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Your Tube

February 24, 2015

This is a brief anatomical post concerning the males urethra! This duct is a bit different from what you may think it is. It is not a solid flexible tube to just lead one and another fluid out of your body, but rather a segmented duct into which several smaller vessels disembogue to spill secretions from different glands of your reproductive system.

For pissing away your urine (and this special case), the urethra does in fact work as a hose: your watery stuff runs straight thru that pipe from your bladder to your cock-slit. When it comes to it´s sexual properties the story is a different one. Lets have a look.

Your tube is more a structure that is made of different holed genital organs grown in the order we know, beginning inside your body from the bladder onward:

upper tube

We find the prostate, the urogenital diaphragm (where the Cowper´s glands are located) and the penis thru which the hollows form the tube, the urethra. Thus the different parts (of the urethra) were named: prostatic, membranous and penile urethra. I marked these segments with a green sun in the drawing shown above.

I also marked the represented glands with a blue sun. The openings, thru which the fluids enter your tube, are marked with yellow suns. This important location is encircled with a green ellipse! When your juices collect in this area, there is no way back – neither for the onward flowing of your produce, nor for you to avoid at least an emission or rather an ejaculation. This area inside your prostate somehow marks your physical edge (compare with this post). Edging is the art to make your produce flow, yet to avoid having the tissues (genital organs) react by running their pre-installed program (ejaculatory reflex).

upper tube side

This drawing shows the same array around your tube from the side. The labeling with the colored suns is corresponding with that of the first pic. Now you see a part of the seminal vesicles and how a small duct runs from that gland thru the tissue of the prostate to disembogue into the prostatic urethra. Note as well one of the Cowper´s glands, where it is located and where its duct enters the penile urethra, right inside the bulb of your penis (compare (all) with the first pic!).

This is the core of your reproductive system, a system most sophisticated and awesome. Its main purpose is to enable you to ejaculate your seminal fluid. It´s up to you to indulge in the sensations that your system provides when you consciously test its capacity.


If you are further interested in the (unmarked) labels of tissue in the drawings just check with Wikipedia where you shall find answers, e.g. „Prostatic utricle“.

What is it with Precum?

December 24, 2014

Everything about the substance and producing it is rather fabulous. Unless you belong to the minority of guys whose Cowper´s glands secrete little volumes, or release it not before ejaculation. I must admit that I have no data on such low functioning, sorry, as this must be an issue for juice-conscious guys.

I am fortunate (or just an average guy), for I precum in fair amounts. So my pondering here is based on that fact and all the experiences coming with it. – I guess, that because precumming is so straightforward and sublime, there is not much to tell concerning the physical facts. I did so early in this blog, look here and here. And the first entry of these two used to be the most requested post for quite some time (it still ranks No. 2 these days!!).

Male precumming is truly an amazing feat. It is as biologically straightforward as it is mysterious in all its appearance.


The substance is alike in every man, as it is pure stuff from one kind of gland (two glands of it in every guy). While semen can take different fluidities, color, odor, taste, as it represents a mix of secretions, precum is pretty much always the same juice all around, appearing crystal clear and mostly tasting salty.

It leaks whenever a man is sexually aroused (at least when his arousal lasts for a little while and reason for it has caught the guys full attention). It seems that with a more intense arousal the production of his precum slightly increases as well.

A mans cock must not gain erection for precum to occur! Arousal by itself is the trigger for the Cowper´s glands to get started. And precum-production will last either as long as the guy is in (deeper) arousal or until he has ejaculated. The former rule adds to the beauty of edging! As long as you edge you may be precumming! How great is that!

frosty glans slit pre

The functioning of the tiny glands, also referred to as Bulbourethral glands, is just astounding. The glands may be only the size of peas or beans, and yet they manage to secrete fair amounts of precum as long as arousal is kicking, and that can be looong (pro-edgers please comment to my claim here since I have no experience in extreme edging, i.d edging for many hours or days on end).

Lately I often notice the search term „milking Cowper´s glands“ (WordPress supplies this info to admins). This thought may be exciting, however, I am convinced that you can not really milk (or massage) those tiny glands, nor do so with much of an effect. Here´s why:

The glands are (comparatively) small and their location is somewhat difficult to access. A targeted touch may not be possible or at least not perceptible (dear reader, report to us via the comment function if you hold different experiences).

The glands don´t seem to be sensitive to pressure, nor do they seem to issue any „sensations“ when they are active (or not). Has anybody ever felt them?

cowpers gland

The glands don´t store any precum, they produce-and-leak their nectar (check the drawing of the inner structure of a Cowper´s gland above) as like in a singular process („straightforward“!). Hence there is nothing to milk from them. You can milk your cock-shaft (especially the underside made of the Corpus spongiosum) to get out the precum filling your urethra, yet the Cowper´s glands are not suitable for milking in a classical understanding. If you want to milk your small glands, pressing on the perineum would be the appropriate procedure! This is quite different from the high impact milking of the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Cowpers location

These observations reminded me of the secretion of saliva when we are about to ingest something delicious: glands again produce this sap, but we don´t feel that (glands activity) and we wouldn´t know how to access them, neither of how to milk them.

Precumming truly is exquisite. Just enjoy watching yourself (or a partner) slowly oozing this clear honey-of-bliss.


The previous post offers an example of precum oozing from an upright cock just prior to the guys climax (in pics and a clip) and try to download this clip showing a guy playing with his nectar!

Male Sprinkling (3)

October 15, 2013

After my introduction to male sprinkling and a basic how-to in the preceding posts, I like to share some thoughts on the mysteries connected to this phenomenon.

Until recently I didn´t know this kind of climax existed in the male. I knew it did in the female, but wasted no second thoughts to consider it for us guys to be possible, not least because we sure ejaculate like all the time (cum that is). In retrospect though it becomes clear that it might have been worthwhile to investigate if males were able to sprinkle like the gals can! Thanks to anyone going public with this discovery and to those who share with us the technique for triggering the sprinkling ejaculation in the male.

Concerning the technique we notice, that all the testimonies at hand concur in one very specific trigger-method: the intense teasing of the glans and/or the urethral opening (piss-slit/cock-mouth). It´d be interesting to know if the trigger-technique works the same in the female (that would mean intense teasing of the clit and/or urethral opening – I couldn´t tell from own experience).


Urination (the mechanism of) follows it´s own physiological rules. The bladder is filling up constantly with urine, the fluid is trickling down from the kidneys thru the Ureters (the two connecting tubes). At a certain filling-level of your bladder you develop the urge to pee. Two sphincters (one internal, one external) control that act. You could read it all up, presumably at Wikipedia, if you wanted to.

Apparently the pissing mechanics can be transformed into a sexual climactic experience, where the cock-head teasing not only does the trick, but the sensations from that are more intense than the sprinkling-ejaculation itself. This makes sense, because the sprinkling is not due to passing a threshold for reflexive muscle-spasming, but rather quite the same as pushing out for pissing in (semi-involuntary) pulses. Let me quote from the mentioned sources:

The expulsions were not like the brief squirts of a seminal ejaculation: rather they were of about 5 seconds duration each, leading to a steady stream of fluid about 5 cm upwards from the erect penis. The expulsion would then cease, and was repeated about three times on subsequent pleasure waves.

I must remark that there are other accounts which call the sprinkling-climax more intense than the regular ejaculation!

We can trigger our regular (cum-) ejaculation thru all kinds of teasing of different zones and parts of our genitals and reproductive system, it´s all noted in this blog. But just one way of teasing triggers the sprinkling. Why? It´s probably less important that the cock-head is not the most sensitive part of the cock:



Yet the penile helmet is the upper part of the Corpus Spongiosum, the erectile tissue that contains the urethra. And the urethra is the direct connection to the bladder. So, any massive teasing here tends to have an effect (as we now know) on the mechanics of the fluid-release of the bladder. The urge to pee is transformed into a sexual sensation, and piss-mechanics (can) become a climax!

Here we encounter the puzzling part of the sprinkling: the substance ejaculated must originate from the bladder! The ejaculated volume(s) are so high, there is just no other way to collect and store it than in the bladder itself.


But why then is it not urine? Let me quote an observation which is confirmed by numerous similar accounts:

I did NOT piss on myself, it was not cum, and thinner than pre-cum, but clear, a bit slick, and it didn’t smell of piss.

And how can there be lots of this stuff (is it produced while being aroused just like seminal fluid is in the respective glands of the seminal vesicles and the prostate?) given statements like this one:

I always urinate before, sometimes during (the feel is different, you get to know these things) and after, but I can still squirt [sprinkle] large amounts of fluid.

The sprinkling substance – its secretion, volume and quality – remains to be the true mystery of this kind of ejaculatory climax. I don´t know of any scientific investigation (so far). I believe it was done concerning female ejaculation; since this phenomenon is gender independent (most obviously), the results would pretty much apply to the male sprinkling as well! Yet it would be worthwhile to investigate specifically, – the whole process in the male that is.

In my next post I will present a clip showing a guy with a gorgeous cock teasing himself first into sprinkling, followed by triggering a regular ejaculation. You clearly see the difference!

Stay tuned.

Do You Rope Or Do You Spray?

January 31, 2013

Depending on many parameters, the ejaculatory performance can be basically sorted into two groups of guys, those featuring cum-ropes and those spraying their milk. The difference will be most obvious in men who are able to forcefully shoot a big load. I prefer to watch ropers, not least because I consider myself belonging to that group.

Why is there a difference, when it cums (to in-flight behaviour of semen)?

The main factor is the composition of your produce. If your juices are highly cohesive (and appear well mixed at ejaculation) you will rope (be it in smaller spurts or distant shots):


The texture of roped milk is creamy, soft and sticky.

If your juices are runny and/or non-cohesive you will spray your milk in larger or smaller droplets:

cum sprayed

This beautiful pic perfectly stands for sprayed cum, although the spray-splatter we see here may be rather a result from the ricocheted milk bouncing off her cheek! However, the guy certainly shot runny jizz!

Mind you that even the most beautiful ropes shot forcefully in high trajectories will most likely rip apart in mid-flight, obeying plain physical rules. The cohesiveness of your milk is pulling within the strand, transforming the cumstring into a series of solid drips while long enough airborne:

rope-tear1 rope-tear2

rope-tear3 rope-tear4

Now, there is a simple way to determine the group you belong to. Just take a look at the cum-landing site and you know what you featured!

If you painted strings on the ground, then you roped:


If you splattered your milk all over the place, then you sprayed your juices:


If you wetted the floor like a string of pearls, then most likely your ropes tore apart before reaching the ground:



The following pics show the cum in flight, respectively:


Watch a clip of this roper (obtain here).

Two screenshots of a second rope example:


And the clip (obtain here). This guy performs an outstanding multiple peak experience producing a spectacular milkload!


Now check two pics of the guy spectacularly spraying his increased volume of semen (shot #1 and shot #6):



Watch a clip of this outstanding sprayer (obtain here). This scene perfectly illustrates what spraying cum means!

Finally watch a clip of Kroogas rare shooting ability (in volume and distance!) – (obtain here) – as a sample of forcefully shot ropes of milk which get ripped apart while airborne (see the four screenshots above plus the string of pearls landing site).

There is an anatomical factor which affects your spurting performance, but probably less so concerning roping or spraying, rather the trajectory of the jizz you send flying. Depending on the design of the end section of your urethra and the width of your piss-slit, the direction and exiting of your cum (and piss) will be determined. Take a look at these simple cross-section drawings of different cockheads and you get the idea:

meatus anatomy

Most of all enjoy cumming, in what ever way!