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The PONR-Climax

January 30, 2019

I am a convinced solosexual. I believe that while you can have sex with another human being to a level of solid satisfaction, also due to things you can not have when doing it solo, it is you alone who can create unsurpassed sexual peak experiences. Because your pleasure actions, with immediate sensed internal responses, describes a feedback loop that no one else can have such precise control upon. That´s why you alone can push yourself to the true boundaries of sexually rooted intensity and total satisfaction. However, this requires knowledge, technique and discipline.

I became an expert in (male) sexual climax. I experimented all my life (in the midlife currently) and am familiar with many kinds of a sexual peak experience.

There are two sides of the medal: the techniques and knowledge of the different kinds of climax vs the actual (and ever-changing) responding of the own body, particularly your anatomy, to your self-stimulation. Your wellbeing, your health, your physical constitution play a very important part on how you will experience a given climax.

I have been able to provide myself with such intense sexual reactions that I thought I´d pass out, I totally lost control, my body was nothing but climaxing. But these extremes remain to be exceptional. And again I strongly doubt that someone else could trigger such within my system.

I wanted to tell you about a form of climax that I to this day never heard about anywhere else, it seems to not be particularly described (dry orgasm is similar, but follows a different technique). I experience it under certain conditions (see further down) and generate it when the circumstances are calling for it. I labeled it PONR-climax or dancing-the-crest-climax. I really love it!

You know what PONR is. The moment you become aware of the inevitability of the occurrence of your ejaculatory climax. When you are untrained, like at a very young age, ejaculation is experienced as ONE body-reaction. But ejaculation can be separated in different stages: first you reach PONR, then emission occurs, which will lead to the ejection of semen. With time and experience (after lots of experimentation) I had managed to separate emission from ejaculation and orgasm and am well able experiencing them independently of each other at will.

I always longed to stretch PONR, before the ejaculatory reflex was inevitably setting in. Or even better, to separate PONR from the reflex of ejaculatory pumping. The latter would mean to experience a dry, pure PONR-climax (not merging into the reflex). The pure sensation of „going-to-cum“. My goal was to achieve this somehow. I wasn´t sure if it was possible at all, because in my expert knowledge PONR always meant like the first stage of the ejac-reflex.

To my delight and surprise it turned out that while PONR is in fact a general turning point for a climactic reaction, it is not tied to the ejaculatory reflex in particular.

After a long time pursuing my quest I managed to establish separation! What you need is this:

  • a strong craving for an intense sexual reaction with a basically raised level of lecherousness
  • the discipline to edge yourself as long as it takes (length of edging depends on your level of arousal) while being secure with trigger-control
  • the attitude that cumming-denial is your climactic objective, all you want is a dry climax.

I guess it is important to develop an attitude, otherwise you wouldn´t get to the pure PONR-climax: ejaculation must not be your top priority anymore, at least not at such occasions. If you´re spilling milk at the end of the road, that´s fine. But you must prefer cum-retention along with favouring the lasting bliss-option: repeatedly dancing-the-crest reactions.

Edging is indispensable to charge your system with the sexual energy you later need for releasing thru this kind of climax. All sexual climaxes are a discharge of energy. The more you are charged, the more intense and lasting will a climax be (true for any kind of climax).

What you want along with the physical readiness for discharge is a mental/emotional state where you feel so deeply in love with your genitals and system to a level, that you believe that all of you is your sexual center and nothing else.

Right before it happened to me, I had reached this state. I was hovering close to PONR and wanted to find out if I could avoid falling into the pumping reflex.

My cock, balls and glands were brimming with energy (and yes, seminal fluids). In my timeless agonising condition of being so close before my turning point, the edge, I yet again reached for my cockshaft, briefly, but with enough „impact“, when I clearly sensed that I arrived at the point of no return, believing that I put myself on the path of inevitability. I definitely expected the reflex to set off within few seconds although I managed to keep my muscles remain absolutely relaxed. However, the reflex did not commence, the big initial clench just did not happen!

Instead I found myself being locked in anticipation for the pumping contraction(s) to begin while bearing down (as if wanting to pee). I thought I had managed to stretch PONR! What was happening with me? My heart was beating fast and strong when suddenly my pelvis and thighs began to involuntarily shudder and tremble increasingly! My sexual energy was finding it´s way to discharge otherwise than through pumping contractions. It´s an immensely blissful state of sensing those sweet melting sensations, while still expecting these to be taken over by the spasms of ejaculation any moment, then the next, and the next… but no!

The trembling lasted about 20+ seconds. Imagine, you expect your pulsing to take off from second to second, but you are just shivering from pure and deep sexual excitement, dancing-the-crest, not being able to return (i.e. stop this reaction) but yet without ejaculation being executed by your system. This was incredibly intense, totally mind-blowing and very confusing when it happened to me the first time. I even became scared that this strange climax would not end and I´d be damaged from it in some way…

But the trembling slowly subsided and after a short while I dared an attempt to repeat, for the sensations had been so gloriously outlandish. However, while I managed to stretch PONR resulting in some trembling again, I also triggered the reflex.

Only some time later I was able to repeat when the circumstances and situation were much like the initial road to this extraordinary sexual reaction. My body had learned yet another truly wonderful way to release accumulated sexual energy.

Note: This is a piece of fiction! Rather something like a thesis. I guess this kind of climax may not be possible as described. However, the central gif (in this case showing a dry climax, -even repeatedly, as the original clip revealed) demonstrates that something like the particularized account is achievable!

For a Closer Look (26) – Geysering

November 11, 2018

I used this term recently in a story. It is describing the forceful discharge of semen, however, not ejected by ejaculatory pulsing (which is driven by a reflex), yet in a free and somewhat lasting outflow (lasting in comparison with a cum-shot). For its swelling jet and soon attenuation we are reminded of a natural geyser´s cycle. The term is already mentioned in this text.

Geysering is an extreme variant of emission when semen is released from the reproductive system with a certain force due to internal pressure by accumulated secretions. This may look as if a man is pissing his sexual produce in a brief stream.

While in a regular emission the cum is rather oozing out of a cock-mouth:

geysering definitely addresses the forceful discharge of male milk:

It´s best to gage when the penis stands upright while this forceful release takes place, this is a very hot visual indeed:

Geysering may be achieved as A) being part of an emisjaculation or as B) a stand-alone feature.

While with A the geysering is directly preceding the ejaculatory reflex and most likely marks PONR or will trigger the reflex:

option B can´t be achieved without a high level of control over your internal muscles and trigger mechanism:

Now, there are two prerequisites needed to be met for performing geysering (pissing semen):

  • a man needs to have accumulated a truly substantial amount of secretions in his glands
  • the pressure of his congested glands must have built to a level which allows the relaxed release of his secretions develop into a forceful stream from his meatus (both is mutually dependent).

Mind you that this can not be established easily and just like that/on short notice. In other words, it needs preparation to make geysering a reality. It may take days of following certain rules known for enhancing cum-production like (e.g.) keeping a special diet and abstaining from emission and/or ejaculation.

The order of the day would certainly mean to apply edging for an extended period of time. And it certainly helps when you are young and your genes are in favor of a significant production capacity of your sexual glands.

Geysering is supposedly a rare thing although the examples displayed in this post seem to suggest otherwise. Geysering is a truly wonderful way of discharging male milk, on par with ejaculating ones produce in a high number of pulses. The best about it: emission is always followed by ejaculation if we want to (and often enough if we don´t want to, yet). Plus we can and will repeat! 🙂

Reel Fiction (11)

October 10, 2018

It all is because my cock is a substantial grower (as opposed to being a show-er). That´s why my girl fell in love with my penis (and my balls serving as bonus 😉 ).

I need to tell you this so you´d understand. We met at a party and soon had a crush on each other. We ended up in my place and talked until dawn when fatigue caught up. Not surprisingly so, had we talked for hours while emptying the equivalent of few bottles of wine, not to forget plenty of snacks all along, thank god it´s been a Friday.

Believe it or not, as cute as she was (well is), there was no thought of sexual engagement that morning, or so I thought. As a gentleman I offered her to sleep in my bed while I chose the couch – yeah I know. She agreed thankfully and at last I fell asleep on the spot/couch.

And now picture this: I was waking up from her tenderly stroking my rock hard boner! First thing she said: God are you lucky to own such a beauty of a magic wand! I´m afraid I can´t let you go.

And from that day we are a couple. – You can imagine what happened next. After quickly taking a leak she continued her engagement. Eventually I was fucking her a while, but she wanted and did finish me giving head. And she was swallowing the whole load.

Later she was telling me that she was stunned about my erectile capacity which she had witnessed while I was still asleep. She still secretly observes my full erectile cycle while I´m asleep once in a while, because when I sense her (sexual) intentions my cock immediately and quickly grows (in my pants).

She loves me mostly because of my penis I guess and stroking my cock remains the focus of her lovemaking! She is not particularly after my semen, although she swallows often. She just wants to enjoy my magic wand and even envies me for owning such a miraculous organ.

More often than not she craves my package impatiently so that she takes her share right after I return home. It would run like this: after me getting naked and a quick stop at the bathroom I will stand in front of her while she begins her ritual.

Slowly and sensual she takes care of my balls. First she tenderly licks my scrotum, later she will massage my sack and occasionally repeats. Her focus though lies on my cock:

She will jerk my dick slow-paced for an extended period of time. This helps me build my need for wanting an intense release. After all I was plucked for sex right after homecoming.

Next step, she is jerking me at a faster pace:

In this phase she alternates between faster jerking and scrotum-massage, sometimes sucking on my balls, all to increase my arousal because she wants me to climax hard.

In the final phase she loves my penis orally. She mouth-fucks me, which feels incredible:

She knows that I can´t last too long when she works my cock this way. So she pulls my balls away from my body because this is supposed to delay reaching PONR (mentioned in some sex-advice), but I´m not sure about that. More important she takes brakes, so as to prolong her lovemaking while having me now beg for triggering my orgasm.

She eventually makes me cum thru sensual throating. Most of the times the sensations toward PONR build and build and the slipping over the edge makes my knees go soft and I fear to topple. My ejaculation becomes fucking intense and she keeps on swallowing all of what I have produced in my glands. She really sucks me dry up to the last drop. And she only releases my wand when my erection is gone.

Note: You may expect a „reel“ at this spot, but there is none. Instead I created and placed animated gifs to illustrate this story, the gifs are the reel, so to speak. I changed this rule because some visitors seem to have had trouble to access clips in the past. I generally gave up linking to clips in my vault, however, clips with older posts are still up and downloadable. Yet animated gifs are indeed a fine alternative! 🙂

The Queen of Cum Control (2)

June 17, 2018

A successful session runs like this:

Depending on the individual client and general circumstances a session will last 3 to 5 hours!

After having taken a shower and being restrained to the bed I begin to stimulate and explore his entire body before I concentrate on his penis and scrotum. This way I quickly learn his response pattern I already heard about in our talk. Such an entire body stimulus is a good start and I will repeat this later into the session for building pressure and craving. Naturally a mans nipples, armpits, abdomen, ass, inner thighs, legs, face and more can be deftly manipulated to drive him to the all-consuming place I want him to be.

Certainly the core „action“ is a straight forwardedly edging of the man by stimulating his penis and (less so) his testicles. It is a slow stop-and-go masturbation with the aim to countlessly bring him ever closer to the edge, his PONR, certainly without him tipping over! Triggering emissions (rather later into the session) would mean a perfect control, for it shall extend and intensify the whole experience.

The process of stop-and-go so close to the PONR is repeated again, and again, and again and some more! During this extended denial of what he increasingly craves ever more desperately the man experiences an accelerated build up of his need to meet release of his energy and of his by now solidly accumulated reservoir of seminal secretions.

Knowing that he does not know what exactly is going to happen to him when and how, and foremost WHEN I eventually will allow him to fall over the edge, will drive him wild! Sooner or later he will enter a state where his mind empties of all other thoughts while a consuming single, pure thought remains: the absolute need to release his load thru a full-blown ejaculation. This need is double-founded, psychologically and physically (by filled glands).

At this point of urgent need my client finds himself willing to do anything to have me make him cum and allow him his relief. This is why the rules agreed upon beforehand are so important, because when so consumed with his need to ejaculate a man will agree to do things he normally would not consider doing at all. His state of mind developed into one of the ultimate mixtures of pain and pleasure within the sexual realm; his body is being pleasured repeatedly over and over, but denied the expected outcome of releasing the culminated arousal AND pressure by seminal secretion thru ejaculating.

I continue this patiently executed masturbatory process which must not be rushed! Again, the goal is to build upon each ‘edge’ to further increase the need and arousal, building it higher and higher still to when I am absolutely sure my client reached the point of ‘letting go’ in body and mind (all-out surrender).

Since his body will be completely open to me, his arms and legs spread as widely as possible for so long, his mind will carry but a single thought “I must cum”, and he now becomes like an animal with only the instinctual, single need of his body consuming him.

My client now has entered a state of trance where his mind intimately merged with his penis to become one. This is known as the gooning state. To be even more accurate, when the gooning state is achieved, the man’s body becomes for all intents and purposes an appendage to his throbbing erection and pressurised glands. The male then becomes freed of all social codes of conduct, and his craving, alone, dictates his reactions. As a result, a gooned out man will become very expressive and demonstrative: he may become very vocal, while his body and face might take on undignified expressions and poses, all in response to the intensely exquisite caresses his penis is exposed to and the frustration to be denied yet again.

Since my client is restrained and can not touch himself, he is with or against his will locked in this desperate yet so pleasurable state sometimes not knowing anymore what he wants: immediate release of the immense pressure inside of him (physically and mentally) or being kept on this unbearable high level of pre-ejaculatory arousal? A most powerful state of body and mind indeed!!

…to be continued!