal valves now have opened up once again! His warm and thin milk trickles down his shaft in a silky little stream, over my fingers and I soon continue to lightly touch his foreskin while his emission reaches its peak. With this timing of sweetest stimulation my caresses inevitably triggers his ejaculatory reflex! He is beginning to howl. Apparently the sensations inside his cock, prostate and seminal vesicles are becoming eminently intense. His pelvis squirms and he presses loud „aaahhhs“, and with the reflex in effect he begins to pump out his cream in forceful ropes, mostly about eight of it in total, depending on the number of emissions beforehand.

His cum now appears as some wonderful soft cream. I sure try to catch it in one of my bowls. He really shoots huge loads, thanks to his preparations. Cumming always is extremely liberating, for both of us, but now we up to approach the next level: giving him multiples. To achieve this took quite a long time of practise, but I know the ropes now, so to speak. A short while after his emissjaculation took place, no matter the state of his cock, who I keep in a tight grip, I will start to jack him firmly. Most important is a certain angle of my hand, a maintained grip and the right speed of jacking. He will signal me, further on, his status of feelings. His moans are different now and they rise quickly as do his orgasms.

His whole body will react in spasms as the orgasms shatter him. Right after each series of orgasmic body convulsions, his penis, rather his system, plunges into ejaculatory pulsations, bringing up ever smaller amounts of cum. At some point the pumping contractions of his genital system will be dry. Our average number of orgasms count to five. Sometimes we manage to continue beyond ten, but that is rare. Eventually he will literally be spent, completely exhausted. That is the epilogue when we hug and hold each other for a long time, savouring in the aftermath. This kind of lovemaking is, understandably, most fulfilling for my man, and I enjoy every bit of him and his features like with no other way of sex between the two of us. This is the most profound way of love I can give to him.


Gosh I´m Cuming – Yet Again

November 10, 2010

… and again and…

Once my reproductive system (hence my body) had learned to become MO, or in other words, when I was able to generate three consecutive climaxes on a regular basis, I started to note down sessions which were indeed noteworthy. This collection became something like an MO-diary which I updated over a period of several years!

I can – with hindsight – make out a clear developement of my MO-ability. However, I gave up keeping track of MO-experiences for different reasons at some point (would be interesting to talk about that, would it). But let me now share with you some entries depicting outstanding „performances“:

Entry 2
While dreaming of ejaculation I experienced 2 climaxes in a row! They were intense and very consciously experienced. Wasn´t the first time this happened. This wet-dream came out of the blue, no arousal nor a long abstinence beforehand.

Entry 3 (a half-year later)
After a week of abstinence I generated 3 ejaculations in rapid succession without having really planned it. The first climax lasted and I produced a lot of cum. The following ones were possible with my cock semi-erect, being intense and producing a regular amount of milk. – Just about 3 hrs later I experienced a wet dream! No explicit dreaming with it. I sensed the climax but never woke up from it. The volume of cum seemed to have been average.

Entry 8 (ten months later)
After several days of abstaining I decided I wanted to cum in a very slow way. I did stimulate my prostate and jacked my upper shaft for quite some time. This allowed me to climax 4 times in succession. I was doing it in the dark. The first 2 climaxes have been intense ejaculations, the latter ones pulled ejaculatory orgasms. All climaxes arrived right after another and I pumped a high volume of milk. I went slow with first ones, no heavy breathing nor heartbeating (the 1st could have been an emission). The latter ones gave me breathing and heartbeating and ejaculating definitely followed orgasms as I had observed before. I was sensing that I could continue for more, I just could tell (feel it).

Entry 16 (a good half-year later)
To my own surprise I was able to generate another set of 4 multiples within just two days! I intended to trigger an ejaculation thru teasing my glans only. But I couldn´t hold it and had a full contact go after about 20-30 minutes. I thought that 1st climax was average. Yet I easily was able to pull three more climaxes which became intense. I could have continued, but ceased voluntarily for not wearing out my reproductive system, after that long session just a couple of days before.

Entry 18 (couple weeks later)
Just for the track-keeping I need to note that I managed to peak 3 times in a fashion I would describe as „just continuing“. After hours of mental arousal I was jacking myself impatiently seeking quick relief. Following the first climax I just pulled up 2 more and produced a big volume of milk.

Now, with this entry I decided to give up keeping track of my multiples. Writing everything down had a negative impact on my solosexual live, I thought. I felt obliged to observe myself, even a self-imposed demand to perform better. I saw myself in a competition with myself regarding my ability. I decided to only note extraordinary sessions from here on.

Entry 20 (about seven months later)
Quite noteworthy: I was in a state of arousal for almost two days already and intended to find relief that night thru teasing of my helmet only. I was loaded and wanted to edge in that fashion, which I did. Well, the first ejaculation I did trigger thru shaking of my dick´s shaft while grabbing just the tip of it. I didn´t let go when I came. The second climax I did trigger with stroking my foreskin, never released my cock either. The following 3 peaks I pulled up in rapid succession. I shot a lot of cum and was breathless with my heart heavily beating after the 5th climax!

Entry 25 (three years and two months later)
I happened to cum 7 times in a row! Before that I had been abstinent for eleven days with the exception of an intensely felt wet dream. With 7 climaxes it´s not too easy to keep track (or count). My preceding arousal wasn´t really above average. My ritual as the usual: initially I was relaxed and continued to pull my peaks up. I just was able to go on and on.

Entry 28 (two and a half years later)
Following a moderate edging session I was able to climax 12 or rather 13 times!! The first 2 ejaculations I was generating with my legs up against the wall spread eagle. However, I noticed I would not be able to continue in this position. Only changing into the usual position for generating multiples made it possible to continue without any problem. It worked immediately and I thought it was even easier to trigger my peaks (stretched out legs, tensing leg muscles)!
Peaks 9 (or 10) thru 12 had been dry! They felt softer missing the pumping reflex of ejaculation, didn´t feel complete though. – I noticed that touching my balls helped triggering (accelerating) additional climaxes! With my last peak I pumped some milk once again. My erection had been softening but regained strength at mid session.

I guess progress it obvious. As is the necessity of following a ritual i.e. what my body had learned. It also became clear that it took years to get me where I am now. This is my way. One possibility of many.

Reel Fiction (2)

August 25, 2010

Change of Routine – Part 2

Sunday night! We were in bed together since about an hour. We spent that time hugging, kissing and mildly masturbating each other. We even allowed ourselves a brief fuck at the beginning of our session. I could sense her desire to get serious about consuming my load. As for me I was totally aroused in anticipation of her wonderful mouth-job. The diet, the celibacy-period and now the solid hour of genital teasing were showing effect. Not only was I heavily precumming, I also felt cum-loaded in my glands. My lovely lady would get what she craved so much tonight.

Suddenly she was moving downwards which made my heartbeat pick up pace. I immediately noticed that she did not turn around into the 69-position. She was between my legs and while gazing at my cock she was fondling my balls.

Yeah, I love your cock. And I know you are full of sweet milk for me. Your balls are quite swollen once again. I know honey, it´s time for your release.

With these words she began to suck my helmet. Ooh that felt good! I tried to relax and surrender to the sensations she was bringing to my dick-tip. Soon after I heard her say: Honey, I want you! She returned to suck. I want your beautiful cock! She returned to suck. I want your sweet milk! She returned to suck. But I want it differently today! And she stopped her mouth-work while I got up and looked at her quite surprised and not quite understanding.

Different? What do you mean? Don´t you want all of my cock inside your mouth – you just said you want it!?

Hon, don´t lose your arousal-state, I still need to drink your milk! I just want to see you shoot it into this glas. She suddenly held a champagne flute in her hand which I hadn´t noticed her bringing.

While she slowly massaged my penis and scrotum for me to keep my level of arousal she further explained.

I love to swallow your cock and get your load right into my gullet, but I thought for a change I´d actually like to watch you shooting your load and after that fully enjoy drinking your sweet milk. I brought this glas you´re supposed to cum into. And guess what, I´ve brought the cam too so we can tape it now and share later.

I was bit perplex but liked the thought, although I was not sure if I could get lost in the act as much as I knew I would with her deepthroating me.

Pew… sounds hot but it´s also like being on a stage. I am not sure if I can meet your expectations, it´s a very different situation after all.

Oh no no no honey, don´t you slip into any kind of performance-anxiety! It´s not about performing anything for me – or for the cam in that respect. It is just about you enjoying yourself in coaxing out your sweet milk for me to savour. That´s even a double treat for watching you cum and then drinking your love-juice as if drawn from the tab!

I smiled at her as she had dissolved my fears and added to my arousal with her intriguing suggestion. While I started to masturbate myself, she was hooking up the cam and let it roll.

It took not very long anymore and I was in the zone. She just was watching me from a short distance behind the cam while playing with herself.

I´m ready to go, I whispered.

Yeah, I can tell. Just go for it!

Good. Just wait after I came. I´m so loaded that I may be able to cum twice, I´ll try that.

God, that´d be awesome! I wait until you give me the glas, – love ya!!

So I jacked myself close to the brink, lubed my helmet with my precum and inserted my cockhead into the glas. The thought of shooting in front of my lady was so hot now that I did not need any firm stroking anymore. I felt me reaching the point of no return and had to moan inevitably from the sweet feelings inside of me while I started to pump my milk for my lady.

After the pulses had subsided I felt I could make it to a second shot and jacked my cock right into a further ejaculation, pumping another, slightly smaller load into the glas. After having milked the last drop out of my now softening penis I handed over the glas to my patiently waiting lady who drank my milk with gusto.

Mmhh, honey, thanks for your delicious pineapple milkshake after this awesome double-feature! I think we added to our love life. – Did I say I love you?

You did. And I love you too. – And you´re right, this is so hot! Let´s check the clip!


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.


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