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Mental Climax 1-B

September 24, 2012

Rogers account (part two) of a technique he´s developed for achieving orgasms solely through mental processes:

Now I let my dick take total charge. Actually, I have mentally programmed my mind to control what goes on with my dick and to do what is necessary to make me have orgasms without further conscious effort on my part. I let Nature take it’s course. I remain passive by simply lying on my back (or side) and savoring every moment of the show that my dick is starting to put on for ‘our’ enjoyment.

Within a few minutes my bewitched dick will begin to swell somewhat, but it is not necessary at this early stage for it to get hard, even though the sensations felt inside my dick and the surrounding areas can be unbelievably intense at this time. In the next phase, I begin to feel that certain parts of my dick want attention and are receiving it, as if these parts were being licked or sucked at exactly the most sensitive spots, exactly as I would do it if I could get my mouth down there on it myself, or to tell another guy how to do it for me. These sensations become stronger and stronger in a rhythmic way with each breath.

I continue to lie still and cannot keep myself from sighing with the pleasure this is giving me. It’s like being in another world, another universe, and I want it to go on forever. The sensations will later become even more intense and soon become orgasmic, wave after wave of orgasms of the most unbelievable intensity, in slow-motion, without ejaculation, lasting for many minutes. The orgasms are dry, as I do not ejaculate at this point, but the ecstasy is almost unbearable because they last so long and occur repeatedly many times.

Even if I never shot another load of cum again without jacking off or getting sucked, it would be wonderful just as it is. But I knew from having had the spontaneous orgasms that eventually I should be able to cum this way if I found the right mental stimulus, so I have persisted toward this goal, enjoying every failure along the way because the dry orgasms of the magnitude I have been having are indescribably satisfying in and of themselves. (Many people into tantric sex, whether it be solo or with a partner, are seeking what I am already able to achieve.)

This morning (Sunday, July 13, 1997), for the first time, I had an orgasm with the strongest and longest-lasting gushes of cum ever, and of the most mind-blowing dimensions, purely through mental concentration — true hands-off ejaculation. — Anytime I’m in the mood, I can have the multiple, whole-body orgasms described earlier — and I can have them over and over during a session, or several sessions — but I have not been able to actually ejaculate again the way I did that first time. By this I mean, no-hands ejaculation. Sometimes after I have more than an hour of multiple, mind-blowing dry orgasms I will finish myself off with just a few strokes, which causes a much more intense ejaculation than normal.

One major thing that helps me get into the “act” really quick is to wear a cockring. I can go into my trance almost immediately if I have a cockring on.

It so happens, however, that the practice I’ve developed for my own purposes coincides, to a certain extent, with some of the basic concepts of tantric sex, but that doesn’t mean, again for my own purposes, that I shouldn’t be able to take myself one step beyond by actually ejaculating whenever I wish. — However, my long-range goal, in contrast to that of traditional tantricists, is to consistently go beyond the “dry” ecstatic state into the “wet” one.

Fucking To Bliss

August 21, 2012

Orgasm As Spiritual Experience

When I speak of orgasm I do so in the sense of complete orgasm (as defined here). With this final post of the current chapter (on complete orgasm) I want to introduce the ultimate experience (complete) orgasm is able to be blessing us with.

Mind you that achieving this state may be a skill rarely achieved, not least because it requires certain circumstances to be fulfilled. One of the preconditions to make this spiritual experience happen probably is that two people fuck each other. The proverbial copulation is the key-act to find this kind of all-surpassing bliss, yet it may be a scarce affair, and you will learn why.

I will quote from two sources and the insights they supply are based on the premise of a heterosexual situation where the couple knows each other very well and where love is the motive to fuck one another (and eventually surpass all boundaries).

First I quote from a book by John Selby, he wrote:

The spiritual experience of mystic bliss and transcendent ecstasy seems to be almost identical to the total orgasm experience. Orgasm in a very real neurological sense appears to be the experience that weds body and mind, sex and spirit, into the ultimate human whole-body transfiguration.

As a couple delves deeper into sexual intimacy, differences between the genders do progressively fall away as spiritual realms become more dominant.

The simple truth of higher-level sexual relating is that dominance simply cannot be a factor at all [contrary to this]. In spiritual realms of relating, equality is the essential foundation of all dimensions of intercourse. Both men and women must learn to surrender themselves not just to each other in any kind of powerplay scenario but, more essentially, to the greater spiritual force field that comes into play during lovemaking, which unites their two beings into one infinite spiritual presence.

The most powerful psychic cement between a man and a woman is the generation of a mutual force field that encompasses the two separate bodies and minds. And this force field is generated most powerfully through sharing in the orgasm experience.

We raise a charge higher and higher in our bodies until the charge ignites an explosion that consumes our egos, that burns our tensions up into nothingness, that blows a hole in our conceptually limited sense of who we are, and lets the breath of God come over our senses, blowing gently like a springtime breeze into our inner realms of consciousness.

This is not for the everyday sexual encounter, it is obvious that Selby addresses an experience extraordinary. And this experience may be the result of a year-long intimate knowing and love-making experience of a couple, Selby speaks of „The fact that it takes many years of making love with the same woman to explore fully this spiritual dimension of sexual relating…“. In addition to that, I firmly assume that a couples simultaneous orgasm is yet another circumstance needed to be met to make happen what is described by the sources.

It probably comes to no surprise that people who are proficient in the teachings of tantra know better about this and may find easier access to this kind of ultimate sexual fulfillment (such as a fucking couple in sincere love). Let me quote from a – more plain – explanation of the addressed experience, by the Osho International Foundation:

Orgasm is a state where your body is no longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon–and it is an electric phenomenon. And by and by, if they love each other and they surrender to each other, they surrender to this moment of pulsation, of being energy, and they are not scared.

When two lovers are in deep sexual orgasm, they melt into each other; then the woman is no more the woman, the man is no more the man. They become just like the circle of yin and yang, reaching into each other, meeting into each other melting, forgetting their own identities.

When the body loses boundaries, when the body becomes like a vaporous thing, when the body evaporates substantially and only energy is left, a very subtle rhythm, you find that it is as if you are not . . . Only in deep love can one move into it. Love is like death: you die as far as you think you are a body, you die as far as your material image is concerned, you die as a body and you evolve as energy, vital energy.

And when the partners start vibrating in a rhythm, the beats of their hearts and bodies come together, it becomes a harmony . . . then they are two no more. Now they are a circle and they vibrate together, they pulsate together. Their hearts are no longer separate, their beats are no longer separate; they have become a melody, a harmony. It is the greatest music possible; all other musics are just faint things compared to it…

This image shows a tattoo which illustrates perfectly what this post is about: a fucking couple finding bliss. There is no up or down (turn your head or the pic, there is no upside down), the couple is anchored in themselves, they float in time and space, the symmetry symbolises unity in harmony.

In my blog I try to introduce the many basic ways a man can find sexual pleasure and bliss. This last, now closing chapter, was concerning complete orgasm – a form of sexual climax in probably its highest state of developement or evolution, due to its transcending quality.

This just adds to the fact that sexual climaxes can be experienced in a wide spectrum of variations. Certainly enough to cater the desires, urges and preferences of any man, and woman.

Being Edged (1)

April 5, 2011

The mere thought is highly arousing: to just sit (rather lay) back, relax and let a partner do the teasing. And with that I certainly mean edging. This reaches way beyond the ordinary hand job. Read about a hot experience of Jim which always makes my pulse speed up while rereading it. I found this more than 10 years ago and it influenced my own stories pretty much! The most intriguing perception is that a partner may be able to generate a more intense climax than one can achieve with oneself.

When two people who know and practice these wonderful techniques have the opportunity to get together it can be an intense experience. Until recently, I had a fellow Tantric enthusiast I would get together with about every two weeks on a Saturday. We would take turns. One week one of us would totally concentrate on the other and the next time the roles were reversed. The reason we did this is because we tried to expand the time of bliss to as long as we could, no less than two to three hours.

By the time it was over the recipient needed time to recuperate before he was interested in focusing likewise. We did not have the time so we just traded out complete sessions. We used warm coconut oil and all the slow edging techniques we have read about including some on this forum [Jim was referring to another forum then, not this one]. We used the book by Brauer called ESO as our basic guide.

One thing we always did was to keep the erection hard and firm the whole time without ever letting it subside. We both loved slow deliberate masturbation. We were both practiced with Kegels and had no erection problems at all. We read and also learned by experience that this builds up incredible sensations. We also tried to keep him right on the brink for most of this time.

At first we communicated with signals as to when we were close to the edge. We also went too far a few times and brought each other to ejaculation too soon. After about 5 or 6 sessions, however, we began to learn just what it took for each other to produce an intense experience. Wow, it was incredible because there is nothing like another set hands edging you for sometimes 3 hours knowing exactly when to slow or stop, knowing how to lightly rub those sensitive nerve endings while you relax.


Sometimes there was a semi-consciousness. Other times there was a heavy breathing or moaning. We encouraged each other to just open up and vocalize the passion when we were at one of the more extreme peaks. We told each other what strokes felt the most incredible and we focused on those each time. We always prepared several days in advance for a session by not masturbating to ejaculation and by doing plenty of Kegels and eating properly and getting plenty of excercise.

Finally we decided to tape each other receiving a session. Then the next time we got together we would review the tape of the one who was going to receive that day. It was so he could show the giver what was great and what wasn’t so great. We found that scanning through the tape was fantastic preparation for a session. It was highly stimulating just watching it knowing what was coming. We counted one time almost 70 times when he was close to the brink. We also tried to count contractions (the PC [BC] Muscles contracting when pleasure is received) but lost track after 200 or so. We saw that they were not as frequent when he got to stage III. By then it was more of a bliss time with even the lightest stroking causing intense sensations.

The orgasms and ejaculations at the end of these sessions were always preplanned and agreed upon so that there was no guess-work. They were always incredible. Routinely I would shoot very far, several jets, because I am made that way from the factory. His were not as far but he had about 3 more jets than I did. Both of us had many ejaculatory contractions at the end, way more than when we masturbated alone.

You sure need to share the same passion, a trusted relationship, knowledge of the male (anatomy) and experience (thru trial and error on your man = receiver). These parameters are not gender dependent!

Leaving the Edge

March 9, 2011

Taking a Break

Most edgers finish their session climaxing (hard or soft), some decide to not spill their milk but rather spread their energy within their body (known as the Big Draw). Let me take a look at those different options.

Just like you follow your preferences in designing your edging session you will do so when you choose to leave the walk on the edge. I believe there are three most preferred ways of climaxing after some time of solid edging:

  1. allowing a powerful ejaculatory reflex (shooting cum)
  2. relaxing into PONR resulting in an emissjaculation intensely felt
  3. waiving ejaculation and dissolving energy via a Big Draw.

1. Edging does generate a big volume of semen throughout its course. Some guys do edge exactly for that purpose. Besides savoring the sweet sensations of peaking they aim for a spectacular ejaculation at the end of the dance. Some guys seem to be made for this. Their glands produce a big volume of milk, they will avoid emission while edging and their plumbing and BC-muscle are just right to provide them with a most powerful eruption when they decide to finally let go. Watch this clip illustrating such a climax:

I found this clip as edited as it is. The first frame already contains the first rope of this guys ejaculation. At second 9 into the clip (overall length 26 secs) his spectacular shooting is repeated in slowmo. In the 1:1 part you have sound. So you are witnessing his climax right from the start and count 9 wonderfully propelled ropes of milk covering him from head to belly button! After three shots the highly aroused and slightly moaning guy let go of his beautiful cock, fully enjoying the pumping spasms of his reflex. This is an outstanding sight!

2. There are guys who play with PONR being able to voluntarily allow emissions while surfing the edge. Those lucky men drool milk throughout their sessions leaving their glands more than less drained when they decide to leave their sessions. Their glands may be empty, but their sexual energy still needs to be released. When they decide to approach PONR they aim for a most intense and stretched climactic experience. They will slowly trigger emission once again and then continue triggering the ejaculatory reflex. They don´t care about shooting distance, rather they surrender to the intense sensations their reproductive system provides them with. Watch this clip illustrating such a climax:

This clip is more important for its audio than for the visuals which are of low quality (you still are able to observe him oozing milk from emission and after that pumping cum with his ejaculation). What makes this clip so special is the fact that this very vocal guy gives us a clue about how long his climax lasts and how intense he feels it. The overall length of this clip counts 40 secs. The howling/whining guy experiences intense sensations for about 30 secs being apparently most intense with the onset of his ejaculatory spasms at sec 15 into the clip. He applies the OK-grip just below his cockhead and keeps on (minimally) jacking throughout his climax. It is fucking hot to hear him surrendering to the intense sensations he is able to generate thru his genitals.


3. There are guys who love limitless edging and gooning so much, that they avoid ejaculation at all (because e.g. ejaculation bears the risk of MRP which would impose an interruption to arousal) when they decide to leave their edging sessions. However, it showed to be wise to dissolve their accumulated sexual energy (while they are able to cope with accumulated milk in their respective glands). This is tantric wisdom and the process is known as Big Draw. Read what that means (thanks to Richard for this how-to):

The Big Draw can be done in various ways, but the main way taught by Body Electric and Joe Kramer comes when you want to end your edging and to raise all the erotic energy you have generated within your erotic furnace – when you want to raise it up to your mind and to have it flow throughout your whole body (and, I think, to take your mind off your cock a bit). Any way, it is preceded by intense breathing during your edging, then you stop breathing and tighten up every muscle in your body, consciously thinking of each part while you lie on your back (this is the usual posture, anyway) and raising your legs and your shoulders and head so you are balanced on your butt grimacing as you tighten your face and arms and hands, etc. Hold this for 10 -15 seconds (NO MORE!) then relax COMPLETELY and do not move a muscle for as long as you want. Let your mind savor how good you have just been to yourself and be aware of whatever you feel, sad – happy – content – whatever; again, let this awareness just flow across your mind as if your mind were swimming in a refreshing, nurturing current of aliveness.

It is good and natural to take a break from edging because you need to drink, eat, piss and sleep, only to go pleasure yourself again before long. Read further experiences in my next post.