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In The Eye of The Beholder

July 12, 2016

Why this headline? Because you may -depending on your own sexual preferences and realizations- interpret quite differently the given situation in this awesome handjob-clip!

You will know my series „For a closer look“ in which I present selected tapings illustrating particular „sex-facts“. Now, this single great multiple climax handjob-finish does cover several hot topics outlined in this blog.

But let´s be objective for a moment and summarize the scenario for the visible facts.

In one sentence: we watch an edited clip in wich a masturbator coaxes multiple cum-producing climaxes out of the reproductive system of a young male!

Giving you the details: a young athletic naked man, his torso and genitals oiled, sits relaxed on a towel-covered chair, his arms fastened to that chair with wristscuffs.

The highly aroused masturbatee owns a huge, left-bent penis (fully erect) and a big oval scrotum (holding his swollen testicles).

1 oiled readyx

His masturbator is a (clothed) man calling himself Dr. CumControl, the creator of this clip (as we can read in a small insert noting his mail-address). The name of the masturbator gives away what we are about to witness, and rightfully so. – The whole scene does not show faces, but offers an audio track letting us hear the masturbatee giving feed-back!

The masturbator is applying a smooth and gentle handjob, involving cock and ball-sack of his beautiful client (a client he is, I believe).

Turns out the masturbatee is very close to his PONR when the clip starts to roll! He tells the Doc –right in time– that he is about to cum. A moment later we witness a first voluminous emission!

2 oiled emis1x

The next climax, also an emission, is triggered after another timely warning of the masturbatee. Dr. CumControl apparently has full control as he is gently teasing his clients big balls while the young gun is spilling his milk a second time!

3 oiled emis2x

Despite his client´s clear warning of ever being so close to PONR Dr. CumControl has his masturbatee release more of his juices (the biggest portion) by triggering a first ejaculation!

4 oiled ejac1x

While the stud is cumming in about 7 pulses the expert masturbator just holds the throbbing cock at the base of his shaft throughout the duration of the reflex.

Dr. CumControl then coaxes out another minor emission through smooth scrotum stroking.

5 oiled emis3x

After this emission the Doc uses the fresh ´n creamy splooge from the ejaculation as lotion, spreading it over the chest of the masturbatee.

Before the 5th climax, the gentle handjobber is warned clearly so as to be able to trigger a 4th emission, while the receiver is badly longing for a complete, ejaculatory climax.

6 oiled emis4x

Soon enough Dr. CumControl is jerking his moaning masturbatee all the way thru his 6th –lengthy- climax, a second ejaculation with which the multi-cummer pumps out what of his jizz was left in his glands (not too much of it anymore).

7 oiled ejac2x

While jerking the last residue of semen out of his masturbatee´s penis the beautiful rod loses his erection. The Doc let go and the stud is joyfully thanking his masturbator.

8 oiled spentx

Well, there is a load of topics „hidden“ in this clip and I used my highlighting description of it to place a lot of cross-linking within the text. However, I initially was aiming at the possible themes you could realize in the observed performance. So, how could you interpret the action displayed?

Interestingly enough the guy´s scrotum remains unchanged in the process (although it apparently is not tied), so we don´t have an example for the secret life of balls we usually observe in such a situation!

And what´s really going on?

We are witnessing the grand finale of a benign Dom/Sub handjob scenario. The masturbatee is not allowed to cum (i.e. ejaculate), thus the exclamatory feedback we hear from the strapped Sub.

This psycho-sexual setting with the deal to avoid ejaculation by all means serves the meta-goal to keep the Sub very close to PONR for as long as possible or have him experience several oh-so-sweet almost-ejaculations (which equal emissions) before allowing him a full-blown release. And Dr. CumControl (Dom) manages to deliver! – This is my interpretation. Still, all the suggestions listed above are contained more or less in this extraordinary handjob-finish.

By the way, I enjoyed this video tremendously not just for the multiple juicy climaxes but because of the empathic stroking the Doc applies! I both would love to be masturbated in this fashion as I would caress a partners genitals alike.

The clip is running 2min 52secs with sound (edited), format is mp4 and memory takes 68,4 MB.

For a Closer Look (22) – PONR

November 29, 2014


Watch PONR unfold.

Yeah, I know, we can´t really watch PONR, „only“ the result of it. And that is ejaculation. The reflex that makes a guy rhythmically shoot his load follows inevitably a short while after he has passed his Point Of No Return.

Or in other words, PONR marks the moment (lasting about 1 to 3 seconds) in which a man knows that his system will perform ejaculation, in other words still: his system will run thru the sequence of muscular spasms that pumps out his stored cum from his glands (though there are guys who run the reflex but won´t spill semen).

PONR itself is not a physical movement, it is a neural happening, a threshold that is crossed, which triggers the ejaculatory reflex. So you can not watch it (PONR) happen, but you can feel it. And PONR (and the seconds before and after) offers you the sweetest and most delicious sensations your reproductive system can generate (i.e. your ejaculatory climax). You can sense and feel PONR, because the nerves in the many tissues of your system run thru a status-change making your plumbing react.

ejac graph

You could pretty exactly speak out at the moment PONR happens (however, I believe many of us misjudge that moment), typically murmured by many in this phrase: I´m cumming! A change in the moaning and/or breathing pattern also indicates that PONR is reached.

So, can´t we monitor it? Kind of. When we observe men who decide to approach PONR carefully for truly savoring this exquisite moment. And I found two clips which let us empathise with the ejaculators, thanks to our climactic experiences. We can clearly comprehend what the respective guy in the clip is sensing and going thru, just by how he triggers his release.

Before I introduce you to the clips I need to put PONR into a broader perspective.

It is just wonderful that this threshold exists! We can take advantage of this and follow the path of enhanced sexual fulfillment (in contrast to straight forwardly beating-off or fucking for orgasm, activities which bear their own values).

Edging – it´s in the name! – is the masturbatory mastering of avoiding the triggering of the reflex and – for most men – avoiding spilling semen at all.

Many edgers may enter an orgasmic state where PONR seems imminent, yet is (just) not reached, – quite a skill, pure bliss.

Other guys want to spill their milk, but not (only) by ejaculating. They play with approaching PONR to coax emissions, which is another skill that requires learning and experience. For an emission to occur, the internal valves open making your milk rinse from the glands and out of your cock without the ejaculatory reflex being triggered. This reaction is also referred to as Ruined Orgasm (or Ruined Ejaculation), but that´s in another psycho-sexual setting. Solosexual guys who are able to deliberately coax emissions are in high control of their edge (PONR) and want to cum this way.

Some men seek to extend their sensations of climaxing. They cultivate to consciously „edge-for-ejaculation“ in a stop-and-go fashion. This secures a big volume of semen and intense sensations while passing thru PONR and into ejaculation. These guys slow down their reactions. After edging for some time they carefully close in on PONR. First they try to consciously coax emission. If successful, the (out)flow of cum immediately triggers the reflex. I call this emisjaculation.

The first clip shows a young man experiencing such an extended climax. He stands before of a mirror (perfect view for us observers) with PONR looming, attempting to consciously pass over his edge. He is in good control of that by keeping his hand off his beautiful cock, applying just another hesitating, but decisively pull of his cock-skin at 17/18 secs into the clip.

ponr mirror

The sensations of this skin-pulling coax an emission with initial milk appearing at his cock-slit at second 21, spilling down for 2 seconds followed by the spasms of his reflex (all off-hands). You can count 12 spasms by the throbbing of his penis. His ejaculation produces three distinct spurts of his thick cream. The clip offers sound, but the guy remains silent unfortunately.

This is different in clip No. 2. You hear the guy moaning and breathing (although these allow no clues for when exactly he passes his edge(s)).

He as well applies a stop-and-go technique on his stunning, oiled cock (on/off hands), but is jerking his wand in full grip to push himself further towards release.

ponr emiss

He will have edged for some time and is close to his threshold, so that he needs to interrupt his jerking for an enhanced climaxing. Off-frame he may play with his nipples!

He continuously applies lighter stroking/touching of his cock, he works with his BC (voluntarily I assume) making his penis bounce and throb.

At about 1:43 min into the clip his valves open resulting in a solid cum-piss 2 seconds later. He deliberately contracts his muscles to pump out all the milk released from his glands (off-hands, and this is clearly not part of an ejaculatory reflex).

After the spill he continues to jerk his rod with a light grip until he passes PONR at about 1:57 min into the clip (listen to his sigh), when he enforces his jerking to experience his pumping on full penile impact. Despite his emission he produces 6 spurts and milks all of his juices out of his urethra.

These guys are in control of their PONRs and decide to climax in full awareness of the unique sensations close by the edge. Sensations that we can address as climax, which lasts from provoking and passing PONR via emission and on throughout ejaculation.

Clip one: See a guy experiencing emisjaculation in front of a mirror (mp4, 37 secs).

Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).

Milking – Cum-Denial

February 6, 2012

The male reproductive anatomy is a truly remarkable biological system. Everyone who understands its workings (just browse this blog!) can explore his own sexuality much beyond the ordinary jack-off or plain wham-bam-thank-you-ma´am fuck. Or he can have his sexuality explored and tried by someone!

When a couples bond is characterized by a dominant/submissive (dom/sub – mistress/master & slave/victim) relationship, at least when it comes to sex and where the man is the sub, they will most likely practise a form of milking. It is as much a psychological thing as it is physical. The role „play“ (within BDSM*) defines the setting and measures, the male biology allows for cause and effect-sensations off the beaten path (no pun) if this meets your attitude or preference.

Now, there are two opposing styles of milking. One avoids ejaculation, this is referred to as cum-denial or cum-control (where milking the glands plays an essential part). The other style is calling for repeated ejaculations, this would be milking of the male aiming for multiple, if necessary forced ejaculations.

Any milking situation ought to be performed voluntarily and good communication, or rather agreed upon strict rules, are mandatory to generate arousal and maybe bliss from the action, contrary to slipping into some real torture (so fix your esc-button!).

Let´s begin with cum-denial. I found a text by a fellow called Rusty. Read his this definition:

Cum-denial is used by some few heavy male master-slave pairs, but is VERY common and more popular among the male-female (or she-male) FEM-DOM (feminine dominatrix) set. The goal of this kind of milking is to maintain health in the male while depriving him COMPLETELY of ALL orgasmic pleasure for the long-term [including nocturnal emissions = wet dreams!]. In this method the male is usually required to wear a confining chastity device between sessions to prevent his „uncontrollable“ urge to masturbate.

In this form, the milking is accomplished by applying repeated, firm, but gentle pressure to the prostate gland using a finger, a dildo, a vibrating wand, or a dildo-like tool specifically designed for this purpose. After a few minutes of this pressure, seminal fluids are expressed without any contractions through the tip of the penis. […] Sexual pressure and the urgent need to cum is reduced or eliminated till the fluids build back up again.


As for possible motives I found yet another text (lost the reference). Mind you at this point, that the whole strategy of cum-control is based upon, and working due to some biological facts, like the increased production of seminal fluids thru and with arousal, the threat of MRP after ejaculation** and the reduction of the sexual pressure after milking the glands (as just stated above). But read my find:

The basis for cum-control/denial is founded in part on the idea that while the male is interested in pursuing sexual release he will be more solicitous of the lady’s pleasure, and in general more amenable to various services for her. For some, an additional motive is that more time between his releases will make them more powerful and pleasurable. However, the truth is that these effects are a complex mix of psychological and physiological effects, created by repeated “teasings” or other arousal which engage his desires and build at an emotional level.

This sounds much like edging with a beneficial side effect for the female partner (sure could be male as well). But what´s in there for the sub in the long run? Well, read what a guy named Jeff did write about that:

Eventually, after this is done a significant number of times [Jeff refers to the stop&go of the edging a dom applies to her/his sub], the subs need to bring relief to himself becomes so intense that his mind empties of all other thoughts and he is consumed by only a single, pure thought: the need to get off.

In this state of urgent need a man is totally and completely at the mercy of the partner stimulating him. He will, literally, do ANYTHING to have you complete what you’re doing and allow him his relief.  This is why boundaries and limits established beforehand are so important, because when so consumed with his need to ejaculate a man will agree to do things he normally would not consider doing at all. This state of mind is one of the ultimate mixtures of pain and pleasure; the body is being pleasured repeatedly over and over, but denied the ability to culminate satisfactorily those feelings. […] Being in this state of body and mind where a partner is controlling your stimulation, body, penis and [ejaculation] is a very powerful experience. It is one of the MOST intense stages of sexual expression and abandon any man can experience; the ultimate combination of extraordinary pleasure and extraordinary frustration. Once you truly experience this at the hands of another woman/man, you will be forever changed; forever wanting to experience this agonizing bliss again, for no other experience even comes close to it in intensity.

Having your [climax] controlled in this way and being unable to prevent it from being done to you again and again as well as being unable to give yourself that slight touch needed to cross over the edge is the incredible sadistic, fiendish, wonderful aspect about using a man’s own need to [climax] as torture. The more desperate he becomes to achieve this goal, the more pleasurable, the more agonizing the experience becomes for him. What is essential is that this process is not rushed; it is not a ‘get him to the edge once and you’re done’ thing. The goal is to build upon each ‘edge’ to increase the need and arousal, building it higher and higher to that point of a man ‘letting go’ in body and mind. His body will be completely open to you, his arms and legs spread as widely as possible to give you access to stimulate him, his mind will have but a single thought “I must cum”, and he becomes like an animal with only the instinctual, single need of his body consuming him. A powerful state of mind and body indeed.

Because of this conditioning, the non-climactic relief of the loaded glands thru milking and the forbidden getting-off until the next cum-denial session (with the help of a chastity device), the sub is willing to pursue this self-sustaining hyper-edge by all means, in the same tightening the bond to his dom. An occasionally granted climax is recommended not only for psychological and emotional reasons:

Prostate massage does not provide the ejaculatory muscles with the same exercise as an orgasm [ejaculation], and long periods without orgasm weakens those muscles. Initially this is noted as dribbled or very short distance ejaculation when full orgasm is allowed. More prolonged periods could see further deterioration of the muscle strength. [Yep, better keep up with your Kegel exercises!]

Finally, there is a process called homeostasis, which essentially is just a way of saying the body tries to maintain all functions and processes in a balanced manner. Over time the body “learns” after repeated edgings without orgasm, that there will be no expelling of ejaculate, and consequently produces less. Taking a break from these orgasm denial activities from time to time, can “reset” the body’s mechanisms. In turn, this makes the next round almost as exciting and challenging as when first started.

I very much fancy the idea of edging in partner-sex, as you can find in my prose within this blog. However, this kind of marathon-edging as part of a fem-dom relationship is less for me as I am too much in love with the ejaculatory reflex. The question is, if the other milking style (of forced ejaculations) would in fact serve my preferences? Well, find out in my next post.

* BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism

** If arousal is low or penile stimulation is stopped for a brief time before the prostate massage begins, draining of the glandular produce into the urethra will most likely not trigger ejaculation! Milking the prostate is a foolproof method to drain the gland without the help of muscular contractions (i.e. ejaculation). Triggering an emission would be an alternative, but this is extremely difficult to achieve by a partner (too high a risk to trigger the ejaculatory reflex).

Cumplete Surrender (2)

October 22, 2011

Read part one of this story here!

I begin to lightly massage his beautiful cockhead and just that. I do this slowly and for a very long time. His moaning had become less after the prostate massage. When it picks up together with an intensified breathing I know we are on our way. He continuously spills precum, -what a lovely sight! Slowly I massage his soft glans and watch his balls move in his sack. Sometimes I touch his sack-hair or slowly pull back his foreskin at the cock-base.

When his breathing is deep and the sound of his moaning is in low tone I carefully integrate his foreskin into my caresses. In this phase we enter the plateau of his excitement. The objective now changes. From pure enjoyment of his genitals we will now follow the build-up of his orgasmic potential thru intensifying his lust. Since we are a team and since I know him so well (including an optimal communication) I masturbate him ever closer to the edge of cumming without letting him merge over the edge.

I never count how many times we come close. I assume it must be at least 50 times, more likely up to a hundred. During this steady stop and go he will become increasingly insane from the pressure building up inside of him. There are two kinds of pressure. One is the pressure of his ongoing secretial build-up in his glands. I know that he feels filled with semen wanting so badly to explode and release his man-juices. The other kind of pressure is the one from the psychological side of it. He is in my hands and does not know when I will let him cum which ever increases his lust. His excitement and fluid pressure are just driving him mad.

After some time, probably around the 20th Stop&Go he will find himself in a state of mind where he just is riding the edge of cum-explosion. He is constantly moaning loud and breathing heavily. Whenever I bring him closer to the edge he begins to whine showing me that I have to back off again and allow him a short break. I try to really keep him on the edge and produce mini-orgasms or rather mini-ejaculations, which will make him ooze some of his milk. I love this so much and I love his cum and precum and lick my fingers clean when he oozes over my fingertips.

After I´ve kept him in this ecstatic state of constant oozing just at the brink of ejaculation for a long time, maybe after about a hundred Stop&Goes, I will decide to caress him into a most powerful orgasmic ejaculation. This time I will not stop my foreskin stroking when he nears the threshold to ejaculation. Via his moaning and whining I exactly know in which phase of excitement he is in. When his moaning turns into whining he is very close to emission. His glands are on high-alert for letting go of his accumulated volume of milk. At that point I will apply the lightest touch to his foreskin and to the rim of his glans and may additionally touch his drawn up balls in his tight sack equally lightly. He then will become louder in his whining and his breathing will become deeper just out of pure unbearable excitement. I know that his floodgates will open up if I continue with my featherly light caresses. And this is exactly what I eventually do, naturally.

He is whining in an intense state of lustful bliss, his body-musculature is spasming, he is gasping for air. I ever so slightly touch his foreskin and/or sack. Often he screams out loud just before a second later a steady stream of his thin and clear first cum is flowing out of his cock. However, this does not mean that he is experiencing ejaculation yet. His internal plumbings just have released a first bigger portion of his milk. It is essential that I keep on caressing him in the described way. He still is gasping for air between his moanings. While I keep slightly touching his skins he finally begins to scream like wild in a full and deep tone. It is obvious that he can´t take it anymore. This is a sure sign that now the mechanics of his ejaculatory reflex have set in. For a brief moment a small amount of hot and almost clear cum shows in his cockeye before he finally begins to shoot his white lava with a violent first full spurt flying all the way behind his head. Ejaculation has inevitably set in and I still continue to lightly stroke his foreskin yet slowly increasing my grip.

He screams like wild while shooting spurt after spurt of his delicious hot creamy milk. The pressure in his reservoir of juices declines with each cycle of orgasmic spasm, but he extendedly is pumping cum, though in decreasing amounts. His screaming returns to moaning and then fades into just heavy breathing, until he eventually calms down into a silent and peaceful relaxation. It takes some time before his breathing is back to normal as well, but I know my man has been in the high heavens of lust.