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Why Do You Love Multiples?

November 27, 2018

How could I not!?

Isn´t the capability of climaxing again and again an essential sexual desire for any man? How hot the thought and better yet the potential to cum as often as you deem proper at any given sex-act! If only nature/evolution had not cursed men with a restriction to that (well, there is probably a deeper biological meaning behind it).

However, I observe an increasing number of men being able to trigger ejaculation more than once in their sessions. It seems to me that within the past 10 to 15 years the indication of being a multiple cummer has lost its exclusiveness. But maybe it is owed to the fact that more able guys are posting about their potential at the diverse tubes?

It´s a great thought for me that my blog may have contributed to this (r)evolutionary development; but it´s probably an assumption slightly overrated. 😉

Well, let’s do the test here!

Maybe my vision isn´t that far-fetched? Because if you didn´t have cultivated the MO ability from an early age (when becoming a sexual being), the good news is that your system can learn to become MO! I did manage and others likewise.

So, becoming MO is one of the most awesome achievements a man can gain as a sexual being. Despite the fact of different – or rather ever changingqualities of your climaxes, the sensations they bless us with are among the greatest in life!

The potential to voluntarily decide to peak multiple times and even to opt between wet and dry at that, is a freedom most profound that no one can take from you once established. Beware though, forced MOs are a whole different story!

Maybe you are on a different path within the sexual realm. Maybe you prefer not to cum at all or rarely so. That´s fine, you have found your niche, your way of gaining sexual satisfaction that pleases you most. I love being MO, appreciated it even more when I learned my limitations. 😉

You can read the intro to this series here!

Sharing His Sanctum (3)

September 16, 2015

Guest post: This is a story by Tom (loyal reader) to pay homage to this blog!

You start to play once again with your cock, now so close for me to see the veins running through it.  I can see the way your urethral opening flares when a new bead of precum emerges. I can see the way your foreskin, so tight around your shaft, is able to still advance and shelter your pointed head, protecting that delicate skin to keep it moist and sensitive. I can now see the smoothness of your foreskin’s edge as you gather it in front of your tip, and watch how it slides smoothly back and over your corona, finally coming to rest as it stretches over your mid shaft. I can examine that area of skin, your frenulum, now turned inside out, and watch how your sticky fingers return to this area because the sensations are so sweet.


You now take one hand, followed by the other, and stroke upward from the base to your tip. You do this upstroke about five times before reversing it in a backward stroke that you repeat similarly. Five strokes with each hand forward; five strokes with each hand back. You continue to drool and your stroking spreads the nectar over your wet surface. When this becomes too intense you start to back off, using only one finger to flick the underside of your shaft, tracing the length of your ridged band, that place of gathered skin and nerve endings that is simply electric.

“Fuck I can feel the fluid inside me starting to move,” you say, and I lick my lips in anticipation for what is in store.

As you continue this agonizing tease of your frenulum, your cock swells, and you once again are making conscious effort to breathe steadily and regularly. Your hips start to move, as if your cock has taken control of your body and is demanding more stimulation. Your finger, however, maintains the lightest of touch, and all your hips are able to do is circle your sweet spot over your fingertip.

You are unable to obtain deeper pressure. This tease is doing wonders for your leakage, and your cock is now literally drooling with precum that you catch on your finger and use to further moisten your ridged band. You now move your finger up and over your glans, circling your drooling slit, and then back to your sweet spot, then back to your head, in a cycle of agonizing ecstasy that is clearly driving you wild. “Must…stay…relaxed…” is all you can muster, as your voice dissolves into long sighs and the most delicious groans.


Once again, I bring you back into focus by asking “Tell me what is happening?”

As you try to maintain control of your breath while continuing this one finger tease of your cock, you try to answer: “I’m starting to shake…standing here…Fuck, having a hard time staying relaxed… my excitement is so fucking high…Once again feeling full, distended with my fluid…Prostate is twitching…fluid is moving….aahhh….which is why…uuuhhh….my muscles…want to pulse…”

You now take a very deep breath and start to make a prolonged and mournful cry as you suddenly stop all stimulation. Once again we enter that suspended moment, when you are clearly in danger of spilling over into the inevitable reflex of full-on ejaculation, yet trying with all your might to hold yourself off. I know that I am either going to be met with a palmful of your milk, or it is going to hit me full force in the face. I am prepared for either scenario.

Your opening dilates, and once again the tap is open and flow begins. Because your cock is so hard and is pointing at an angle upward, your cum leaves your slit and slides down the underside of your glans to the lower end of your frenulum where it then falls off into a steady stream into my waiting hand.  The flow is uninterrupted for about 5 to 6 long seconds as you take another breath in order to moan even more deeply. Your body starts to shake as this eruption starts to slow. I am left with a pool of your beautiful, white produce in my palm.


Coming down now, you collect yourself and smile at me. We both look at what I am holding and you suggest we taste it together.  We each submerge a fingertip in the warm, silky liquid and once covered, we bring it to our mouths. Looking deeply into each other, we taste your milk at the same time. How can I state the bliss I feel in this moment, the connection to you and to your pleasure?

I can only say that your taste is superb. It is warm and silky, salty and sweet at the same time. We go back in for seconds, clearly both of us a bit greedy for this man produce that you have just created with stimulation and sexual excitement. I am taken away by the smell, texture, and taste, so powerful to me as a representation of your essence. You take some more and rub it over your glans and shaft, and then turn and move back to the bed, repositioning yourself as I continue to hold what remains. “Finish it,” you say, and I bring up my hand and engulf the remainder.  “I am now a part of you,” you say, and I know this to be true as I swallow you.

Now we move on to an extended display of edging. You are again back on the bed facing me with your legs spread. You once again use your hand to push your cock away from your body so that it stands fully upright.  Despite two emissions and almost two hours of cock and ass play you are still rock hard. Amazingly, I still see precum welling up at your tip. You spit into your hand and use it to revitalize your drying cum, and then start to move through a series of cock strokes and teases that take both our breaths away as you rise and fall and dance around your edge. Your knowledge of different ways of stimulating your member is vast and seemingly limitless because of the infinite combinations that you can make.

One of your favorites, you tell me, is a stroke called the Count-Up which you proceed to demonstrate. First you ask me to name a number between 10 and 15. I say 18. You call me cheeky.  You start a long, slow downstroke with one hand from your glans to your cock base and over your balls, followed in turn by the other. You reverse this full stroke moving upward, one hand following the other. Count 1, although really it is four strokes. You then repeat this with two alternating downward strokes followed by two alternating upstrokes from each hand. Count 2, but it’s 4 strokes and a light goes off as to why you called me cheeky. You move on to three alternating strokes downward followed by three alternating strokes upward. Count 3. You are breathing heavily by the time you reach Count 10, especially on the upstroke which clearly is driving you crazy.

By Count 13 you have to stop after the downstroke to come down off the edge this has taken you toward. Composure once again regained, you start the slow, agonizing process of moving through 13 upstrokes, which is really 26. Each one has you moaning “Fuck” as your hand passes over your coronal ridge. Count 13. I start to wonder if you will be able to make it to 18 without passing the point of no return, and I ask you just that. You look at me, and in a half grimace, half smile because you are slowly counting downward toward 14, you say “It may take awhile…because I will have to stop and start…ahhh…approaching it…and then backing off…uuhhh…but that is what this…uuhhh…fucking stroke is all about” as your body jumps and quivers by the end of that round.

Again taking a break, you encircle your balls to pull them out, stretching your scrotum to help. You also take a firm hold of your glans and squeeze, another technique you say you use to help you off the edge. By Count 15 you are having a hard time even making it through half a round without having to stop. Your cock is so hard and red and glazed from all of the new precum now mixed with your semen from your previous two emissions. But like an adventurer on a search for lost treasure you muster onward, using every ounce of willpower, breath, concentration, and practiced ability to stay relaxed in the face of this onslaught of stimulation to your already overstimulated cock, to hold off the edge, to stop before you cross over into ejaculatory oblivion. You are finally at 18, moving slowly downward.


I am amazed that you have been able to continue this, that you have not given up and simply allowed yourself a full release. You are swearing and sweating again; I can see the sheen on your chest in the light, and this adds to your incredible sexiness. You are now taking repeated, deep breaths, moaning rhythmically as you are lost in sensation but battling to stay away from the precipice.

As you finish the final downstroke you look at me and say, “You…had…to pick…18?” and all I can do is just wink and smile in admiration. You enter the final lap, just 18 upstrokes with each hand. I know that the upstrokes are the hardest to endure, as they move your sensitive foreskin and stimulate your frenulum and head in such a way that each one brings you right to the edge. You pretty much have to stop for a few seconds between strokes, and these last 18 are agonizingly long as you writhe in ecstasy at each pass. 15…..16…….17……… 18.  With the final stroke you let go of your cock, which flops down onto your belly, and you collapse, panting as you slowly come down off that final momentous stroke.

More than a few minutes go by before you collect yourself enough to look at me. I think you must be done despite not having ejaculated yet. “You must be wiped out,” I say. “Ready to stop? I would completely understand.”

But you sit back up and put your hand behind your cock, pushing it out again for full viewing. It certainly appears not to be finished based on how rigid it stands, pulsing against your hand. Just to confirm this you take your other hand and start a frenulum rub, using all five fingers and more precum.

“Well it appears you are far from done,” I say with an admiring smile. You nod but something has changed. Me, the room, the music has disappeared. You are focused solely on your cock. You massage this most sensitive part of your shaft, bringing yourself quickly back to a heightened state of arousal. “It’s time,” you whisper, more to yourself than to me, and I know this means you are driving yourself to a final release.


This last bit of edging is intense to watch. Cock-lost is what I call you, as all your concentration points toward stimulating yourself toward a final edge, then moving into a glorious launch of milk by recruiting all those ejaculatory muscles into unrestrained contraction. Your touch is light and teasing, moving from that delicious frenulum rub to strumming your ridged band to juicing your head to playing with your foreskin by moving it up and down over your glans.

You tease your coronal ridge, then back to your frenulum, then advance your prepuce, then you slowly pump your shaft from the lower portion. Your penis is the most rigid and swollen and red I have seen yet. Clear sticky fluid is leaking every few seconds. By changing the stimulation you stretch out the approach to the peak by preventing your cock from gaining a firm and direct foothold forward. Instead what you are doing is like climbing switchbacks toward orgasm.

Your breathing gets shallow, your moaning gets louder, and your body writhes. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…” is all you manage to get out as you build and build toward whatever awaits. Now back to a circling finger over your ridged band, your hips start to pump involuntarily as I can tell you are reaching the point of no return. You take in a deep breath, then start a long ecstatic cry as you suddenly stop all movement, and push out your cock toward me once again with your hand. As your cry nears the end of what remains of your breath, an eruption of cum emerges from your urethral opening. At first it flows and then quickly rises out in an arc caused by the internal buildup of pressure and the steady contraction of muscles to push it out. It runs down your shaft and splashes onto your balls which are drawn up as if to cushion the fall. Your spigot remains open for your biggest emission yet. You take in a quick breath and moan again as now your cock starts to jerk ejaculatory pumping, and semen begins pulsating out of it. After holding off for so long, you are now enjoying the intensity of full ejaculatory muscle contraction combined with a mind-blowing orgasm. Incredibly, your ejaculation is happening without any direct penile stimulation.

The first spurt arcs upward and lands on your right thigh. The second and third follow with additional force, flying through the air in a trajectory that takes them near your knee. The last three continue to decrease in intensity as this now clearer fluid streams down your shaft.

I say “Oh my God! That was fucking intense.” Before I realize what is happening you take hold of your slightly softening cock in a full circular grip and start a full on jack off. You are steady in your speed but clear in intention. You are going to try and cum again! My mouth falls open in amazement as instead of becoming refractory your cock resumes a rigid tumescence with more nectar emitting from the opening. How sensitive it must be!

There is no teasing now, none of those agonizing switchbacks, just a direct ride toward another peak with more sweet contractions if you are able to get there. I wonder how your glands could have any fluid left after all you have produced. I imagine your balls must be aching. I don’t bother asking because I don’t think you will hear me.

Cum-soaked, you fuck your hand and your hand fucks your cock. Your hips thrust upward and you grunt with each one. As your second finish approaches, your strokes shorten and focus on that most sensitive upper shaft, just under your coronal ridge, that sweet spot of foreskin, frenulum and ridged band that creates sexual lightning.


Soon you grunt “Fuuckk…cumming!!!” and your semen, now more like skim milk, watery and light-colored, spurts from your reddened head in six short arcs upward, landing in your pubic hair and lower belly while your legs twist and turn and your whole body jumps, as if the contraction of your ejaculatory muscles have taken over your entire body.

As the contractions end, you fall into the pillows, panting and moaning. Your cock starts to soften, but you scoop up your last ejaculate and take hold of your cock, focusing again on the sweet band under your ridge, and you stroke some more, moaning and grunting all over again.

After a short time you orgasm again with two small spurts. Amazingly, this produce is once again thick and milky. I just sit back now, unbelieving, but assuming there may be more. Indeed, you start to move your hand over your shaft again. Your poor cock is semi-soft and obviously extremely sensitive by your groans, yet you stroke, you harden, and as your moaning rises again you are roiled by another orgasm which leads to three more ejections of milk, one spurt reaching your belly and the other two covering your hand and dripping onto your balls.

Breathing in short burst, you take a run at a fifth orgasm, starting the most subtle of strokes at that frenulum zone that seems to have a direct path to your ejaculatory reflex. Your wet and deeply red cock is half hard as you build up your rhythm. Miraculously it hardens again, reacting to this unending stimulation, defying your hard-wired refractory reflex.


You are almost crying now you cross your peak. Your hips arc off the bed and I see two large spurts of semen shoot from your cock and land on your chest. As I watch your heaving and shaking body now covered in your beautiful milk, I am both amazed and incredibly grateful for what I have just witnessed. What you have done seems truly mythic. Your sperm filled seminal fluid is on your sweating chest. It is dripping off your softening cock. It is starting to dry on your loosening scrotum. It is dripping down your thighs. You are literally anointed in cum.

I sit and wait as you lay there, watching as your heaving chest starts to quiet. The room becomes still as we listen to each other breathe. You eventually raise yourself up to join me in your bedroom once again.  “Welcome back,” I say. And I thank you for this most breathtaking display of self-love I have ever witnessed.

I ask you how you feel about the experience, and about sharing it with me. “I am simply drained. My internal muscles, my prostate have a pleasurable ache. My testicles ache too, given that their reservoirs have been drained. My cock is tingling and somewhat numb.” You tell me that having a witness to these intense acts of self-love made you feel incredibly vulnerable; I held the space for you and this added to the intensity and excitement. The result was you produced milk at a volume you have never before achieved, through three separate emissions and five full on orgasms, each containing its own ejaculation.

We talk about how this experience has increased both of our awe and wonder of male sexuality, male sexual organs, and how they can transport us to worlds of intense pleasure where we can experience intense self-love and the beauty of creation. The milk of life has unlimited volume. We just have to be willing to harvest it.

As I leave I present you with my gift, and a smile of gratitude lights up your handsome face. You tell me this book will enhance the growing content of your blog. This makes me smile with joy to be somehow a part of it.

As I ride down the elevator, entirely spent despite never once touching myself, I think back to the last thing you said before our goodbye embrace. Musing poetically on the whole ejaculatory experience, you said:

“I wish it was possible to slowly cum, like in slow motion, to spurt like in slow motion and to experience every single phase explicitly and intensively: how my sperm wanders from my testicles via the vas deference towards my prostate; how my semen is released from the seminal vesicles into the urethra; how my prostate hardens and discharges its secrete into the base of my penis; how my cum gives me the feeling of congestion; and how – as a reflex to that – my muscular structures begin their involuntary rhythmic spasms; how my cum is shooting out of my penis, how ropes of my warm cream are pulsing out of me until most of the stored amount of my juices is spent and the contractions decline up to the point where my muscles return to relaxation. Yes, this is exactly what I love.”

Story cumplete.
In gratitude, Nandisa!

Cock-School (2)

February 7, 2015

I spare you the theoretical details of the (anatomical) workings of a males system(s). You can find/read all about it in this fabulous blog! Just this for your orientation:

The first day (of the remaining four) we just were playing around with our respective guy’s genitals to get to know them up close and to observe reactions (every guy is a bit different, hence we would stick to „our“ cock). However, no ejaculation was to be triggered yet! – As a matter of fact I fell in love with „my cock“ right that day! Please read this report on how I encountered my guy’s equipment (this is the bonus I mentioned introducing part one)! 😉

The second day we were given a written feedback by the respective guy on how they experienced our first get-together. Every guy was revealing to his apprentice his particular preferences and how he’d respond while being on the plateau and when nearing PONR. This was very helpful, because soon we were asked to transform our theory into action.

Before we were supposed to make our stud cum into a glas, one after the other of us students got the chance to probe one blokes anus through that lowered and larger glory-hole (that´s why it was different)! We were asked to put our hand thru that opening and the chap behind the wall would direct our pointed middle-finger (covered by a rubber finger stall) into his well lubed bud-hole, so we could grope and milk his prostate for a while. A drawing of the situation refreshed our theoretical knowledge:

prostate access

This was hot and stimulating for the goal of the day: play and discover our stud’s scrotum, then stroke his cock and trigger his ejaculation, catch his milk in a glas and get a taste of his produce. I didn´t fail to fully comply! I enjoyed so much to caress first his balls and then his beautiful member. He was performing just wonderfully. He shot what I considered a big load and I was awestruck, since I had never experienced a solid ejaculation into a glas in real life (the men I had all came inside of me)! My excitement and arousal let me take a sip of his cum and I was then neither disgusted nor particularly attracted (yet).


Came day three. The agreed-upon goal of the day was to have our guys cum in our mouths and us to swallow the loads! My stud had revealed to me in his feed-back that he may shoot an immense load if I kept up with my style of masturbating him and that he is a multi-cummer if the circumstances were favourable, pleading not to change a bit at working him other than becoming even more gentle towards PONR!

I just followed his guidelines. Hence I got my first mouthful, and I swallowed!! God, this was all so hot and arousing. The load of my guy tasted really … good! I had never expected this. In retrospect I realise that I was hooked that day. I was hooked to both, man-genitals and semen, just as predicted. – Back home I needed to get off real bad!! And I made me come big time, believe me. Like I did the day before.

cockschool group

Now look at the pic above from the last day, the grand finale! You see me in the foreground, the black-haired chick licking the male-milk from the wall, holding my man’s semi-flacid, oh so sweet penis! Phil took that photo as to fixate a situation which had not occurred before! What happened?

Well, we were asked to slowly make love to our respective guy’s genitals with our hands and mouths, with the option to postpone ejaculation until short before those final three hours were up. The rewards would most likely be massive ejaculations which we were free to decide on how to deal with (mouthload (if not even deep-throat), facial or even have our bodies sprayed (hence the photo with the naked girl in the brochure)).

After what I had experienced so far, I sensed that my stud was loaded. He was oozing precum pretty early, which I eagerly licked up or used as lube. On his feedback-sheet he had noted that he wanted to be triggered slowly and that I could make him cum again soon after the first ejaculation, if I was jerking him firmly about a good minute after his pulses had subsided, no matter the firmness of his cock.

Here he was, expecting my strokes, his wand throbbing. I observed his heartbeat in his cock! Phil just had signaled us that the final 30 minutes were on and that it was fine to trigger our guys soon, when I noticed a bloating of my guys cockhead together with a tensing of his penis (him clenching his inside muscles). I let go of his impressive dick immediately when a couple of secs later my man was oozing a first big portion of his milk, running down his shaft, continuing to seep down the wall. Before I could realise that this was an emission, my guy ended it with one strong singular spurt. Soon enough I was licking his cock clean, then continued to lick his delicious juice off the wall – when Phil noticed and took the pic you see above (notice the cum-puddle in my hair!).

Not much later „my“ awesome penis regained full erection and I carefully continued with my cock-love, which after another five minutes resulted in a really explosive and still massive ejaculation! While his first couple ropes jettisoned over my head, he painted my face with the rest of his load. God, how I loved everything that happened, it was so incredibly hot. Phil noticed my moans of sweet surrender and quickly took another pic of the facial I had received:

cockschool result

A short while after his spasms had stopped I remembered that my guy was supposedly capable of more, so I grabbed his semi-flaccid cock and jerked it with a tight grip. It didn´t take long when I sensed my man „climbing up the wall“ on the other side, indicating a pending climax. I heard him yell in ecstasy when he passed PONR and not too soon I took his helmet into my mouth for receiving his third load. – Yeah, what a finale!!! I found myself having been the last one in action! Everybody applauded while I was savoring the blissful moments and the sweet milk my stud had provided me with.

Now, after we had cleaned ourselves, we participants gathered all together for a farewell by Phil. He promised to send us the pics he had taken and asked if there remained any questions and if anyone was not satisfied with what we had learned and experienced in those passed days and hours. Everyone was really happy and I asked if it was possible to get to know our beautiful glory-holers – which sure was not! 😦

At home I needed to get off once again. I still could smell my guys semen (some had landed on my black dress) which, combined with the fresh memory, had boosted my massive turn-on. – Within seven days I had become an expert of the male sex-system and I knew I was hooked really bad. So much so, as that I feared I had become a cock-and-cum-slut, not being able to love a man for what he is, but „only“ for his genitals. And wasn´t I spoiled from the first-rate endowment I had the pleasure to play with the past four days? The thought of another woman enjoying „my guy“was hard to bear. How could I experience this again? Taking another seminar? Or trying to figure out who that – „my guy“ – was. I knew that he enjoyed my way of loving his cock…!

Story cumplete.

Neglected Post (5) – Multiples Q&A

October 8, 2014

Original post: MMO – Personal Questions & Answers

Less than 300 views since November 16, 2010

I may be biased in assuming, that men´s solo-sexual priority – next to edging – must be male multiple orgasm (MMO). Probably because this (MMO) defines the sexual prevalence in myself, together with my fascination for semen.


Yet click-rates here show me that MMO does not appear to be a sought-after theme. The current poll (#42) just mirrors this fact.

For this reason I feature yet another Neglected Post dealing with MMO, also in favour of those among you who indeed love this topic.

The original entry may be a bit, well, dry while consuming it, although you read a lively dialog between me and an experienced guy of another forum. Its value lies in that it addresses several interesting points in connection with MMOs:

  • Jack Johnston and his method
  • the unusual Amygdala Clicking
  • aspects of multiple dry opposed to wet climaxes
  • prostate stimulation
  • the foreskin
  • MRP
  • and a personal evaluation on defining MMOs.

I hope I got your appetite there!? 😉

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!