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Gosh I´m Cuming – Yet Again

November 10, 2010

… and again and…

Once my reproductive system (hence my body) had learned to become MO, or in other words, when I was able to generate three consecutive climaxes on a regular basis, I started to note down sessions which were indeed noteworthy. This collection became something like an MO-diary which I updated over a period of several years!

I can – with hindsight – make out a clear developement of my MO-ability. However, I gave up keeping track of MO-experiences for different reasons at some point (would be interesting to talk about that, would it). But let me now share with you some entries depicting outstanding „performances“:

Entry 2
While dreaming of ejaculation I experienced 2 climaxes in a row! They were intense and very consciously experienced. Wasn´t the first time this happened. This wet-dream came out of the blue, no arousal nor a long abstinence beforehand.

Entry 3 (a half-year later)
After a week of abstinence I generated 3 ejaculations in rapid succession without having really planned it. The first climax lasted and I produced a lot of cum. The following ones were possible with my cock semi-erect, being intense and producing a regular amount of milk. – Just about 3 hrs later I experienced a wet dream! No explicit dreaming with it. I sensed the climax but never woke up from it. The volume of cum seemed to have been average.

Entry 8 (ten months later)
After several days of abstaining I decided I wanted to cum in a very slow way. I did stimulate my prostate and jacked my upper shaft for quite some time. This allowed me to climax 4 times in succession. I was doing it in the dark. The first 2 climaxes have been intense ejaculations, the latter ones pulled ejaculatory orgasms. All climaxes arrived right after another and I pumped a high volume of milk. I went slow with first ones, no heavy breathing nor heartbeating (the 1st could have been an emission). The latter ones gave me breathing and heartbeating and ejaculating definitely followed orgasms as I had observed before. I was sensing that I could continue for more, I just could tell (feel it).

Entry 16 (a good half-year later)
To my own surprise I was able to generate another set of 4 multiples within just two days! I intended to trigger an ejaculation thru teasing my glans only. But I couldn´t hold it and had a full contact go after about 20-30 minutes. I thought that 1st climax was average. Yet I easily was able to pull three more climaxes which became intense. I could have continued, but ceased voluntarily for not wearing out my reproductive system, after that long session just a couple of days before.

Entry 18 (couple weeks later)
Just for the track-keeping I need to note that I managed to peak 3 times in a fashion I would describe as „just continuing“. After hours of mental arousal I was jacking myself impatiently seeking quick relief. Following the first climax I just pulled up 2 more and produced a big volume of milk.

Now, with this entry I decided to give up keeping track of my multiples. Writing everything down had a negative impact on my solosexual live, I thought. I felt obliged to observe myself, even a self-imposed demand to perform better. I saw myself in a competition with myself regarding my ability. I decided to only note extraordinary sessions from here on.

Entry 20 (about seven months later)
Quite noteworthy: I was in a state of arousal for almost two days already and intended to find relief that night thru teasing of my helmet only. I was loaded and wanted to edge in that fashion, which I did. Well, the first ejaculation I did trigger thru shaking of my dick´s shaft while grabbing just the tip of it. I didn´t let go when I came. The second climax I did trigger with stroking my foreskin, never released my cock either. The following 3 peaks I pulled up in rapid succession. I shot a lot of cum and was breathless with my heart heavily beating after the 5th climax!

Entry 25 (three years and two months later)
I happened to cum 7 times in a row! Before that I had been abstinent for eleven days with the exception of an intensely felt wet dream. With 7 climaxes it´s not too easy to keep track (or count). My preceding arousal wasn´t really above average. My ritual as the usual: initially I was relaxed and continued to pull my peaks up. I just was able to go on and on.

Entry 28 (two and a half years later)
Following a moderate edging session I was able to climax 12 or rather 13 times!! The first 2 ejaculations I was generating with my legs up against the wall spread eagle. However, I noticed I would not be able to continue in this position. Only changing into the usual position for generating multiples made it possible to continue without any problem. It worked immediately and I thought it was even easier to trigger my peaks (stretched out legs, tensing leg muscles)!
Peaks 9 (or 10) thru 12 had been dry! They felt softer missing the pumping reflex of ejaculation, didn´t feel complete though. – I noticed that touching my balls helped triggering (accelerating) additional climaxes! With my last peak I pumped some milk once again. My erection had been softening but regained strength at mid session.

I guess progress it obvious. As is the necessity of following a ritual i.e. what my body had learned. It also became clear that it took years to get me where I am now. This is my way. One possibility of many.

Reel Fiction (2)

August 25, 2010

Change of Routine – Part 2

Sunday night! We were in bed together since about an hour. We spent that time hugging, kissing and mildly masturbating each other. We even allowed ourselves a brief fuck at the beginning of our session. I could sense her desire to get serious about consuming my load. As for me I was totally aroused in anticipation of her wonderful mouth-job. The diet, the celibacy-period and now the solid hour of genital teasing were showing effect. Not only was I heavily precumming, I also felt cum-loaded in my glands. My lovely lady would get what she craved so much tonight.

Suddenly she was moving downwards which made my heartbeat pick up pace. I immediately noticed that she did not turn around into the 69-position. She was between my legs and while gazing at my cock she was fondling my balls.

Yeah, I love your cock. And I know you are full of sweet milk for me. Your balls are quite swollen once again. I know honey, it´s time for your release.

With these words she began to suck my helmet. Ooh that felt good! I tried to relax and surrender to the sensations she was bringing to my dick-tip. Soon after I heard her say: Honey, I want you! She returned to suck. I want your beautiful cock! She returned to suck. I want your sweet milk! She returned to suck. But I want it differently today! And she stopped her mouth-work while I got up and looked at her quite surprised and not quite understanding.

Different? What do you mean? Don´t you want all of my cock inside your mouth – you just said you want it!?

Hon, don´t lose your arousal-state, I still need to drink your milk! I just want to see you shoot it into this glas. She suddenly held a champagne flute in her hand which I hadn´t noticed her bringing.

While she slowly massaged my penis and scrotum for me to keep my level of arousal she further explained.

I love to swallow your cock and get your load right into my gullet, but I thought for a change I´d actually like to watch you shooting your load and after that fully enjoy drinking your sweet milk. I brought this glas you´re supposed to cum into. And guess what, I´ve brought the cam too so we can tape it now and share later.

I was bit perplex but liked the thought, although I was not sure if I could get lost in the act as much as I knew I would with her deepthroating me.

Pew… sounds hot but it´s also like being on a stage. I am not sure if I can meet your expectations, it´s a very different situation after all.

Oh no no no honey, don´t you slip into any kind of performance-anxiety! It´s not about performing anything for me – or for the cam in that respect. It is just about you enjoying yourself in coaxing out your sweet milk for me to savour. That´s even a double treat for watching you cum and then drinking your love-juice as if drawn from the tab!

I smiled at her as she had dissolved my fears and added to my arousal with her intriguing suggestion. While I started to masturbate myself, she was hooking up the cam and let it roll.

It took not very long anymore and I was in the zone. She just was watching me from a short distance behind the cam while playing with herself.

I´m ready to go, I whispered.

Yeah, I can tell. Just go for it!

Good. Just wait after I came. I´m so loaded that I may be able to cum twice, I´ll try that.

God, that´d be awesome! I wait until you give me the glas, – love ya!!

So I jacked myself close to the brink, lubed my helmet with my precum and inserted my cockhead into the glas. The thought of shooting in front of my lady was so hot now that I did not need any firm stroking anymore. I felt me reaching the point of no return and had to moan inevitably from the sweet feelings inside of me while I started to pump my milk for my lady.

After the pulses had subsided I felt I could make it to a second shot and jacked my cock right into a further ejaculation, pumping another, slightly smaller load into the glas. After having milked the last drop out of my now softening penis I handed over the glas to my patiently waiting lady who drank my milk with gusto.

Mmhh, honey, thanks for your delicious pineapple milkshake after this awesome double-feature! I think we added to our love life. – Did I say I love you?

You did. And I love you too. – And you´re right, this is so hot! Let´s check the clip!


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

Reel Fiction (1)

August 20, 2010

I am currently still focusing on the Love for Semen, a topic which seems to be illustrated best via some fiction. In the next couple posts I feature more fiction, i.e. „better“ fiction, – I call it Reel Fiction. It is a new category I introduce here. Let me explain: I select some arousing clip from my archives (for this story in two parts I took two clips) and write a short fictitious setting to it. Or, seen from another angle: I write a short story of which a certain situation ;-) can be observed in a clip. The clip is real, the text describing the circumstances is fiction, all together that´s Reel Fiction.

The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

Change of Routine – Part 1

We were in our local supermarket wandering the aisles. It was our weekly shopping tour, Thursday evening, the cart was filling up with groceries. When we passed the beverage department she lifted a whole bin of pineapple juice into the trolley. I immediately knew what that meant! I looked at her and she smiled back.

When? I asked.

Sunday night. she replied with a very soft voice. ‚Smart move’ I thought, because Monday was a Holiday.

Yeah, we had developed certain routines in our sex life. Once in a while she became cock-hungry and cum-hungry with it. I was blessed with a lady who loved cock and cum and who happened to be an expert in giving head and deepthroating. So, every now and then she needed to suck and devour my cock until I came. She liked to have me cum right down her throat having me deep inside of her mouth. She says this is the most intimate sexual act there can be. Although I always was shooting my load – most of it that is – right down her gullet, she wanted my milk to taste sweet and fruity. Therefore she would enjoy my last pulses in her mouth.

We continued with our shopping, or rather she did, while I slipped into heavy daydreaming about what was awaiting me 3 days ahead. Until then I was meant to drink all the juice combined with a matching diet – yes we also bought fresh pineapple and other kinds of fruit. In addition I was supposed to refrain from ejaculating. She needed a solid and tasty load. To be sure to get it she would intensely suck me. Her blowjobs just always feel so fuckin´ wonderful, it is hard to put in words the sensations she was able to apply upon my cock. I remembered that clip my love was taping once. What a great idea of her to do so! I could observe for the first time how expertly she was doing me and what happened when I came. Whenever I see or even think of that clip I soon am leaking precum out of pure excitement. No difference here in the supermarket!

I remember that when she taped this little clip we had decided quite spontaneously to „fuck“ the oral way. She had suddenly felt an immense urge to give head. While I got undressed she hooked up the cam and without even getting bare naked she did me. And how! Later I closely observed her technique. We always get into a 69-position because cock-angle and throat-angle match best this way. She is working my cockhead first, sucking it tenderly, swirling her tongue around it and probing my cock-slit with her tongue-tip. She is mouthfucking my mushroom and going down ever further on my shaft until she has me all inside of her. Her main focus though is my head until I signal her I am ready to spill. Since it was useless to do so verbally we agreed upon a signal given thru my cock. I will forcefully contract my BC-muscle couple of times just before the point of no return. In the clip you could see that clearly. After this signaling she is devouring my dick to receive my milk right into her gullet. The clip perfectly shows my pumping pulses. After the first like five of them she will return to work my head for sucking the last gushes out of me. I am always filled with joy to know that she gets what she loves most. The clip demonstrates her ease and eagerness to consume me, it is so hot to think of that. And now that we passed the cashier I will try to do everything to meet her very needs Sunday night.

to be continued…

Shared Penchant (3)

August 12, 2010

Continued from Part Two:

About an hour had passed since I had demonstrated to her my favorite way of being caressed. We were in the sheets now, both being naked, me lying on my back opening up to her and she was caressing my genitals. She had suggested to dry-shave my scrotum and I immediately had agreed. Hence her suggestion was executed right after we had moved to the mattress. She wanted my nutbag shaven so that she could better enjoy my balls.

I prefer a scrotum when it is fully relaxed. With a thin skin and low hanging balls I can examine each testicle, can take each of it into my mouth and bathe them and play around with my tongue and I can massage your bag. I love so much doing any of this!

I was pleased to learn this from her. Due to my arousal during the shave, the skin of my scrotum became thick and tight thus she had skipped the oral caressing. Instead she applied an intense scrotum massage using olive oil after my hair was gone.

Her massage did impress me indeed besides she was treating me with most pleasurable sensations. I was amazed about how expertly she worked my bag with an almost ideal amount of pressure and virtuose handling. I had told her that scrotum massage was part of my masturbatory routine. It appeared that I found myself at the beginning of a first masturbation session by her aiming for sending me to lust-heaven.

I still was lying on my back, legs spread eagle. She had placed herself right in front of my parts, fondling my balls tenderly in the meantime.

Your nuts are totally enjoyable! I believe they are swollen, they really are big. I love big balls. It´s always good to massage them, cause it enhances the blood flow.

I fully enjoyed every little touch she applied to my nutbag and mumbled some affirmation.

I shall take care of your prostate pretty soon. Tell me, do you get off thru prostate massage?

Her announcement gave me a heat-rush and woke me from my relaxed enjoyment.

Uh, no. Unfortunately I never could achieve this. But I sure like prostate teasing!

Allrighty then, just stay relaxed and enjoy my fingers doing that job.

With this said I totally became her sex-toy, cause now I completely surrendered to her lovemaking. It was wonderful! She apparently used a lot of oil as lube; she softly probed my anus. I fully relaxed and let her inside of me. Soon she reached my gland and began to massage it with some pressure. She also continued to tenderly massage my scrotum. I noticed myself breathing deeply and making noises from the pleasure and arousal she generated.

Well, let´s see if I can milk you a bit here.

Oh please do, I whispered, whatever you like!

I was captured by her expertly performed fingerjob, I felt lifted to another level of lustful feelings. Apart from fucking each other we had not yet shared such an intimate situation, at least from my point of view. With closed eyes I tried to fully enjoy what she did to me.

Yeah, I heard her praising me, there you are! Some sweet milk just for me.

She let go of my balls, grabbed my cock and licked away what she had milked to the surface.

Mmhh, delicious, makes me craving for more, much more.

She increased her pressure on my gland while speeding up. She kneaded the base of my shaft towards my tip hoping to get some more white drops out of my penis while licking and sucking my helmet. Suddenly, after a last intense massaging of my cum-gland, she carefully pulled her finger out of me.

I guess it´s time for you to show me how you preferably are doing it to yourself, just before I get passionate here.

Her retreat brought me back to senses a bit.

Can´t you just go on like that? I begged her.

But I wanted to learn from you, remember?

Honestly, I got the impression you don´t need to learn that much more. How about we are going for it together?

Sure, if you really want to. After all its your orgasm – I´ll get your milk anyway.

Without hesitation she applied the crown-grip onto my foreskin – I needed to moan out loud.

Oh God! Uhh… this is just perfect! Gosh, as if you knew me for years! Oh yeah… I let you know when I reach the point and may take over then… She was humming her approval.

Again I totally surrendered to her abilities, her tender touches, became wholly her sex-toy. And she started to flatter me, which stirred my increased arousal even more.

Honey, I really love your cock. I can´t wait you oozing your milk. But then this anticipation makes me so hot! Maybe I get off the same instant you cum, that´d be something. But I also don´t wanna miss your milk. – By the way, you are precumming like crazy! Do you at all feel how you are leaking?

I took a deep breath and answered with a denying sound while she softly and steadily kept on stroking.

I don´t know how much time had passed but suddenly I was there, I had reached that sweet edge.

Careful, I´m in the zone baby! I better take over now… I uttered.

Sure, I´ll watch you closely… she complied.

I continued to tease my cock without opening my eyes. I was lost in the realms of pre-ejaculatory cock-bliss and let myself immerse in this wonderful feeling. I sensed how much my glands were saturated with their secretions, I was sure that I would cum big, big time. I moaned in change with deep breathing, my own touch had now pushed me very close toward the edge. I had to take a brief glance at my cum-loving angel, something that briefly pulled me away from my blissful edging trance.

I am very close, I whispered.

I can sense that, she replied, am I supposed to take over?

I… I´m not sure… okay, let´s try it. I was handing over my wand to her. I will try to guide you.

She started out a bit more intense than me, only to become lighter with her caressing right away. The fact of the unforeseeable change in touch was just great, for it turned me on!

Ooh baby yeah, really good… a couple of seconds I felt it rising. Stopp it! I shouted and she let go right away. Now, …slowly touch me and be very light… I tried to maneuver her.

This way she was edging me and it worked very well – she must have had observed me closely. Soon she was able to keep me quite in front of the trigger-point for emission. Her skills made me hover in seventh heaven of lust. Oh God what sweet, sweet sensations she was giving me, I was constantly moaning. Only cumming itself could be better than this.

to be continued…


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