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Poll No. 40 Results

July 29, 2014

While I was publishing my big series on „Got Milk?“, I had poll #40 up asking you in a basic notion what it is that makes you love semen? Up to three answers were allowed, giving you a choice to pick from nine suggested answers and/or fill in your personal reason.

I received 336 votes during the time the poll was open! Let´s have a look at the interesting results:

poll 40

We find two clear leads and surprisingly those two reasons are not related to a physical attribute of cum. They reach beyond and signify that a majority of voters seem to value a holistic view concerning the male produce.

You love semen for the process necessary to obtain it means that you love what it takes to trigger ejaculation, which is masturbation or other forms of sex. I am sure you understood that the term “process” is supposed to mean a slow, a lasting act if not even edging!

You love semen for it being the physical manifestation of a mans climax means that when you see cum leaving a mans body you know that this guy is experiencing blissful sensations within his system! You love male milk, because it indicates just that and it is a joy to know. Semen spilled means climax (ejaculation, orgasm). This answer certainly didn´t aim for practices such as gland milking.

You love semen for its taste! This physical attribute garnered the majority of votes. It means that many of you voters consume male milk and love its taste (which is variable as we know).


You love semen for its texture (quality). Oh yes, cum is such a great fluid and it appears in a broad range of textures. No surprise that the next ranking answer is the following:

You love semen for the variability of its quality and volume. It sure is wonderful to enjoy the many different textures and capacities a male reproductive system is able to produce (even in one and the same guy)! This fact does not cease to amaze us, does it.

white milk torrent

You love semen for its scent. Cum sure has its distinct smell, which also may vary among individuals and occasions. It reminds many people to the odor of bleach. And I think some plants (its blossoms) develop a similar scent.

You love semen for its appearance (color and/or temperature). The warm temperature of fresh milk may be pretty much the same always anywhere 😉 yet the color once again is subject to change. The appearance of semen is tightly related to the questions about its texture (see before).

You love semen for its relative scarcity. – There is a significant drop in the number of votes from here. Interestingly enough this option was chosen by 8 voters. And yes, male milk is in fact a rare fluid, unlike all the main others, like saliva, tears, blood or sweat. And it is harder to get a hold of.

You love semen for its content, meaning nourishing properties. Semen does contain very valuable substances. It is supposed to benefit your body besides being the medium for impregnation. If we considered this we became aware of the fact that shooting around cum is truly wasteful.


Read the personal answers:

You love semen because you have earned it. This is a very confident answer alright.

You love semen for making babies. This answer is related to the neglected fact of the main property of cum and why we (males) are made to and do produce the stuff at all. Good point!

You love sucking cock and if a man cums in your mouth it is rude not to swallow his semen. Now this is a very particular answer. It could mean true love for a male, his cock and his produce!

Thanks to every participant!


August 6, 2011

Our penises may come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, yet the basic design remains the same throughout all differences: our cocks appear as shafts crowned by a peculiar top, the glans or head (the whole penis is made of two different kinds of erectile tissue). This combination is unique and differs (overall in shape and size) very much from the penile design of even our closest living relatives (primates that is)! I personally adore the design of the human cock, particularly for its gorgeous head.*

So, only us human males feature such a distinctive mushroom-capped cock-head, which is connected to the shaft by the frenulum (the delicate tab of skin just beneath the meatus, as to be seen in the next couple of pics) on its underside. Probably the most significant design of the glans is the coronal ridge. The diameter of the „helmet“ where it meets the shaft is wider than the shaft itself. This results in the coronal ridge that runs around the circumference of the shaft. And here the question arises: Why is it like that? and What is that for?

According to evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York at Albany, the human penis is literally an impressive “tool [mind you in a different meaning of the term and how I used it in this blog]. Gallup’s research findings of studying the design of the human penis is a perfect example of “reverse-engineering”. This means that if we start with what we see today — the oddly shaped cock, with its bulbous head, its long, rigid shaft, and the coronal ridge — and work our way backward regarding how it came to look like that, the reverse-engineer is able to suggest a set of function-based hypotheses derived from evolutionary theory.

Now, it appears there’s a genuine adaptive reason that our cocks look the way they do. We must consider the evolution of our tools in relation to the human vagina. Magnetic imaging studies of heterosexual couples fucking reveal that the penis completely occupies the vaginal tract, and with full penetration does reach the woman’s cervix and lift her uterus. This combined with the fact that cum is expelled with great force, suggests that the male genitals are ment to release sperm into the uppermost portion of the vagina possible. Thus, in a theoretical paper published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology in 2004, Gallup and coauthor, Rebecca Burch, assume that,

A longer penis would not only have been an advantage for leaving semen in a less accessible part of the vagina, but by filling and expanding the vagina it also would aid and abet the displacement of semen left by other males as a means of maximizing the likelihood of paternity.

The “semen displacement theory” is the most intriguing part of Gallup’s research. Besides being a brilliant evolutionary theorist, he happens also to be a very gifted experimental researcher. In a series of studies published in a 2003 issue of the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, Gallup and a team of his students put the “semen displacement hypothesis” to the test using artificial genitalia. They even concocted several batches of realistic seminal fluid. Results from this study may not have “proved” the semen displacement hypothesis, but they definitely confirmed its principal points.

And how does the cum displacing work after all? Well, according to Gallup our cocks were sculpted in such a way that our tools would effectively displace the jizz of competitors from their partner’s vagina, a well-synchronized effect facilitated by the “upsuck” of thrusting during fucking. Specifically, the coronal ridge offers a special removal service by expunging strange cum. Gallup’s experiments showed, that the effect of thrusting would be to draw other men’s juices away from the cervix and back around the glans, thus scooping out the spunk deposited by a sexual rival.

After all, thanks to evolution for that we are equipped with such sophisticated organs making them the most beautiful and wondrous sexual entities throughout the animal kingdom. I love penis from head to bulb and crura respectively.


The info of this post is largely based on a Scientific American article by Jesse Bering.

* By the way, according to a former poll in this blog most of the readers partissipating share my love! I asked: What part of the penis do you love/enjoy the most? Now 34% (41 votes of 120 total answers) chose: the glans/helmet! This marked a clear lead among the choices:

Reel Fiction (4)

June 25, 2011

This blog also features hot fiction (also look categories drop down menu) and a new story is way overdue. I got one for you which is fitting the actual subject matter and since it´s combined with a clip it runs as Reel Fiction.

It´s about a young woman who loves the male meatbag more than anything else and she tells us why. You need to know that she is sexually imprinted with scrotum. Sexual imprinting means, that our minds are very open for sexual input at certain critical periods during our first two decades of life. And whatever got into the sex-files of our brains at such times remains a deep part of our psyches for the rest of our lives! Read Larissa´s story:

The girl who loved scrotum

When I crave fruit, I think of figs. When I crave veggies, I think of avocado.

I´m Larissa. I am 27 years old and am totally hooked on guys balls, scrotum that is. I guess it´s all depending on a certain moment of true revelation. I must have been 8 when my aunt gave birth to her first son. Naturally I was curious about everything concerning my baby-cousin. When I watched my aunt changing the diapers (a general first for me) I sure noticed my cousins tiny penis and his comparatively big nutbag. Little did I know then what this was for, just that all boys had a penis and a pouch and girls didn´t. So I asked my aunt and she said, that inside his sack are couple glands which were important to make little cousin a man some day. I enjoyed watching auntie cleaning him there and liked to have touched him (there) myself, but never dared to ask. But I managed to attend to many diaper-changes.

When I was 11 or 12 my interest in boys grew. I mean less so in the real world (then), but I was curious about the male in general, puberty was driving me. And the internet gave easy access to find out more about the male and his genitals. One day I was over at my best friends place. Lucy’s parents were in the theater that evening and we decided to go find some information on the net. We were really excited. It didn´t take too long until we found the pages we were searching for. God, we discovered pages with loads of penis pics and had been in awe about the variety of the male private parts. Some pics were really shocking to us, because those penises were so huge!

Soon enough we encountered pics with spurting cocks. I was bit confused and asked Lucy if she knew what that was. She seemed to be well-informed. She said it was sperm and you need that to make babies. However she was surprised to see so much of that. We quickly agreed it´d be nice to see a man spurting his sperm. I began to speculate where that much sperm was coming from and Lucy wisely said: Didn´t you know that this is made in the nutbag? No, didn´t know then, but what Lucy said seemed logical and obvious.

We found a page with clips of men cumming. And there it happened to me, the moment of true revelation. After couple of blurry clips of men jerking off – one guy spurting not that much and another spraying his cum almost like piss – we stumbled upon a fine clip showing a guy in a black t-shirt with a fat cock and really big balls. The clip was in slow motion (what I only found out later) and showed him cumming big time while is big shaved scrotum was bouncing to the rhythm of his tender jacking. I was stunned in amazement and Lucy liked it as well. We watched it maybe six times in a row and while the re-runs I made up my mind that I wanted only lovers with such balls and the ability to cum like that to make sure for a good impregnation. As for his cock I cared less, because I was scared that a man with such a tool could hurt me.

Lucy saved that file and copied it onto a CD-ROM. Back home I checked out that clip once more right away, and for a long time I was watching it whenever privacy allowed me to. I still have it somewhere. Back then I began to dream about a boyfriend being equipped like the man in the scene. I saw me fondling, cupping, massaging, stroking these lovely heavy balls with all the cum inside that my boyfriend would eventually release, naturally as a result of my lovingly ball stroking. I dreamed myself catching his juices with my hands instead of wasting it away onto a t-shirt or into tissues. I knew exactly what I wanted. Sure enough the school of live had to teach me some lessons.

For one, that men are hairy down there. The minority is shaving or willing to do so! Secondly the balls of most guys are much smaller than the ones of the guy in that clip! I now know that the guy in that particular scene pretty much had it all: huge nuts, a shaven scrotum, a fat cock and a huge load. Definitely above average. Thirdly I learned that the scrotum is subject to change. Balls have a live of their own, which just makes me love ´em more. But a sack is tightening up (its skin is) the more a guy approaches his cumshot. Most men have elevated balls, if not submerged ones, when they finally shoot. Only with a minority the scrotum stays thin-skinned the whole time. However, this is what I like best. That clip definitely had me sexually imprinted, I can´t help it.

Luckily I am with a man perfect for me. He offers to me what I was dreaming about since that exciting night at Lucy’s. His balls are big and grow quite large when he is sexually aroused. He shaves, keeps his sack hairless. He has a really nice cock, slightly above average in length. And he is able to produce a big volume when we prepare for that (favorable food, extended period of arousal). And though I know now that semen is not produced neither stored in the balls, I just imagine it would be! I just love a big, tender and naked scrotum.


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

The Scrotum – Home Of Your Balls

June 6, 2011

I promised to avoid anatomical detail, but at this point I need to summarize some basics. Here goes:

The scrotum is a pouch of skin containing the testicles. Each testicle and its spermatic cord (leading upward into the abdominal cavity) is nested in its own compartment within the sack. Part of the spermatic cords are the vas deferens – as we know thin tubes through which the sperm travel. The spermatic cord also contains blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.

In response to certain stimuli and/or temperature changes, these (cord-) muscles contract and pull the testicles closer to the abdomen. Generally, the subskin-muscles of the scrotum will contract as well by the same triggers. In a way the scrotum acts like a thermostat, trying to provide an even temperature for the continuous and optimal sperm-production and storage within the testicles. This temperature has to be slightly lower (at 34 degrees Celsius) than that of the rest of the body.

Although both testicles are of about the same size, the left one usually hangs a little lower and thus may give the appearance of being larger. The testicles serve a double function: a) they produce sperm, and b) they produce hormones which are secreted directly into the bloodstream.

The reason why the balls are drawn up close to the body (sometimes into the abdominal cavity) via a tight scrotum lies in the fact that our body temperature is increasing the chances for a successful insemination: sperm thrive at body temperature for 50 minutes to four hours, the average length of time it takes for them to journey through the female reproductive tract and to fertilize the egg. So just before ejaculation, when it’s adaptive for sperm to be highly mobile and hyperactive (from an evolutionary point of view), the scrotal muscles (cremaster and dartos) reflexively retract to provide a raised ambient temperature for sperm. Anytime else sperm are stored and produced most efficiently in the more breezy surroundings of the rather relaxed nut-bag.