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Reel Fiction (9)

May 30, 2016

I Wanted to Sprinkle!

Really? There was yet another way of climaxing for us men? Reading about this little known phenomenon was so fucking hot. I definitely wanted to experience this. If this was true, and I saw clips showing this was the case, I certainly needed to experience this!!

Everyone was referring to this as squirting, because it was similar to female ejaculation, which is known as female squirting. One site was calling it sprinkling, which I like better. Because us men do squirt cum, yet this massive ejection looks like sprinkling a fluid lastingly, just like a fountain does.

The masturbatory method to achieve this –so the writings tell- was simple and described alike by different sources, and it was visually confirmed in those clips. Or rather the technique is simple – making it happen is another story. The technique? Just rub your cockhead, only your cockhead, maybe the tip of it, your cockmouth, until you feel like you have to pee. Continue and let go, let it happen, let out what wants to get out. That shall be sprinkling in contrast to pissing.


We know that we don´t require to massage our glans´ to make us urinate. So there must be a difference in those biological body-reactions (sprinkling vs pissing I mean). I guess after you experienced sprinkling you can tell. That´s what the accounts were about. It was so hot to read what and how guys had felt when they managed to sprinkle. And every one of those lucky chaps was dead sure it was not pissing! Even the ejected fluid was not urine!

After learning about this kind of climax I decided to go for it at every of my future masturbatory sessions until success. I read that sprinkling can be generated before ejaculation as well as after it. Naturally I chose to trigger sprinkling first, but I failed. I triggered ejaculation with the recommended technique…!

At my second attempt I wanted to reverse the order of the desired climaxes. However, I failed a second time. I got off quickly before I seriously started. Applying the suggested technique I eventually felt very close to sprinkling, it just did not happen!? Finally I decided to spare my cockhead after this extended and very intense rubbing impact.

With my third attempt I really wanted to make it happen. I was quite positive that this time I´d make myself sprinkle, not least because I would not empty my bladder right before my session.

I covered my bed (again) with large towels for soaking up my expected sprinkle-juice and hooked up my camera – I had to capture my first sprinkling-climax!

Once more I read about this experience, about what sensations to expect and how the reaction was supposed to proceed. This all got me hugely excited. I planned to jerk me into ejaculation and continue with cockhead-rubbing until sprinkling occurred. And so it happened.

All the preparations added to my intense excitement. I primed myself for about 20 minutes in which I solely teased my cockhead. I focused on sensations which indicated that I was going to leak urine, and these feelings were certainly developing. I had to think about the mechanism nature had planted into our [reproductive] systems, in that it was almost impossible to pee with a boner and even more so while aiming for ejaculation. And yet, this sprinkling-climax was real, at least for some men.

While manipulating my glans the feeling of needing to pee increased. It was outlandishly intense. I knew I was on the right track, but I still required to get off first to be sure that this time my further post-ejac-glans-rubbing would trigger sprinkling.

I decided it was time to trigger ejaculation. For that I jerked the shaft of my cock in full grip. My testicles were drawn up immediately, this I clearly sensed. I tried to avoid involving my helmet for keeping the different kinds of impact separated.

I really had to jerk me ever faster with a tight grip to have my system react in the common way, in reaching and passing PONR that is. Eventually my full penile impact did the trick (at 84 secs into the clip) and I spurted my modest load of cum.


After the reflex had subsided I continued stroking my glans only. I relaxed and focussed on giving in to any urge of needing to pee. Quickly these particular sensations returned and I only thought about letting it happen, not to hold back, just surrender to the biological force.

It didn´t take long at all when it happened! My cock had lost part of his rigidity, my head had become more sensitive after ejaculation and I was so excited to surrender into release. While I let go I kept on stroking – and boy did I sprinkle!!


I showered myself and it seemed my system couldn´t stop expelling my warm … water (?)! What an experience!! This was wild and awesome, relieving and pleasurable! I kept rubbing my helmet and I sprinkled until my reservoirs (which?) were empty. I felt totally satisfied, what a massive yet mild climax this was.

But was this real sprinkling? I found that my „water“ was in fact light urine and not the stuff described by guys as being something different from all we know: clear, thinner than precum, a bit slick and definitely no urine (neither smelling nor tasting like piss does).

On the other hand my system expelled my produce not in a slow ´n steady stream like when pissing, but in extended pumping pulses – I checked with the video I was very happy to having had taped.

I guess it was something like sprinkling after all. Due to the fact that I didn´t relieve myself prior to my masturbatory session there had to be urine in the sprinkling release. Now that my system managed to respond to the glans-teasing in the desired way I will attempt to make myself sprinkle after having emptied my bladder right before the session. I will also try to trigger sprinkling first and cum later. I´m looking forward to that, very much so!!

(Again, here is the reel!)

Sending Me!

April 29, 2016

>Easy now!
He had me right where I was supposed to be! He had slowly caressed me towards the edge with all his skill and knowledge, and now I was not at all far from PONR.

I was completely in his hands, literally. And we had agreed upon – once again – that I remained out of the game, so to speak. All I was asked for, was to relax and surrender to his soft titillation, which consisted of expert hand- and mouthwork. It was up to him entirely to decide in which fashion to tease me and when to let me cum. All there was left for me to do, was to honestly signaling him when I was approaching the ever tempting trigger-point.

>Remember, just stay relaxed and enjoy the sensations I am going to evoke in you. For now enjoy sensing the filling-up of your precious glands. I know you just have entered bliss-country, haven´t you.

He was absolutely aware of my state. In return I knew that he was craving my semen and that he preferred my milk after some extended edging, because it – most of the times – came out runny and partly clear, and he just loves my skim milk and plenty of it. Hence edging me was a win-win situation for both of us.

We are into mutual masturbation for many years now. Today was his turn to provide pleasure, a role he almost enjoys as much as being the receiver, for my climaxes are quite something to witness (at least when I am loaded with semen and sexual energy)!
For one, I become very vocal and loud with the onset of PONR, keeping it up almost until the last climactic spasms of my lust-muscles. Then I am built in such a way that I shoot and pump solid ropes of my jizz in a rather paced manner. And last not least I learned to release emissions. My boy loves all of this and does everything to have me performing this way.

He sits in front of my exposed package with full access to my cock, balls and anus. I just lay back letting him play my love-tools while trying to stay relaxed, waiting to warn him when he pushes me in close range of PONR.

He begins to patiently edge me, steadily working towards his reward: my deeply emotional reaction as soon as he decides to trigger my reflex, the latter resulting in the pumping of my juices.

I feel him sensualy massaging my scrotum. Every now and then he strokes my cockhead and my foreskin. He knows that my foreskin is extremely sensitive, hence being the tissue he will choose stroking to make me lose it. – Next, he is probing my anus while keeping up with his nut-massage. Seconds later he locates my prostate and begins probing it tenderly without hesitation.

>Oh yeah, that´s it, oh god, yeah!, I welcome his moves.

prostate access

Suddenly I sense him caressing my cockhead as well. I look down and find him sucking my helmet while he handjobs my prostate and scrotum. Holy shit, his triple-action feels incredibly intense! He is working my whole sex-apparatus! I am entirely his, completely in his loving care. The mix of sensations from all over my reproductive system are pushing me quickly into the zone!

>Close, close!! I whisper, having him let go of me immediately, only his finger remaining up my butt-hole. As he keeps motionless inside of me I calm down.

After almost 20 close calls I begin to speculate about his timing for letting me cum. This now is the only thought in circulation – I am aroused to a maximum. That much so, as that he only jerks my cock very slow, right below the rim at my trigger-tissue. He had applied plenty of oil for that to keep the friction light.

I realise I am right at the edge and will not bear a lot of stroking sensation anymore without being sent over, and he knows that. Meanwhile I feel totally filled up inside. It´s like as if I bore two bladders and needed to release real hard, yet can´t let go. I badly need my boy to trigger my pending release – and I was about to experience just that.

Here I was, shivering from pure lust and in anticipation of him sending me over the edge with the next stroke, or the next, or… Any of his light touches was generating a sensation like an electric current within my cock, directly passing further down into my prostate, seminal vesicles and even balls. He had begun to report to me the amount of precum my cock was oozing, only intensifying my urge.

>I need to trigger an emission now, he said. You just say „yes“ when you sense your milk rising, OK?

>Yes, I hissed as an answer.
I felt him cupping my scrotum which I assumed to be in a very tightened state for quite some time now. Then he carefully rubbed my smooth and oiled foreskin. He did so in a very cautious way, which brought about those deeply rooted melting sensations indicating that I was closing in on PONR. I began to breath deeply and whispered Yesss! We hit perfect timing as I could feel my juices flow while he had just let go of me right with my warning.


>Yeah fuck! he was joyfully welcoming an extended flow of warm cum leaving my cock-mouth. I badly needed to concentrate for keeping all my muscles relaxed these seconds, I pushed against PONR. Not a second too soon he praised me:
>Gosh your milk is just as I love it and it tastes so good tonight!

The emission did give me some relief from my internal pressure. But my cock was still highly sensitive. Cautiously he was grasping my slippery shaft after a while, a bit below my triggerzone. Slowly he was sliding up towards my helmet. The electric current he was generating inside my cock with his perfect touch reached down once again, tickling my prostate and my seminal vesicles.

>Yesss ….. now… careful, – he let go immediately. He wanted to keep me right at the edge as long as possible with brief, tender and most teasing strokes. I felt so fucking close to the edge, his treatment drove me wild!

>Relax, try to stay relaxed!!

I pushed out to keep my muscles from hardening, well aware now that he wanted to trigger my reflex. I was struggling to postpone PONR, but naturally in vain!

I began to groan as the melting and tingling sensations eventually built up internally. The exquisite feelings of pure lust inside of my glands and cock intensified and overwhelmed me. I heard myself whine in bliss, I slowly was sliding over the edge, oh god, I was totally spasming inside my pelvis!


I sensed my ejaculatory reflex setting in while my lover began to jerk my cock. I could feel my system pump up what appeared like a lasting reaction. Jet after jet of warm milk wetted my chest, my ejaculation seemed to produce a record volume of semen. What an intense surrender!


All I can remember from after these consuming moments is to have collapsed into a blissful state of gratification.

Penile Erection

August 18, 2015

I noticed that I did not yet post anything on penile erection. In fact this is a rather „big theme“, however, there are two reasons why it didn´t show here all the time.

For one it is a function we take for granted, and it just so much belongs to being sexually active that it seems not to be necessary to make it an issue. On top of that readers here know that orgasm and ejaculation can be achieved without erection.

Yet admittedly erection becomes an issue quickly when it does not occur as desired or needed (in sexplay). Now, while my blog is supposed to serve readers in finding arousal and sex-positive enlightenment, it will thus not make problems in connection with sexuality a subject of deeper discussion!

A second reason for not covering this topic until now is that the function of penile erection, as fascinating and arousing it shows, is a rather sophisticated anatomical process that, would it be explained in detail, would make readers move on promptly.


Just for the sake of cumpleteness let me briefly inform you about the three types of erection (it gets a bit anatomical now). I take this info from a paper by the Department of Urology, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, California issued in 1999:

The three types of erection are: psychogenic, reflexogenic and nocturnal.

Psychogenic erection is a result of audiovisual stimuli or fantasy. Impulses from the brain modulate the spinal erection centers to activate the erectile process.

Reflexogenic erection is produced by tactile stimuli to the genital organs. The impulses reach the spinal erection centers; some then follow the ascending tract, resulting in sensory perception, while others activate the autonomic nuclei to send messages via the cavernous nerves to the penis to induce erection. (This type of erection is preserved in patients with upper spinal cord injury.)

Nocturnal erection occurs mostly during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. The mechanism is as yet unknown.

I don´t know if the last sentence still is valid? Within human sexuality we continually find aspects well worth to further investigate scientifically. Until then biological functioning, in particular connected to (male) sexuality, may appear mysterious, stunning and highly stimulating, just as penile erection does. Enjoy it within you (the sensations of swelling), enjoy it visually, in nature or in that fantastic animated gif above. Or check out this brief clip of a semi erect cock with unretracted foreskin (and a thread of precum reaching down and out of frame) growing in a fast forwarded scene. – Note that both above featured erections fall under the psychogenic type of tumescence.

At last I need to address an aspect that touches the wonderful shapeshifting capacity of human penises!

Every specimen is different, in design and in size. When we think of size we need to consider the different erectile states a cock can transform into. We find that every wand has a certain individual range of shapeshifting (the margin between flaccidity and full erection). And we notice that this range can be impressive (big shift) or less spectacular (minor shift).

thick flacid

There is a catchphrase asking for those differences a man can feature: is he a grower or is he a shower?! If he is a grower his penis will shift shape largely while growing erect. If he is a shower his penis will shift shape not substantially from the flaccid to the erect state.

In this context, the term shower is targeted on men with a large cock in the flaccid state! The guy in the anim-gif I do consider being a grower, although his first-rate member is already quite large in the flaccid state. But that exactly is the beauty of this hot gif! As witnessing erection basically always is!!

big flacid

Don´t miss to visit this site to check on many different penises all being pictured in their flaccid and erect states (great comparative study/database). Click the button soft-hard in the top-bar of the page!

Before you leave for the Soft-Hard Gallery don´t forget to answer the current matching poll! 🙂 Thanks!

The Hypnotist (1)

June 27, 2015

Here is a piece of magical fiction:

Imagine you could go to a person and ask for a self-referred sex-wish to come true. Something like a sustained erection, more stamina or intensified orgasm. Well, I did just that with a complex request. And it worked!

I am a convinced solosexual and my ejaculatory reflex, at times producing huge loads of jizz, is my very addiction. I love gaining messy results due to all the semen that has to leave my system. And I enjoy that my reflex lasts above the average time-frame. Still I always wished for an extended PONR, an even longer lasting ejaculation and with that an unreal volume of cum.


So I went to this Sex Magic Hypnotist and he understood on the spot. Before hypnotizing me to mobilize the powers of my mind, he instructed me for getting the most out of my quest, literally. Here´s the procedure I needed to follow:

I was required to be able to edge, which I certainly am, because an extended ejaculation is nothing that could be made happen out of the blue. I would need time in arousal, so that my body, my system, was able to gear up. Hypnotic programming then was the tool to support and push to the extreme what was set in motion naturally.

He asked me to use an egg timer for counting down 50 minutes which I was supposed to spend edging. I also was asked to prepare myself with my proven diet for an accelerated and increased cum-production.

The ringing of the timer would be the trigger for my id to merge into PONR leading to a stretched ejaculatory reflex. Hypnosis was to be used to program my mind to execute the latter with the timers ringing.

We agreed upon the following characteristics of the stretched climax:

  1. PONR was supposed to last 12 secs (instead of the usual 3-4 secs)
  2. the spasms of the ejaculation were supposed to run in a rhythm of 4 secs (instead of 0.8 secs)
  3. the reflex was supposed to fade out after the 25th spasm
  4. my glands were primed to increasingly secrete their juices during the 50 minutes of edging. I was warned that it might get uncomfortable due to an overload before ejaculation was set to take off (if I thought necessary I was recommended to milk my prostate and vesicles, my mind however would not permit my body to ejaculate until after the ringing of the timer)
  5. then, after the ringing ended, my id would send my body into the climactic reaction, beginning with the emergence of PONR, no matter if I was touching myself or not!

The Hypnotist closed the consultation with hypnotizing me at which he programmed my id to execute the mentioned rules. He said that I ought to choose a day when I felt the strongest urge to experience this special kind of climax and that his magic would be good just for once. He recommended to fully relax and enjoy my ejaculation, as I was supposed to with the whole 50 minutes of edging before the programmed take-off.

Soon enough the big day arrived, I had been in a good mood, even had started my diet a couple of days before and wanted to experience this mega-ejaculation. The mere anticipation excited me tremendously.

…to be continued!