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Beneath The Helmet

June 27, 2017
or: Sounding the Cockmouth

Note: this post offers a bonus file (see the final remarks)!

In my quest for finding a possibly not-thought-of masturbatory technique I turned to a friend who is an expert on male sexuality. I had little hope to learn something new, but my friend didn´t fail me!

I was sure I had tried practically all kinds of external and internal fondling concerning my genitalia and my reproductive system. I didn´t like the integration of „complex“ toys – a sleeve, a plug, a ring now and then was fine – and I told him that. E-stim, yeah, a nice thing once in a while, but I realised I liked it pretty straight forward and natural, uncomplicated. So, what else could there be?

My friend asked me if I ever considered or even tried penile sounding? And I answered that even the tought of doing such was a sure way to turn me off immediately. But he elaborated on his suggestion and caught my attention.

He emphasized that his technique was more a „sounding-light“ thing. The true aim was the teasing of a spot inside the penis that couldn´t be reached otherwise. In the same the sensations provided by this way of cock-fondling couldn´t be generated any other way!

I sure wanted to know more and my friend gave me a brief lecture in penile anatomy. I knew that penises are made of two different erectile bodies, a softer one (containing the urethra and featuring the helmet) and a more rigid one (featuring the stiff shaft). This rigid corpus splits into two endings below the pubic bone, the so-called crus. The other ending, the outer tip of this corpus, is covered (probably shielded) by the glans (helmet).

So far, so good. But then my friend revealed to me what I had not known: that „hidden“ tip of the rigid corpus is the same structure – anatomically speaking – as the female clitoris! And we all have an idea of how sensitive a clit is, namely because it is packed with nerve-endings (the highest concentration in a human body). That´s why a clit is protected by a hood. In the male this tip is fixed beneath the fleshy helmet – also for a good reason!

Back to the proposed technique: the spots only possible direct stimulation works by penetrating (i.e. sounding) the cockmouth with a suitable device and manually stimulate the tip from inside the urethra. And as if nature had considered such a practice, it has provided us men with a small cavity right there at the very location, called the navicular fossa.

The effect of the direct tip-stimulation is nothing short than electrifying (given the penis is erect!) – think of a clitoris again. Nature had covered this erectile body´s end with a glans, because otherwise sexual intercourse was unbearable for the male. But masturbation sure gives men the chance to exploit the anatomical conditions.

I was stunned from what I just had learned! I could see myself trying this method despite my reluctance toward sounding. Yet I carried hope and anxiety after my friend´s closing remarks: that everyone is different! While some will love this technique others may not be able to cope with „sounding-light“ and the intense sensations this uncommon teasing is likely to induce (he compared it with the like/dislike disparity of direct prostate stimulation).

With a final word of caution about a clean and appropriate probe and sufficient lubrication (lucky are those who precum continually!) he released me into trying a new and very alluring path within my masturbatory realm. And he promised me to write about his finding in his blog.


Attention dear reader! The account above is a piece of fiction! I neither tried this masturbatory variant on myself, nor do I know if the effect described can be achieved, nor have I heard or read about this particular technique! You may try this for yourself (and are dearly invited to report back) always considering the recommended rules and suggestions in this bonus-file on penile sounding!

For a Closer Look (24) – Spraying Cum

December 26, 2015

Almost exactly two years ago I posted a defining text about spraying and/or roping semen, which turned out to become a much sought-after article. So much so, that it climbed to rank # 2 in the all time view stats!

I was running a poll (at the time of the posts publication) for checking with my readers to which of the two performer groups they belonged:

poll 32

Turned out that sprayers seem to account for the smaller group. However, it may be tough for oneself sometimes to discern between the two spectacular ways of ejecting the own milk. Not only because some guys are featuring both possibilities (6% in the poll), but because semen-ropes will eventually break up into droplets before hitting the ground (given enough distance between cock and floor), unless your produce is extremely cohesive.

While I explained the mechanics behind the two clearly different semen-in-flight performances in the mentioned post Do you rope or do you spray?, this entry offers you two clips that both perfectly display the characteristics of spraying cum. Let me also briefly point out how the spraying of your juices affects your sex-act.

First though I´d like to clearly demonstrate – once again – the different looks of a spray-ejaculation contrary to a rope-ejaculation, based on these easy to compare photos (the spraying samples are screens from one of the clips I present!):

compspray 1 compspray 2

comprope 1 comprope 2

Now, the first clip shows a guy spray-ejaculating (first set of sample-photos above). I´d consider him a perfect model of a thorough sprayer. Not only is his system pumping a big volume of milk (in 13 pulses!), he does so with apparently forceful contractions and in a quick pace. His milk most of the time disintegrates right (or very soon) after it leaves his meatus (cock-mouth). He must have splattered quite an area after this powerful ejaculation.

Full frontal nudity delights our eyes with the second clip. We see a young guy jerking himself beyond PONR into spraying his milk onto himself (mainly his chest). Enjoy his nice cock, notice the movement of his balls during his climax, savor his moaning and finally regard the result of his ejaculation!

Cum-sprayers certainly know this: spraying jizz freely will result in a „mess“. While as a roper you are able to target a hitting spot for your semen, you just can not control well the splattering distribution of your produce when you do spray.

There will be (spraying) guys who dislike this fact. They could (e.g.) use a condom to catch their load or hold a hand in front of their cock-mouth at PONR to prevent their volume from gaining range.

Yet I do wish for all the sprayers out there, that most of them will be cum-lovers! Both aspects are a fortunate match, because only spraying guys are able to cover a larger area with their produce, either upon themselves or onto a partner. Being showered with fresh ´n warm semen is a blissful experience for anyone who loves man-milk!

Clip one: See a guy forcefully spray his milk in 13 pulses (.mov, 16 secs, w/sound, 1.5 MB).

Clip two: See a guy spraying himself (.mov, 35 secs, w/sound, 2.6 MB).

Got Milk? – Pulses Repertory

July 20, 2014

This post closes the „Got Milk?“-series. It´s a direct continuation of Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3) in which I covered ejaculatory performance, explaining the different ways guys pulse out their produce and why so. What I described there, you may watch in clip-samples here.

I need to be a bit more precise: in this repertory I have collected hot scenes of ejaculations covering the range of the males’ ability to (powerfully) shoot jets of cum, from illustrating the spurting of few ropes (representing the majority of guys I believe) to the stunning achievements of true performance-masters, who signify the top of the anatomically possible.

Mind you that pulses do not equal jets or spurts! Pulses mean the contractions of the muscles (within the ejaculatory reflex) which make your semen leave your penis, no matter if this happens via gushes, squirts or ropes. But because this series of posts is about capacity-check, and parallel to the check on volume, I wanted to offer you evidence of powerful ejaculations.

Again, take into consideration that a minority of men is able to produce the feat of – lets say – five spurts (and more) on a regular basis. You need a big volume of milk and a strong muscular reaction for such, which both may be rather the exception to the rule.

In my poll-question #21 I was asking my readers about their personal output (cum-producing pulses on average, which – again – don´t mean jets or spurts). Take a look at the results of 68 voters:

poll pulses

The majority of votes are in the range of what we observe in this clip:

A. This guy is featuring a solid ejaculation showing 9 cum-producing pulses. Yet he does not spurt more than 2 distinct ropes of cum. I believe that his performance stands for the majority of ejaculations that guys show in a standard masturbatory session.


B. This guy represents a powerful shooter with 5 initial spurts of about 12 cum-producing pulses. I would place this sample already in the above-average range of ejaculatory performance.

C. This clip is very hot! You witness a beautiful ejaculation in slow motion of a young guy with a stunning cock! I count 10 pulses of which 6 of them produce very forceful spray-shots (add an initial (pre-pulse) and a final minor spurt)! When you focus at the base of his shaft you clearly make out the contractions of his BC-muscle, the pumping is obvious with the beautiful pulsation of his Corpus spongiosum (or Corpus cavernosum urethrae in the pic below, i.e. his soft erectile tissue containing the urethra).


D. This clip offers a beautiful study of a prolific ejaculation! It runs in slow motion and it´s a no touch performance! You clearly see the „naked“ throbbing cock shooting delicious ropey jizz! Of the 10 cum-producing pulses (the clip may be cut off before the end of the guy´s reflex) you witness 9 jets and spurts. This unaltered ejaculation features what I described in this post, paragraph “As for 1.”: The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. – In this clip the 6th and 7th rope show more force (and volume) than the preceding spurts!

E. The nick of the guy (Spritzmeister) and the setting we are presented with show it all. This guy belongs to the group of performance-masters when it cums to ejaculation. Of the filmed 12 cum-producing pulses at least 6 turn out as forceful spray-jets, only about 3 are minor spurts (plus a final mini-gush). The setting let you objectively witness Spritzmeisters range of shooting distance.

F. I shall not close without mentioning Spritzing (aka Krooga). This man is certainly one of the genuine performance-masters maybe on a global level! And he is (or was) able to perform like he does on a regular basis, truly astounding. I selected one of his beautiful ejaculation samples with a frontal point of view. Watch his cock-mouth and enjoy one of his ever stunning juicy climaxes in a slight slow motion!

spritzing power

After a brief pre-gush of his delicious milk he produces 14 cum-pulses of which he shoots (in slomo appearing as if he pisses them) 11 runny jets towards the cam! Pay attention to his cock-slit which is less a slit but a small opening which shall be one reason for his exquisite ability, – it works in the sense of a pinched hose with an effect we all know.

meatus anatomy

G. Finally I must repeat a clip I already offered in the preceding post. Witness (again) a guy performing a mega-ejaculation made of 37 ropey spurts (of different force)! It´s also a frontal view and it looks genuine. I explain the record number of his shots with that we follow him running thru 3 consecutive ejaculations or a combination of ejaculation and fluid-ejection from his bladder. Baffling enough is the not diminishing volume of his milk (in any spurt) until he eventually ceases jerking.

Male ejaculation is a very fascinating anatomical process. In my blog I try to deliver profound insights of this topic with a zest. The now completed series adds a terrific portion to my aim. But there is more to cum, so stay tuned. 🙂

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3)

April 9, 2014

Lets take a look at the physical aspects of the ejaculatory performance which must meet limitation, even under the most favourable circumstances, due to anatomical construction and biological as well as biochemical processes. There are:

  1. The pattern of the cum-producing pulses.
  2. The force of the cum-spurts ejected.
  3. The number of cum-producing pulses.
  4. The volume of semen ejected.

As for 1.: Ejaculation has a beginning and an end. It´s bound to the common nature of reflexes: they neither last nor are they subject to willful manipulation (you can´t do much alteration when you sneeze, can you!). As I wrote early in my blog, the ejaculatory reflex follows a common pattern, as the muscles involved contract rhythmically, initially at 0.8-second intervals. The intervals between contractions extend in time (slightly) and the intensity of the contractions tapers off until the involuntarity of the reflex dissolves (see the BC-muscle beautifully work in this small clip!). The muscle contractions make your cum gush or squirt. Some guys have a quicker, and some a slightly slower pulsing frequency (0.8-second intervals are rule-of-thumb). The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. Yet eventually the contractions become weaker, will not be strong enough to eject more of your milk and finally dissolve/stop, marking the completion of your climactic reflex.

As for 2.: We observe a broad variety in the force with which semen is ejected from the mouth of a penis. Forceful cum-shots are truly spectacular and awesome to witness. Several factors contribute to a powershot, such as an ideal chain-reaction of events within your system (ideal flow of seminal fluids), a respectable volume of fluids supplied, an ideal (inviscid) mixture of secretions, a supportively designed urethra and urethral opening (cock-slit) and after all a powerful muscular system with a very strong BC-muscle (which you can exercise!). All these factors need to complement each other to achieve (a set of) powershots. The top-speed at which semen can leave a mans cock-slit was measured at about 28 miles/hr! However, and as I explained before, such powershots will naturally abate during the course of a given ejaculation (and the span of a lifetime). Forceful cum-jets remain to describe the exception to the rule, I´m afraid.

curved rope

As for 3.: Again, ejaculation has a beginning and an end. We like to count the spurts a guy is producing rather than clocking the time of the duration of the reflex. The more spurts and gushes a guy is able to deliver, the more arousing and awe-inspiring the ejaculatory performance becomes while watching it (at least with me). Naturally there is a limit to that number of pulses! It is rather simple to specify this upper limit, given the abundance of cum-shot clips available on the net. After many years of counting, so to speak, I find the upper limit reached with about 14 to 16 cum-producing pulses in a single ejaculatory reflex. The last third or quarter of a whole set of pulses is mostly producing very small spills of semen. Nevertheless, 14 to 16 pulses (+ the aftermath) do mean a lasting climax and – generally – a big overall volume of milk spilled!

As for 4.: Like with the number of spurts, an extended volume of jizz ejected is a truly hot visual. Both attributes are tightly related, as with more accumulated seminal fluids in the glands, more cum-producing pulses are likely to occur for us to enjoy: either watching the flood emerge or better yet catching it live!


Alas our glands, which generate and store our juices, also do meet their capacity limits. When our glands are drained (which may be the case only after follow-up ejaculation(s)), it takes a while for them to replenish. A further (forced) reflex would result in a dry ejaculation (an oxymoron, because you don´t ejaculate no fluid no more) which lets you experience muscular contractions in the described pattern without any cum left to appear at your cock-slit (but a drip maybe 😉 ).

The question is: how much is much? Or what would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume? Don´t ask the books, because they operate with bottom-line volumes, such as: As a general rule, the volume of ejaculate averages around 2.75 – 3.4 ml after three days’ abstinence. The volume varies considerably both within and between individuals. I guess even those figures will be outdated (at least for the sexual active male) and they seem like a joke compared to the volumes you can find on average in web-supplied footage (though I admit that most guys who do post their clips certainly do shoot extraordinary volumes – clips mean showing-off after all).

In my next post of this series I shall take a close look at volume(s).