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Reel Fiction (10)

April 23, 2017

The other day I returned home early from a seminar, and yes – you guessed it – I caught my sweetheart in the act of masturbating with his tablet. I mean he was in bed with his tablet screening porn while edging, apparently. I know he loves to do that, he even likes to spray his gadget, doesn´t matter, easy to clean.

So, I arrived around noon without giving notice. After all those days doing nothing but theoretical brain work, I had been looking forward to be around my dearest and get laid in the evening as a matter of urgency.

Now, I was not surprised finding him masturbating, and I don´t mind, he´s free to keep his lovely gear in shape whenever he pleases. He knows that, but he also knows that I need to be served and he better cope with that.

So, after I sneaked into our apartment and found him working his cock slow and savoring I immediately intercepted:

Whoo…, hold it, hold it, don´t cum now! Off with you hands!

Geee…. fuck, what are you doin´ here?

Hello to you too, by the way! …As for your question: we were thru and they released us early. And all I need is a good fuck tonight! But when you get off now, you will be tired later! And that´s no option, not tonight, not with me!

You got to be kidding, I need to cum! I am loaded, what do you think?! And I can manage you anyway.

I doubt that. I want you loaded as you are, that´s how I like it! I want you to fuck me big time tonight. Man, after these shitty days all I can think of is being filled.

Why not now then? C´me on, get naked and let´s do it right here and now!

That´s so typical. – Switch on your brains! I need to get settled first, I´m worn, I want to fix my stuff first, …laundry, eat something, rest, then get into the mood – with your help – and then we take off. Do I really have to explain that to you?

You´re so cute when you get angry… But you need to also understand, I was edging for quite a while now and I really have to release some of the pressure – aka cumming! …Here´s what we can do: you lend me a hand real quick!?!

I could tell that he was loaded. Despite being „caught“ -and over the course of the argument- his cock was still fully erect and throbbing. I fancied his suggestion the longer I thought about it. Not least because a certain trick came to my mind:

Well, that might be a true option.

Good girl, I knew you´d love to make me cum.

Sure do, but I will just trigger you… for the pumping you´re on your own.

What!? You want to ruin my orgasm?

No, I neither want to ruin your orgasm, nor will your spurting be ruined. You will just cum no-hands!

But I want to be worked all the way thru!!

I know. I know it´s much nicer that way. But my method assures me that you regain a pressing urge in no time. At least until tonight. – This or nothing…

Ok, ok – you won. Go ahead whenever you are ready. I guess it´s a fair deal after all.

I placed myself next to him on the spot and began masturbating his beloved cock and balls. He must have had shaved his pubes and sack right before his session, really nice, so smooth!

I used some oil that he had taken with him, while his tablet was not needed no more, put that aside.

It didn´t take long until he suddenly exhaled and said: Oh yeah! in an upsurge of internal sensations – his PONR apparently. I let go of his sweet package, just in time to witness him living thru his intense climax which lasted quite a while and beyond the cum-producing spurts.

Wasn´t that nice!? I commented and began to utilize his load as lotion for further gentle cock and ball stroking while he still was answering this with convulsions in his ejaculatory aftermath.

[download “reel” here]

Later that night he had regained his sexual prowess and he fucked me hard, just like I had hoped he would. That no-hand spurting might have done the trick. I believe it did!


Sending Me!

April 29, 2016

>Easy now!
He had me right where I was supposed to be! He had slowly caressed me towards the edge with all his skill and knowledge, and now I was not at all far from PONR.

I was completely in his hands, literally. And we had agreed upon – once again – that I remained out of the game, so to speak. All I was asked for, was to relax and surrender to his soft titillation, which consisted of expert hand- and mouthwork. It was up to him entirely to decide in which fashion to tease me and when to let me cum. All there was left for me to do, was to honestly signaling him when I was approaching the ever tempting trigger-point.

>Remember, just stay relaxed and enjoy the sensations I am going to evoke in you. For now enjoy sensing the filling-up of your precious glands. I know you just have entered bliss-country, haven´t you.

He was absolutely aware of my state. In return I knew that he was craving my semen and that he preferred my milk after some extended edging, because it – most of the times – came out runny and partly clear, and he just loves my skim milk and plenty of it. Hence edging me was a win-win situation for both of us.

We are into mutual masturbation for many years now. Today was his turn to provide pleasure, a role he almost enjoys as much as being the receiver, for my climaxes are quite something to witness (at least when I am loaded with semen and sexual energy)!
For one, I become very vocal and loud with the onset of PONR, keeping it up almost until the last climactic spasms of my lust-muscles. Then I am built in such a way that I shoot and pump solid ropes of my jizz in a rather paced manner. And last not least I learned to release emissions. My boy loves all of this and does everything to have me performing this way.

He sits in front of my exposed package with full access to my cock, balls and anus. I just lay back letting him play my love-tools while trying to stay relaxed, waiting to warn him when he pushes me in close range of PONR.

He begins to patiently edge me, steadily working towards his reward: my deeply emotional reaction as soon as he decides to trigger my reflex, the latter resulting in the pumping of my juices.

I feel him sensualy massaging my scrotum. Every now and then he strokes my cockhead and my foreskin. He knows that my foreskin is extremely sensitive, hence being the tissue he will choose stroking to make me lose it. – Next, he is probing my anus while keeping up with his nut-massage. Seconds later he locates my prostate and begins probing it tenderly without hesitation.

>Oh yeah, that´s it, oh god, yeah!, I welcome his moves.

prostate access

Suddenly I sense him caressing my cockhead as well. I look down and find him sucking my helmet while he handjobs my prostate and scrotum. Holy shit, his triple-action feels incredibly intense! He is working my whole sex-apparatus! I am entirely his, completely in his loving care. The mix of sensations from all over my reproductive system are pushing me quickly into the zone!

>Close, close!! I whisper, having him let go of me immediately, only his finger remaining up my butt-hole. As he keeps motionless inside of me I calm down.

After almost 20 close calls I begin to speculate about his timing for letting me cum. This now is the only thought in circulation – I am aroused to a maximum. That much so, as that he only jerks my cock very slow, right below the rim at my trigger-tissue. He had applied plenty of oil for that to keep the friction light.

I realise I am right at the edge and will not bear a lot of stroking sensation anymore without being sent over, and he knows that. Meanwhile I feel totally filled up inside. It´s like as if I bore two bladders and needed to release real hard, yet can´t let go. I badly need my boy to trigger my pending release – and I was about to experience just that.

Here I was, shivering from pure lust and in anticipation of him sending me over the edge with the next stroke, or the next, or… Any of his light touches was generating a sensation like an electric current within my cock, directly passing further down into my prostate, seminal vesicles and even balls. He had begun to report to me the amount of precum my cock was oozing, only intensifying my urge.

>I need to trigger an emission now, he said. You just say „yes“ when you sense your milk rising, OK?

>Yes, I hissed as an answer.
I felt him cupping my scrotum which I assumed to be in a very tightened state for quite some time now. Then he carefully rubbed my smooth and oiled foreskin. He did so in a very cautious way, which brought about those deeply rooted melting sensations indicating that I was closing in on PONR. I began to breath deeply and whispered Yesss! We hit perfect timing as I could feel my juices flow while he had just let go of me right with my warning.


>Yeah fuck! he was joyfully welcoming an extended flow of warm cum leaving my cock-mouth. I badly needed to concentrate for keeping all my muscles relaxed these seconds, I pushed against PONR. Not a second too soon he praised me:
>Gosh your milk is just as I love it and it tastes so good tonight!

The emission did give me some relief from my internal pressure. But my cock was still highly sensitive. Cautiously he was grasping my slippery shaft after a while, a bit below my triggerzone. Slowly he was sliding up towards my helmet. The electric current he was generating inside my cock with his perfect touch reached down once again, tickling my prostate and my seminal vesicles.

>Yesss ….. now… careful, – he let go immediately. He wanted to keep me right at the edge as long as possible with brief, tender and most teasing strokes. I felt so fucking close to the edge, his treatment drove me wild!

>Relax, try to stay relaxed!!

I pushed out to keep my muscles from hardening, well aware now that he wanted to trigger my reflex. I was struggling to postpone PONR, but naturally in vain!

I began to groan as the melting and tingling sensations eventually built up internally. The exquisite feelings of pure lust inside of my glands and cock intensified and overwhelmed me. I heard myself whine in bliss, I slowly was sliding over the edge, oh god, I was totally spasming inside my pelvis!


I sensed my ejaculatory reflex setting in while my lover began to jerk my cock. I could feel my system pump up what appeared like a lasting reaction. Jet after jet of warm milk wetted my chest, my ejaculation seemed to produce a record volume of semen. What an intense surrender!


All I can remember from after these consuming moments is to have collapsed into a blissful state of gratification.

Poll No. 47 Results

August 29, 2015

I sure need to tell you the results of this poll with the essential question: What do you want most from your ejaculation? Only one of the choices was permitted to determine a true leading answer. And the ranking – with 277 votes – turned out as expected.

poll 47

As you can see, there is a clear preference for four suggested answers. And the top choice is again leading with a clear margin of 7% (or 20 votes)!

We find one added reply (“Other Answer”) which is smartly summing up the effect we observe: (What do you want…?) The first 4 listed answers combined!

This favored group of answers is no surprise at all, because all four of the mentioned choices are tightly connected with each other! You may want to expect all of these to happen to you when ejaculating, provided you cared for a high build-up of arousal and sexual energy (like after some time of edging)!

The extended build up will supply you with a larger volume of semen, which in turn will be spilled by an increased number of pumping spasms (extended duration). The release of accumulated arousal and energy (and seminal fluids) will bring you intense sensations and most likely forceful ejections of your milk.

A word about intensity. The top choosing is not very distinct in this matter. Ejaculation is an experience which combines several anatomical reactions following a timeline, each of which delivers its own quality of sensation and intensity.

When you edge you generate most exquisite lustful feelings within your system, which can be very intense. So much so, that many edgers waive the implementation of ejaculating.

Then there is PONR, of which I believe is the most intense phase of regular ejaculation. In the moments of PONR all the involved structures of your system harden (contract/ spasm) until the ejaculatory reflex sets in. This is (or can be) extremely intense, especially with a high level of arousal. PONR marks the conversion from controlled stimulation to the execution of the reflex which runs beyond our control. So we gain a strong physical (hardening) and psychological aspect (knowing that we immediately will enter the uncontrollable phase of our climax).

Readers of this blog are aware of the fact that we can alter this phase, we can play with it, extend its duration. And I am happy to find 11 votes favoring emisjaculation! This is my favorite as well. 🙂

And finally we experience the reflex, the autonomous pumping of our milk. This can be very intense in yet another quality. Especially when the (muscular) spasms are strong and our milk is ejected with force. The psychological aspect adds tremendously to the physical reaction, when we observe ourself shooting a big volume with force in an extended number of contractions.

This gif is such a beautiful example of a guy overwhelmed by the intense sensations of his ejaculation (even without watching himself):

intense cumming

This very young, skinny lad is lost in the experience of his reaction!

His eyes are closed while he is surrendering to the sensations of the onset of his reflex. He is so much consumed by the intensely sweet feelings within his system, balls and cock, that he does not care about his shooting performance anymore.

The stunningly forceful ejections of his milk are a great relief from the fluid-pressure in his glands and with it the dissipation of the pent-up tension of his sexual lust, all having been waiting to be released.

As he is surrendering to his profound reaction I can „hear“ him moan with pleasure, his powerful spray-jets of milk let us realize the cumulated volume of his secretions, and last not least note his beautifully swollen balls!

Unfortunately I never saw the full clip of this deeply experienced ejaculation. Maybe one of you knows the source and wants to share!?

Thanks to all participants of this poll!!

Climax Allegory

July 31, 2015

It´s probably one of the few globally accepted sexual allegories: that orgasm feels as what fireworks look like. Or, being more specific, whereas the ascending rocket symbolizes the accelerating arousal, and the explosion of its pyro-load stands for the discharge of sexual energy and/or the shooting of cum!

I encountered a very nice animated-gif (by decodifiquei) which visualizes this allegory quite perfectly, boldly titled with ORGASM:

org as firework

Yet this design is special! It does not show us an assortment of pyrotechnics, invisibly soaring into the night-sky, finally exploding for a sudden effect (which may rather match the female reaction-pattern). What we see instead is a single rocket visibly ascending, performing five mini-explosions on its way up before dissolving in a violently expanding blaze of lights!

This animation reminded me of the graph I created to plot the path of arousal while edging (in comparison to a „regular“ climactic experience):
Edge diagram

What I drew here in a horizontal progression (red line), with its three stars (marking emissions, thus mini-peaks) and the eventual „splash“ (marking ejaculation), finds its counterpart in the (vertical) rocket-gif.

However, the neat orgasm-gif correlates much more –and beautifully so– with PONR, thus the triggering of the reflex, and ejaculation itself. In this scenario the five mini-explosions represent the initial twitching of the glands, tubes and valves, releasing first milk instances before the threshold of the reflex is passed, causing the first powerful shot of cum that we recognize in that exploding ball of embers! In short: the firing of the rocket depicts PONR (literally!), the fireworks signify climactic sensations.

Aren´t you mesmerized by this dynamic anim-gif as well? Thank you decodifiquei, you created a stunning image for:

„I´m cumming…!“