January 7, 2012


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I love to climax

October 17, 2014

A man can make climaxing an art form, because he can split what seems to be one body-reaction into several truly blissful experiences.

There is more than the two main reactions for sexual release – ejaculation and orgasm. Let´s take a look at what can be accomplished.

Mind you that men are different and not everyone can or will be able to acquire every possible way of climaxing.

So, what have we got:

edging; it is the ability to keep ones reproductive system very close in front of PONR. This can result in a state of constant bliss, as the sensations at the center of your body are so close to the ejaculatory reflex, that hovering in this state locks the highest level of arousal, which is nothing less than mind-bending.

Another effect of edging will be the sensations of vasocongestion of the cum-producing glands, mainly the prostate and seminal vesicles. It is a fantastic sensation to feel filled up with your own milk waiting to be released from your reservoirs. You may encounter the ability to trigger emissions without triggering the ejaculatory reflex. If you are in control of that you can gush some portion of your semen as often as you want while staying highly aroused.



In contrast to that, there are men who learned to climax without spilling any or just little of their juices. They can perform this dry climaxing repeatedly as often as they want.

Other men are able to multiple climax in generating repetitive full ejaculatory reflexes.

And yet another group of guys can trigger climaxes in their prostate. This is said to be very intense. It is a very deeply rooted reaction which may result in ejaculation or not.

Very few males are capable of squirting or sprinkling, as I call it. They ejaculate a substance which some mistake for urine, which is not (same phenomenon occurs in the female). This reaction follows quite different mechanics and lacks a scientific investigation so far.

The two basic climactic bodyreactions (ejaculation and orgasm) are made of reflexes that have a kind of set duration to begin with. The amount of arousal (= sexual energy) in your body will have an effect on the duration and intensity of a given climax. With (the method of) edging we guys try to establish a condition in which we savour the bliss of almost or dry cumming on end without losing the urge to do just that. Ejaculation would mean the release of energy (and cum) making it likely to lose that urge and bliss.

The sensations of an ejaculatory climax are in contrast bound to the duration of this climaxes core-reaction, the reflex that pumps up male milk. That is way shorter than the length of some serious edging. The time-span of ejaculation shows some variety, following (mainly) the arousal-rule, but can we alter the sensations beyond this automatism?

Well, let me tell you about a way to extend the overall time of a given ejaculatory climax and the possible intensifying of this reaction:

begin with edging and achieve a certain heavy state of vasocongestion in your glands and tubes. With these conditions you can follow this path:

enjoy the high arousal thru edging and the sensations of vasocongestion in your whole system.

Stay relaxed throughout your session; even more so, you must try to stay relaxed as long as possible before – when it happens – the ejaculatory reflex will automatically make your muscles spasm.

When you are very close to climax (PONR) and feel the urge to release your sweet milk, try to induce emission: stay relaxed and make your system open up those valves, which let your juices flow freely thru your cock, soon oozing out in a steady river of cum for some time, or even having you piss your milk for a short while due to the high pressure in your filled glands.


Keep on carefully caressing yourself in your favorite ways after your emission and still try to keep your muscles relaxed by all means. Your system will be bound to trigger your ejaculatory reflex, yet because you manage to consciously relax your muscles it may not happen right away.

The time between emission and approaching PONR, until passing this threshold, can be stretched this way. The sensations inside your system just increase until your system can´t take it no more (touch or thought can and will trigger you). If you can manage to stay relaxed now, you kind of slowly merge into PONR, which is an incredible sensation! Your muscles hesitate to begin their reflexive sequence; until then the sensations in your glands and root of penis are very strong, you feel as if something is melting down there inside of you, the spasm-sequence is drawn from your relaxed muscles and the pumping eventually sets in without you being able to stop that or delay it any further! The muscular contractions may develop to be very strong, especially when you maintained Kegel-exercises. Enjoy the exquisite sensations of your systems pulsing while not or just lightly touching yourself. If you can, watch yourself shooting your milk and feel your probably huge and warm load wet your body. If you´re vocal listen to yourself howling along involuntarily.*

Now, when your ejaculation is cumplete just firmly jerk your cock. You have enough energy inside of you, so that you will draw an orgasmic climax right after your just finished extended ejaculation. This happens due to your firm penile impact, which means a different set of sensations to your genital system. If your glands still have juices in store – and they have! – you will shoot a second set of cum-spurts or cum-swaps. Enjoy your intense sensations.

This range of body-reactions will present you a prolonged and multiple sexual climaxing in combination with pumping semen!

Indeed, the male is blessed by nature, because he can extend his sexual peaking by combining several ways of pursuing climactic bliss with his genitals as most superb tools.

*Watch and listen to this hot clip which illustrates a reaction somewhat similar to the description in the preceding two paragraphs. The clip is an excerpt of a larger one you can find in this post!

Neglected Post (5) – Multiples Q&A

October 8, 2014

Original post: MMO – Personal Questions & Answers

Less than 300 views since November 16, 2010

I may be biased in assuming, that men´s solo-sexual priority – next to edging – must be male multiple orgasm (MMO). Probably because this (MMO) defines the sexual prevalence in myself, together with my fascination for semen.


Yet click-rates here show me that MMO does not appear to be a sought-after theme. The current poll (#42) just mirrors this fact.

For this reason I feature yet another Neglected Post dealing with MMO, also in favour of those among you who indeed love this topic.

The original entry may be a bit, well, dry while consuming it, although you read a lively dialog between me and an experienced guy of another forum. Its value lies in that it addresses several interesting points in connection with MMOs:

  • Jack Johnston and his method
  • the unusual Amygdala Clicking
  • aspects of multiple dry opposed to wet climaxes
  • prostate stimulation
  • the foreskin
  • MRP
  • and a personal evaluation on defining MMOs.

I hope I got your appetite there!? ;-)

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

Forced to Deliver (2)

September 19, 2014

Part two of the forced ejaculation story:

What shall I say, this time it happened. I knew it was going to be painful for me, I did foresee it clearly! But I was so horny, so cock-drunk myself (having saved up and not yet shot a drip), that I gave in to her begging: I allowed her to tie my wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Bad decision!!

Again, first it was truly great. God, she knows how to work me, well, how to make my glands run full mode for milk production. Before the big night we even sat down and talked about how to get the most out of me and I reminded her to be patient all the time. I proposed milk-harvesting in that we should try to make me release my juices via emissions, avoiding PONR as long or often as possible. And that she needed to allow me time to replenish with at least 30 minutes between triggering attempts thru lecithin intake and continued edging. But what to tell an addict when the drug is at hand…presumably.


So, in the beginning everything went like planned: after just one hour of edging she managed to make me release my first milk a couple of times having it carefully oozed out without sending me over the edge. This was totally hot for me, but even more so for her, because most of the earlier times trying she had been failing to coax emissions out of me. Yet as soon as she´s had her first dose – she drank up right away what she had caught in a glas – she became pretty unrestrained.

Now she wanted to see me explode and harvest her big load. Needless to say I was right there and subject to her decisions anyway. – And a big release it was! She was counting out loud with each rope my system was pumping up while that first big relief was beginning to soothe my glands. I heard her count to 14 and she apparently had caught most of my milk released. I saw her drink some more and using the leftover as body-lotion, which added to her urge for more!


To cut it short, she made me cum a couple more times with decent volumes of milk until my cock went flaccid. That´s when the act began to turn nasty.

Despite the fact of a very proper preparation, she had noticed that my semen hadn´t cum in the volume(s) she was used to and expected it to be. A major factor was her impatience, demand and supply was out of balance here, because she didn´t allow me enough time to replenish, although we had talked about this.

We knew that a soft cock is no sign nor reason to not trigger further ejaculations, but you need the will (desire) and sexual energy inside of you to continue successfully. This still worked for the following climax. She pulled at my cock and scrotum with a tight grip while I had to concentrate to keep my motivation, – no easy task, because I knew what was going to happen after this pending climax.

soft scrotum

I had produced just a few more mini-spills of thick cream when she started to complain. She was disappointed although I had delivered not too bad altogether. I gave her the explanation, but she felt like she did nothing wrong. She was not willing to untie me and call it a night, instead she wanted even more of my produce. She made me drink at least a liter of water and fed me with lecithin granules, a banana and celery before she set a timer counting down 45 minutes.


In that time-frame she once more worked hard on my cock, balls and glands, as she penetrated me to massage my prostate. However I was turned down pretty much, the atmosphere was poisoned so to speak. I was mercilessly tied to the bed and became her victim in that hour until my system surrendered to her tour de force. I felt raw down there and I was!

She was lacking tenderness, just sucked, jerked, pulled and dildo-fucked me for one aim: to make some more semen see the light of day that night. It was a nightmare, a real torture. I had to think of an alien mistreating me without any compassion, and in a way an alien she was.

When I didn´t cum after the set 45 minutes she became real pissed and started calling me names, swearing, like I never had known her before.

force suck pull

She didn´t give up. Her sucking did the trick in the end. My cock grew semi-erect which gave her hope… Eventually her massive impact on my genitals made my system react in the only possible way. From deep inside of my newly replenished glands I could sense the PONR emerging. I admit that the climax was fucking intense. She kept sucking me through my ejaculation and drank my spunk directly out of my rod. I had to scream from lust and pain and did not know how big a volume I delivered, but after that serving she was satisfied and soon untied me. A while later she apologized. But that night marked the end of our once so perfect relationship with a passion for cum.

Story cumplete!

Forced to Deliver (1)

September 15, 2014

Forced ejaculation may not be a hot act neither for the dom nor the sub if demand and supply are not in balance! Read this story about a once ideal relationship acting out a passion for male milk eventually turned sour.

Fuck man, I am in a deep conflict. My gal is cum-crazy and she wants it only from me and no one else. I hear you say: Wow, that´s great, I´d wish for a lover like that. But think twice, when you have to deliver – big time – it may be ever decreasing fun. And when it gets violent, now that is not for me. Let me explain.

To begin with, I´m a natural regarding volume, or at least I have been. When I was young I realized that I effortlessly produced a substantial amount of cum at almost each ejaculation I coaxed out of my dick. And I came a lot, all quite easily. Gosh, was I playing around in the early days, shooting at mirrors, filling glasses, drenching myself, sporting awesome distance-shots. I learned to climax multiple times, which added to my fetish, naturally. I just didn´t consume my milk. Yes, I tasted it – when I hit my mouth I swallowed, but I never got into drinking full loads of my produce.

mirror shooting

My early partners though were irritated if not disgusted by my ability. They thought my loads were messy, instead of welcoming them as a manifestation of my arousal. Some relationships even broke up over this issue. However, eventually I met my cum-princess. At first she showed a common approach towards my juices, although she found my performance-skills (shooting a big load multiple times) really stunning from early on.

It took a while until she developed a strong liking for my semen. Presently she is craving my juices, in a way even more than myself, because she needs to consume it – the more the better. She became truly cum-wild. She wants my milk like an addict her drug. She gained detailed knowledge on the males´s sexual plumbings and workings, she knows exactly how to get what she wants!


After she found those web-pages, which promote all the beneficial properties of semen for a receivers health, she became really demanding. She admits that she became addicted to my produce: She loves to see me spill it, loves to witness me peak and climax and receive my „divine essence“. She also loves the texture, the smell, the taste and especially all the good properties combined in my milk for her health benefits. That is why she needs to be covered in a load. For using my milk as a lotion, massaging it into her skin. That is also why she needs to drink my juice, because it is so nutritious. And she wants it just from me, because she has control upon the quality of my milk.


It´s just that I notice a decline of my abilities. She is 15 years younger than I am, and I enter an age of natural decline, while she ever increased her demand. For quite a while now it is she who takes care of my diet, so that my milk will be of good quality and produced in high volume when we aim for a, what we call, milk-night. Those nights are supposed to fulfill our special requirements as uninhibited as possible. Fortunately – I now say – they became scarce due to the tiring demands of the daily routine.

We use our vacations to make those milk-nights happen and retreat to our cabin in the mountains. The hut is located totally off the path. We enjoy nature, the calm of it, and we prepare undisturbed. It is the time when I increase my consumption of lecithin granules. I also bring a good supply of L-Arginine and then she treats me with all this organic foods to improve the taste of my cum and sure enough the volume of its production in my glands.

What to complain about then, you might wanna ask. Well, do you see the conflict emerging? I certainly like to serve her cravings, but I may be not as able to comply as I used to. And that increases her compulsion to consume my milk in every aspect mentioned.

When the special night has arrived, when she is in passionate heat for her fetish, she just demands her treatment, i.e. my milk, and I better deliver. I become her milk-producing bull, no less and no more.

And I developed fear of failure. Don´t worry, I will cum, I will do so big time, but my succeeding climaxes don´t pump the volumes they used to. If this becomes obvious I know she will be disappointed. And even worse, she will try to get what she wants. She will work my cock and balls and even my glands inside to force-induce successive ejaculations, even when I´m depleted. Or, to put it more correctly, she doesn´t show enough patience for a new build-up of my juices: I said it, she goes mad when she can´t have it as she likes it –she certainly lacks a decent mind in that situation.


Initially I´m in handjob-heaven, when she is perfectly edging me for the build-up (hardly keeping her patience), savouring our anticipation of me cumming multiple times. But soon enough follows the tough phase! As she grew insatiable, I had to calm her down the last time, when masturbatory actions tended to become uncomfortable for me. It´s a dilemma and it would grow.

…to be continued!


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