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Hyperspermia – Curse or Blessing?

February 28, 2017

This blog celebrates the male climax, in particular ejaculation. And almost naturally I fancy extended ejaculations showing many pulses and a big volume of semen.

Hence there are quite a number of posts (containing pics/gifs and links to clips) addressing just that. Followers know that I was discussing the many aspects a human male´s ejaculation can display.


While researching I came across some extraordinary ejaculatory performances which baffled me. Because, based on the male anatomy, they seemed inexplicable: males who are shooting truly big loads in many cum-producing pulses, and yet it was quite clear they were no fake!?

Only thanks to a fellow reader, Kily, I became aware of a condition, that explains it all: Hyperspermia! Thank you so much Kily, I had never heard of it while it seems not well-known in general. So, this is the place to bring it up!

In doing so I make kind of an exception. In my blog I write about male sexuality, the healthy side of it. Yet Hyperspermia is a rare anatomical condition that seems to be rather a curse than a blessing!? When you read testimonies of affected guys (here and here) you easily understand why. Turns out, that what many of us love (not just) in our sexual fantasizing may be just too much of a good thing in the real world! Just some notes taken from the crosslinked accounts above:

  • Hyperspermia is not common. My doctor told me it only affects maybe 3% out of everyone. It’s pretty weird. And yes, Precum will drip when I’m flaccid but it leaks like a faucet when I’m turned on …


  • Holy shit – I have had this my whole life. I am quite pleased to know it has a name and I am not the only one. There have been times I have had really embarrassing soak-through when out in public, having to have a hand in one pocket bunching up the patch of material. Or sitting down trying to discreetly lay it one side then the other and trying to wipe the inside of pants.
  • Totally self diagnosing here but every girl I’ve been with has said wow that’s so much cum. That and I get wet spots when I pop a chubby. And I have a very high sex drive. My record of sex in one day is 12 times. And with my ex we were tracking how many times in a month. We got to like 136 and stopped counting after 3 weeks. …


  • Having to constantly monitor my pants for wet spots and change my underwear a lot is not a relaxing thing, it creates much stress and anxiety. […] Occasionally I would need to do it more, even leaving from class twice in the day to masturbate or even do it 3 times before I could sleep. I never thought this was strange, cumming 3 to 5 times a day because no one ever knew about it. […] Even today, still having a moderate case of hyperspermia, I can’t believe what happened. It began very watery, and again and again it pumped and squirted out until my muscles ached and felt like they were cramping in pain. …


Being aware now that this condition exists and that it accounts for many of seemingly unreal ejaculatory performances (like this one here I´d say), it still seems miraculous that the male reproductive glands manage to produce such a non-diminishing volume of seminal fluids, both precum and cum. All the associated glands must be constantly secreting at full capacity.

This feat also explains what is possible for guys without the condition. Mind you, the majority of top-performers don´t suffer from Hyperspermia, most of the spectacular ejaculations we see are not related to this hyper-function. But when we become witness of a guy shooting 144 pulses (i.e. spurts) in six consecutive climaxes *, we must assume that this man is able to do so because he is affected. I truly hope he can enjoy his capacity!

*Thanks for bringing this clip to my attention morecumpls!

My Favorite Cum Fluidity

December 29, 2016

Yes, we know it, semen comes in different fluidities! Read all about it in this post (and enjoy the many comments as well)!

I already did poll about the prevalent texture of your cum and also which fluidity of semen you „just love“.

poll 41

The majority´s verdict in this poll was bold! As for me, I noticed that my preferred choice is subjected to change! It´s almost like our systems do: fluidity may change depending on circumstances, especially during build-up. And I always notice a certain undecidedness on the subject when I develop cum-drenched stories, of which you will find quite some in this blog.

Then, which texture is it for me? Well (I revealed it in the above mentioned post), I am truly fascinated by a fluidity both rarely produced and barely loved: mucous, slimy-gelatinous, cohesive semen! This kind of semen resembles precum in that it does not easily rip apart!


Forcefully ejaculated semen will always rip apart mid air, and this fact is a great parameter to gauge its fluidity!

While thin cum tends to spray right from the cock´s mouth:

compspray 1

the ropes of creamy, viscid semen will eventually rip into driblets:

rope-tear1 rope-tear4

but my favourite -though the strand will most likely rip as well- shall split up only into shorter strings:

cum-string1 cum-string3


It is as if we could grasp the strings of this kind of produce, as if we could hold it in our fingers while such texture of cum does not deliquesce (for a while, I assume). This is what fascinates me. Men who feature this fluidity truly rope out their jizz.


Read more about this particular beautiful „roper“ here!

Sharing His Sanctum (2)

September 10, 2015

Guest post: This is a story by Tom (loyal reader) to pay homage to this blog!

So you go to work. You take your pooled precum and spread it over your cock and balls. They glisten in the bedroom light. You are incredibly hard, your mushroom head red and engorged even though the stimulation to this point has been brief.

You then place the back of your hand in front of your rigid member and push it out for my display and admiration.  The mirror also gives me a complimentary view which increases the heat I feel.


Down the underside like a thick tube is the swollen area surrounding your urethra, incredibly prominent in its engorgement. Your flared head is softly triangular from this angle, like an inverted heart, with a deep redness that contrasts to the lighter color of your shaft. I can see the curtain of your frenulum arising from your retracted foreskin and drawn up in a symmetric pleat to your ridged band. There is a subtle pulsing, and your balls are drawn up slightly on either side.

You then encircle your shaft and start a slow and steady stroke. Your cock is slippery from all the precum and so it moves through the tunnel with slick ease. When you reach your glans you bring your palm over the top of it and circle around it, which makes you writhe just a little bit. Then comes the downstroke to the base and onto your scrotum where you squeeze it and tug. Back up your shaft to your head. Circle. Back down to your balls. You repeat this steady all-encompassing stroke about 15 times.

At points I see you tense and then consciously take a deep breath as if to center yourself. “I must stay relaxed. I can feel subtle contractions in my prostate, especially when my hand passes my retracted foreskin.  There is building pressure. My balls have a subtle ache that is simply ravishing.”

Your slickness increases as your nectar continues to leak and gets spread with each pass. You start to moan again and your breath becomes shallower. “My mind…is screaming at me…to go faster. It’s like…uuhh…an almost primal urge…mmm…to spill my seed…I must…recruit my intention to stay…ahhh…slow and easy.”

You now move to your upper and middle shaft, over your retracted foreskin, and with several fingers lightly touch them in light, random taps and short strokes as if you are playing a clarinet. The music you make is more deep, sexy moans.

As if that isn’t enough you move up to the area just under your flared head, clearly incredibly sensitive, and your fingers dance using more of your leaking precum, which continues to well up and spill down your glans. “Fuck….I’m getting so close.”  Your balls are now drawn up into two smooth bumps at the base of your cock and your other hand starts to gently caress them.


“Tell me what you are experiencing inside,” I ask, knowing that keeping you talking will help prolong the ecstasy by bringing your focus away from your twitching cock.

Your response comes in a staccato of breathing and moans. “So warm and full…Intermittent contractions of my prostate…Twitching…So sweet…and intense…My sperm is mixed…and growing in volume…My tube is distended…So fucking full of cum…My piss muscles want to contract…Mustn’t…Mustn’t…Easy…Easy…Stay relaxed…Don’t want to lose this edge…Must…stop…now!”

You remove your hand, moving it to your lower shaft to push your cock upward. Time seems to suspend. Your eyes widen as you try to control your breath. Your cock, engorged, red, and glistening stands straight up, unmoving, which defies expectation.

You start to moan as clear fluid quickly turning white and milky starts to flow from your cock slit as if the tap to the fountain of life had been turned on. It spills in a cascade over your head and down your shaft, painting it in this creamy silky liquid. Several streams of it spread over your retracted scrotum and down over your perineum, while others pool at the base wetting your brown pubic hair. As your emission continues it flows at a steady rate and volume spilling over your glans. Nothing is ejected; there is nothing close to a spurt, just this peaceful flow of cum. As your accumulated fluid empties, it finally reaches an endpoint and abruptly stops, leaving one final pearl of white cream at the tip.


Your cock, balls, perineum, groin and pubic region are soaked in your milk. I can smell the tangy saltiness of it.

“What was that like?” I ask.

As you return to me from that bliss state you say “I could feel my milk start to move as my swollen glands secreted and pushed it forward. As my prostatic urethra distended with it, that was the point where I had to use every ounce of my being to prevent contraction of my BC muscle. That is the edge, and I was lost there for a moment. The room disappeared. All there was, was pressure and fullness and subtle contraction and then movement. That was when I stopped and it was like standing on a precipice of bliss. On one side calling me was my instinctual desire to complete. On the other was the choice of stopping and allowing my fluid to flow. Even though I have skill in exploring this place, you can never underestimate the incredible primal pull for completion. It’s a siren call that takes every ounce of willpower to resist. However, once I pulled back from it, and without the muscle contractions, I lost myself in that incredible flow that was full of steady, irresistible pleasure. It is like riding a wave that is silky smooth, warm, and wet.  And now, covered in my cum, my horniness and desire is still ripe and ready.”

“Taste,” I say. You tell me that eating your milk is not part of your normal practice; however, your current state of horniness overrides whatever reticence you have, and you scoop up a puddle on the flat of your belly and bring it to your mouth. Unlike your viscous precum, your semen is looser and wetter and quickly falls from your fingers to your open mouth.

“Mmmm, incredible,” you say, “It has that distinctive tart smell of cum. It’s thick and creamy. It has this amazing balance of salty and sweet.”  Unable to help yourself you scoop up another finger full of cream and rub it on your lips and suck it off your finger.

I say “Your technique is masterful. Your pleasure a gift to witness. I am having a hard time just watching, but if you can hold yourself off that primal urge to ejaculate, I can hold off my desire to get up out of this chair and clean you off with my mouth and tongue.”

With some significant pressure now relieved you take the remainder of your emission and spread it over your glistening cock, still hard and with that subtle pulsing now returned.

You also take the cum flowing over your balls and taint and, lifting your legs while shifting your buttocks forward, you rub it into your now exposed anus. You know from our conversations that this is a favorite place of mine to visit, one that as an active participant gets much attention from my fingers, mouth and tongue.

You play with your opening, lubing it with your fluid and gently enter yourself with your forefinger. That move gets a quick inhale of breath from you followed by a low moan. I know how much you enjoy rubbing your prostate from inside; we have talked about it and I have read your musings in your blog. As you move your finger in deeper you signal contact with your little walnut by taking a quick sip of breath while nodding.

You now tell me what you are doing, and I can only wish it was my finger doing what you describe: “My ass opening is very sensitive, especially right now. The stretching from my finger entering is causing involuntary muscle contractions as they pulse against this insertion. Knowing that my ass and finger are lubed up with my milk is incredibly exciting. Ahhhh…I find my prostate. It is walnut shaped and easily reached with my fingertip. I rest my finger on it and I can feel the pulsing of my heart. I start to tap it. Mmmm that’s good. Now I start a stroke over the surface, far to near, starting on the right and advancing in an arc over to the left. Then back I go, finally returning to that sweet tapping. My ass continues contracting around my finger. It’s involuntary. With my other hand I take up my shaft once again, so wet from all of this cum, making slow upward strokes from base to glans. I love an upward stroke like this. I love feeling my glands from the inside. I love knowing that this stimulation is signaling their return to work once again, making more milk.”

Prostate Exam

You stop talking and become lost in the sensations. What a sight! Your body glistens with a sheen of sweat. Your eyes are closed and your face twists in grimaces of clear pleasure. Your nipples are erect and pointed. You are finger-fucking yourself with your own cum while at the same time masturbating your cock in a slow steady upward stroke that simply looks amazing.

I marvel at the sight, using the mirror to gain a different perspective. It takes every ounce of willpower to stop from touching myself. I so want to join you, to undress and match you, but doing so will distract me from focusing on you. I want to bare witness to your masterful self-love and that means I must satisfy my own desires by witnessing your own.

Your eyes open to meet mine. We share a look of incredible heat. I can tell you are on a rise, that you must be filling up once again. You remove your finger and circle the puckered opening, scooping up a little more cum before diving back in. You now move your finger completely inside where you say you stroke and tap your nut a few times, then you withdraw completely, returning to circling your outer rim. You repeat this while trying to maintain control of your breathing.

“I love this because it is different from what I was doing before. Now I can let some of my muscles contract, and experience the waves of pleasure it brings. I can also feel a returning fullness as my glands do their work. My cock remains so sensitive, I think it’s time to refocus on it, although carefully still. From this position you can’t see it well. I know you love ass, but I know you love cock even more.”

You withdraw your finger one last time, and placing it on your opening, gently tap it repeatedly over your pucker while looking into my eyes intently. Using a towel to wipe up, you now shift yourself back into a more upright position where your prick returns into clear view.


I sigh at the sight, so delicious it looks in its turgid state, slick with creamy cum. You take your two fingers, and starting at the base, slowly squeeze your way from the bottom to the top of your shaft, milking your urethra of the accumulated precum that your Cowper’s has continued to release.

As you near the top you point your glans toward me so I see a maximal view of this clear liquid welling up and out of the opening. It’s an incredible amount, and you quickly stand up and walk over to me holding your glans upright to prevent spillage. I hold my breath in surprise and excitement as you slowly point your cock directly at me and repeat your previous milking motion.

This large bead of precum starts to extend itself off your pointed tip, taking flight. I move my finger about 4 inches below to its anticipated landing-place and watch it stretch, extend and slowly fall, fall toward me. When it finally lands I see a second drop emerge and follow the still tethered strand toward my finger. A third drop emerges, following the same path to join the other two in an expanding pool.

They are my gift, and I take my finger into my mouth as I look into your eyes. We both smile at the incredible closeness we both feel in this most exquisite of moments. You have just given me a part of yourself, this most precious of nectars, and I have tasted you.


“Do you want some more?”

Clearly you meant that as a rhetorical question.

“I’m very full again. I can feel the pressure. It feels incredible. All of that ass and prostate stimulation has made for an ache that only some release of pressure will relieve. You saw what I did earlier. I want to do that for you now. I want to spill some of my milk for you. I want it to flow into your outstretched hand while I keep myself at that point without crossing over. I want us both to consume it, tasting it together. I want to watch you as you savor and swallow it, which means that I then will be a part of you.”

“God, yes,” is what I can muster. I have never wanted anything or anyone more than I want you right now.

…to be continued!

Sharing His Sanctum (1)

September 5, 2015

Guest post: This is a story by Tom (loyal reader) to pay homage to this blog!

We had known each other for many months, introduced by mutual friends at one of those art gallery openings I sometimes found myself attending as part of my ongoing exploration of creative expression. From that first meeting I enjoyed the conversations we had together, the laughter we each generated in one another as we compared notes on the overly self-serious world of contemporary art.

As we got to know one another thorough, it was clear we felt an increasing attraction. How else to explain our flirtatious laughs as we dined, the longing looks and the playful touches that turned into deeper embraces when we parted.  I looked forward to each encounter, and felt a heat whenever we spoke or spent time together.

As we developed a deeper intimacy, and our talk turned to things sexual, you revealed that you were a well-practiced solo-sexual, someone who had developed an intense and highly skilled way of making love to your body that explored all aspects of male sexual function.

In particular, your focus was on maintaining a high degree of arousal for a prolonged period of time, dancing around the point of no return without spilling over into those involuntary and intense muscle contractions associated with ejaculation. In addition to edging, you desired your male produce, as you called it, and that your edging practice ensured a large volume of it. You also practiced a slow and relaxed approach to your edge, which allowed you to experience the pleasurable build up of pressure and subtle contractions as your glands, tubes, muscles and nerves prepared for expulsion.

In your highly evolved masturbation you had learned to separate the different phases of cumming, emission from ejaculation, with the result being able to play with the emission phase of it, where your sperm and seminal fluid had mixed and filled your prostatic urethra. Through very subtle stimulation at this high state of arousal you could allow this build up of your creamy milk to flow and bubble out of your cock without the contractions of a full, projectile spurt of your sperm.  In this state you don’t enter the inevitable refractory period, that post-ejaculation state of loss of arousal and sleepiness gifted to the human race through our evolutionary development, the purpose of which you are unable to fathom.  Instead, your intense arousal was maintained, and you could continue this sexual dance with yourself for hours if you so desired.

You also shared this fetish of yours, along with your accumulated knowledge and experience, in a blog called Peaks-n-Pulses that focuses on male sexuality and male sexual function. We would talk for hours about this, as it clearly carried intense interest for both of us. I started to leave our conversations with a sweet ache in my core after our goodbye embrace.  As our friendship deepened, I dared suggesting that one day I would love to witness you, nude and engorged, as you practiced your masterful techniques.

After a time you agreed. You said it was a little frightening, as it had been some time since you had shown yourself to someone in this way.  Although your blog contained extremely sexy pictures and clips of yourself, ones that I had used many times in my sexual fantasies, taking pictures and videos of yourself in various stages of arousal still meant you were solo. Doing this with a second participant was a threshold you had rarely crossed. However, the trust and affection we had developed for each other made you decide it was time to experiment with someone else. I was honored you chose me.

So arrangements were made. I was to come to your rooms in a week, where you would open yourself to me. We agreed that to enhance the experience you would abstain from any spilling of your seed for the week before our encounter so that you were primed. During the experience, you agreed to describe what you were feeling, telling me about the internal sensations created by your edge. We also agreed that for this first encounter I would sit and watch only. No matter how much I wanted to touch you, I agreed to keep my hands off.

On the appointed day I went to work and tried fruitlessly to focus on my to-do list as my mind kept drifting back to the anticipation of what we would experience later. I left work in a hurry and rushed home to shower and put on something comfortable. I gathered up a gift I had bought you – a rare illustrated book of the male sexual anatomy that I had found in a backstreet used bookstore-and headed out for your flat.

Now I am here, entering the elevator. A very attractive neighbor joins me for the ride up to your floor and my anticipatory excitement rises. Upon entering we embrace deeply, as we have done so often over the past year. I detect just a little bit of shyness in your touch, certainly no surprise under the circumstances, as we are journeying tonight to a deep level of vulnerability. On my neck I feel your warm breath, and against my chest there is your steady beating heart. I can also feel your growing hardness inside your pants against my thigh. Clearly you have followed your week-long period of abstinence.

We talk briefly about where to go. The lounge? The bedroom? Given that you have a full length mirror in your bedroom positioned so that we can both use it to view your performance, we quickly decide this room will be our sanctum for the night.

We lower some of the lights, fire up several candles, and put on some Moby, which is great music for sex, to set the ambiance. I pull up a comfortable chair as you settle on the bed. I then ask you, “What has this week been like, as you refrained from stimulating yourself, knowing this was going to happen?”

You answer how you could feel the energy and heat build throughout the week. You describe awakening at night to find your cock harder than normal, almost aching with desire, and began to notice some small stains on your sheets where precum had leaked during these dream-filled hours.

During the day you have had to catch yourself from almost unconsciously touching yourself when in public, and occasionally, if you found someone particularly attractive walking by you could feel the blood start to create semi-tumescence. By yesterday, you were exercising hard and for twice as long as normal to help contain some of the sexual steam that your anticipation was creating.

“And your glands?”

“So full and ready. You can’t believe how much I want this. How much I need this.”

“Then let us begin.”

So you stand up in front of me and remove your shirt, then your tented trousers. In your underwear, there is hardness straining against the blue fabric and I notice a small wet spot near the waistband where your head is nestled. You are leaking already.

Taking a long look into my eyes you ask, “How much do you want to see me, all of me?” I can only whisper my response, “So badly I am shaking.”

You slowly remove your underwear and stand for the first time nude before me.  I have seen your pictures on your blog, but they only provided a two-dimensional image of what is now before me. For a few moments I simply marvel at the beauty of the male form you represent. You have a dusting of hair around your nipples, which are deep brown pink and erect. Your solar plexus is hairless, but then starting at your navel you have the most irreverent treasure trail of brown hair that travels down to where it flares around your penis’ base.


Your cock stands out at a slightly upward angle in front of you, hard of course, with the foreskin pulled back on its own (I believe you told me your foreskin index was CI-3) revealing the most beautiful, glistening mushroom head that has a small, glistening pearl of clear serum at its tip. Your scrotum, enclosing your balls, is haired and slightly pulled up toward your perineum. As I watch, I can see a slight up and down pulsing of your rigid shaft, reflecting the coursing of blood through your beautiful body.

“My God, you are so sexy.” I tell you.

I can see that small pearl of serum grow at your opening and before it leaves your slit you take your finger and rub the glistening nectar around your flared head.  Your cock jumps at this first touch and you reflexively emit a low moan.

You then take hold of your cock at its base and present it to me, moving it around and shifting your position so I can get a thorough look.  You point your cock upward, and because your foreskin is pulled back I can see the ridged band and frenulum, so clearly delineated and stretched into a razor sharpness.

I can see the flare of your corona and the smooth glistening surface of your glans. The orbs of your balls are symmetrically oblong and smooth within your scrotum.  Your shaft has several engorged veins that run down its length.

You gently take hold of your retracted foreskin and moved it forward, slowly, until it covers your head, groaning with the pleasure caused by this combination of pressure, friction and movement.  As your foreskin advances more precum now gathers at your cock slit.


“How amazing that fluid is”, I say as I look up.

“I know. I call it pure nectar and salty honey.”

Slowly you pull your foreskin back again, and the gathered nectar spreads over your head as you take your other hand and spread it over and under the flared ridge and start to tease in a circular motion your ridged band, that sweet spot on the underside of your upper shaft.

“How does that feel?” I ask. Your simple answer is a low moan as you close your eyes and throw back your head.

Now you move toward the bed and lay yourself out, propped up on some pillows so we can look at each other. If I look to my right I can see your reflection in the mirror next to the bed, getting a slightly obliqued angular view of your body and genitals. You spread out your legs so I have this glorious view of your inner thighs, your perineum, your scrotum and your cock.


“Are you going to use any lube?” I ask.

You answer that your Cowper’s Glands are very prolific with the slightest provocation, producing such ample amounts of precum that there is simply no need. In addition, you tell me, that you plan on practicing emission tonight, where you bring yourself to the sweet edge of orgasm but then stop just short of it.

With your glands primed from the past week of abstinence and anticipation, you know they will flood your urethra with seminal milk, and it will spill in abundance. This you will also use as lubricant. “My own fluids will amply take care of me; there is simply nothing more warm and slick to take me repeatedly to my edge.”

You now take another bead of glistening precum which has made its way to the surface, and spread it over your head and the upper part of your shaft. Your cock is starting to have a wet shine. With your fingers placed on either side of your midshaft you take your retracted foreskin and start to slowly advance and retract it up and down over your glans. I notice your toes start to curl as your breathing deepens.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” you say. After about the 15th round of this slow rhythmic movement, I can see your balls start to draw up and your breathing gets shorter. “I am so ready that I need to be careful. Even this little bit of stimulation has me on the edge already.” I can tell because with each pass of foreskin forward, more and more precum has emerged.

Since you have been pointing your cock straight up, a large pool of precum has built up and starts to drip down both sides of your cockhead in two steady streams. As the right side reaches the ridge it takes flight for a brief moment until it touches one of your fingers. Stopping this simple stroke, you take the contents of your Cowper’s and spread it over your very wet head, and down your shaft, occasionally taking one finger to circle your sweet spot, until the entire length of your penis is glistening.

“I feel so full. My balls and internal glands feel engorged and aching, yet we have hardly started.”

You let your cock fall onto your belly and you spread your legs farther. With one hand you start to massage your perineum and with the other you cup your balls, encircling them while giving them a slow squeeze, pulling them away from your body.

full erection

“This is a good technique when I am close, you see. My balls retract up, as if they want to return home in preparation for ejaculation. Pulling them away and stretching my scrotum helps me off the edge.” You then encircle your sack and squeeze, and your wrinkled scrotal skin smooths as your testicles push up against it. Placing your hand over your sack you now start the most delicious massage of your testicles, pulling them down and away, stretching your scrotum.

Your cock remains hard, and in the mirror I can see a shiny pool of precum collecting on your lower belly as you continue to leak. Clearly you know your produce. The idea of lube seems almost absurd given this bounty your glands have already created.

As you continue this massage you use your other to scoop up a small amount of your precum and you bring it to your face. Keeping your soaked finger several inches above your head you allow the liquid to slowly slide down and off you fingertip in a large viscous teardrop. I watch, mesmerized, as it slowly falls onto your outstretched tongue.

“Amazing,” I say. “How does it taste?”

“Slightly sweet and salty. The texture is what gets me, though, the smooth, sensual thickness of it. That’s why I call it salty honey.”

“Some more,” I ask?

You smile and this time take two fingers, dip them in and repeat this. There are two larger pearls now from each finger and you hungrily take them inside your mouth.

Now you say you need to relieve some pressure, your glands are so full. “If I don’t, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to hold off the point of no return. I didn’t abstain for a week for a ruined ejaculation.”

…to be continued!