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Your Tube

February 24, 2015

This is a brief anatomical post concerning the males urethra! This duct is a bit different from what you may think it is. It is not a solid flexible tube to just lead one and another fluid out of your body, but rather a segmented duct into which several smaller vessels disembogue to spill secretions from different glands of your reproductive system.

For pissing away your urine (and this special case), the urethra does in fact work as a hose: your watery stuff runs straight thru that pipe from your bladder to your cock-slit. When it comes to it´s sexual properties the story is a different one. Lets have a look.

Your tube is more a structure that is made of different holed genital organs grown in the order we know, beginning inside your body from the bladder onward:

upper tube

We find the prostate, the urogenital diaphragm (where the Cowper´s glands are located) and the penis thru which the hollows form the tube, the urethra. Thus the different parts (of the urethra) were named: prostatic, membranous and penile urethra. I marked these segments with a green sun in the drawing shown above.

I also marked the represented glands with a blue sun. The openings, thru which the fluids enter your tube, are marked with yellow suns. This important location is encircled with a green ellipse! When your juices collect in this area, there is no way back – neither for the onward flowing of your produce, nor for you to avoid at least an emission or rather an ejaculation. This area inside your prostate somehow marks your physical edge (compare with this post). Edging is the art to make your produce flow, yet to avoid having the tissues (genital organs) react by running their pre-installed program (ejaculatory reflex).

upper tube side

This drawing shows the same array around your tube from the side. The labeling with the colored suns is corresponding with that of the first pic. Now you see a part of the seminal vesicles and how a small duct runs from that gland thru the tissue of the prostate to disembogue into the prostatic urethra. Note as well one of the Cowper´s glands, where it is located and where its duct enters the penile urethra, right inside the bulb of your penis (compare (all) with the first pic!).

This is the core of your reproductive system, a system most sophisticated and awesome. Its main purpose is to enable you to ejaculate your seminal fluid. It´s up to you to indulge in the sensations that your system provides when you consciously test its capacity.


If you are further interested in the (unmarked) labels of tissue in the drawings just check with Wikipedia where you shall find answers, e.g. „Prostatic utricle“.

Anal Pleasure

February 1, 2014

The anal opening may occupy roughly three roles in our sex-routines:

  1. it is taboo laden and will be neglected
  2. it is fully incorporated in our sexual activities (such prostate-milking or anal intercourse) without a second thought spent
  3. it is in the erotic focus on its own right for the pleasures it provides.

The anus can be a big issue – or none at all. I rather take its sexual integration for granted, not only because it is the gateway for reaching the prostate and seminal vesicles, but also because the anus is in fact a source of erotic sensations.**

The anus may be such a big issue for some people (and by the way: this is not gender-dependent), because it has the potential to touch a wide range of rather negatively charged aspects, spanning from biological to cultural issues. The anal taboo may still be widespread to great effect, as it is a „form of psycho-social control more potent than the most rigid moral code or threatening law.“*

This is a real shame, because – as I believe – the anus is just a natural part of „the system“ that defines our sexual center, which contains internal and external structures alike. After all our whole body is „sexual“ when we practise sexual activities.

The only up-side of the anal taboo may be what Jack Morin* named the „Naughtiness Factor“, a „process through which prohibitions are transformed into erotic fuel […] for those who grew up steeped in anti-sexual messages and warnings“ when „the thrill of breaking the rules and flaunting taboos becomes a major aphrodisiac.“

anus draw

**When sexually excited: „The anal sphincters start to twitch and contract in response to direct stimulation or in sympathy with other pelvic muscles. […] Voluntary contractions of the anal sphincters can also heighten pleasure. Many people enjoy the unique sensation of the anus contracting against something such as a finger, dildo, or penis.“

Sensitivity to anal touch appears to increase during excitation, at least for those who like it. Within the anal muscles and nearby perineal muscles (between the genitals and the anus) are a great many nerve endings that can be stimulated not only by contractions but also by external touch.“

All the quotes in this post are taken from the book: *Anal Pleasure & Health by Jack Morin, Ph.D., ISBN 0-940208-20-2. Yes, Morin wrote a whole book about the subject, of which Betty Dodson said it „is a classic that belongs in everyone´s library.“ – the book that is. And as for the subject I say: it may be well worth a further exploration!

Wet Dreams 1

November 4, 2012

Climaxing thru will power alone may be a tough skill, yet not impossible as I have shown. Even more so I believe that the majority of men in fact do experience mentally triggered climaxes/ejaculations – some more, some less. It´s just, we do so while asleep! We know this phenomenon labeled as wet dream, or in a more scientific lingo nocturnal emission.

Both denotations are misleading. Not every nocturnal cumshot is accompanied or triggered by a dream, and the in-sleep-emissions are rather ejaculatory reflexes, thus climaxes and much different from how I regard emission! This whole sexual reaction seems to be pretty much neglected, even despised. People tend to regard this function as non-desireable or even immature. Let me tell you, it´s far from that! And it would be well worth to scientifically investigate.

Wet dreams are mentioned in relation to cum-storage within the semen producing glands, the prostate and the seminal vesicles. Even when we are not sexually active, sperm is constantly produced in the testicles, as are – on a low-level – the secretions of the mentioned glands which all mix up to become semen at ejaculation.

Theory has it that, although the body does reabsorb some of the stored juices, the constant nominal cum production exceeds the reabsorption capacity of the glands having them filled over time – if no ejaculation occurs – resulting in a wet dream as a body-function to make space for new produce.

I doubt this full-gland thesis. Go ask any regular edger. Edging makes the glands run in full mode, making them filled with secretions to the max. And yet edgers may not experience wet dreams during their intense and lasting cycles of masturbation (or are they? Please comment on this aspect! I am not really an edger!).

My own experience contradicts the opposite side of the alleged biological function thesis mentioned above: I experienced wet dreams with rather empty glands, quite soon after regular (wake) ejaculation! Even more so I do claim, that wet dreams are an independent, quite awesome aspect of a males sexuality in its own right. I think that every man who is lucky to experience nocturnal climaxes is truly blessed.

I am afraid there is no scientific study out there to shed light neither on the function of wet dreams nor on the occurrence among males in a given society. My recent poll # 31 may serve as a weak indicator of the latter aspect. It can not be representative with a 103 votes (multiple choice). However, the result may indicate that I stay on the side of the blessed guys, because my system provides me with rather regularly nocturnal climaxes, many times accompanied by hot visions (i.e. dreams) which then do trigger ejaculation! – I will report in my next post.

Milking – His Say

April 5, 2012

With this post I will close the chapter on milking. Last but not least I will share accounts by two guys and their way of milking themselves. Which brings me back to solosexual experiences after an excursion into a theme (dominating/milking the male) mainly attributed to partnersex. And as for that matter I highly recommend this page, which many of you will have discovered already since it is permanently listed in the link-section at the left column.

Concerning the following share I once again applied minor formatting and proofreading of the texts which I found in a forum quite some years ago. The first is a structured how-to by a guy called Jon Wilson. The second is a very personal account by a guy nicking himself Loaded. I am sure you´ll get some further insight! Here goes:

By jonwilson

I have read many posts about this subject and here is how I do it step by step:

1) In order to empty the prostate, it first has to be full… therefore do what ever you need to do to create “blue balls”. For myself, I use masturbation to the point where I get a good amount of pre-cum starting, then I stop. If you want a good load repeat this process for 5-10 times… or more.

2) It is hard not to have a mild orgasm, when you self-milk (for me it doesn’t improve an orgasm), I have tried to ice my balls down before hand but I still have a 1/2 erection. Self-milking may help in keeping you harder longer… after you self-milk then you can have extended sex… it works for me anyway.

3) You should pee before you self-milk and take a healthy dump (shit).

4) For me it is impossible to use my own finger to self-milk.

5) You will need to use an object that will enter your anus, and will not damage anything.

6) I have found that a long neck spoon handle works very good. The one that I use has a shaft about 6″ long and at the top, it is about the width of a finger. This is very easy to insert in my butt and reaches the top of the prostate nicely. Put some cooking oil or spit on it to make it go in easy. Again, I use clean stainless steel spoon handle.

7) To massage the prostate you will need both hands to work the spoon, one to press with the spoon and the other to help position the spoon. I lay on my back, with my left arm coming from around my left leg and my right arm between my legs. The left hand moves the spoon up and down on the inside and the right hand slides the spoon shaft up and down the outside. You will need to watch your penis and as soon as it starts to move in motion with the spoon handle then you should be in the right area.

8) You will need to tap or press lightly with the spoon handle on the prostate, this will “milk your prostate“. That’s IT!

9) In a short time you will unload your load… and I mean it will unload. IF you have a soft penis, your load will fly out and then lots more fluid will follow… just flowing out like water out of a hose.

I hope that this helps.

By Loaded

I’ve been milking semen from my prostate on a regular basis for years. When I first started I didn´t get much semen out either, a drop or two. Now when I milk my prostate I get a large pool of gooey thick semen. Here’s how I do it.

I milk with a standard plastic 6 inch vibrator. Sexual arousal makes all the difference in the world! I always buy fresh porno magazines to look at while I’m milking the fluid from my prostate. It’s become a ritual for me in fact. When my wife leaves on a business trip I get to have one of my secret milking sessions. I call it a pmp-(prostate milking party).

I make sure I have at least a 7 day load saved up. Ten days to two weeks is the perfect amount of saving time. The prostate builds pressure and swells with semen and relief is needed. Plus when you save that long you get super horny and really start anticipating it. The night of the pmp I surf the net and jack my cock a lot. This charges the prostate with even more semen.

With the big load it’s hard not to blow my wad and I’m extra careful not to do so. Finally I can’t take it anymore and a milking needs to take place. The scene of the prostate milking party excites me as I approach it. 10 unopened porno mags surround a mirror on the carpet with the vibrator close by. I squat over the mirror and watch the vibrator slide into my asshole. I start turning pages.

…I push the vibrator onto my prostate gland with firm but gentle force and start rubbing it from side to side. My prostate is so full that I feel the semen enter my cock pipe immediately. My cock is soft and white watery semen starts dripping from my cock hole. It’s a big turn-on for me to have cum dripping from my soft cock, it’s totally hands free. Semen drips onto the mirror and the sight of this is very exciting which makes another load ooze out my cock.

The fluid gets thicker and thicker until I have a string of semen stretching from my cock to the pool forming on the mirror. This is super exciting and goes on for about 20 minutes or so. My legs get tired of squatting and my prostate is pretty well drained. I’m still very horny but the edge is taken off and I can enjoy the erotic scene of cum on the mirror.

I awake the next morning to a scene of a successful prostate milking. The semen is a big dry spot on the mirror and the magazines are tossed around haphazardly. I milk more sperm than I would shoot during an ejaculation. The dried semen and mags inspire me to milk it again. I add a smaller fresh pool of semen onto the dry stuff and it’s very much a turn-on. It’s an awesome way for me to enjoy my cum.

You don’t have an orgasm from the experience however I find it very rewarding. […] Just remember to pee before you start milking. You don’t want to contaminate the semen with pee. Also, massage up above the prostate gland too. Semen sacs [seminal vesicles] are there and need to be milked as well. That does it for me. I’m going to milk it right now. Cheers.

Sincerely, loaded.


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