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Do You Burst or Do You Spill?

September 17, 2017

This blog explains and shows the diversity of the ejaculatory performance in men. One aspect touches the mode in which semen is initially ejected, beginning with a smooth flow, or shooting out all of a sudden. So, this post addresses the two basic take-off possibilities of ejaculation.

Among all those previous contributions with similar questions on the subject (like here, here and here), this entry concerns the most alterable ejaculatory feature. Hence you could answer the headline question with Yes and Yes!

Although the ejaculatory reflex lets our muscles (responsible for cum-ejection) perform involuntarily, we do have the opportunity to strengthen and control these muscles to a certain extent. This leaves us a choice of consciously deciding whether we want to release our milk in a flow before the inevitable reflex takes over and has our systems pump out the stored juices or if we want to burst after PONR.

This early double-post here and here tells you all about the parameters of the visible ejaculation and how shooting next to spilling cum can gain a meaning for the witness and the ejaculator.

What you read in the following passage briefly puts your focus at the ejaculatory take-off, an advanced point-of-view after you found awareness about the fact of the two modes and the sensations tied to them.

Bursting is a more „natural“ way of taking-off, because you automatically will try to hold back your ejection after you have passed PONR.

You do not need to learn this, you can and will do clench your BC and PC and associated muscles until they need to give in to the inevitable reflex = pulsing (i.e. ejaculating your semen).

Almost literally exploding with cum is always an awesome sensation as you built up the internal gland-pressure impatiently waiting for the reliefing moment to eventually gain your own permission (for PONR) and bursting open thru your cock!

A more refined way of (softly) releasing your milk requires a bit of practise. Because you need to keep your muscles (mainly BC and PC) stay relaxed while slowly approaching PONR (this is a controlled way of triggering the ejaculatory reflex).

The release is a mix between emission and ejaculation. I regard this as another kind of ejaculatory climax for which I coined the expression emisjaculation. Read about it in this post here! I personally find this kind of climax most rewarding! Check out an analysis of an emisjaculation here!

It is great to be able to alter certain aspects of our ejaculatory release, to experiment with the way we cum and chose how we want to experience our climax at a given situation.

Last not least you may like to obtain brief clips demonstrating the different ways of the ejaculatory take-off.

See a young lad beginning to ejaculate with a sudden cum-burst, pumping his semen in powerful spurts. His ejaculations seem out of control, a very hot scene!

This guy shows a controlled release, another emisjaculation in which his spilling follows a considerable outflow of his milk. He continues to spill three more times in a soft-pumping fashion!

A worthwhile analytical clip of an emisjaculation (part of a larger clip, with sound i.e. moaning) is this one here (already published on this blog).

Please participate in the poll:

What is your ejection take-off mode, and which do you favor?

Mastering Emisjaculation

December 12, 2014

In this post I try to analyse a clip which illustrates what I call emisjaculation. That term is not established, I coined it. It stands for a stretched ejaculatory climax: when a guy triggers his system into emission, making him spill his cum without the ejaculatory reflex in effect, soon to be followed by just that, i.e. the triggering of his reflex which pumps the remainder of his milk still available in his glands.

It takes expertise and exercise to achieve such a climatic reaction. This climax is very rewarding, not only for the prolonged sensations of cumming and the (often) increased volume of semen produced, but the method to obtain this awesome poly peaking. There is probably no other way to get there, than to super-carefully approach PONR, as you need to avoid falling over the edge, yet to still make your glands open their valves for the release of your juices. It is edging that lies before emisjaculation.

Let´s take a look then. The guy showing us this extended cumming is a true expert with a beautiful cock and balls.


His cock-shaft is crowned with a high helmet A and he is uncut B. He must have edged for a while, his muscles shall be relaxed, soon he will be ready to cum. Notice his precum oozing C, while his testicles are swollen and kept in place in his tight scrotum D with the aid of a fixed strap E.


He slowly is masturbating his shaft in an up-and-down movement, watch his foreskin B be stretched fully at the downward moves H. Notice his frenulum F being tensed, pulling at his helmet. Follow the progress of the oozing of his precum G. The guy jerks his shaft by grabbing it with just his index finger and (invisible) thumb, while his cock fills the gap of both.


His movements slow down as he nears PONR. He is very carefull not to reach this point. At 1:07 into the clip his BC is spasming involuntarily a few times, as his system is very close to react to the sensory input of his skin-gliding/-stretching. His foreskin never touches his rim (Coronal ridge) J, the manipulation of his shaft-skin is all he needs for a trigger.

The photo above shows his cock instants before his cum is released (at about 1:20). His precum has formed a free dangling thread K. Closely watch the cock-tip L for his cum to appear.


At 1:21 first milk M runs out of his cock-slit following the thread of precum O, immediately followed by a first gush of milk N, set free thru a relaxation of his BC. Part of his milk flows down his precum-string O, extending it (from P), but never making it tear!


What follows is the release of his saved-up juices in a heavy emission! He spectacularly pisses his milk in two ejections Q while some still takes the way of the thread R. Irregular (inner) pumping makes his jizz fly in further spurts. While emission occurs he does not let go of his penis, but he doesn´t move his hand.


From 1:30 he ejaculates the remaining cum from his glands when his reflex pumps it out in smaller squirts S. He had triggered his reflex by continuing his slight shaft-jerking at 1:28. Watch his BC run the program U (in 22 spasms of which 8 deliver cum) while most of his milk seeps down that still dangling thread of precum!

The clip holds a re-run of his emisjaculation in slow-mo and carries an audio track (with breathing sounds). His climax will have lasted about 30 seconds, not counting those sweet moments of the slow approach!

Intensity Story (1)

November 23, 2013

It´s been a perfect session and has not been matched ever since. How could it, as my love did pass out from the intensity of his orgasm! Actually what occurred was like a triple climax within few minutes. Hence his body and system were challenged to the max. It took us both by surprise, we had never accomplished such an intensity before, and just couldn´t repeat this so far.

My man and I are perfectly tuned into each others sexual demands. We know each other so well that we can supply the other with such quality climaxes we on our own would not be able to generate. We are lucky to have developed this skill, likewise. There are 4 quality-levels for climaxes in sexplay:

  1. basic: having sex with a partner like fucking or a usual handjob or blowjob, like when the couple doesn´t know each other well, but any couple can do that with basic knowledge; the climax can be intense but remains unrefined
  2. advanced couple sex: when the couple knows each others preferences and acts to please each other; the climax will be rewarding
  3. solosexual or masturbatory climaxes: can be very special and intense, because you know yourself best
  4. top-level partner induced climaxes, when you know your partners needs inside out and learned to generate climaxes which the partner could not apply to himself. That is because when it comes to climaxes everyone tends to lose control, which in the masturbatory act can make you do things (to yourself) you did not want to in the first place. For instance when you trigger your climax, but not yet wanted to do so. – Guess what, we reached this level!

Now, the highest level of intensity in a climax would be so overwhelming, that the one experiencing it would obviously lose any control over his behaviour, he would be swept away by otherwise unknown sensations possessing his body. As for the male these shall be concentrated in his reproductive system, penis and anal canal before spreading throughout his entire body once his accumulated sexual energy (his built-up arousal) is unleashed for release.

In men the production of seminal fluids wonderfully mirrors the accumulation of excitement and arousal! The best aspect of a males climax is the independency of his peak reactions: his orgasm and his ejaculation. This fact was (also) highly contributing to my mans exceptional response.

As usual he had brought himself into the mood with is favorite porn all day long. He was vasocongested already when we got down to the session together. He is a good precummer and was drooling all the time, a perfect indicator of his level of arousal.


So I took over masturbating him. We had found out that slow caressings worked best after he reached a certain plateau, which he already had reached when we commenced this hot phase of our act. Quickly he was in the zone, because when I took over it meant for him he just needed to lean back and relax and concentrate on the sensations in his genitals and deeper inside of him.

With lots of lube I caressed his cock, massaged his balls and even probed his anus to tease his prostate. He mentioned to me that he felt full, very congested. After about one hour of edging he was not sure if he was needing to urinate or if the sensations of fullness were generated by his cum-filled glandular reservoirs. This was not new to us and for such I have a jar at hand in which he could urinate. So he tried to relax a bit and piss what of urine he might have gathered in his bladder. He released some precum first, then some piss and he finished with some more precum. This meant that his sensations were in fact emanating from his filled reproductive glands.


It is not always easy to find the perfect moment for triggering the release. At some point my man sure longed for that. When I sense that he developes impatience I have good ways to continue to make sure he will lose his mind eventually. Little did I know what was going to happen to him this time!

We arrived at a point where he was pretty lost in his heat and state of arousal. He was breathing deeply, he was trembling all over and I needed to watch out for the ideal way to touch him – carefully and softly. He was continuously precumming, a wonderful sight. His cock was throbbing being rock hard. He really was so damn close to PONR for a long time now. He barely could take it anymore, I knew.

The key to make his climax intense was for him to stay relaxed in his pelvic muscles. I mean all the muscles down in his system that take part when his reaction runs its course. We had talked about this, he had found this confirmed after finding notes on the net speaking of „reverse kegels“. So, on the one side he was tense in his deep arousal, on the other side he tried to stay relaxed, to relax all his muscles in his pelvic region, not an easy feat, but he had gained some great results (i.e. intense reactions) with that technique.

The longer I edged him, the more difficult it became for him to stay relaxed, I knew this. I needed to be very careful touching him, only not touching him at all helped him best to maintain general relaxation. But eventually I wanted to experience him cum, maybe not much less as he wanted it himself.

… to be continued!

Radio-Interview With Nandisa (1)

February 25, 2013

The Interview (transcript):

This is Radio GAYBI with our monthly In-In-Show, welcome to all listeners out there. In-In stands for Intimate Interview and with me in the studio tonight is Nandisa, an expert on all things related to the male sexual apparatus and the realm of finding extended pleasure with that.

Hello Nandisa, thanks for joining us tonightHelloand before we start to talk about sex I invite our listeners to pose their questions either by calling us directly or sending an email.

Nandisa, tell us, what made you become the expert you consider yourself to be – I guess it must be, frankly spoken, your love for cock?

Yes, that´s quite right, I love cock, foremost my ownlaughing. Yet beyond that I love the concept of the penis and certainly I enjoy to look at any specimen in combination with their testicles, not to forget those. But, seriously, there is much more to the male genital system than meets the eye at first sight, and that is truly fascinating.

OK, can you explain this, I mean, we live with what we see, a cock and balls and the changing conditions with both, – what´s more?

semi softball

Well, roughly put the external apparatus makes about 50 % of the whole male system we could refer to as reproductive system. And that is what genitals are for, being a tool for the reproductive process which is, as we know, the intercourse between men and women to produce babies, thus securing the endurance of our species. Now, as important as a functioning penis is a functioning glandular system, the system a penis is built for.

And that system is something we don´t see and don´t take much notice of, because we don´t see it?

Yes, and because it works reliably in the background. We just take that for granted, yet this glandular system is providing us with essential sensations when it comes to sex.

Do you think that the majority of men and women are not aware of this?

Indeed I believe that the majority of us don´t have much of a clue what happens when we engage sexually – unless they paid attention in biology classes or studied andrology. And why should they, when everything works fine. I guess anatomy is not attractive to most of us, however, a bit of expertise will be quite beneficial.

It´s beneficial when having sex with a man?

Yes it is, because humans learned to engage in sex for other purposes than procreation. Humans have sex because it feels great, offers blissful moments and even spiritual enlightenment, at least for those who gather knowledge and training in this exciting field of biology.

Nandisa, hold on, we have a first caller – hello, thanks for calling, what´s your question?

Hi, this is John. Nandisa, I wondered if you were a perfect lover always achieving ecstatic orgasms, given you are an expert in the field!?

Yes, go ahead Nandisa…

I´d say nobody is perfect and neither am I. I do experience changes while growing older for instance, things, physical things change – if slow – all the time. But I sure have nothing to complain about, I learned how to find bliss, and when I´m lucky I am able to extend these moments.

Thanks to John. Our next caller is Marc, hi Marc!

Hello to both of you. I wanted to know how to intensify orgasm. Is there a rule of thumb or something like a formula or so?

Briefly answered: don´t pursue quickies! If solo or with a partner, take your time and focus on the sensations you experience when caressing your system. This is the essential start to gain consciousness and depth in your experience. Going slow serves two aspects: learning more about yourself and increasing excitement hence arousal. And the latter will most likely result in a boosted intensity when your climax is eventually triggered.

Nandisa, let me ask you again, what is it that fascinates you about something – the male reproductive system – that is so common and so natural?

This natural system, as you addressed it, is a truly wonderful system that we men are blessed with. Every man discovers this sometime in puberty: you jack your cock and eventually you trigger a reflex, ejaculation that is, which feels so good that you repeat it whenever you can. Many men slowly, if ever, discover that their reactions can be altered profoundly, increasing the sensational quality of their reaction and broadening the scope of their climactic experience. The male reproductive system consists of three main areas and all are subject for potential improvement: we have our hardware, penis, testicles and the glandular system; we have our seminal juices as a product of our engagement in sexual activity; and we have the aspects of the psycho-spiritual realm, including arousal, emotions, love and transcendental experiences as a result of managing our hardware.

Thanks for explaining. I now have a first email by Jeff, it reads: Nandisa, how can I increase the volume of my cumshot?


Before I answer let me say that experiencing, or even watching a voluminous ejaculation on film, is a huge turn on for many men, I´m no exception. I love to cum big time myself, followed by witnessing it. But mind you that what we see in porn is mostly performed by trained guys with probably a genetic disposition, unless it´s not faked after all. That´s why those guys do the porn flicks. And the able amateurs who can be found in the different „tubes“ are but a few in relation to the majority of men on the globe. However, you will increase your load with a prolonged arousal phase before your climax. Then there is a variety of supplementary possibilities, and frequent ejaculation will prime your body to produce more. Please, Jeff, check the internet for more information, there is a bunch out there.

OK, now I have another caller in the line and it is a lady, Sarah, what´s your question?

Hi to everyone. Yes, I am following your show with my ears wide open, very interesting, thanks.That´s why we do this program, Sarah.Yes, I was wondering if I can be held responsible for a mans good or may be not so good orgasm?

…to be continued!