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Neglected Post (7) – Fucking To Bliss

June 12, 2016

Original post: Fucking To Bliss

Less than 185 views since August 21, 2012

Second headline: Orgasm As Spiritual Experience

I admit it, the original post is rather „high end“, and less juicy body-function describing which you encounter in the majority of my posts. However, you´d only know that after you have read it. Clicks count, yet you follow a link just in case a headline appeals to you

Seems as if the original headline was not attracting many visitors!? I have no clue for why, after almost four years now, this closing post on (the „chapter“ of) complete orgasm garnered not more than 180 clicks (other contributions addressing this topic are similarly unsuccessful, compare Neglected Post #6).

I further admit, that once you had clicked the original post I would understand a hesitation of reading onward. Because you discovered a lot of plain text and just a single pic towards the end of the post. Still, the clicking would have been counted, to say nothing of the fact that the content is as interesting as profound!

And the pic? It is truly special! Not only does it perfectly suit the presented information, it furthermore shows the one tattoo that is decorating the back of Nandisa! (But I didn´t mention that.)


Final touches of the inking.

I am a convinced solo-sexual and I love cock ´n glands-centric climaxing. But I keep in mind that there is a challenging kind of bliss out there. A climactic condition that is gained only by certain sexual circumstances (explained in that original post)! For achieving this scarce kind of bliss a sexual partner is needed to begin with, and then some more.

Now the drawing/tattoo I designed for my back symbolises basic dimensions of such a sophisticated climactic state:

  • the penetration as the beginning of sexual unity
  • the act of fucking (in the wake of penetration) as a longing for ultimate closeness
  • the duality within such sexual unity
  • the symmetry and equality within that unity
  • the neutralizing of the three-dimensional space in gravity, and with it…
  • the overcoming of the concept of time while being sexually one.

I believe that solo-sex is more predestined to be enjoyed physically, while partner-sex (in love) offers an additional spiritual level that relies on the particular partner-unity-aspect. It´s just that a partner, a loved one, is not always around. Your cock and balls (and glands) are!

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

The Readiness States

October 1, 2015

Let´s analyse something that we take pretty much for granted every time we aim for a satisfactory climax. It´s about being ready, ready to be blessed with the most beautiful moment(s) our sexual organs can provide us with.

Men can be fast in making themselves cum, think of a sports-car accelerating from 0 to 65 mph within mere seconds. While a driver most certainly will be excited here, the quick-jerker may hardly encounter arousing fun or satisfactory cumming in his act.


The opposite of such a rushed jerking is edging, with which we deliberately postpone PONR until we feel poised to shoot. – Recently I discovered considerations on our body´s readyness states, neatly expressed by in his brilliant blog! Let me elaborate on´s observations.

There are few kinds of being ready or feeling ready for triggering sexual release (i.e. climax). When we choose to masturbate with the intention to finish with an ejaculation, we find ourselves in a (certain) readiness state, but we are still far from – what calls – being ripe.

This is the rule of thumb: the more ripe (the more ready) we are, the more blissful our climactic experience will be. But becoming ripe requires time! And even with time at hand, there are two properties of you, which don´t ripen with the same velocity: your body in opposition to your soul!

Your physical ripeness shall be always ahead of your emotional ripeness! Making both congruent is the key for climactic bliss and deep satisfaction! And edging is the method to achieve this congruence!

The body usually is ready much faster. Not only because you enter your masturbatory activity with a certain level of arousal to begin with. Many factors upfront determine how much loaded you are initially, not least the fact that nature equipped us with a (physical) system being ready on short notice (to secure procreation), if necessary within seconds (remember the race-car metaphor above). Thus your body feels ready shortly after you started masturbating.

Still, your body needs time too. At least if you want much from your ejaculation (a fulfilling one that is). If you want your system to feel ripe for a satisfactory release. Think of your cock getting hard, your balls swelling some and your Cowpers glands oozing precum. All the while your cum-factories secrete and store your juices until you make them flow. You are physically truly ripe when you feel vasocongested in your whole reproductive system. You really need to discharge at that point. puts it this way:

When you are physically ripe, your body becomes hypersensitive to the touch and you will feel fully pressurized and full of cum.

edge state

You may be ripe in a rational sense, just sensing that your system is ready for cumming and you don´t see a reason not to trigger PONR. But that is not the emotional ripeness is referring to when he says:

When you are emotionally ripe, everything inside you begins to demand ejaculation, and it soon becomes an obsession. I wanna cum will repeat itself unrelentingly in your mind. You’ll become oblivious to what’s going on around you: all you will lust and care about is to ejaculate…

Such a readiness state of your soul takes a lot of time (mostly) to be established. It is a more complex process of accumulating arousal and lust, it is a more holistic affaire, affecting your neural system, your mind and psyche, than having your cock ready to shoot.

You just can not short-cut your body into such a mental state, not least because distraction can easily happen for many reasons. You really have to ripen into it. By the way, a certain level of soul-ripeness is required for experiencing an orgasm (as opposed to ejaculation), look up the posts covering orgasm!

As I said, edging is the method! It´s the technique to establish ripeness of body & soul. You „just“ have to fight your increasing urge for triggering yourself. Edgers who edge for the sake of it, who don´t want to pump up their load but savor their state of ripeness on end, will be better off to reach the ultimate state of emotional ripeness (to feel as being one with ones cock), because that exactly is their aim (compare here for emotional stages while edging in this post).

Now such is beyond your state of ripeness and your concept for edging. Because you want to just cum and nothing but cum. You want to release, you want to shoot, you want to pump and nothing else. And because of being ever so close to fall over the edge you certainly need a lot of will-power not to trigger your reflex, yet. As long as you consider to trigger your ejaculation you may not have reached that ripeness state of your soul. That´s why being edged by a partner, who knows you and who can read your behavior, may be a great option for finding climactic bliss!


The man in the gif above appears to be ripe both physically and emotionally. His lover (whom he might be riding) just needs to stimulate his nipples to make the guy release his milk in what appears to be an overflow, a heavy emission!

As a solosexual it needs experience and will-power to synchronize your readiness states assuring you climactic bliss and deep satisfaction eventually. Just like mastered this:

…you will have to temper your stroke speed to sometimes ridiculously low rates as you keep nurturing your soul with all the pleasure it requires to quench its needs. …this is why I could only stroke once every 30 seconds or so. Physically, I was ripe : my cock was achingly overpressured, my balls were congested with cum. My body was ready and willing to spill the seeds. But my soul was not satiated yet: I felt I still needed to be edged. So I continued stroking at the very slow speed I required to keep both my body on its toes, eager and ready, and my soul edged until it reached the same level of readiness.

Being aware of the different and mostly not congruent readiness states of body and soul explains well why we see guys calmly watching themselves cum or chatter right before and after or thru their ejaculations (even producing big loads) as if nothing really special was happening, while other guys moan and totally surrender, moved by very intense sensations before and while shooting their milk, needing to regain their senses after their climaxes (nicely illustrated in part 3 of this story!). And if their bodies bucked and convulsed, most likely their ejaculations were embedded in orgasms, as their high-level arousal discharged all along.

Men have these options and a whole range of anything in between. And to be able to be in control of that, that is the real beauty of our sexuality!

Climax Allegory

July 31, 2015

It´s probably one of the few globally accepted sexual allegories: that orgasm feels as what fireworks look like. Or, being more specific, whereas the ascending rocket symbolizes the accelerating arousal, and the explosion of its pyro-load stands for the discharge of sexual energy and/or the shooting of cum!

I encountered a very nice animated-gif (by decodifiquei) which visualizes this allegory quite perfectly, boldly titled with ORGASM:

org as firework

Yet this design is special! It does not show us an assortment of pyrotechnics, invisibly soaring into the night-sky, finally exploding for a sudden effect (which may rather match the female reaction-pattern). What we see instead is a single rocket visibly ascending, performing five mini-explosions on its way up before dissolving in a violently expanding blaze of lights!

This animation reminded me of the graph I created to plot the path of arousal while edging (in comparison to a „regular“ climactic experience):
Edge diagram

What I drew here in a horizontal progression (red line), with its three stars (marking emissions, thus mini-peaks) and the eventual „splash“ (marking ejaculation), finds its counterpart in the (vertical) rocket-gif.

However, the neat orgasm-gif correlates much more –and beautifully so– with PONR, thus the triggering of the reflex, and ejaculation itself. In this scenario the five mini-explosions represent the initial twitching of the glands, tubes and valves, releasing first milk instances before the threshold of the reflex is passed, causing the first powerful shot of cum that we recognize in that exploding ball of embers! In short: the firing of the rocket depicts PONR (literally!), the fireworks signify climactic sensations.

Aren´t you mesmerized by this dynamic anim-gif as well? Thank you decodifiquei, you created a stunning image for:

„I´m cumming…!“

Neglected Post (6) – Orgasm & Anchoring

April 11, 2015

Original post: Orgasm & Anchoring

Less than 275 views since July 21, 2012

The neglected post I recall this time is very interesting, because it not only shows the importance of anchoring to an orgasm (as opposed to ejaculation) for turning out intense and complete, it also sheds some light on the different nature of the two kinds of a climax.

Let me quote this sentence:

Picture an astronaut-couple fucking aboard the ISS in weightlessness.

and turn it into: Picture an astronaut edging aboard the ISS in weightlessness. And further picture him naked and eventually pump out his load!


Now this act should be literally bliss-heaven for him! The sensations concentrated in his system shall be even more imbuing due to the missing gravity! Ejaculation is basically self-sufficient, the system does it all by itself. As I wrote in that neglected post:

… energy is concentrated in the reproductive system and the reflex makes sure that cum is pumped out.

At this point visualise the flying cum-ropes or sprayed showers of milk across the sphere of the capsule, wow! Here you´d experience an ejaculation in its purest form.


Orgasm works different! Read my posts covering orgasm – (they all seem to be rather neglected).

Back on earth, due to gravity, ejaculation and orgasm often are blended into a climactic experience sensed as a singular reaction, we all know about this refuted belief. Guys who edge come closest to the experience of a pure ejaculation, if they decide to let it happen that is. Because they focus on the sensations within their reproductive systems. They´d chose weightlessness (I would) for their practise. So why not edge in a pool!? Astronauts are trained in pools to mimic outer space conditions. Well, I guess only the fewest of us have access to a secluded basin. But how about considering a filled bathtub?! 😉

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!