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Blue Balls

March 24, 2012

The term Blue Balls my be associated with more than one condition. In my personal understanding (and experience) it describes a rather painful feeling within the reproductive system (during high arousal), emanating from or somewhere close by your nut-sack.

I mention this phenomenon in this chapter, because it seems closely tied to the situation of cum-denial, this again being an integral part of the practices of milking and edging. Now, whenever your cum-producing glands run in full mode and you are not able to release the accumulated milk via a full-blown ejaculation (yet strongly believe you are soon going to) you may experience the nasty condition.

In my experience, however, it seems to occur mainly in two circumstances: for one if you are not well experienced with or trained in edging, and furthermore, if you badly needed to fuck someone you seriously like and long for, and just can´t get it done for whatever reason. But let´s see what the books say (rather the net says).

Well, different sources tell us this:

Origin: The term is thought to have originated in the United States, first appearing in 1916 (notes Wikipedia). It is a slang term.

Synonyms: guy cramps; hot nuts; hot rocks; love nuts; stone-ache (stoneache).

Concerning the color in the term: This unpleasant feeling has popularly been called blue balls, perhaps because of the bluish tint that appears when blood engorges the vessels in the testicles.

And: You may have noticed a distinct bluish tinge to your testicles after you “make out” or are sexually aroused for several hours… This is the result of pelvic congestion, when more blood and lymph flows into the genitals (during sexual arousal) than flows out…

Better: Actually, it’s not your testicles that are blue; it’s the skin of the scrotum. When you’re aroused blood flows not only to the penis, but to the entire area. The longer you stay aroused, the longer the blood stays there. Newer blood is red, but older blood, which has less oxygen, is darker red, but not really blue – but that’s why your testicles appear to contain more blue blood.

Anatomy: When a man becomes sexually excited, the arteries carrying blood to the genital area enlarge, while the veins carrying blood from the genital area are more constricted than in the non-aroused state. This uneven blood-flow causes an increase in volume of blood trapped in the genitals and contributes to the penis becoming erect and the testicles becoming engorged with blood. During this process of vasocongestion the testicles increase in size 25-50 percent.

More precise: Blood pressure is increased [with arousal], but the blood vessels that the blood must flow through are constricted (…) by vascular tension as well as muscle tension.

Sensations: In male-bodied people, the primary source of discomfort when arousal is not followed by ejaculation is due to vasocongestive pressure in the penis and testicles and surrounding areas as a whole.

Or: If ejaculation does not occur there may be a lingering sensation of heaviness, aching, or discomfort in the testicles due to the continued vasocongestion.

And: When high blood pressure and high blood volume meet narrowed blood vessels, a little like trying to force the flow of a kitchen faucet through a soda straw, it’s uncomfortable and can be downright painful sometimes.

Wikipedia summarizes: [A] condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles and prostate region, accompanied by acute testicular pain, caused by prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal in the human male.

When I read these explanations I notice that the circumstances supposedly responsible for the condition of Blue Balls are just what many of us like best in our sexual routine! Even more so I for my part enjoy the sensations of heavy vasocongestion in my reproductive system both from blood flow and the build-up of seminal secretions in my glands. This gives me a sensation of feeling engorged (my genitals), full or filled (seminal fluids in my system) and heaviness of my plumbing. These sensations add to my arousal and make me anticipate my pending release (while not bothering with the bluish complexion of my scrotal skin). Still, I did – at times – experience the mentioned acute testicular pain! – Why?

It really seems like a small mystery and I guess Blue Balls are not very well-studied scientifically. I assume that the prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal are key to the puzzle: when you really want to get off fast, but remain kept from it while your arousal is on a high level, then pain may prevail.

Now you may wonder why then and not during extended periods of edging or long milking sessions? Note the following remark at Wikipedia and take a look at the drawing:

Some urologists call the condition “epididymal hypertension”.

My thesis is this: when your mind or conviction permanently tells you that ejaculation is imminent, I assume your duct-system, especially the spermatic cords propelling sperm from the epididymae to the ampullae, is on alert to get ready to soon perform to the max. When the release does not occur, this may result in a backlock of sperm from the filled ampullae all the way back to the source-glands, the epididymae, while the tight spermatic cords still work hard to move mature sperm in the outbound direction. This conflict would result in acute testicular pain and only one selective measure will bring timely relief: one or (better) multiple ejaculations.

P.S.: It is said that the condition is not universally experienced by all males. And (most) edgers don´t really suffer from this (not that I know or heard of). 🙂  You are invited to comment and tell your point of view.

Ruined Orgasm

March 16, 2012

In the world of BDSM we find a method of significant humiliation called ruined orgasm. Yet is there such a thing, and if so, why does it work?

I want to take a closer look here, because we deal with two body reactions when it comes to sexual climaxing. Ejaculation and orgasm are not the same, so which of the reactions is effected, if at all? The short answer is: you can not really ruin an ejaculation, but you can ruin an orgasm.

Why ruin after all? In this blog I recently wrote about cum-denial and forced ejaculation. Now an escalation of these practices within a master/mistress-slave constellation, where the slave is totally at the hands (and will) of his master/mistress, would be the destruction (ruining) of the experience of sexual relief. This is truly sadistic, because it leaves the victim highly frustrated if not damaged to a certain extend.

Concerning ejaculation, an attempt of ruining it, or rather experiencing it as such, is more related to the attitude and experience of the slave than to the biological process. Ejaculation is a reflex which either can be avoided, or which runs its program once triggered. The reflex can´t be interrupted, it can´t be ruined per se. It though can be denied, avoided.

When you avoid ejaculation, you edge. When you manage to avoid PONR but trigger emission (the free flow of milk) it is even more rewarding, because you harvest cum (with the associated sensations of expelling fluid from your glands) without losing your hornyness. And when you pass PONR you experience ejaculatory climax, although that may not always feel mind-blowing, depending on the circumstances. But the reflex does take place, your respective muscles do spasm in a pulsing manner, despite the volume of secretions waiting in your glands to see the light of day.

With orgasm it is a different story. The topic orgasm lies still ahead, actually, it will be the subject of my next chapter arriving soon. Orgasm is more complex than ejaculation. When you mess with that, you mess with the whole man!

Whereas ejaculation is a local phenomenon (centered in your pelvis region), the orgasmic reaction, being a powerful reflex as well, integrates the whole body. Orgasm, in short, is a discharge of energy (i.e. arousal and excitement having encompassed your being) letting you lose conscious control over your body for a brief moment.

Other than your ejaculation, which you can manipulate and observe and savor like from a distance, keeping calm over all (which in fact is the beauty of it), your body literally moves you at the moment of orgasmic release. This goes along with secondary physiological changes in your body that may be missing with ejaculation. Here are the most obvious ones:

  • The heart rate peaks as high as 180 beats per minute (from a resting rate of about 70).
  • The blood pressure peaks at about 200 over 110, from a resting pressure of about 130 over 70.
  • The respiratory rate peaks at about 41 breaths a minute, from a resting rate of about 12 per minute.
  • The sex flush, if present, peaks in intensity and distribution.

It is not difficult to imagine that a master/mistress ruins the orgasm of the victim when his body is set to discharge the accumulated energy or even begins to do so, while the master/mistress denies further stimulation to make it happen, instead turning away and leaving the victim totally frustrated with his primed biology now unable to execute the all-encompassing, body-wracking experience set to undergo right there and then. This ain´t healthy by no means. It´s like hitting the brakes at full speed!

After all, ruining a climax is as much a physical issue as it is a mental one. You need constant sensory input to trigger a climax, no matter if ejaculation or orgasm. And since both reactions are most often intertwined it may not matter much which of them is pending, once you are under total control of your dom. When you sense that you are ever so close to the threshold, or (even worse in this case) your point-of-no-return is reached and maybe just passed, and you are left alone in that instant, possibly strapped down, then you experience your life is ruined right there. You hardly find another frustration that sinister.

Penis–The Shaft

August 28, 2011

Our penises are highly complex structures. What we see hanging or standing between our legs is made of much more than a cylindrical tube, more or less skin and a mushroom-shaped tip at the end of the organ. I promised to not get into anatomical detail too much, as there is plenty out there to find if you were interested in the biological particulars.

I just wanted pay tribute to the body, to the shaft that makes cock. This is what we grasp when we work our tools or what we insert into something suitable in the search for bliss. It is interesting to know these two facts:

  • that a shaft continues to extend inside of the pelvis,
  • that the shaft is made of two different kinds of erectile tissue.

The two bodies (i.e. erectile tissues) are the corpora cavernosa (actually a connected double-structure) and corpus spongiosum (the latter referred to as corpus cavernosum urethrae in the above pic, because thru its center runs the urethra, the passage for cum). Inside your body the corpus spongiosum forms the bulb (surrounded by the BC-muscle), at the other end it forms the glans, the cocks helmet. The corpora cavernosa splits up (inside your pelvis) in single endings, the crus, and is covered with your helmet at the other end.

It may be worthwhile to explore those erectile bodies a bit closer for masturbatory benefits. An email-buddy sent me his findings about that and I like to share ´em with you. He writes:

I believe that, during masturbation, when the penis is rubbed up and down, there is a friction between the cc [corpora cavernosa] and the cs [corpus spongiosum]. This friction at the interface between these two corpora stimulates nerves located there and ultimately induces ejaculation. With this realization of how the pathway to semen liberation is regulated, it is possible to masturbate more meaningfully, and gain full pleasure from the situation.

Please load this foto-enhanced pdf with detailed information.

Edging And Yohimbe (1)

May 12, 2011

Before I close this chapter (about edging) I want to cite a very interesting experience made by a guy called Willy (many years back). He discovered the effects of a herb known as Yohimbe in combination with (his) edging routine.

I consider myself being rather a naturalist renouncing heavy artificial enhancers of any kind in my solosexual practises. But this report is definitely intriguing and arousing! And it´s herbal! Check it out:

All my life, my principal sexual outlet has been masturbation, and for some years, I have been taking an herbal extract, Yohimbe, to enhance the pleasure I derive from solosex – and particularly to augment both my “staying power” and the force of my ejaculations. In my experience, Yohimbe tremendously facilitates “edging” – the practice of masturbating to the edge of orgasm, backing off repeatedly, and going to the peak again and again with ever rising erotic bliss.

Yohimbe is a herb that comes from the bark of a tree found in Cameroon, West Africa. It is commonly available either in tablet form (gelcaps containing 1.111 grams of the herb, finely ground), or in two liquid forms: one, with a water base, which may be taken orally by placing several drops under the tongue, and the other, with an alcohol base, which must be added to a glass of water and drunk. [Mind you this text dates back and I´m not aware if the mentioned data is accurate!]

The effect of the herb is almost instantaneous, and can last for up to 12 hours or more. It is generally a stimulant. It is not supposed to be taken in conjunction with alcohol, which is a depressant, although I sometimes do.

The herb stimulates the base of the spine. This has the effect of placing pressure on the pelvic area. The result of this is felt in the pubic area – thus its well-deserved reputation as a sexual stimulant, known to Africans for centuries.


The physical effects of Yohimbe which make it a useful auxiliary to solosex are:

  • Engorgement of the penis, and enhanced sensitivity of it to the touch.
  • The shrinkage and tightening of the scrotal sac, with the testicles nestling closer to the body.
  • A general heightened sensitivity in the primary and secondary sexual areas, including the penis and scrotum, as well as the armpits and especially the nipples, which become and stay erect and hypersensitive to the touch.
  • An overall “buzz” and feeling of heightened sexual arousal.

In me, the effects are quite dramatic. My balls, which normally hang quite low in a pear-shaped sack, contract dramatically and huddle together in a single tight sphere that becomes roughly the size of a tennis ball. The individual testes become almost invisible, as the scrotal sac draws very close to the body, shrinking and withdrawing into the base of the penile shaft.

My penis – normally about 4 inches long when soft and 6 inches in length when hard — becomes engorged, even in a flaccid state, with a noticeable bulge appearing at the root of the cock. In fact, under the influence of Yohimbe, the base of my dick grows up to an inch thicker in circumference than the rest of the shaft, and this extra thickness can extend for up to about 1.5 inches (4.5cm) along the shaft from the root. In the early stages of a Yohimbe-enhanced jack-off session, the base of my soft dick will measure about 5 inches around, compared with a circumference of 4 inches further along the shaft.

This looks a bit odd, but I find it stimulating, and it adds to my arousal, as I love a thick cock; indeed, it seems that my penis has actually thickened noticeably: in a flaccid state, it is normally about 5 inches around, and when erect it achieves a circumference of 6 inches. When aroused under the influence of Yohimbe, however, the base of my hard dick measures 6 inches around when fully erect.

(Yohimbe does not seem to have any effect on the length of the penis, however, which in my case, when fully erect and engorged, just about reaches 7 inches. However, once erect under the influence of Yohimbe, I can stay hard for much longer. Even if I am not directly engaged in masturbation – say walking around the house while on a Yohimbe “high” – my hard cock sticks straight out in front, and sways heavily as I move. This produces an exciting, “different” feeling.)

to be continued…