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Neglected Post (5) – Multiples Q&A

October 8, 2014

Original post: MMO – Personal Questions & Answers

Less than 300 views since November 16, 2010

I may be biased in assuming, that men´s solo-sexual priority – next to edging – must be male multiple orgasm (MMO). Probably because this (MMO) defines the sexual prevalence in myself, together with my fascination for semen.


Yet click-rates here show me that MMO does not appear to be a sought-after theme. The current poll (#42) just mirrors this fact.

For this reason I feature yet another Neglected Post dealing with MMO, also in favour of those among you who indeed love this topic.

The original entry may be a bit, well, dry while consuming it, although you read a lively dialog between me and an experienced guy of another forum. Its value lies in that it addresses several interesting points in connection with MMOs:

  • Jack Johnston and his method
  • the unusual Amygdala Clicking
  • aspects of multiple dry opposed to wet climaxes
  • prostate stimulation
  • the foreskin
  • MRP
  • and a personal evaluation on defining MMOs.

I hope I got your appetite there!? 😉

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

What if… (4)

July 5, 2013

… a young woman was to experience the glorious joys of owning a cock & nut-sack? Well, just keep on reading! – (Final part!)

I was in the zone for quite some time now and it was fucking hot! Yeah, I was edging. I had been drinking buckets of water when I realized that my body needed this support to build a high volume of cum, which I certainly wanted! And yes, I felt kind of full and loaded, this was a great sensation.

Hours had passed since I woke up with a penis and a sack where my pussy used to be. But I did not care for time anymore. I just wanted to get lost in my arousal more and more. My cock endlessly fascinated me, he was one piece of lust-meat. I envied men for their genitals, for their double impact at masturbation: the sensation of grasping their hot tools while enjoying of being grasped at their sensitive organs.

full erection

The urge of wanting to experience ejaculation and orgasm grew stronger by the minute. I really had to be alert not to give in now, keep my hands away when the temptation of „Let me go for it NOW“ arose. It was a double temptation, not only was my body longing for the explosion, for relief, it was my curiosity as a woman how a males ejaculation and orgasm felt like!!

Suddenly I noticed that my balls began to hurt. After an initial confusion and worrying I realized that I must have had developed blue balls! Cum was filling me up inside by now, I knew that. This pain marked a third temptation, more a necessity, to go for it. I remembered a situation with one of my lovers and learned from him that ejaculation was the only cure to blue balls!

Edging as a male was not so easy it seemed. But then I was a novice at this, at least with a cock as tool. I realised that I should try to perform something like an emission. I remembered it from another of my guys: release cum without ejaculating, when cum is oozing out of the system but ejaculation is not yet triggered. However, this was a very tough task, or was it? I needed to try for sure. And then I remembered from my lovers, ejaculation is not the same as orgasm! I could attempt to avoid orgasm while experiencing ejaculation. This way I should manage to extend my cock-ownership!!

Oh god was I excited! My high arousal let me moan all the time with every careful touch. No need to touch him directly, caring for my boobs or inner thighs was enough to push me quickly towards the edge. So, how was I to perform an emission? My balls were hurting really bad, I needed to do it, as much as I wanted to enjoy this state, the physical, mental and spiritual state. I realised that I was lacking experience. Experience as owner of male genitals. Experience with those sensations now working inside of me rather than externally applied ones.

How are men avoiding blue balls while edging? It must be training I figured. There is no way to edge for hours with blue balls, unless cumming was providing thorough relief. Which I wanted to check out right now. All I needed to do was to trigger the flow of cum while avoiding to fall into the infamous PONR. So much I remembered – yet easier said than done. Especially with this super strong urge for orgasm!! Yes orgasm, the explosion and full relief!

So, I closed my eyes, I grabbed my beautiful, hot cock just below the head with my left hand and focused on the sensations inside. I just held him, I did not move my hand. Oh boy, I could feel it, this was just enough to let it happen! Should I release my cock? No, not anymore. Will I manage to coax an emission? I had the feeling it was too late already – yes, it certainly was. I can´t describe what happened next. Inside of me my cum was moving. Without wanting it I flexed a bunch of muscle inside my pelvis, at my penis-root, my anus. When I let go, which I had to automatically, I was exploding! I missed the first jet, but opened my eyes and watched me shooting many more as the reflex kept forcefully pumping up my warm cum. After the third jet I let go of my cock because I remembered that this could help to pull a second ejaculation soon after the first had ended.


Oh my god, this was so overwhelming, what a fucking awesome reaction! Yes, I knew orgasm from a womans point of view, but this was different. When the reflex was waning I noticed that I must have produced a big volume of semen because my chest and thighs were wet and I saw cum-puddles on the floor in front of me. The typical scent of male cum was filling the room.

I didn´t know what to think at first, but after a while I realized that my lovely cock was still stiff. And I felt „in the mood“ as well – it worked, I apparently could go on, this has been no orgasm yet!! So I grabbed my wet penis with my right, my balls with my left and worked both furiously. In no time I felt something rising.

Holy shit, now this turned out to be an orgasm! I was jacking myself like a wild animal while an intense sensation was growing down there, and I knew it from my experiences as a woman. I couldn´t help but scream out loud while my orgasm took grip of me. My whole body was bucking and spasming, I lost balance and fell from the stool, but I didn´t care, I was in another realm. I must have ejaculated again, but the orgasm was so strong that I almost passed out. A little later I found myself on the floor heavily breathing, totally spent.

To cut the end short: after this immense orgasm the MRP set in and I lost all desire to play with myself anymore – very strange that was!! I cleaned up and became truly tired, I just had to take a nap, I was so exhausted from edging, from blue balls, which seemed to recover from this strange pain, and the intense climaxes. And guess what, when I woke up couple hours later my beloved cock and sack were gone!!

Now I need to meet that woman from the lounge again! And when I meet her I will ask her to transform me for good! I really want to become a permanent shemale!!

Story cumplete!


In case you enjoy that shooting shemale photo you ought to download this file here to read about the brilliant montage this cumshot-scene seems to be. It´s a great image, but defies reality as does the whole story. 😉

Radio-Interview With Nandisa (2)

March 1, 2013

The Interview (transcript) continued:

OK, now I have another caller in the line and it is a lady, Sarah, what´s your question?

Hi to everyone. Yes, I am following your show with my ears wide open, very interesting, thanks.That´s why we do this program, Sarah.Yes, I was wondering if I can be held responsible for a mans good or may be not so good orgasm?


Yeah, that´s a good question, thank you for bringing it up. In short: no one can ever be responsible for the quality of someone elses sexual climax. You can support your partners climax and try to help intensify it, but you can not design his orgasm, so to speak, because you don´t feel what he is feeling in his system. The better you know your man, the better a supporter you can be. If you don´t know your partner it´s like wandering on a blank map. Communication is key, men need to tell their partners what they want and how they feel, in realtime and all the time. Communication can be sounds, moaning and groaning, and when couples know each other really well, they can be a great team with fantastic results concerning his orgasm.

How about that Sarah?

Yeah, thanks a lot Nandisa, it makes sense what you said, thanks…

OK, now, you said „communication is key“, what do you recommend a couple in this regard?

I think that men may be rather shy to be vocal, to express their inner feelings through sound. With communication I not necessarily mean elaborate dialogue. It´s all about action and reaction, when my partner touches my cock I may moan which indicates that I like it. The way you moan will indicate how you like to be touched. So, when a couple knows each others action-reaction pattern really well the communication will most likely lead to extraordinary experiences.

Another email reached us by Samantha, she asks: I was not paying attention in biology-class. Can you briefly point out the most important structures we don´t see and why they are so important?

Yes, first of all every penis extends into a mans body, but I certainly rather mean the glands which produce secretions which mix to become semen when expelled. Most important are the prostate and the two seminal vesicles. A man can sense these and they can be touched via the anus. Just grab a biology-book and seek out a drawing showing a cut thru the male reproductive system and study it for while and you´ll get oriented. Then speak about it with your partner and explore.

Here is another mail by a woman named Alisha, she wants to know how circumcision effects a guys sensations at his penis while stroking it.

Good question Alisha, thank you. Well, I am totally against circumcision because the foreskin is a very delicate tissue! This is scientifically verified. Circumcised men unfortunately miss out on a very specific aspect of the range of possible penile sensations. I personally favor foreskin sensations, they trigger ejaculation in me. As a parent I would never have my baby boy cut, I think this is irresponsible. Let your son decide when he is old enough. I know there are proponents of the procedure, if adult guys want to be cut, let them have it. I personally quite don´t understand why a man wants to get rid of a very sensitive, sex-positive part of his penis!?


Clear words from Nandisa who we have with us tonight to answer questions on male sexual awareness of their reproductive system. There is a caller waiting and I learn it is Harry. Harry what is your question?

Yes hello, I wanted to know how to avoid the male refractory period?

Oh yeah, that´s a tough one. Well, you avoid it at all when you do not climax. When you climax your brain emits a chemical called prolactin and that hormone is responsible for you to experience the refractory period where you lose interest in sexual engagement for a while. Having sex and avoiding climax may mean that you edge, and that technique has a very rewarding quality of its own, it just lacks of ejaculation and orgasm, but it offers states very close to those sexual peak experiences, and true edgers just love this more than climaxing itself. For them edging is their climax, and an almost never-ending one. On the other hand, there are many guys who actually manage to multiple climax until the refractory period takes over or sets in, but how this exactly works remains partly a mystery. Seems as if scientific exploration in this field would be needed, the question is: who would fund such…?

Our last caller for today is a lady, hello Mary, what´s your question?

Good evening everyone, I enjoy listening to your show. I wanted to ask Nandisa if he knows a trick on how to stretch a mans cumming, so that it lasts really long.

Mary, let me ask you what is long for you?

Well, I mean long as expressed in minutes. Isn´t there a way to slow ejaculation down? I want my man to last in his climax.


OK Mary, when you know that ejaculation is a reflex which developed to push semen out of a mans reproductive system you may realise that this automatic body-reaction is not alterable time wise. As a matter of fact it is pretty much the same process in every man. A set of pulsing muscular spasms occurs when the reflex is triggered and those muscular contractions are measuring 0.8 seconds apart from each other, slowing down a bit in the process. When you do the math and multiply the average number of pulses of 8 to 12 with the given time-measure, you see that the ejaculatory reflex is a rather short affaire. And there is no trick to stretch the frequency of the reflex, unfortunately. However, if your man edges and triggers his reflex mindfully, and if that man is extremely aroused and has built up a large volume of seminal fluids in his glands, the whole sensation of this mans peak experience may last more than a minute, which would be exceptionally long. He´d experience some seconds of drifting towards the triggering sensations in his system, followed by moments of the point of no return which will make his internal valves relax – which kept his secretions in his glands until this moment – he then will sense his juices flow from his glands into his penis until they exit in an emission, he then will clench his muscles to try to avoid the reflex which will set in soon after. Since this man will have stored an above average amount of fluid, his system will probably run an above average number of spasms, let´s say up to 20 until the reflex is completed. With the aftermath of this intense climax your man will have the impression that it lasted truly long, longer than it actually occurred.

That was a hot answer, thanks Nandisa. Our time is up, almost, but I think we can squeeze in a short question via mail from Helen, she asks: Nandisa, have you ever passed out due to the intensity of your orgasm?

Almost, almost I can say. Not in the way that I was unconscious and woke up after a while, but I remember a couple occasions – and those climaxes are truly rare, circumstances got to be perfect – where I thought I rip apart or something, incredible! It´s a miracle what our bodies have in store for us.

Thank you Nandisa for having you with us tonight. We learned a lot and it´s been a truly hot show I think. Our listeners may visit your blog at where you host a great number of entries devoted to the topic. To you, Nandisa, and all our listeners and enquirers, take care and keep on coming!

+You may have guessed it. This is a mock interview! There is no radio-station GAYBI, no In-In-Show, alas no interview has been performed nor aired. 😉

Milking – Forced Ejaculations (2)

February 26, 2012

In the previous post it became clear that forced ejaculations could turn torturous for a sub, when «victim» was a suiting label indeed. It certainly depends on the individuals acting out their passions (rather fetishes). Now, I tend to say that if the relationship of the two involved was less pathologically sadomasochistic and more roleplayingly sexually driven, the whole milking-the-male-experience would result in a sex-positive (unabusive) resolution after all.

Jeff´s background-info and recommendations meet my conviction:

The continuation of stimulation to produce subsequent ejaculations is determined beforehand. It may be that a man submits to 3 full ejaculations before he is allowed to stop and stimulation discontinued; or it may be that he submits to as many ejaculations as the other man can produce from him in a set period of time, such as 2 or 3 hours.

Sometimes there is a rest period after an ejaculation and sometimes not, it all depends on what is agreed upon by the two men ahead of time. Changes are not usually made after the experience begins, which is why good communication is essential. If however, things get too intense there is always an ability to stop the process or adapt to it. The idea, however, is to set realistic goals ahead of time that are sadistic enough to challenge and pleasure/torture you that push your limits, without it becoming abusive.

One of the most important things in a milking situation is to set realistic goals for the experience; keeping in mind you are going to be pushing your limits, and it won´t be easy, it will be pleasurably torturous. If its your first time set an appropriate goal, 90 minutes perhaps or two ejaculations; don’t go for 5 ejaculations on your first try if the most you’ve ever done on your own is two; it’s simply not a realistic goal and you really don’t want to end the experience prematurely.

After the initial ejaculation, the desire to be stimulated drops. Stimulation continues however, and even though your mind may be saying ‘no more’ your body WILL involuntarily respond to the stimulation. The beauty of the body is that it will respond to stimulation whether you want it to or not. You may want to stop, but your penis will grow erect again and will produce another ejaculation when stimulated properly despite what you ‘want’ to happen. This is the other side of the joy of pleasure and pain. You do not want to cum again, but it feels too good and you lose your ability to control it and your body responds by ejaculating anyway.

Subsequent ejaculations after two become much more intense obviously and that is where the push really begins. If you go for 3, 4 or 5 ejaculations, each one becomes a much more intense mixture of wanting it to stop, feeling good, being too sensitive and ultimately your body betraying you by responding to the repeated stimulation and yet another ejaculation is forced from your body.

Sometimes elements of teasing or edging … are incorporated, driving you from a place of not wanting to ejaculate to the opposite spectrum of now needing to ejaculate to achieve relief again. It’s incredibly hot to be stimulated on your second time, not wanting to cum again, but being teased and slowly building up from that “no-place” to a mind-set of deep and profound need and “yes” please get me off. Powerful indeed.

Milking [the male] is a powerful experience; it beautifully combines a man’s natural deep felt need to ejaculate, with controlling that ejaculation to provide him a pleasurable/agonizing experience that forces him to feel the pleasure against his will. When done you will be exhausted and utterly spent, but blissfully sated and happy.

Eventually couple of my thoughts about forced ejaculations:

The illustrations of this style of milking can only be a suggestion, even more than with the style of cum-control. That is because every man reacts differently not only from the other, but from himself, depending of his age, the situation he is in, his measure of arousal, his experiences and many more. Foremost his handling of MRP alters the outcome of a milking-the-male experience. Add to the many parameters a guy brings along the complexity of both the relationship of the dom & sub and the setting + rules of the session, and you see that the journey ahead is just hard to predict; nothing here is carved in stone!

I personally have no experiences with this practise, just indirectly so, sort of. As I am capable of repetitive climaxing in rather rapid succession, I not only know that multiples are possible, I also know that every session runs differently and that different parameters alter the outcome. Hence I may experience the biological aspects of forced ejaculations (after all I work my genitals to make me cum again and again), however, I do lack the psychological aspects as I renounce to be dominated and thus be forced to cum by a partner (in this kind of setting at least).

I guess that is why it is important to realistically set the goals at the beginning of a session to make it a profound experience you want to repeat. If your body just won´t process the neurological impulses to trigger yet another ejaculatory reflex – and MRP just is the perfect guess here – you may well end up with a worn out hose of raw flesh between your legs, despite sufficient lubrication. 😉