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Climaxes Put In Words

April 30, 2012

It may be quite a task to put into words (to describe) such intense and blissful sensations a man experiences while he climaxes. Some time ago the forum of The Erotica Readers & Writers Association did ask men (and women):

Describe Your Orgasm

How does it feel? Don’t be shy…

Can you describe your orgasm? The feeling from beginning to end—I’d love to hear your description without the usual explicatives. Be wide-ranging, and all-inclusive in how it feels, where it comes, and from whence it comes.

In this post I do quote quite some accounts of guys (leaving out the ladies here) not to check with literary capacities, but to demonstrate how different guys do understand the term orgasm, or rather, what experience they take for an orgasm. Read this selection (I did some focal editing) with my comment on every guys description:

From Nathan

You are in total bliss for around 10 seconds but I’ve found a way to make it last longer. I’ve been masturbating since I was 5 am now 22.

Nathan then describes that he had discovered edging, and eventually:

…my heart was pounding and every 20 seconds I had to stop again. I could feel it right down my legs, I couldn’t even move, until after about 10 minutes of this torture I gave in and had one of the biggest climaxes I’ve had.

I guess Nathan is speaking about an intense ejaculation after some edging.


From Jim W

…I suddenly reach that FAMOUS, FABULOUS point of no return, here by myself, I give an “undignified” grunt…, as I reflect, it appears this pleasurable state—focused in penis, lasts awhile, but in fact I discovered it only lasts a second or two—then I shoot my wad as the rope of cum lands faraway, 2nd and 3rd shots/contractions reflect penile pleasure, after this, as the pleasure fades (as well as volume of ejaculate) I instinctively pump that dick faster, as to milk out the remaining semen; but by now the intense orgasmic pleasure had since faded.

…I estimate approx. 6 seconds of orgasmic pleasure—centered in penis, and after 1 climax, the dick soon goes limp.

Jim W is clearly speaking of an ejaculatory climax.


From Anonymous

I’m an older man and divorced, and I wish to describe the orgasm I have experienced with a special method of masturbation. It’s natural for men to want to thrust the hips forward in sex with a woman or in masturbation, but with my method I experience a wonderful, mind-blowing oozing sensation that precedes a very powerful series of ejaculations.

I lie on my side and bend slightly at the hips so that my butt is sticking out in back and, as I stroke my penis, I concentrate on relaxing my PC and sphincter muscles. When I get to the point of loss of control, with those muscles relaxed I can feel the semen oozing slowly up my penis and out the tip, an incredibly erotic sensation. Then the intense muscle contractions take over, but I still resist assisting them by concentrating on relaxing. I experience extremely strong contractions along my penis, in the anal area and down to my knees. Oddly enough, the pleasure is more intense if my penis is not entirely stiff.

This is a very intriguing variant of an ejaculatory climax, this experienced guy explains.


From KL

…As my cock gets erect, I feel a very pleasurable, slight tingling sensation. As I get ever so closer to orgasm, this pleasurable sensation becomes gradually stronger. My cock is usually rock hard & throbbing at this point and I begin to get a feeling of fullness inside me, in the area just behind & above my scrotum. All the while, my heart is beating faster and faster, along with a little heavier breathing. When I am several seconds away from orgasm, I sometimes feel a few random twitches of my PC muscle. Right after that (if I continue stimulation), is the beginning of my orgasm, as I define it.

Ladies, (and guys, too), in case you were wondering, a guy’s ejaculation occurs DURING his orgasm, but is only one of a handful of things going on! At the moment my orgasm actually begins, I feel my semen pooling at the base of my penis & beginning to move into the urethra. This is the point at which a guy knows he’s going to come, and there is no way to stop it! It feels so good–I wish it would last longer! It is a very warm, almost “hot” feeling inside me. When this hot feeling peaks, which takes only a few seconds once it begins, I feel a wave of energy (for lack of a better description) radiate out from my groin to my extremities. My face grimaces, my fists clench, and my toes curl. At the same time, my PC muscles contract a few times, but this time in a more rhythmic fashion. All the while, as I am feeling all of this going on, I usually vocalize my pleasure, from now through the end of my orgasm. If I am inside my wife, I have a very strong desire to thrust deeper–it is almost a reflex action.

Then, usually I feel one, sometimes two more powerful PC muscle contractions, one right after the other, less than a second apart. This is actually what I consider to be the beginning of my ejaculation, although no semen has come out yet. The next (second or third) contraction usually brings the first squirt of cum out of my cock. This, and usually the second squirt, travel the farthest. …The pumping action of my PC muscle, and the feeling of a large volume of semen shooting through my penis feels incredible to me. (I usually have about 10-12 spurts of cum, again, each just less than a second apart…) As I continue spurting, the full feeling diminishes, and the hot feeling begins to subside, too, but not quite as quickly. After semen stops spurting out, I still feel some leftover random PC contractions as residual semen may ooze out. This is the end of my ejaculation.

I am usually breathing very heavily for a few moments along with a rapid heartbeat. The feeling in my penis changes somewhat now. The shaft gets less sensitive, while only the head gets super-sensitive. (Guys, as well as the ladies, you can relate to this feeling, I’m sure. It is almost painful to continue any stimulation). My penis starts to soften, but only a little at first… Breathing slows back to normal & I have to work to unclench my fists…

A detailed description by KL and it appears he is illustrating a combined climax of orgasm and ejaculation, and being quite conscious about it.


From Chris

…For me it seems to start in the perineum, spread into my balls, and then it rips through my cock like a steam train. The feeling is one of an ever tightening coil in my pelvic area which reaches a point where it just has to spring back to normal.

It starts with a delicious tingling, then pulsating waves, then wild convulsive contractions which all work to whip me along a kind of roller coaster ride in my crotch. If I’m tensing other muscles (eg my leg muscles if I’m standing spread eagled getting my cocked suck by another guy) then those muscles also quiver and tremble and come along for the ride. The feelings are hot, tingling, lusty and manly.

The best part is when the first phase of the orgasm has begun and it’s time to shoot a load. Spurting out the cum provides the final release. There’s nothing like that feeling of getting rid of all that juice that has been churning around my balls for so long. And of course the intensest feelings are along the shaft of my cock – which feels likes it’s being enveloped in the most fantastic tingling, throbbing and pulsating waves of release, bursting to exploding point.

While it doesn’t always come naturally, I can give my whole body over to the convulsions and thrash and bounce my arse on the bed and in general flail my limbs around. Keeping the pumping going after the immediate orgasm and speeding up the tempo also maximizes and prolongs the experience, which can leave my whole body, anchored to my pumping fist at the cock, convulsing and writhing for quite some time. And when I really far gone I don’t give a damn what the neighbours think as I pant and moan and groan. I expect it inspires them to get down to it themselves.

When I cum with a cock up my arse the feelings seem to start deeper in the pit of my arse where my prostate is located. Being prodded by a nice fat cock spreads the area over which the orgasm takes place. It’s like my insides, my lover’s cock and my pelvis are as one and riding the ecstatic waves in unison.

The more foreplay and delayed gratification the better the finale. Sometimes I experience mini orgasms with only a little cum dribbling out. These are both pleasurable and very tortured as you do get some release and delicious teasing tingling and a few faint contractions, but you need to discipline yourself not to go the whole hog, not if you want to experience the ultimate orgasm still to come. Under these circumstances the experience is the most cock-centred – I feel like I’m all cock, wound up, hot, and bursting to explode. Not much else exists in the world at such a time!

And the final pleasure? The sticky mess – some guys find this a curse but I guess being gay I’m pretty cum friendly. I like not knowing where the cum will fly – on me, my face, my stomach, the sheets, the head-board if I’m lucky, or my partner’s chest or face if he’s lucky. And I love to feel the spray of another guy’s cum on me – it’s all part of the rich delicious tapestry of the male orgasm…

Another detailed, and even poetic take on several ways to climax! Chris clearly distinguishes between ejaculatory climax and orgasmic climax, and even a more rare prostatic climax.


From Dennis

I learned the art of extremely explosive orgasms by training my PC muscles to EXPLODE at just the right moment. I do Kegel exercises daily (about 200 contractions per day) and so does my wife. The strength of our PC’s allow us to better control the timing and INTENSITY of our orgasms. The longer that I delay and control my ejaculation the more intense the moaning and wetness we both feel.

My precum begins to flow one drop at a time and my wife responds with moans of pleasure enjoying her growing nipples and intensifying wetness. I give her timing signals (1 minute or 30 seconds) as to how close I feel I am to orgasm. At that point she will tell me to slow down or go deeper or possibly hold still for a few moments so that we can build up more anticipation and time our impending explosions together.

As we approach the last 10 seconds she will signal me and I plunge deep into her and do several powerful Kegel contractions with my cock throbbing and ready to explode but no longer going in and out. She contracts tightly around my pulsing shaft and I begin to feel my huge load mixing and slowly flowing up from the base of my cock. As it begins to mix, I tell her 5 seconds and we both push deeper as my powerful PC muscle explodes the first shot of cum deep against the back of her powerfully contracting vagina. We both scream in ecstasy as our powerfully trained PC’s contract and the remaining 8 to 10 shots of cum explode into her and she tells me she senses each warm shot.

Her contractions are often so powerful from her daily Kegels (which she does sitting at her desk at work) that she literally triggers my explosion that I have been trying to time together with her. I just sit back and enjoy the power she has over me and let her know how wonderful her powerful contractions feel around my exploding cock. I savor each and every shot of warm load that I can fill her with until we both lay there holding each other tight until we drift off to sleep. She is the best that I could ever dream for!

She also enjoys seeing how powerful my explosion can be by bringing me to orgasm using her thumb and a few fingers to make me start dripping as she rolls my balls very gently with her other hand. If I let my load build up for about 5 days before, she is able to build the volume of cum up with her gentle hands for about 20 minutes and with one or two gentle perfectly timed rubs across the tip of my dripping cock she watches me explode for 10 or 12 seconds as she aims the sometimes 24″ or more shots wherever she wants (sometimes on me, sometimes on her).

Well, Dennis and his wife are certainly experts for very controlled and very intense ejaculatory climaxes, on Dennis side that is.


From Anonymous

The main focus of my orgasm is in my penis. As I either fuck my girlfriend, or masturbate, I can feel my orgasm start in my balls. It runs up though the shaft of my dick and then to cock’s head where I explode with a geyser full of cum. It feels great to ejaculate because it makes my dick feel good as the cum is being pushed out.

This describes an ejaculation, plain and simple.


From James

This was so appealing that I had to experience an orgasm myself during reading these fine entries and here is my experience As I increased stroking my penis (my #1 pleasure area), my nuts tighten, body stiffens and I let out a grunt of pleasure, knowing ejaculation is soon due. These precious couple seconds are the highest forms of pleasure and are focused in my groin.

The 1st ejaculation is accompanied by a grunt (extreme pleasure felt) and the shot goes far; a 2nd shot (very pleasurable) is accompanied by a verbal “oh” and a third as well. Later contractions feature the cum oozing out as the pleasure tapers. I project it was about a 10 second orgasm. Of course the best pleasure felt before the ejaculation.

James is talking about an ejaculatory climax as well.


From Jim

My orgasms are very centered in my penis. Initially, there is a tingling in my balls, which, as I get closer to orgasm, rises up along the shaft until, when I come, it’s very intense right at my cockhead. Ejaculation sensations run the gamut from there & gone to feeling like my insides are being squirted out my cock.

Jim explains an ejaculation here.


From Mark

An orgasm seems to teeter on the border of pleasure and pain… the pressure you feel as it builds up in a males genital region. Specifically the testicles until climax can be almost maddening if allowed to go on too long… I know that sounds kinda weird. It kicks in a primal need for satisfaction. Your muscles, in your back, legs, butt and stomach all tighten…. your heart rate increases. Your breathing becomes more labored. …with all the hormones running through your body you can be actually considered legally stoned during sex. You lose some of your higher cognitive functions.

As a male reaches the point of no return … it really does border on pain until actual orgasm and ejaculation happens. It quickly dissipates with each spasm of the PC muscles.

With Marks take I find another combined climax of orgasm and ejaculation.


From Zombie Ferguson

Mine starts as a rumble. I can feel it almost past my calves. It encircles each of my legs, and rises up my buttocks. I can feel the release almost through my stomach, and as it approaches I experience great flexibility, and an incredible sense of breathing and alertness. It makes my body shake, and my cock gets harder, and feels hotter. At the summit, I can’t see except for a gauzelike vision, and there’s a drumming, though quite quick that goes through my head, and rests in my ears, but only for a moment. My whole body feels like detaching and exploding in all different directions, and it’s amazing how “fully engulfed“ it feels, my mouth is open and taking in so much air it feels criminal, and at the explosion, all time stops for a brief instant, my thighs stiffen, my toes curl, and then there’s an explosion at the point of my shaft. Whoa! Then the ride down begins, fast furious, yet smooth. I feel like I’m landing in a room filled with all comfortable things. For a while, I’m completely, drooling and happy. I can feel the throbbing of my heart, and my sated penis as one continuous thud.

It’s blissful. The only feeling I have is, I gotta get back up that hill again…

Zombie Ferguson is definitely describing an orgasm. Notice that he does not mention anything about cum and spurting (but drooling after the climax). That is because orgasm overrides the sensations of ejaculation. Ejaculation becomes part of the more encompassing sensations of orgasm (enhancing it). This is a beautiful illustration of what an orgasm can feel like.


I hope that for starters I could give a hint about the different sensations possible with the different ways guys are able to experience their climaxes.

Milking – Cum-Denial

February 6, 2012

The male reproductive anatomy is a truly remarkable biological system. Everyone who understands its workings (just browse this blog!) can explore his own sexuality much beyond the ordinary jack-off or plain wham-bam-thank-you-ma´am fuck. Or he can have his sexuality explored and tried by someone!

When a couples bond is characterized by a dominant/submissive (dom/sub – mistress/master & slave/victim) relationship, at least when it comes to sex and where the man is the sub, they will most likely practise a form of milking. It is as much a psychological thing as it is physical. The role „play“ (within BDSM*) defines the setting and measures, the male biology allows for cause and effect-sensations off the beaten path (no pun) if this meets your attitude or preference.

Now, there are two opposing styles of milking. One avoids ejaculation, this is referred to as cum-denial or cum-control (where milking the glands plays an essential part). The other style is calling for repeated ejaculations, this would be milking of the male aiming for multiple, if necessary forced ejaculations.

Any milking situation ought to be performed voluntarily and good communication, or rather agreed upon strict rules, are mandatory to generate arousal and maybe bliss from the action, contrary to slipping into some real torture (so fix your esc-button!).

Let´s begin with cum-denial. I found a text by a fellow called Rusty. Read his this definition:

Cum-denial is used by some few heavy male master-slave pairs, but is VERY common and more popular among the male-female (or she-male) FEM-DOM (feminine dominatrix) set. The goal of this kind of milking is to maintain health in the male while depriving him COMPLETELY of ALL orgasmic pleasure for the long-term [including nocturnal emissions = wet dreams!]. In this method the male is usually required to wear a confining chastity device between sessions to prevent his „uncontrollable“ urge to masturbate.

In this form, the milking is accomplished by applying repeated, firm, but gentle pressure to the prostate gland using a finger, a dildo, a vibrating wand, or a dildo-like tool specifically designed for this purpose. After a few minutes of this pressure, seminal fluids are expressed without any contractions through the tip of the penis. […] Sexual pressure and the urgent need to cum is reduced or eliminated till the fluids build back up again.


As for possible motives I found yet another text (lost the reference). Mind you at this point, that the whole strategy of cum-control is based upon, and working due to some biological facts, like the increased production of seminal fluids thru and with arousal, the threat of MRP after ejaculation** and the reduction of the sexual pressure after milking the glands (as just stated above). But read my find:

The basis for cum-control/denial is founded in part on the idea that while the male is interested in pursuing sexual release he will be more solicitous of the lady’s pleasure, and in general more amenable to various services for her. For some, an additional motive is that more time between his releases will make them more powerful and pleasurable. However, the truth is that these effects are a complex mix of psychological and physiological effects, created by repeated “teasings” or other arousal which engage his desires and build at an emotional level.

This sounds much like edging with a beneficial side effect for the female partner (sure could be male as well). But what´s in there for the sub in the long run? Well, read what a guy named Jeff did write about that:

Eventually, after this is done a significant number of times [Jeff refers to the stop&go of the edging a dom applies to her/his sub], the subs need to bring relief to himself becomes so intense that his mind empties of all other thoughts and he is consumed by only a single, pure thought: the need to get off.

In this state of urgent need a man is totally and completely at the mercy of the partner stimulating him. He will, literally, do ANYTHING to have you complete what you’re doing and allow him his relief.  This is why boundaries and limits established beforehand are so important, because when so consumed with his need to ejaculate a man will agree to do things he normally would not consider doing at all. This state of mind is one of the ultimate mixtures of pain and pleasure; the body is being pleasured repeatedly over and over, but denied the ability to culminate satisfactorily those feelings. […] Being in this state of body and mind where a partner is controlling your stimulation, body, penis and [ejaculation] is a very powerful experience. It is one of the MOST intense stages of sexual expression and abandon any man can experience; the ultimate combination of extraordinary pleasure and extraordinary frustration. Once you truly experience this at the hands of another woman/man, you will be forever changed; forever wanting to experience this agonizing bliss again, for no other experience even comes close to it in intensity.

Having your [climax] controlled in this way and being unable to prevent it from being done to you again and again as well as being unable to give yourself that slight touch needed to cross over the edge is the incredible sadistic, fiendish, wonderful aspect about using a man’s own need to [climax] as torture. The more desperate he becomes to achieve this goal, the more pleasurable, the more agonizing the experience becomes for him. What is essential is that this process is not rushed; it is not a ‘get him to the edge once and you’re done’ thing. The goal is to build upon each ‘edge’ to increase the need and arousal, building it higher and higher to that point of a man ‘letting go’ in body and mind. His body will be completely open to you, his arms and legs spread as widely as possible to give you access to stimulate him, his mind will have but a single thought “I must cum”, and he becomes like an animal with only the instinctual, single need of his body consuming him. A powerful state of mind and body indeed.

Because of this conditioning, the non-climactic relief of the loaded glands thru milking and the forbidden getting-off until the next cum-denial session (with the help of a chastity device), the sub is willing to pursue this self-sustaining hyper-edge by all means, in the same tightening the bond to his dom. An occasionally granted climax is recommended not only for psychological and emotional reasons:

Prostate massage does not provide the ejaculatory muscles with the same exercise as an orgasm [ejaculation], and long periods without orgasm weakens those muscles. Initially this is noted as dribbled or very short distance ejaculation when full orgasm is allowed. More prolonged periods could see further deterioration of the muscle strength. [Yep, better keep up with your Kegel exercises!]

Finally, there is a process called homeostasis, which essentially is just a way of saying the body tries to maintain all functions and processes in a balanced manner. Over time the body “learns” after repeated edgings without orgasm, that there will be no expelling of ejaculate, and consequently produces less. Taking a break from these orgasm denial activities from time to time, can “reset” the body’s mechanisms. In turn, this makes the next round almost as exciting and challenging as when first started.

I very much fancy the idea of edging in partner-sex, as you can find in my prose within this blog. However, this kind of marathon-edging as part of a fem-dom relationship is less for me as I am too much in love with the ejaculatory reflex. The question is, if the other milking style (of forced ejaculations) would in fact serve my preferences? Well, find out in my next post.

* BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism

** If arousal is low or penile stimulation is stopped for a brief time before the prostate massage begins, draining of the glandular produce into the urethra will most likely not trigger ejaculation! Milking the prostate is a foolproof method to drain the gland without the help of muscular contractions (i.e. ejaculation). Triggering an emission would be an alternative, but this is extremely difficult to achieve by a partner (too high a risk to trigger the ejaculatory reflex).

Being Edged (1)

April 5, 2011

The mere thought is highly arousing: to just sit (rather lay) back, relax and let a partner do the teasing. And with that I certainly mean edging. This reaches way beyond the ordinary hand job. Read about a hot experience of Jim which always makes my pulse speed up while rereading it. I found this more than 10 years ago and it influenced my own stories pretty much! The most intriguing perception is that a partner may be able to generate a more intense climax than one can achieve with oneself.

When two people who know and practice these wonderful techniques have the opportunity to get together it can be an intense experience. Until recently, I had a fellow Tantric enthusiast I would get together with about every two weeks on a Saturday. We would take turns. One week one of us would totally concentrate on the other and the next time the roles were reversed. The reason we did this is because we tried to expand the time of bliss to as long as we could, no less than two to three hours.

By the time it was over the recipient needed time to recuperate before he was interested in focusing likewise. We did not have the time so we just traded out complete sessions. We used warm coconut oil and all the slow edging techniques we have read about including some on this forum [Jim was referring to another forum then, not this one]. We used the book by Brauer called ESO as our basic guide.

One thing we always did was to keep the erection hard and firm the whole time without ever letting it subside. We both loved slow deliberate masturbation. We were both practiced with Kegels and had no erection problems at all. We read and also learned by experience that this builds up incredible sensations. We also tried to keep him right on the brink for most of this time.

At first we communicated with signals as to when we were close to the edge. We also went too far a few times and brought each other to ejaculation too soon. After about 5 or 6 sessions, however, we began to learn just what it took for each other to produce an intense experience. Wow, it was incredible because there is nothing like another set hands edging you for sometimes 3 hours knowing exactly when to slow or stop, knowing how to lightly rub those sensitive nerve endings while you relax.


Sometimes there was a semi-consciousness. Other times there was a heavy breathing or moaning. We encouraged each other to just open up and vocalize the passion when we were at one of the more extreme peaks. We told each other what strokes felt the most incredible and we focused on those each time. We always prepared several days in advance for a session by not masturbating to ejaculation and by doing plenty of Kegels and eating properly and getting plenty of excercise.

Finally we decided to tape each other receiving a session. Then the next time we got together we would review the tape of the one who was going to receive that day. It was so he could show the giver what was great and what wasn’t so great. We found that scanning through the tape was fantastic preparation for a session. It was highly stimulating just watching it knowing what was coming. We counted one time almost 70 times when he was close to the brink. We also tried to count contractions (the PC [BC] Muscles contracting when pleasure is received) but lost track after 200 or so. We saw that they were not as frequent when he got to stage III. By then it was more of a bliss time with even the lightest stroking causing intense sensations.

The orgasms and ejaculations at the end of these sessions were always preplanned and agreed upon so that there was no guess-work. They were always incredible. Routinely I would shoot very far, several jets, because I am made that way from the factory. His were not as far but he had about 3 more jets than I did. Both of us had many ejaculatory contractions at the end, way more than when we masturbated alone.

You sure need to share the same passion, a trusted relationship, knowledge of the male (anatomy) and experience (thru trial and error on your man = receiver). These parameters are not gender dependent!

MMO – Personal Questions & Answers

November 16, 2010

Okay now,

  • I revealed how I became MO.
  • I published some fine examples of my MO sessions (in the previous post).
  • What else? Well, in this post I like to share a dialog between me and one member of a MMO-Forum years ago. The guy nicked himself Pandragon. This conversation is a neat addition to the current topic, touching some very interesting further aspects:

Pandragon says:
I noticed you mentioned exploring tantric techniques and PC exercises, which did not help me achieve nonejaculatory orgasms either.
Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered the Male Multiple Orgasm Trigger Technique? Or Amygdala Clicking?
As for the PC exercises I believe that a lot of guys are able to integrate their strengthened PC muscles in a routine in which they are able to experience yet another way of multiple dry climaxes. I read about this claim/fact quite often. As I said, every man is different hence there will be numerous guys who live well with a strong PC and a clenching method to inhibit ejaculation. It is just that neither you nor I mastered this method due to what ever reason (anatomical for instance and most likely I presume).
I never really considered the Johnston Method because it is connected to making sound/noise and because it is regarding orgasm in a different way as my conviction of what a real/ full body-orgasm should be like. There is a story of orgasm-definition behind my point of view to which I may return later. My attitude may seem to be stupid because orgasmic feelings should be welcomed by any means by anyone. Yet as I said, the sound attribute was keeping me from following this way until now.
As for the Amygdala Clicking: I went to the URL when I read about it in another subforum but could never find out what it really meant or rather how it can be achieved. I know one would have to buy the book in which this method is explained in detail. It sounds intriguing, but I […] have the feeling that this approach may not suit me.
[Please download the file using this linked remark, which explains a bit more the methods of Jack Johnston and Neil Slade!]

I find this especially fascinating. Personally, I would frequently ejaculate several times in rapid succession a great deal as a teenager, gradually decreasing into my late 20’s, until I learned MMO’s, at which point I lost interest in ejaculation as my primary form of orgasmic release.
See, as a teenager I never tried to find out if I was able to perform multiple ejaculations. For some reason I never got the idea. I was probably convinced that one ejaculation/climax was all there is to it. What I though do remember very clearly are masturbation sessions around the instance when I first squirted semen. I am sure that I then experienced multiple dry orgasms in succession (before it happened). I was quite hooked once I found out to provide myself with those lustful peaks (which felt just the like ones I am able to provide today – those followed by ejaculation). And one day I felt an increased wetness in my briefs under the sheets after I enjoyed another blissful feeling, I had cum for the first time (I know that I already was precumming at those sessions). I guess after that incident I tried to avoid ejaculation in subsequent masturbatory sessions with an early Stop&Go routine which then changed or rather disappeared over time. I must have had learned that ejaculation will mean the end of sexual lust (MRP had developed, unfortunately).

However, every once in a while, I make a conscious decision to “empty my tank,” and ejaculate several times over a 30 minutes to an hour.
This sounds quite familiar!!

I believe this is good for prostate health and just plain fun!
I agree absolutely!


However, I must say, I’ve noticed as time goes by that my body seems not to “want” to ejaculate as much as it used to when I was younger. So I find it very interesting that you apparently began as a “single ejaculator” and then slowly built up to what I think most people would consider an impressive number of ejaculations in such a short period of time for a man your age.
The number of ejaculatory climaxes is one thing, the volume of semen another! When I was new to the ability to cum several times in a row like about few years ago, I found – in retrospect – I have been at the height of a new discovered fetish. I decided to film my abilities and I am glad I did. Not only did I document my ability to repeatedly ejaculate, yet the amount of semen I expelled with it was copious! I know that the self-taping increased my sexual excitement a lot! And this contributed to the production of seminal fluid in my glands (excitement is the best stimulant to seminal fluid production!).

Many men (myself included), slowly develop sensitivity and greater pleasure from prostate stimulation over weeks, months, or even years. Many men seem to require a period of adjustment before they are able to feel any positive sensations from prostate stimulation at all.
I agree! And this accounts to me as well. I would consider myself a slow adjuster. In the beginning prostate stimulation soon would turn uncomfortable, concerning the feelings of/within the prostate itself. Meanwhile I consider it a very positive and distinct sexual feeling; lubrication is crucial!

I wonder what role, if any, circumcision might play in learning to enjoy MMO’s…
Circumcision is a big theme by itself. And it is an important one! However I just can speak for myself in this respect. I discovered that this inner part of my foreskin is extremely sensitive to touch. My observation is indeed backed by investigations of a medical doctor who is working on the subject in Canada. I was leading a brief conversation thru mail with him some years ago.
[An interesting dialog which I saved and may post separately.]
The URL of Dr. Taylors site here.

I’ve noticed […] that the more non-ejaculatory orgasms I enjoy prior to my first ejaculatory orgasm, the easier it is to enjoy a second or third ejaculation, while maintaining a more constant and intense level of arousal. I believe […] it has to do with releasing higher amounts of endorphins through longer periods of extreme arousal, so that when ejaculation does occur, the endorphins can “overlap” the release of prolactin and therefore bypass, at least for a while, the refractory period.
That may be a very good explanation. The MRP remains to be some mystery to date. If science would uncover the workings of MRP it could mean that men may overcome MRP with a drug. Lots of people (men) indeed are experimenting voluntarily yet privately in this respect.

Well, I hope I wasn’t alienating anyone with my personal standards for MMO’s! I think the most important factors are satisfaction and fulfillment. It seems as though you have both of those well in hand, and therefore who’s to say if one way is “better” than another?
I agree. Yet your standards make sense in a way. I guess there are two parameters for MMO:

  1. to freely produce orgasm (without specific tricks) and
  2. certain qualities of the bodyreaction (orgasm) ought to be met.

So please don’t take my personal standards as something I think everyone should conform to. I realize now that I should have been more clear by simply defining a specific form of MMO’s and explaining why I prefer it over others. I’m glad you brought this to my attention and illustrated with your own experience how there is no one “ultimate” experience of orgasm to achieve, but rather a wide variety of experiences to explore and enjoy.


Finally read Pandragon´s personal standards for MMO’s:
To me, an MMO technique that “works” must meet at least three requirements:

  1. It must enable a man to experience as much pleasure as he wants, plain and simple.
  2. It must enable the man to experience orgasms without any need to manipulate or control his ejaculatory reflex, i.e. no “holding back,” from the pleasure.
  3. It must enable the man to enjoy orgasms for as long as he desires without specific effort or concentration required.

Put simply, the technique must enable a man to enjoy multiple orgasm in essentially the same way a multi-orgasmic women does – without any specific effort, concentration, or distraction from the pleasure. So while I know from personal experience that PC exercises and learning to hover at the PONR can result in increased pleasure and multiple orgasms, they don’t meet my personal standards for truly satisfying MMO’s.