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Neglected Post (4) – Staying Relaxed

January 4, 2014

Original post: Staying relaxed while heating up (2)

Less than 360 views since March 24, 2010

(In comparison: Part 1 garnered 792 views until Jan. 1, 2014, published the same day!)

This neglected post is the second part of me informing about the main muscles in your reproductive system and the advantage to keep them relaxed while sexually engaged.

It is a very early entry in the life of my blog. And I admit that it just touches some basics, especially in this part (2) in which I quote a guy and his experience/opinion.

However, it prepares those who want to get more enjoyment out of their sexual routine, and guys who want to want to get acquainted with the precondition of prolonged edging.

What puzzles me is the fact that part one has been so much more popular since the (same) day of publishing!?

Let me add a pic which suits the neglected post very well. Here you can clearly make out the location of the both so important (and often confused) muscles abbreviated “PC” and “BC”:

pc or bc

It´s just great that we have (some) control about our sex-muscles. Don´t miss to play with them!  😉

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

For a Closer Look (12) – Electro Edging

May 3, 2011

This clip illustrates how EES may extend/enhance an ejaculatory climax presumably after some time of electro-edging.

You see:
– the guy (rather his cock) instants before his ejaculation is triggered, you hear him breathing fast anticipating his climax. At sec 5 into the clip the first spill of milk is released (look closely and notice a drop of precum at his meatus). This is the beginning of about 10 strong contractions of his BC (and surely associated muscles). It appears that his cumproducing spasms grow in intensity, judged by the moaning we can hear. The guy doesn´t begin to heavily moan before his 3rd spill. Interestingly enough his ejaculatory reflex seems to happen rather slow and pronounced. And it lasts for almost the whole time of the clips duration. Instead of the usual pattern of an ejaculation with cum-shots we observe strong and distinct „penile spasms“ (i.e. BC and PC spasms) producing his milk as if pumped to the surface from a well.

clip still

The electro-stimulation applied right behind his corona at the sulcus does obviously trigger an initial emission followed by a series of strong muscular contractions pumping up his creamy milk. – Mind you that there are numerous possibilities to rig oneself with the different available gear. This one looks rather DIY.

It’s an unedited scene in fair quality (see still of clip) and with sound. It is 7.9 MB in size and running 39 seconds. The format of the clip is wmv.


Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (tagged For a Closer Look) the way I do.

Being Edged (1)

April 5, 2011

The mere thought is highly arousing: to just sit (rather lay) back, relax and let a partner do the teasing. And with that I certainly mean edging. This reaches way beyond the ordinary hand job. Read about a hot experience of Jim which always makes my pulse speed up while rereading it. I found this more than 10 years ago and it influenced my own stories pretty much! The most intriguing perception is that a partner may be able to generate a more intense climax than one can achieve with oneself.

When two people who know and practice these wonderful techniques have the opportunity to get together it can be an intense experience. Until recently, I had a fellow Tantric enthusiast I would get together with about every two weeks on a Saturday. We would take turns. One week one of us would totally concentrate on the other and the next time the roles were reversed. The reason we did this is because we tried to expand the time of bliss to as long as we could, no less than two to three hours.

By the time it was over the recipient needed time to recuperate before he was interested in focusing likewise. We did not have the time so we just traded out complete sessions. We used warm coconut oil and all the slow edging techniques we have read about including some on this forum [Jim was referring to another forum then, not this one]. We used the book by Brauer called ESO as our basic guide.

One thing we always did was to keep the erection hard and firm the whole time without ever letting it subside. We both loved slow deliberate masturbation. We were both practiced with Kegels and had no erection problems at all. We read and also learned by experience that this builds up incredible sensations. We also tried to keep him right on the brink for most of this time.

At first we communicated with signals as to when we were close to the edge. We also went too far a few times and brought each other to ejaculation too soon. After about 5 or 6 sessions, however, we began to learn just what it took for each other to produce an intense experience. Wow, it was incredible because there is nothing like another set hands edging you for sometimes 3 hours knowing exactly when to slow or stop, knowing how to lightly rub those sensitive nerve endings while you relax.


Sometimes there was a semi-consciousness. Other times there was a heavy breathing or moaning. We encouraged each other to just open up and vocalize the passion when we were at one of the more extreme peaks. We told each other what strokes felt the most incredible and we focused on those each time. We always prepared several days in advance for a session by not masturbating to ejaculation and by doing plenty of Kegels and eating properly and getting plenty of excercise.

Finally we decided to tape each other receiving a session. Then the next time we got together we would review the tape of the one who was going to receive that day. It was so he could show the giver what was great and what wasn’t so great. We found that scanning through the tape was fantastic preparation for a session. It was highly stimulating just watching it knowing what was coming. We counted one time almost 70 times when he was close to the brink. We also tried to count contractions (the PC [BC] Muscles contracting when pleasure is received) but lost track after 200 or so. We saw that they were not as frequent when he got to stage III. By then it was more of a bliss time with even the lightest stroking causing intense sensations.

The orgasms and ejaculations at the end of these sessions were always preplanned and agreed upon so that there was no guess-work. They were always incredible. Routinely I would shoot very far, several jets, because I am made that way from the factory. His were not as far but he had about 3 more jets than I did. Both of us had many ejaculatory contractions at the end, way more than when we masturbated alone.

You sure need to share the same passion, a trusted relationship, knowledge of the male (anatomy) and experience (thru trial and error on your man = receiver). These parameters are not gender dependent!

The Anatomical Location of The Edge

February 19, 2011

We know what it takes to edge: control and relaxation. We know how edging feels like: the sweet sensations of almost shooting milk, on and on. Both of these statements indicate the two aspects necessary for edging: awareness of all structures of our reproductive biology and the mastering of climax control.

But where in our system do we have to place our awareness most of all? Which structure has to be in our focus to gain the control we need for edging (besides our masturbatory discipline)? This area would mark the location of The Edge. Answer is: it must be the place where our seminal secretions are accumulating prior to emission and ejaculation. Because as long as we are aware of the stand-by zone of our milk, it´s us who decides to let go or not.
Let´s have a look at our system to find out:

Here we see all the structures involved in producing and transporting the secretions that make up our milk. Most important are the glands which I introduced as Milkfactories (here and here in detail) earlier in my blog. Once you gain „control“ * over these glands (thru exercise, experience and learning), you open up a gate leading you into the realm of deep edging (a topic I will explore in my next post). It´s all happening in this compact area, where your milk waits to fill your urethra and leave your body. This would be the place you want to call The Edge:

prostate, vesicles, ampullae

Every edger has control and discipline, otherwise he couldn´t manage to masturbate in his favorite fashion. However, some men have that much awareness, as that they are able to sense subtle muscle contractions as well as fluid movement within their glands and connected tubes. Read what they have to say. Like a guy called Benders who years ago published a famous article containing a how-to about his ability:

With experience and exercise, I have raised the pressure (and pleasure) level required to trigger the ejaculation reflex response. I sense exactly how much more pressure can build before crossing the threshold to ejaculatory inevitability. My emissions orgasms are stronger and ultimately continuous without triggering ejaculation. My seminal vesicles harden [= contracting] right after I have nearly cum; hence they are almost constantly hard and discharging. My prostate swells without hardening, currently to about just half as large as during a full ejaculatory orgasm. Finally, my testes, epididymis and especially the spermatic cords radiate a distinct pleasure as they push sperm toward the ampullae. Each of these [internal] emissions increase the amount of fluid held in the ampullae and at the ejaculatory ducts, with an associated increase in pleasure and passion of sexual readiness.
The presence of sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal fluid in my ejaculatory ducts is evidenced by sensations I can produce after nearly cumming. Shortly after ceasing stimulation I can contract my bulbospongiosus muscle [BC] and thereby press on my prostate and feel the fluids being pushed back up into the ampullae and seminal vesicles. This feeling of fluid movement and fullness is very pleasurable. I can stop masturbating, and hours (days) later still feel the semen in my loins eager for release. My testes swell, feel full, and are slightly sensitive to jostling.

James, a reader of this blog, is confirming Benders ability (commenting here):

I can definitely do this. It is quite pleasurable and has the effect of widening the gap between 8.5 and 9.5 on the stimulation scale. That is really nice when I have edged for a long while and have been having continuous emission orgasms for a while already. […]
The key to all of this is, of course, a keen awareness of the exact progression of the events leading up to orgasm. You must learn the anatomy of your sex organs, learn the progression of events, and then practice being very conscious of these sensations as they progress. Try edging and building up sort of slowly while saying to yourself things like ‘there´s my spermatic cords contracting’ or ‘that was my seminal vesicles hardening’. Really try to mentally pick apart what’s going on in your body. This does in itself improve your ability and adds another dimension to your masturbation. […]

* What does control mean in anatomical terms? Well, your bodily functions are steered thru your nervous system using electrical energy. Two different kinds of nerves regulate functions: sympathetic and parasympathetic. Some functions/actions in you body run automatically (sympathetic nerves) and you can not assert will on them, like your heartbeat, seminal fluid production and the ejaculatory reflex. Other functions/actions are suggestible (parasympathetic nerves) like moving muscles, such as the BC, PC, sphincter muscles and others. Now, stimulation of the parasympathetic nerves (to trigger action) can be applied via tactile or psychic input. And here we are, edgers are totally in charge of this input!